Looks like the Serbs didn’t learn their lesson. They’re at it again — cracking down on domestic terrorism. We may have to bomb them again:

AP: Serbian police crack down on alleged Muslim terrorist group, arrest 4

Serbian police said Saturday they discovered the training camp of an alleged Muslim terrorist group in a tense southern region, and arrested four Serbian Muslims.


In a statement, the police said they found several tents and a cave that allegedly served as a training ground for the Wahhabis…The camp was located on a mountain near Novi Pazar, in the center of the predominantly Muslim region of Sandzak along the border with Bosnia and Montenegro, police added.

In a dayslong operation, the police found large quantities of plastic explosives, ammunition, face masks, military uniforms, bombs, food, water and other equipment, the police statement said. Also found were “propaganda terrorist material, military survival instructions, geographic charts and several CDs,” the police added.


Western intelligence reports leaked recently have suggested that Sandzak, as well as Muslim-dominated regions in neighboring Bosnia, could be an ideal recruitment spot for the so-called “white al-Qaida” — Muslims with Western features who could easily blend into European or U.S. cities and execute terrorist attacks.

Several incidents have been reported in Sandzak within the Muslim community, with the Wahhabis accusing local Muslim clerics of failing to practice “true” Islam, and disrupting prayers at local mosques.

From a Balkanalysis.com Security & Intelligence Brief this weekend:

Way back in 2003, Balkanalysis.com warned that the independence of Montenegro — which would divide the Sandzak between Serbia and Montenegro, giving irredentist Muslims a “cause” to push for “unification” — was a threat to Balkan stability. Montenegro has now been independent for less than a year and this warning is now being born out.

Ah, just look at all the Clinton-promised stability that the prospect of an independent Kosovo has brought to the region. Muslims are also eyeing southern Serbia, among other parts of the Balkans, for further land gains — takeovers that have been made all the easier by our carving up Yugoslavia so nicely on their behalf.

Oh look — it seems we actually are preparing to attack the Serbs again (didn’t I mention this last week):

The information of French intelligence officers is that [former U.S. diplomat William] Walker met with many former KLA members that he had personally trained for special operations against the Serbian forces.

According to what the intelligence services of the big powers had informed their governments, Walker was on a mission of preparing terrorists and extremists for performing the final phase in the realization of the project on an independent Kosovo in case plans are not resolved “peacefully.”

The plan is to provoke the Serbian security forces to react in the protection of Serb convoys and to then urgently request the intervention of international forces in the protection of the “jeopardized Albanian population in the Presevo Valley from Serbian security forces that are revenging over the loss of Kosovo.”

Deja vu, anyone?

Pay no attention to this report in Saturday’s UK Telegraph:

A confidential study [by a Berlin think tank] warns that Kosovo faces a violent and chaotic future….The study, commissioned by the German government, accused Western governments, including Britain, of the “ostrich politics” of denial and found that Kosovo faced a decline into “violent riots and even revolution-like development” after the expected declaration of independence.

It claimed that the United Nations administration and the Nato-led peacekeeping mission had been infiltrated by organised crime syndicates, and accused the international bodies of mismanagement, corruption and organisational chaos.

[T]he severely impoverished territory has little prospect of democratic progress because the building of a functioning multi-ethnic society has failed and does not exist “outside the bureaucratic phrases of the international community”…The authors accuse Nato and the UN of creating a culture of systematic repression of critical reports in order to present Kosovo as a success story.

Add the U.S. to that list.