Islamic Jihad official threatens to fight in Bosnia “again”
BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - March 19, 2007 Monday

Excerpt from report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA

Sarajevo, 19 March: A senior Islamic Jihad official, Ali Abu-Shahin, has said that members of this Palestinian militant organization will, if necessary, fight in Bosnia-Hercegovina [B-H] again.

In an interview for the Bosnian edition of [Croatian newspaper] Vecernji list, Abu-Shahin admitted that Islamic Jihad was directly involved in helping “our brothers Muslims in that country” since the start of the war in [Bosnia-Herzegovina].

“Apart from the financial help and weapons, we sent them fighters who with their lives gave the greatest contribution to that struggle. This is our pride, and if something like this is necessary again, we shall be available,” Abu-Shahin said…

Abu-Shahin says this Palestinian faction is not surprised by the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which absolved Serbia of guilt for genocide in Srebrenica.

“Even during the war, our brothers who fought in B-H met Alija Izetbegovic [Bosnian Muslim war-time leader] and told him that these were not conflicts with Chetniks [Serbs], as it was said then, but that behind this was the international community which wanted to eradicate Muslims in Bosnia,” Abu-Shahin said.

And let’s not forget about this June, 2005 item:
Balkan Islamists Sponsored the Act of Terrorism in Israel

On December 5 a Palestinian suicide bomber exploded in the Israeli city of Netanya. As a result of that…terrorism, 5 Israelis died, 95 were wounded…According to the data from the investigators, radical Islamic organization Al-Asifa from the Balkans is involved in this terrorist act. It unites Slavic adherents of the Islamic fundamentalism and natives of the Arab countries, who settled in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and in Croatia after the 1992-95 war. According to the Israeli secret services, during this war the major part of the present members of Al-Asifa served in the “Al - Mojahid” and “Kataeb Talaat Yasin” divisions. They were a part of the Bosnian Muslim army (by the way, Israel secretly supported the Bosnian Serbs at that time).

To again quote retired Boston Herald columnist Don Feder:

When Zionists start caring about the fate of Serbs in Kosovo, when Hindus support Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (designated the West Bank), when Serbs stand up for Indian Kashmir, then we will begin making progress.

Below is just some additional text on the first item, from a fuller translation of the Bosnian-Croatian article:

Palestinian Islamic Jihad to Fight for Bosnia if Necessary
[Interview with Ali Abu-Shahin, senior official of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, by Haasan Haidar]

Islamic Jihad is a Palestinian militant group whose members have carried out the highest number of suicide attacks on the Israelis. They are once again in the spotlight following the release of their proclamation condemning the international community for exonerating Serbia from the Srebrenica genocide. In the proclamation Islamic Jihad also threatens the United States and its interests in the world because it has offered a five-million dollar award for any information about Ramadan Shalal, the secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad movement.

Ali Abu-Shahin is a senior official of Islamic Jihad, who lives in hiding and with a high level of protection over fear of Israeli retribution. In an exclusive interview for Vecernji list, Abu-Shahin openly talked about the role of Islamic Jihad in the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina and his movement’s attitude to the statement by Pope Benedict XVI. He admitted that Islamic Jihad would never stop their suicide attacks, despite a possible Palestinian-Israeli peace solution.

[Haidar] Of all Palestinian factions, you are the only one that issued a proclamation condemning the international community for acquitting Serbia of genocide in Srebrenica. How come other Palestinian factions have not made a statement?

[Abu-Shahin] Others are of no concern to us. From the outset of the aggression against Bosnia-Hercegovina we were directly involved in helping our Muslim brothers in that country…

[Haidar] May we understand your statement as a public confession that the Islamic Jihad had taken part in the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina?

[Abu-Shahin] We have never denied taking part in that war. I repeat - if necessary, and despite the difficult situation that Islamic Jihad is in today, we would again do the same thing. When Islam needs to be defended, it does not matter whether this is in Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan, or any other place.