The film “The Hills Have Eyes 2″ has just been released. In it, a unit of the New Mexico National Guard is being attacked by the cannibalistic desert mutants who terrorized a vacationing family in the first “Hills.”

This gives me an even better idea for a horror movie. Might I propose “Friday the 13th, Part 12″: Once again, a serial killer is stalking a camp. Only this time it’s a Palestinian refugee/terrorist camp:

“Jason…in Gaza”


Here is the premise: Jason has managed to stowe himself away on an Iranian boat carrying a weapons shipment to the Palestinian territories. This time, Israel fails to intercept the shipment, and Jason disembarks onto Gaza Beach. He feels like a mosquito at a nudist colony: he doesn’t know where to begin. As the Palestinians prepare for another homicide-suicide offensive on Israel, they find they have a problem — and it’s not Israel-collaborators…

In the final scene, we see Jason running for his life as he is chased by a horde of Palestinian civilians wearing belt bombs. We can hear him calling for an Israeli airlift.

Anyone working in Hollywood is free to use this premise.

Anyone? Anyone? Spielberg? Craven? Tarantino? Poltergeist? Spielberg? …Surnow?