In yesterday’s post, I quoted the Deseret News dutifully quoting its favorite mujahid-imam Nezim Halilovic pulling numbers of raped Bosnian Muslim women out of his tush: “40,000…among whom 10,000 were girls.” To help debunk this fiction, I quoted reader Michael Pravica from his unpublished letter to Deseret:

Many of the claims…such as the “40,000 raped (Bosnian Muslim) women” were investigated by such respected agencies as the Red Cross and found to be wildly exaggerated. Neither has Mr. Bauman discussed the hundreds of Bosnian Serbian women who were raped.

and also former NY Times reporter David Binder:

Others pouncing on the allegations of “up to 60,000 rapes” of Muslim women by Serb soldiers included Newsweek’s Charles Lane and colleagues for a cover story and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Judy Bachrach for a magazine piece. Conspicuously ignored then and later, as Brock points out, were the 800 cases of raped Serbian women copiously documented for the United Nations.

But I should also mention a reader named Alex, an attorney in Pennsylvania, whose family is from Yugoslavia. Alex traveled back and forth to Yugoslavia in the ’90s, alternately as a translator and as a fact-finder. In March of 1993, he was part of a “mass rape” fact-finding mission to Bosnia, and he writes:

Serb Net, Inc. sent a young lady from Chicago and myself to the old country to figure out what was going on with the allegations of mass rapes. We toured Bosnia. I remember her interviewing one Serbian victim of rape — she may have spoken to more — we talked to Moslems (who told us that all three sides were lying). I remember coming away from that experience learning that one of the international organizations concerned with the mass rape issue concluded that there were not enough rapes in all of Bosnia during the war committed by all three sides to warrant opening anything more than one rape counseling center. It would take some digging to find that source. The conclusion stuck with me because I wondered how many rape counseling centers there are in each major western city — and that in peacetime — and I wondered how many rapes there were in Bosnia before the war. There are gruesome stories of Serbian women locked in makeshift brothels by the Moslems but when we talked about it back home many people shrugged it off as ridiculous, just like the human trafficking that the Albanians engage in, and the beheadings that the Moslems do.