With “UCK” (KLA) spray-painted on a church, an Albanian Muslim in Kosovo snaps a photo of his fellow tribesman urinating on a burned-out remnant of this formerly Christian land. These are our murderous “allies”, whose terrorism we will reward in the coming weeks and months with independence — which they will unilaterally declare in any case, along with war against NATO, UN and the EU if necessary.


From a source in Washington who attended an open hearing on Tuesday of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs:

At the hearing, titled “The Outlook for the Independence of Kosova” (the Islamic and dhimmi spelling of the province), Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) each said the following (I offer a paraphrase for now, but as transcripts become available, I will have the precise quotes):

The Muslim world should take their hats off to us for using our military might to create a Muslim country in the middle of Europe. And jihadists should take note. The U.S. stands four-square for this overwhelming Muslim country in the heart of Europe.

State Dept. holdover from the Clinton administration Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns was in attendance and reiterated that the prospects for violence will grow the longer we wait, and that this is the primary reason that independence is the only solution. He said that “the U.S. must act quickly,” and verbally applauded both Clinton and Bush in a bipartisan gesture, adding that this is what Clinton worked for and what Bush and Condi want. He later repeated that violence guides our policy in Kosovo. He also invoked the usual Nazi imagery in reference to the Serbs — who have been getting hacked to pieces over the past eight years by Albanians — while praising the Kosovo prime minister Agim Ceku, an indicted Serb-slaughterer, as “impressive” and “worthy”.

Smiling and chewing gum as he spoke, Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) was muttering unintelligibly, his mannerisms flippant and his mood inappropriate for the setting, my source reports, describing his behavior as “jarring”. She was able to make out that he said (with emphasis added): “The Albanians have a right to control their destinies. We are pushing them in the right direction.”

Incidentally, you will never meet a Kosovo Albanian who does not support independence for the province. Because those have all been killed, and the one or two remaining know to keep their mouths shut. Such is the “democracy” that those present at the meeting hail in Kosovo. (As do John McCain, Eliot Engel and Joe Lieberman.)

Some people from the EU popped in and took a bow.

The United States Should Welcome a New Era for Kosovo“, reads a Heritage Foundation headline by Sally McNamara — a testament to the cluelessness that has guided the Right’s default to the deadly and disastrous Clintonian-jihadist policies in the Balkans.

Only one voice of reason and principle stood out. Congresswoman Diane Edith Watson (D-CA) was the one to point out that minorities in Kosovo are being oppressed, and that we have no business being there. She also mentioned that she was just in China and that, for all the movement toward Kosovo independence sans standards of civilization, we don’t even talk about Taiwan.