During both radio shows that I was interviewed on yesterday, the hosts wondered why the media are downplaying both the Muslim and the Albanian aspects of the Ft. Dix news. (And especially downplaying the Muslim-Albanian aspect.)

The answer is that the Balkans narrative MUST remain what it is: Serbs=bad. Muslims=victim.

The pro-Muslim mainstream media aside, even conservatives jumped onto the anti-Serb bandwagon starting in the 90s — because conservatives are often accused of being anti-Muslim. So the one bone they can toss the Muslims is to take the typical bombastic and outraged stance about what was supposedly done to Muslims in the Balkans. (Recall “Hannity & Colmes” condemning the “evil on display” in the widely circulated execution video of six Bosnian fighters by Bosnian-Serb paramilitary. Of course, you won’t recall the far more graphic images of dead Serbs — for those are never shown.)

Never mind that the aforementioned executions were precipitated by mutilated, burned, decapitated, dismembered Serbs of all ages, whose bodies were stuffed down wells near Srebrenica, the site of “the worst atrocity since the Holocaust.” And that’s not even mentioning the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo for decades, as was reported in The NY Times, Christian Science Monitor and Washington Post throughout the 80s.

As I wrote in a blog titled “Desperately Seeking a Holocaust,” the Muslims have been trying to convince us that in every corner of the world where there are Muslims, they are victims of genocide/discrimination/ethnic cleansing, etc. The one place where they succeeded in convincing the world that, for once, a genocide against Muslims wasn’t stage-managed by Muslims (the way it is in Israel)…is the Balkans.

And that’s because there was a time when Serbs didn’t take dismemberment lying down. When the Serbs responded, that’s when our cameras started rolling. As UN Generals Philippe Morillon, Satish Nambiar, Lewis MacKenzie and Dutch Lt. Colonel Ton Karremans have attested, the Serbs “reacted.” They didn’t start anything. The Serbs were merely the kufir of the 1990s, when Muslims for once picked on the wrong people.

To sum up, the Balkan “genocide against Muslims” is the one bone that even the conservatives toss to the Muslims, to say: “See? I’m not anti-Muslim — look how I buy into the traditional media’s narrative on what happened to them in the 1990s.”

And to hell with the Serbs. They’ve been slandered for two decades; they can be slandered for twenty more. After all, what are the Serbs going to do to us? They don’t kill the way Muslims do.


I guess thinking of Serbs as the enemy helps one sleep better at night.