Yesterday I wrote that so far in Kosovo what we have are

decapitated monks, dead nuns, destroyed churches, and ethnic cleansing in “Kosova”, where there are more dead Serbs than living ones. But don’t try visiting the dead ones, or you’ll get hurt: Attack on Serbs Visiting Cemetery; Albanians prevent Serbs from visiting cemetery

I forgot to include this recent item: Kosovo Serbs Evacuate Cemeteries

Slađana Drašković organized the exhumation of her mother’s remains, buried in the Priština Orthodox cemetery 16 years ago.

“I am taking my mother’s earthly remains from here today, and I have to do it without even the priest present, since they told me they could not guarantee him safety,” Drašković said.

“My sister and I have decided to exhume and transfer our mother’s body since we are not allowed to visit her grave safely in Priština,” Drašković said…

“We will now be able to visit her grave [in Belgrade] without fear, without waiting for someone to provide escort for us, as was the case in Priština,” she concluded.