Mosque presses legal battle to build in Wayne (from February)

WAYNE — A group of first- and second-generation Albanian Muslims has proposed to build a mosque and community center on a hilly spot in the township. But first, they’ve had to learn about municipal land use codes and federal civil rights law.

In April, the Albanian Associated Fund will go before a federal court judge in Newark with its complaint alleging that Wayne has discriminated against the religious organization by trying to take the property on Colfax Road through condemnation instead of approving the mosque plan. Township officials argue that the property’s rocky terrain and hills are not suited for development and should be preserved as open space.

Many lived in the village of Sturga, Macedonia, in southeastern Europe and joined to form the mosque in Paterson in 1985.

If the Albanian Fund wins approval to build, they plan to reinstate Sunday school, and want to start an adult education program. It is important to teach children the language, Polozani explained, because prayer services are recited in both Albanian and Arabic.

Just an aside: Notice that when it’s about purported discrimination against them by Americans, monikers such as “ethnic Albanians”, “ex-Yugoslavs” and “ethnic Albanians from the former Yugoslavia” are dropped in favor of Albanian “Muslims”. But when they’re plotting to kill Americans, the term “Muslims” is dropped. (They’re also not Muslims when Americans need to be rallied to bomb Christians on their behalf.)