In case you’re wondering why the KLA has had free run in this country, the National Albanian American Council — whose press release I excerpted recently — is one of several Albanian paymasters to Wesley Clark, Eliot Engel, Tom Lantos, Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Dana Rohrbacher, John McCain and even Henry Hyde, who in 2005 co-sponsored a resolution for Kosovo independence with Lantos.

Here is an NAAC press release reporting on one of Clark’s love sessions with the council, and here is a 2003 NAAC report from its testimony to the U.S. Congress on “Kosova” independence. The report mentions Ambassador William Walker:

Among other things, Ambassador Walker suggested four possible paths, strategies that might be pursued to move Kosova towards final status. According to him out of all the paths only independence can offer the possibility of a Balkans moving away from the tragic, ethnic, religious, linguistic legacies of the past. Ambassador Walker emphasized that he is “a firm advocate of full independence, now or soon as humanly possible to obtain.”

Please note that Walker has been making frequent trips to Kosovo lately. He is reportedly meeting with old KLA contacts and helping arm these terrorists to take independence by force is necessary. As I wrote in March:

Oh look — it seems we actually are preparing to attack the Serbs again:

The information of French intelligence officers is that [former U.S. diplomat William] Walker met with many former KLA members that he had personally trained for special operations against the Serbian forces.

According to what the intelligence services of the big powers had informed their governments, Walker was on a mission of preparing terrorists and extremists for performing the final phase in the realization of the project on an independent Kosovo in case plans are not resolved “peacefully.”

The plan is to provoke the Serbian security forces to react in the protection of Serb convoys and to then urgently request the intervention of international forces in the protection of the “jeopardized Albanian population in the Presevo Valley from Serbian security forces that are revenging over the loss of Kosovo.”

Deja vu, anyone?

According to one of my sources in the region, Wahhabis are being infiltrated into Kosovo’s North Mitrovica — one of the last enclavese of Serbs in Kosovo — as a fifth column for an attack on the region by Albanians. In November there was intelligence that 1,000 armed and trained Wahhabists were ready in Sandzak (the region in southern Serbia that Albanians had moved on to terrorize after the Kosovo war). Serb military intelligence now estimates the number at 1400 and rising.

From a Walker post the previous week, quoting Belgrade news agency Tanjug —

International representatives have observed, over the recent days, intensified regrouping of armed groups in black uniforms with insignia of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the territory of Drenica, Pec and Djakovica in Kosovo and Metohija province, the Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti [Evening News] said on Saturday.

Forces of the local United Nations (UN) administration UNMIK and the peacekeeping force KFOR have been given strict orders “not to engage in conflict or discussion with the armed groups, and, upon sighting them, to abandon their mission and immediately return to base,” Vecernje novosti said.

Take note: The orders to the KFOR (NATO) soldiers are to avoid clashes with the Albanian side at all costs, so as to not draw attention to Kosovo as a flashpoint of violence. Violence that is being used to gain independence, which we are supporting. Even as they shoot at NATO forces and bomb UN installations (not to mention continue killing Serbs, whom KFOR can’t protect since they’re not allowed to shoot at Albanians), we are helping them achieve their violent goals. Or else Albanian guns turn on us next:

From The New York Times:

Mr. [Hajriz] Jakupi, 35, leads a group of former fighters from the Kosovo Liberation Army, which waged an insurgency against Serbian security forces from 1997 to 1999, a conflict that took 10,000 lives and ultimately forced NATO to intervene. Some of his colleagues were at the center of two other insurgencies, in Macedonia and southern Serbia, in 2001.

…“If independence is not recognized, I think people will take up arms,” Mr. Jakupi said.

Everything you think you know about the war on terror and the war on drugs and sex slavery is turned on its head in Kosovo, as James Jatras, former analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee, said in this recent interview with CBN.