Albanian Gunmen Hijack Bus in Italy

Albanian Terror Suspects Appear in Court in Montenegro

Albanians set Montenegrin Flag on Fire

Albanians attack Serbs, steal cattle near border with Kosovo

Ethnic Albanian ‘revolutionary’ stirs up new wave of dissent in Kosovo

Serbian Church Condemns Calls for Destruction of Churches

UN Police Break up Kosovo Protest

2 protesters died of rubber bullet wounds in clashes in Kosovo, police say

U.N. fires its Kosovo police chief after deaths (Because people will notice if an Albanian dies in Kosovo, whereas no one notices the sometimes weekly killings of Serbs, much less gets fired over it. If you have any doubt that Serb-hunting is a legal sport in Kosovo, here is just one of several hundred examples that illustrate it. Meanwhile, the rest-in-peacekeepers aren’t allowed to use deadly force to prevent it, because then an Albanian could die, and people would notice.)

UN goes on the defensive after 2 deaths in Kosovo (Whereas no defense or explanation is required for the past eight years of dead Serbs.)

Explosion damages three U.N. vehicles in Kosovo

Montenegro accuses ethnic Albanians of plotting insurgency (Five of the 14 arrested are U.S. citizens, and at least one of them has been a steady contributor to Tom Lantos’s campaigns.)

Ethnic Albanians Demand Release of Terrorist Suspects (using the familiar ploy of referring to the terror suspects as “American Citizens”)

Ethnic Albanians protest outside U.S. Embassy, demand release of terrorist suspects (Meanwhile: “Kosovo and Albanians in general have always and continue to take an active part in the war against global terrorism.” — U.S. ally Hashim Thaci, “former” terrorist and head of Democratic Party of Kosovo, upon hearing about the Ft. Dix arrests.)

Two Kosovo Albanian (Boys) Rape a Five Year-old Girl (in Switzerland) (Mind this sentence from a 1987 NYT article: “Slavic Orthodox churches have been attacked, and flags have been torn down. Wells have been poisoned and crops burned. Slavic boys have been knifed, and some young ethnic Albanians have been told by their elders to rape Serbian girls.” My point, yet again: whether it’s raping the host society’s females or shooting up its military, it happened to the Serbs first, and the rest of us are merely reaping the consequences of not studying their example and of viewing their experiences in a vacuum; like Israelis, the Serbs have been the canary in the mine shaft.)

FBI searches in Albania for radioactive material intended for terrorism attacks

Kosovo Albanian drug-boss admits friendship with al Qaeda leader

Albanian Sought by Italy Captured in New Jersey

Albanians in Southern Serbia Press for Greater Autonomy

Police Attacked in South Serbia

And now, for the piece de resistance…Drum Roll Please…GREECE IS NEXT:

Albanians in Greece Form Paramilitary Formation (a.k.a. “Greater Albania Project Moves On”)

See the video here. (From Tirana-based TV station News 24)

In it, one of eight armed and masked men sits at a desk with US and EU flags, reading a statement that the “UCC” has been created. (From “UCK,” which is the Albanian acronym for KLA; just substitute the “K” for Kosovo with a “C” for Chamuria. Chamuria is the name that Albanians have given to Epirus, an area near northern Greece’s border with Albania. So just like Kosovo = “Kosova”, here Epirus = Chamuria.) On the wall behind the speaker is an Albanian flag and a map of “Chamuria”.

At least there’s this, from a translated report by Albanian newspaper Gazeta Shqiptare on April 28:

Greeks in Albania Call for Independence ( “demanding no more than what Albania was demanding for Kosova” ) Get this: Albanian politicians in Tirana are pissed off by this statement by one ethnically Greek mayor in Albania, saying — get ready — that his declaration “violates Albania’s territorial integrity” and that “they reflect an open, anti-constitutional position.” (Only Albanians are allowed to violate a sovereign’s territorial integrity… unconstitutionally and with the support of the international community.)

And just some oldies but goodies:

General Who Ordered Attacks on Canadian Troops Becomes Prime Minister of Kosovo

Balkans: Cia Probes Possible Kosovo Links To London Blasts

We’ll fight Nato troops, warn Albanian rebels

Albanian threat to kill UK peacekeepers

Albanian gunmen training for war: Guerrillas fire on British troops trying to keep the peace in the bit of Serbia that Kosovo wants

OK, I get it. We’re just in too deep to reverse course. How much deeper should we dig?