Venezuela President Hugo Chavez is expanding his offer of cheaper heating oil–to more low-income Americans who would never think of saying no to a handout, regardless of what its ultimate purpose may be. Citgo, an arm of the Venezuelan government, has already started selling cheaper fuel to parts of Massachusetts and New York City, and will move on to Vermont and Rhode Island, as well as to some Native-American tribes.

The AP reported that Venezuelan ambassador Bernardo Alvarez, who signs an agreement with the tribes this week, “was accompanied by a group of American activists on a tour of a state-funded cooperative in Caracas where the poor receive free health care and hundreds work in textile and shoemaking shops.” Those activists include singer Harry “Millions of Americans support your revolution” Belafonte, actor Danny Glover, professor Cornel West and PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley.

Capitalizing on the stupidity of some of our poor communities to further his socialist goals, Chavez certainly knew where to start–in The Bronx, where people would respond to such an offer with “Cheaper oil? Venezuela rocks!”

As we sit back and watch Chavez export socialism to our country by giving the most easily bought Americans a taste for it, let’s recall that it’s not the first time a Commie leader has exploited the ignorance of American minorities. Stalin had a knack for this as well, making a friend out of singer and Communist sympathizer Paul Robeson, who did Soviet PR in America and refused to speak out against the Soviet Union even as all his Jewish writer friends there were “disappearing.”

Fortunately, by picking places like New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to subsidize a Fifth Column in America–Chavez is being redundant.

Let’s not tell him.