Muslims in England are boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day. This comes a few months after a commission, set up by Blair to combat extremism, recommended scrapping Holocaust Memorial Day as the first order of business. Muslims don’t like Holocaust Day because it doesn’t mention non-Jewish victims of genocide. They cite places like Vietnam and Rwanda, but most often and especially Bosnia, Chechnya and “Palestine.”

Let’s understand something: Muslims have always been jealous of the attention that Jews have gotten for their suffering (though, contrary to popular mythology, Jews are not thrilled that the Holocaust should be their defining historical event). The Muslims can’t stand it that no one ever killed six million of them, when they have so many to spare–an event that would lend credence to their constant crusade promoting themselves as “victims” when they know plain well that no Western entity ever targeted them for mass suffering. That’s why they get so pissed off, for example, when Israelis kill only two or three Palestinians in the course of military responses to suicide bombings. It’s the excrutiatingly slow pace of this “genocide” that’s killing them (which is why they’re always padding the numbers of their dead). This also explains why they engineered the Bosnian “genocide” and the Albanian “genocide”: to dupe us into thinking that Serbs were trying to create a “Greater Serbia” when all the while the plan was to create, with the help of NATO and the U.S. Air Force, a Greater Bosnia and a Greater Albania (as part of the Greater Islamic empire). They’ve since exported this successful strategy to the rest of the world, wherein they go about killing anything that moves, while claiming that Islam is under attack.

News of the boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day comes soon after a mosque in Stockholm was caught distributing cassettes calling for the extermination of Jews. You see, once they’ve killed the competition, they can get all the suffering spotlight to themselves.

There is one other, crucial reason that Muslims don’t like Holocaust Memorial Day or the Holocaust Museum industry. A lot of research goes into these things, and if we dig enough, we’ll find that Hitler had help from the Mufti of Jerusalem, the Bosnian Muslim SS Handzar Division and the Albanian SS Skanderbeg Division. The fact that the Holocaust memorialization industry, and organized Jewry in general, were slow to admit and reveal this to the world–defying their very purpose–is the reason we’re back to where we started.