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Kosovo: Gay, Lesbian Youth Leaders Under Serious Death Threats

The leader of a gay and lesbian youth advocacy group and his staff have today received death threats which the police initially refused to take seriously.

The threat email was sent to the leader of Centre for Social Emancipation (QESh), Mr. ‘K.Z’.

Starting “In the name of Allah”, the email condemns ‘Mr. Z’ for his activities with the youth group and says he will end up in hell.

The email continues, in translation: “We will fu** you mother, burn you with all your belongings, and will make you carry your intestines in your own hands, you lewd man”.

They’re not exaggerating. They’ve done this much before. More:

Mr. Z and his group are accused of “smearing the pure and freedom-seeking nation”, and [told] that members of the group “will have their heads cut off”. The email is said to have come from an email address that begins (in translation) “sharpknife”.

QESh is taking the email very seriously, especially as it says that Mr. K’s family should “prepare his funeral within two weeks”.

The group, who was joined by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights demanded that the Kosovo Police Service conduct a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrators in front of the justice.

But the police initially refused to open a case — they were said to have considered the case not serious enough. The chief of the shift said that such threats are not considered serious and that he should initiate a private lawsuit…

Just a small glimpse as well into the “functioning democratic institutions” that, our lawmakers promise, an independent Kosovo will have. In this case we see the nature of the police force that’s been entrusted to ensure the safety of the non-Albanian minority, which it so far hasn’t done. Apparently, in addition to non-Albanians, the police force also doesn’t work for gay Albanians.

And how much do you want to bet that these gay Albanians were as gung-ho as the next Albanian about wresting Kosovo from Serbia?

Just as gay Palestinians flee to Israel, so too should we expect to see reports in the near future about gay Albanians fleeing Kosovo for Serbia. (Which a number of Albanians did during and after the war anyway.)