Excerpted from Kosovo’s Nazi Past: The Untold Story By Carl Savich

During World War II and the Holocaust, Kosovar Albanians killed 10,000 Kosovo Serbs and expelled 100,000. Kosovo-Metohija was made a part of a Greater Albania by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini realized the Greater Albania ideology established by the 1878 League of Prizren. Albanian-settled areas of the Balkans — Kosovo-Metohija, western Macedonia, southern Montenegro — were incorporated in a Greater Albania. The Greater Albania Kosovar Albanian nationalist movement murdered Kosovo Serb civilians and took over their lands and houses. Kosovo Serb women were raped. Kosovo Serb Orthodox priests were arrested, tortured, and murdered. Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries were attacked and destroyed. Serbian monuments, cemeteries, and gravestones were desecrated and demolished.

The Greater Albania nationalist movement formed the Balli Kombetar, the Albanian Kosovo Committee, and the Skanderbeg Nazi SS Division, two-thirds of whose members were Kosovar Albanian Muslims. Kosovar Albanian Muslims played a major role in the Holocaust, the murder of European Jews. Kosovar Albanian Nazi SS troops participated in the roundup of Kosovo Jews who were later killed at Bergen-Belsen. What occurred in Kosovo during World War II was genocide. The mainstream accounts of World War II have censored and covered up the Kosovar Albanian role in the genocide against Kosovo Serbs and the role of Kosovar Albanians in the Holocaust. The Nazi past of Kosovo remains an untold story.

Doesn’t look much different today:

Albanian Nazi party insignia on Pristina wall, 2006
(photo by Russell Gordon)

Orthodox cemetery in Staro Gracko near Lipljan desecrated

Nazi SS Division Skanderbeg arm patch, showing national flag of Albania. The same arm patch is worn today by the Kosovo Protection Corps. (Carl Savich)

(Photo of the owner of Kosovo’s Hitler cafe)
(photo by Ed Alexander)

Serbian Nun Raped

Serbian priest beheaded in Kosovo

Young Albanians told by their elders to rape Serbian girls

Kosovo Serbs victims of fresh attacks and robberies

Throw Momma Superior from the Train

Serb returnee killed in central Kosovo

The Kosovo war was meant to protect Clinton’s legacy by being his ticket out of a squalid Lewinsky legacy. Instead, it set up and undermined the next president, becoming Bush’s unintended legacy and marring a comparatively respectable presidency. The Clintons are indestructible, but they have a knack for destroying others, particularly those who do their bidding. Bush will learn this first-hand as he continues on the Clinton path in Kosovo (and as he continues to cover for Sandy Berger’s related, Clinton-mandated archives theft). Since nothing sticks to Clinton, history will reserve its harshest judgment about Kosovo for Bush, not Clinton.