At a time when disproportionate numbers of Muslim immigrants are raping their host societies’ women and girls, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” decides it would be timely to re-broadcast an episode in which a Serb — having raped Muslim women in Bosnia — is now raping American women. This is the sort of thing I’ve described in the past as Hollywood’s/TV Land’s wishful thinking, which they try to turn into reality, at least on-screen: Unable to deal with reality as it is, they create an alternate reality in the movies and on TV. This is the whole point of retreating into the film business, where you can sculpt the world as you think it should be. As I wrote in 2003:

Hollywood, D.C. It’s a place where the Clinton presidency lives on in the personage of Martin Sheen, and where JFK is always a hero. It’s where problems really can be fixed by throwing money at them, and where the rest of the world wants peace too. It’s where death row inmates have been framed and pedophiles are victims under Megan’s Law. It’s where raising taxes improves an economy and where unlimited social programs still leave the budget balanced. In short, it’s where liberal policies work, because what sounds good on paper and works in theory also works in the movies.

When one lives in a world of make-believe, nothing has to make any sense, and that’s why it’s called La-La Land. With that in mind, sharp viewers seeing programs and movies irrelevantly still trying to demonize Serbs may be able to discern the real message: if this is what TV is showing us, it probably means that in the real world, the opposite is true and this is just wishful thinking: the writers wish they lived in a world where what they had to worry about were Serbs.

Vaguely related is a point I meant to make as an epilogue to the never-to-be-heard-of-again case of Sulejman Talovic, the Salt Lake City Bosnian jihadist whose crime was likewise blamed on Serbs. In addition to the Serb-blaming, there is a smaller but developing pattern of gun-blaming when Muslims kill. At the hero’s funeral for Talovic, his father Suljo “said he would not make excuses for his son, but did not understand how a teenager could buy a gun in the United States.”:

“The authorities are guilty for not alerting us that he bought a gun. In the U.S., you cannot buy cigarettes if you are underaged, but you can buy a gun,” he said.

The father’s transparent gun-control spin is the same route that Brooklyn-based Albanian arms smuggler Florin Krasniqi took when he realized he could get in trouble for what he revealed in the 2005 Dutch documentary “The Brooklyn Connection,” which showed him illegally shipping legally purchased hunting and assault rifles ($15 million-worth) to help arm the Kosovo Liberation Army against NATO, UN and Serbia in the event the province doesn’t get independence. With the goal of deflecting from his activities, Krasniqi went on “60 Minutes” expressing his altruistic concern over how easy it is to acquire weapons in the U.S.

So if your kid or you are a terrorist, keep the focus on gun control, and pass yourself off as someone with progressive values. That way, you can straddle the 21st century and the 7th century at the same time. Indeed, why did the senior Talovic stop at gun-control? He could have used the Salt Lake City massacre as a basis to promote abortion rights and gay marriage too:

My son never would have done something like this if it weren’t for the easy availability of guns in America. In fact, if the world didn’t have such a complex over abortion, then perhaps my wife and I would never have birthed such a problem kid. In fact, if gay marriage were legal everywhere, I may have just married a man, and the subject of children would have been closed from the beginning…