Just six months after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a conference in Tehran questioning the reality and extent of the Holocaust, calling for a fact-finding mission about that six million figure, a mass grave from World War II has been discovered this month in the Ukraine containing thousands of bodies, to add to the 3,500 that were uncovered in Odessa last year — both at former concentration camp sites.

Which means Ahmadinejad was right all along: it wasn’t six million Jews killed; it was six million, three thousand, five hundred and counting…

Meanwhile, we know from Monday’s post that when looking for Muslim mass graves, we run into more Jewish mass graves. And, apparently, into Serbian ones:

During a seven-day exhumation, the remains of 105 victims, believed to be Serbs, were uncovered in the Croatian town of Petrinja. At least 20 women are among the victims, according to sources.

Serbian Documentation and Information Centre Veritas stated that the remains were all of Serbs from Banija and Kordun, killed by Croatian forces in a 1995 offensive in a UN-protected zone.

Although the large mass grave in question was located in late 1995, the investigation took place “in complete media silence which, without question, is directly tied to the nationality of the victims,” Veritas stated.

According to the NGO, there are more graves of Serbs killed during Operation Storm at the same location. The exhumation of these graves was still “awaiting the right political climate,” Veritas representatives said.

During the attack of Croatian forces on the UN Sector North sector in 1995, 721 Serbs were killed, 441 civilians, 403 of which were women.

Hm, dead Serbs. Dead Jews. Bad Serbia. Bad Israel. The two pariah states. Land for peace. Land for…well, just give up the land. Gee, I wonder what’s going on. It’s just not obvious enough.

When Albanians and the world cheerleading the veracity of the “genocide” against them were disappointed last week to find no decade-old Albanian corpses in a rumored mass grave in Serbia, the following words echoed through my head, spoken in 1999 to Canadian Broadcasting Company reporter Nancy Durham after she learned she’d been had in Kosovo: “Thanks God we have plenty of real tragedies, and Rajmonda’s lie is going to be nothing.” — Faton, Kosovo Albanian in London

Do Jews go around saying, “Thank God we have six million dead. We’re still ahead!”