Serbian President’s office adopts kitten to boost animal protection

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - The Serbian president’s office has a purr-fect new recruit.

The newcomer to the presidential team is not a political analyst or a foreign policy adviser — but Micka, a tiny striped kitten.

It’s has been adopted by President Boris Tadic as a sign of support for the animal protection movement.

Tadic late Thursday visited an animal advocate group, ORCA, and decided to adopt the abandoned kitten in an attempt to boost care for the animals in the Balkan republic.

Serbia has a huge problem with stray dogs and cats, who can be seen roaming the streets of the capital Belgrade and other cities.

The authorities have sought to outline a strategy to solve the problem, while several animal protection groups have surfaced recently appealing on the citizens to take in the abandoned animals.

As I’ve said before, good thing we defended OUR values and “way of life” with that Kosovo war:

Kosovo is plagued with growing packs of stray dogs and is offering a bounty for the tail of every hound gunned down and killed off…A total 370 dogs have since been shot dead in five separate hunts by a local Mitrovica association in February and March. The animals — many of them former pets abandoned during and after the war — roam around urban centres…

“Hunters were followed by police patrols and public services workers who collected the carcasses and buried them in the city garbage dump,” said Qela, adding the reward is ” 7.50 euros (10 dollars) for the tail of each dog killed.”

And, closer to home, “Patty” — a former neighbor of the family of the three Albanian brothers who plotted the Ft. Dix attack — describes the Duka family: “First, they cut down all the trees for firewood…The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the women slit a lamb’s throat with a kitchen knife.”