Crackdown on Albanians who lied about fleeing Kosovo war

Hundreds of successful asylum seekers could have their British citizenship revoked after investigators uncovered a massive immigration fraud.

The Home Office is targeting Albanians who claimed to be victims of the war in Kosovo.

According to the Daily Mail’s sister paper, the Evening Standard, more than 80,000 refugees settled in Britain when Nato expelled Serbian forces from the province amid accusations of “ethnic cleansing” in 1999.

Now the Home Office has evidence that many were not refugees fleeing the war but economic migrants from neighbouring Albania who adopted fake Kosovar identities to claim asylum.

The clampdown, launched last month, is being aimed at those whose identities have been checked and proved false — genuine refugees from the Kosovo conflict are not affected.

London’s 25,000-strong Albanian community has been thrown into panic by the move, with internet forums flooded with posts from people anxious about their future in Britain.

A genuine asylum seeker, who was given permission to remain, said: “It’s been an open secret for years that thousands of Albanians were getting refugee status here by saying they were from Kosovo. It used to be the fast-track route into Britain and lots of people took it.

“There was a network that included traffickers and intermediaries. People were told to say they were from Kosovo — it never failed.”

And all those loyal, grateful British asylum grantees, such as this one, never thought to mention it to the authorities. (Boy, what a pro-Western pal that Albania is, huh!)

The Home Office letters warn that those suspected of getting a passport by deception could face three months in jail or a £5,000 fine.

This week, another letter was sent out by the Border and Immigration Agency, ordering those suspected of trickery to hand in their passports.

The clampdown began when British embassy officials in the Albanian capital, Tirana, examined applications from so-called Kosovars who had been given leave to remain in Britain and wanted to bring their families over as well.

Embassy staff noted that the families all seemed to be from Albania, not Kosovo, and further checks revealed that a massive fraud had been operating for years.

A Home Office spokesman said: “…Where we can prove fraud we will strip individuals of their citizenship and remove them from the country.”

No. The country will be removed from YOU.

Looks like the Brits don’t know their place. Albanians are going to have to show it to them. In fact, NATO may have to show it to them. After all, didn’t someone just say “Crackdown on Albanians”?! Wait a second — England is ethnically cleansing Albanians!! It’s singling out Albanians from Albania — who came to Britain illegally! Isn’t that what Milosevic was doing?! Isn’t this what we needed to bomb the Serbs back to the Dark Ages for? Oh no, wait a second…it’ s not the same thing. The generations of illegal Albanian immigrants in Serbia were engaging in terrorism, ambushing and killing Yugoslavian police, officials, Serb refugees and Albanian “collaborators” with the government (e.g. postal workers). Never mind. Not the same thing.

After this blog ran, I heard from an American Serb, who pointed out the unconnected dots about the fraudulent Albanian immigration that the West is now dealing with:

It was common knowledge before the US-led NATO bombing that some 40% Albanians were illegal. They simply crossed the Serbian border from Albania (with Tito’s encouragement and open borders) and all those Albanians stayed there.

…After the bombing stopped in June of 1999, situation got even worse. With NATO opening the southern border, anyone who wanted to come to Serbia (Kosovo and Metohija) came in on the “refuges” pretense. NATO did not care who came in, or if they were criminals, or known terrorists (like KLA…etc.)

And now we should be surprised that Albanians were lying again and playing that known “victim status” to get the legal status in England, and most likely in the USA, Switzerland and other Western countries?

Well, governments of Western Countries were stupid enough, long enough, and it is time to “find out” who the Albanians really are. Go cry to President Bush…he may even believe you!