The Nazi rock concert was held in Croatia’s biggest stadium, Maksimir, and although this time Thompson himself did not make any pro-Ustasha references or Hitler-style salutes, the kids sure did. (Thanks to a website titled

Girl wearing WW2 Ustasha-insignia cap.

T-shirt with “Za Dom Spremni” slogan — “For the Homeland, we are Ready.”

Girl wears a T-shirt with Croatian hero and indicted war criminal Ante Gotovina.

A rock concert that Mom and Dad approve of.

This guy’s also got the Ustasha hat and everything.

The reason you don’t see this kind of stuff in Germany is that everyone knows what the Germans did, and the Germans know what the Germans did, because they were made to admit and apologize for what they did, and so they are embarrassed. But the above photos illustrate what happens when you are a nation that isn’t made to acknowledge its crimes: the crimes remain unknown, untalked about, and you get the whole world on your side, scrutiny-free, when you repeat history — as happened in Croatia’s 1990s war for independence.