A letter from Alex in Pittsburgh:

Thank you for posting the concert pix article. How sad beyond belief. I almost had nightmares over the bumper sticker the one girl held up.

It says: “CROATIA: A thick fog will descend again.”

I am not sure, but I believe that is a reference to Operation Storm, and minorities being swallowed up in the night — in other words, “we are going to kill you again, so get out.” It literally gave a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Nice to know Bush met with the Croatian foreign minister in Albania. I guess World War Two and all those dead veterans fighting Nazism really meant nothing after all. …At the rate we are going, other than a few bland editorials, I am not sure that we would react adversely even if fascism made a comeback in Germany. I am sure that there would even be commentators saying it is good for the global economy, the world bank, whatever.

Germany helped attack Yugoslavia again fifty years after WWII and no one blinked. Members of the government seig heil’ing and no official repercussions for Croatia, nothing, but there’s lots of continued adverse PR to set the Serbs up for attack, just like the Jews endured in the 1930s. Looks like no one cares.

Thank you, Alex. And really, where else do hot chicks dig the killing fields like this? Recall this week’s earlier post, and never forget:

Stara Gradiška: “The camp was specially constructed for women and children of Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, and guerrillas. Eventually more than 50,000 men, women and children were incarcerated and then massacred by the Ustaše in the medium camp….All of the women guards were sisters or wives of the male guards and they were known throughout the camp for their cruelty.”