“First, I worry about climate change,” said the reputedly intelligent Bill Clinton at Saturday’s World Economic Forum, according to the AP. “It’s the only thing that I believe has the power to fundamentally end the march of civilization as we know it.”

Clinton is indeed brilliant when it comes to camouflaging spinelessness. Note that this warning on climate is coming from a man who when he was president declined to bring bin Laden to justice when Sudan offered him on a silver platter–instead allying us with bin Laden in Kosovo and Bosnia. It’s coming from a man who didn’t respond to the 1993 World Trade Center attack or any of the numerous other terrorist attacks against us on his watch. It’s coming from a man who quashed the FBI investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing despite evidence pointing to Islamic/Middle Eastern complicity, so that he could instead blame radio talk show hosts for the attack. Unable to combat any real threats, this faux man is trying to look tough combating the climate. If I were Clinton, I’d prefer to talk about the weather too.

Clinton is not alone. The Left side of the public, along with that of Congress, has been taking the same approach. In fact, the more terrorism that’s threatened against us, the more liberals worry about global warming. Scared out of their wits and at a loss for how to fight terrorists–which requires testicles–they play up global warming as being just as scary, and fixate on the environment: “Let’s show ‘em we can be tough, too. Let’s flex our muscle on this Mother Nature thing.”

And why not? Confronting “climate change” doesn’t actually require anything of a person aside from wasting other people’s money like a bitch.

In fact, this whole global warming “scare” is just another scheme to bankrupt the American economy–so the socialists can turn around and say, “See? We told you capitalism doesn’t work.”

Memo to the Left: That heat you’re feeling isn’t global warming. It’s global Islam. It’s real, and it’s getting closer.

But having found a warm and happy place to hide in this scary, scary world, they make movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” to promote signing of the Kyoto Treaty. Yes, the Kyoto Treaty is what’s important, not the Patriot Act–who needs that? You really have to adore the Lefties. They worry about junk science that may or may not kill them in 500 years instead of the people who really are trying to kill them the day after tomorrow.

For some reason, the common thinking is that Democrats are better for the environment than Republicans. But it’s liberals who are polluting our water supply with all their anti-depressant medications. That’s not Republican Prozac in the water; Republicans are well adjusted–they can function in reality. They don’t have to create alternate universes for themselves like Hollywood or academia. This just proves that liberalism is a mental illness; the proof is in the water. But if they were to become Republican, they wouldn’t need so much medication. They might even be able to face their enemies.