One Child Too Many: Lesbian Couple Sues

In Australia, a lesbian couple is suing a doctor after fertility treatments resulted in the birth of twins rather than a single baby. The court case is provoking strong reaction in the country.

The women are seeking damages from their obstetrician after two embryos were implanted in the womb of one of the women, rather than a single embryo, as they had requested. The doctor admitted that an error was made.

They want the court to order an award of more than $330,000 to cover the cost of raising the second child to the age of 21, and a further $12,000 to compensate for medical expenses and loss of earnings as a result of extended maternity leave.

The non-identical twin girls, whose father is a Danish sperm donor, are now three years old.

The court has been told that the couple’s relationship suffered from the stress of unexpectedly having twins, with the birth mother having lost some of her “ability to love.”

The mother’s partner said the mother had been angry and desperate once she learned that she was pregnant with twins.

The Canberra Times reported that the birth mother told the court the unexpected development had jeopardized their careers, relationship and health.

I’ve never heard of a healthy straight couple experiencing this kind of distress from having one more than expected.

They decided not to abort one baby — a move that would have put the other at risk — and they dismissed the option of putting up one child for adoption, saying it would be unfair to both.

Well that was decent; thank God for small miracles.

…The civil case is the first of its kind in Australia, inasmuch as the children born following alleged medical negligence are healthy.

“Evidently this couple wanted just one child, a trophy child, added to their list of wants,” said Bill Muehlenberg, a leading social and ethics commentator. “Two children were not what they had in mind. But there are no cash-back return policies for unwanted children.”

For Muehlenberg, the case went beyond treating children as a commodity.

Australian Family Association spokeswoman Angela Conway said Thursday the case revealed a shift in society’s attitudes to children that was cause for deep concern.

“In this case it appears that two adults have pursued the acquisition of a child with what appears to be a narrowly defined and consumerist mentality,” she said.

She said people have always understood that having babies is a “messy and unpredictable” business. “Families might end up with none, some or more than expected but their children were seen as gifts and blessings.”

Conway hoped the case would be thrown out and that the defendants would not agree to a settlement…In newspaper letters columns, many readers are accusing the women of being “selfish” or “ungrateful.” One Sydney paper said it had been inundated with hundreds of messages from “disgusted” readers.

Others have taken the media to task for highlighting the fact that the women are lesbians.

“What has the sexual preference of the woman actually got to do with anything?” asked one Canberra Times reader. “Like any minority group, we are all judged on the actions of a few, and this couple’s selfishness does unfortunately have a negative impact on many people’s views of ‘gay women.’”

While this reader has a point, there is still something to be said about the chutzpah of these yentas. Not only are they lesbians living in a society where gays are respected; not only are they allowed to make a baby despite the questionable well-being of the child who will be at-risk because a) she’ll obsessively wonder who her father is and will spend years trying to find him and b) she’ll be raised in a two-mother home, which is always confusing; not only did they not even bother trying to adopt an unwanted or disadvantaged child (the least that a lesbian couple could do), instead inseminating each other so they could spawn their own — not only did they do all this, but now they have the chutzpah to, essentially, sue God for giving them one experiment more than they felt like playing with. That’s why people are pissed.

At least we have gay people like this:

Group for Gays and Lesbians Continues Unlikely Pro-Life Outreach

Steve Cook of San Jose, California…tells the California Catholic newspaper about the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. He says the members of PLAGAL are genuinely opposed to abortion and try to reach out to a segment of people that most pro-life groups can’t reach. But he says he has another concern about legal abortion. “If prenatal tests could detect a tendency toward homosexuality in the unborn, some mothers would abort their babies because they did not ‘choose’ to have a gay son or daughter,” he explains. That’s similar to what already happens to disabled unborn children, such as the 80 percent of unborn children with cerebral palsy who are routinely aborted. Despite possible disagreements with other pro-life people on homosexual issues, Cook says the members of the national group are strongly pro-life and tells of one experience. “I was on a medical ethics committee connected to an Episcopal Church,” recalled Cook in a phone interview with California Catholic Daily, “and I was amazed at people who said that infants are ‘not necessarily’ human beings. I said, ‘They’re different from you, and maybe you don’t want them, but that doesn’t make them less human.’”

The aforementioned lesbian couple could learn a thing or two from these members of their own community. One thing that’s always confused me about lesbians is that one day, they’ll be at a pro-abortion rally, saying that a woman should be able to abort up to a day after delivery — and the next day they’re rallying for their right to have kids. Does it ever occur to them that maybe if they helped abort fewer kids every year, they could just adopt those?