What a curious thing that I never got any complaints about my writings from this group. And please — don’t hurt these Croatians; they are an endangered species!

Anti-fascists slam “glorification” of Nazi symbols in Croatia

Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA, via BBC Monitoring

The Association of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Croatian Anti-Fascists on Tuesday sent an open letter to the Croatian Government, Zagreb Archbishop Josip Bozanic and Zadar Mayor Zivko Kolega, commenting on a recent concert of Marko Perkovic Thompson in Zagreb, [on] a speech that father Vjekoslav Lasic gave at the Jazovka pit, and demanding the resignation of mayor Kolega over his refusal to lay a wreath at a monument to anti-fascist fighters on Anti-Fascist Struggle Day.

In the letter to the government, the association expressed concern with the fact that the state authorities failed to properly respond to the glorification of the Ustasha insignia and symbols spreading hatred.

The association said that it was sad that state bodies mildly distanced themselves from Ustasha-coloured incidents only after reactions from international organizations.

The association stressed that in the future it expected the state authorities to act in accordance with the law.

In the letter to Cardinal Bozanic, the anti-fascists asked the Croatian Bishops’ Conference to take measures to make priests carry out their pastoral mission in accordance with the Gospel and not to spread hatred.