Some people get paid to screw the Serbs; others pay to screw the Serbs. And then there are the two ho’s who screwed UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari so he would screw the Serbs.

Allegations that the free world was bribed to deliver Kosovo independence were reported here and here. Today, Defense & Foreign Affairs brings us the confirmation that non-Serbophobes knew was coming:

Evidence That UN Special Envoy for Kosovo Marti Ahtisaari Received Albanian Mafia Bribes for Kosovo Independence (Alan Peters Newsbrief Exclusive)

By Valentine Spyroglou, GIS Station Chief, South-East Europe.

…The Finnish News Agency, STT, published on June 26 and June 27, 2007, two articles stating that the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo was “bought” by the Albanian mafia in order to support independence for Kosovo. The STT articles reported that the information was initially published by the Banja Luka (Republica Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina) Daily Fokus on June 21, 2007, entitled “Albanian Mafia Bought Ahtisaari”.

According to the Banja Luka report, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had requested that the German Federal Intelligence Service, BND, inform him in detail on what was happening in Kosovo, and he finally received a detailed report on Special Envoy Ahtisaari’s activities in Kosovo.

Based on the Banja Luka article, the UN Secretary General was informed that Albanian separatists in Kosovo had paid for Ahtisaari’s plan which proposed independence for the Serbian province. The BND secret service team, headed by Brigadier Luke Neiman…had recordings of discussions between Ahtisaari and Albanians; how they transferred money; the banks accounts plus codes in Switzerland and Cyprus.

One of the [BND] recordings revealed the transportation of two-million euros from the Swiss Bank based in the city of Visalia, account number 239700-93457-00097, owned by Exhet Boria, which was masked by an offshore account with a code XS52-KOLER to Ahtisaari’s bank account in the Bank of Cyprus, account number 3459346699004533, code VOLANND.

What was also reported was the visit of two men to UNOSEK [UN Office of the Special Envoy for Kosovo], in the presence of Ahtisaari on February 12, 2007, at 06:23 hrs (local time) in one black Mercedes four-wheel drive SUV, with license plate PR-443-22CD, which was confirmed to belong to the Albanian Government in Priština.

The two visitors carried two silver briefcases which were handed to Ahtisaari. A source inside the UNOSEK facilities confirmed that the briefcases contained cash and were delivered to the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo. Twelve days later, at 17:44 hrs (local), the same car, with the license plates removed, visited UNOSEK but this time it was Exhet Boria himself and two bodyguards that entered the building, carrying again two silver briefcases.

Exhet Boria is a Kosovo Albanian figure involved in organized crime and heroin trade in Europe and he is the “right hand” of Behgjet Pacolli, the Albanian billionaire mafia boss, living in Switzerland.

The BND agents realized that the four briefcases had diplomatic luggage labels, and noted that they finally arrived in Finland without being checked — because of the diplomatic tagging — and were delivered at Ahtisaari’s house. The briefcase cash totaled 40-million euros. The German agents also confirmed that Ahtisaari had many telephone conversations with Behgjet Pacolli.

Furthermore, on February 28, 2007, at 23:47 hrs (local), the BND agents noted the arrival of a NATO KFOR (Kosovo Force) four-wheel drive vehicle carrying two women who were followed by Boria’s bodyguard. The women stayed in Ahtisaari’s quarters until 05:17 hrs next day, and left with the same car.

The office of the UN Special Envoy for Kosovo responded to STT that “this is a silly story that comes from the press of Serbia (Bosnia & Herzegovina). We have nothing to add”, said Remi Derlo, Ahtisaari’s spokesman based in Vienna. According to STT, the accusations where not commented on by the UN or by Ahtisaari himself.

However, the President of the National Assembly of Serbia, Oliver Dulić, has made a formal inquiry into the allegations in order to confirm Ahtisaari’s involvement with Albanian organized crime.

The GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs station in south-eastern Europe has conducted research in the Balkans and from secure sources it was revealed that the BND report does indeed exist, and that the information contained is not “Serbian fiction” but a reality.

Meanwhile, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs sources confirmed that the BND report also contained extensive additional information on the involvement in corrupt activities of other international community personalities involved in Kosovo.

Mickey at pointed out that the initial, unconfirmed charges had some basis because of the following report about a typical day for Serbs in Kosovo, titled “Muslims stab Kosovo Serb woman, stone school” — but with a twist at the end that indicated Albanians knew about the bribing early on:

February 6, 2007 — Twenty seven year old Kosovo Serb woman Milica Delevic was repeatedly stabbed, then robbed and left for dead on the streets of the northern Kosovo town of Kosovska Mitrovica. She is hospitalized and is under intensive care after undergoing surgery.

Milica Delevic was ambushed by [a] group of Albanian Muslims around 7 p.m, in the dark part of the street near the Red Cross building where she worked. Stabbings were done on her abdomen.

Regional spokesperson for the UNMIK police, Larry Miller, confirmed that young woman of Serbian nationality was attacked with the knife and seriously wounded but said that the motive was robbery and not the fact that she was Christian Serb. Miller says that they are holding two men in custody but they are not the attempted killers but alleged witnesses.

Meanwhile, a Serbian elementary school in Lipljan was stoned by [a] group of young Albanian Muslims who broke windows and damaged walls then fled the scene as the police was arriving.

In a village of Crvena Vodica, Serbian residents were exposed to verbal abuse and threats of expulsion by a marauding Muslim mob that was shouting slurs at them, demanding independence and threatening forced expulsion by sending all “Serbs to Serbia”.

In another Kosovo village of Obilic, another Muslim mob was intimidating Christian Serbs and the police personnel while addressing the UN envoy Marti Ahtisaari with a slogan of “How much more should we pay you for independence?”

I have a feeling that if Ahtisaari could be reached for comment, he would say, “Sure I was paid to help sell the Serbs down the river, but I would have done it for free.”

In Kosovo, Western powers have reduced themselves to gangsters. And when gangsters stand in the way of rival gangsters, they are dealt with as gangsters. Welcome to the New World Order.