When you can’t tell a society’s intellectuals from its thugs, or its thugs from its politicians and its politicians from its media, it must be Greater Albania.

Croatia’s HINA news agency confirms a report by the Macedonian paper Dnevnik:

Fighting For Kosovo Independence With Guns: Albanian intellectuals called for the unification of all Albanians. They see Kosovo’s independence as the precursor of a national union.

Albanian intellectuals from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo gathered over the weekend in Tetovo and are advocating the unification of all Albanians. The representative of the Macedonian assembly Fazli Veliu announced that he and the members of the former so-called National Liberation Army would help Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) to fight for Kosovo independence with weapons if necessary, reports Macedonian press on Tuesday.

Reporting the writing of the media in the Albanian language in Macedonia about the gathering of the Albanian intellectuals that took place last weekend, Skopje daily newspaper Vreme writes that they called for the unification of Albanians from all regions and assessed that Kosovo’s independence was only the precursor of the national unification.

On Tuesday, Skopje daily newspaper Dnevnik reported the statement made by Fazli Veliu, representative of the opposition party Democratic Union for Integration in Macedonia’s parliament and president of the veterans’ association ONA, which had started an armed conflict with Macedonian defense forces in 2001, saying that, along with the Kosovo UCK, he would fight for Kosovo’s independence.

“If the resolution of the Kosovo issue keeps being postponed,” Veliu threatened, “very soon, we will join UCK soldiers, first at big protests in order to internationalize the issue and then, if necessary, we will win Kosovo’s independence with weapons.”