I’ve written before that some people use Islam as a shroud for their criminality and murderous proclivities (”Why Call it Crime when you can Call it Religion?”). I was referring to this general trend that Daniel Pipes has described:

Malcolm X: the future Nation of Islam leader converted while serving time in prison in 1948; Tawana Brawley: the much-publicized hoaxer converted after the exposure of her claim of being gang raped by white men; Benjamin Chavis: the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People converted after his scandal-ridden eviction; John Allen Muhammad: the Beltway Sniper converted after a bruising divorce; Henry Tillman: the Olympic gold-medal heavyweight boxing medalist converted while in prison on charges of murder; Mike Tyson: the heavyweight boxing champion converted while in prison, serving time for rape…and O.J. Simpson, the football star accused of murdering his wife, recalls, “When I was incarcerated I read the Koran,” but he apparently did not go on to convert.

In other words, I concluded, after killing, raping or perpetrating a great hoax, you can find refuge among those who make a religion of it. Like this entire neighborhood did.

But last week, some people took this a bit too literally, and literally dressed up in the religion that gets away with crime: “Men Disguised as Muslim Women Rob Bank“:

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Two armed men disguised as Muslim women in burqas held up a bank in Sarajevo and got away with some $40,000, Bosnian police said on Tuesday.

They said the pair entered a Union bank branch in the capital wearing head-to-toe black dresses and veils typical of women adhering to the orthodox Islamic code and trained guns on customers. They then made customers lie on the floor while the emptied the tills, police added.

“Everything happened in a moment. Two persons in black niqabs (burqas) came into the bank. I thought they were ladies,” the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje quoted bank customer Mehmedalija Komarac as saying.

Women in burqas and men with long beards have become a common sight in the Bosnian capital in recent years.

These guys get it: either convert, or pretend you’re Muslim — and you’ll get away with anything. Which gives me an idea. Since our political, educational and judicial institutions don’t tolerate Christianity in the public square but do make every accommodation for Islam, I’m thinking I could dress up as a Muslim and spread the word about Jesus Christ a lot more freely.