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Wherefore this stark warning? What grave injustice could have been visited upon the Bosnian-Muslims NOW, which would warrant such fightin’ words?

Bosnia: International envoy and chief mufti clash over religious education

Sarajevo, 24 May (AKI) - The top international envoy in Bosnia, Valentin Inzko, and Muslim spiritual leader Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric have been plunged into row over religious education with each accusing the other of intolerance and religious incitement, local media reported on Tuesday.

The controversy was sparked by the resignation last week of Sarajevo canton minister for education Emir Suljagic after his proposal that religious education should be optional and not included in overall rating of students’ success was rejected.

Ceric accused Suljagic, himself a Muslim, of “hating Muslims and Islam”. The cleric called on Suljagic to resign and warned a “Sarajevo summer could happen” similar to the violent unrest that topped Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak in February.

Inzko, who has broad powers in Bosnia, said in a statement he was “personally disappointed by such a statement from a person obliged to promote peace and understanding”.

Ceric’s statement was “contrary to human dignity”, he added. “Such rhetoric can have only negative consequences for peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” Inzko said.

“If this country can’t find the humanity to reject hatred and mistrust, then it can’t offer a future for its children,” Inzko was quotee as saying by Sarajevo daily Dnevni avaz.

The Austrian diplomat’s remarks drew a sharp reaction from Ceric. “I’m deeply disappointed at the biased and inflammatory statement by high representative Valentin Inzko,” he stated.

He accused Inzko of “anti-Islamist phobia and rhetoric to which nothing is sacred, including the will of parents and their children to have religious education in schools”.

Sixteen years after the 1992-1995 war, Bosnia is still under a sort of international protectorate and animosities between majority Muslims and the other two groups, Serbs and Croats, continue to run high.

The country is facing its worst crisis since the end of the war because of Serb secessionist policies aimed at paralysing the country, Inzko warned in an April interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Ah, so disregard the first nine-tenths of the article. INZKO WON’T BE FOOLED! It’s the Serbs that are causing the problems for Bosnia — as always. I mean, did you think something else for a minute? Those nutty Serbs want to secede from such a country! (No mention that Croats want to do the same.)

By the way, yes, this is the same mufti from the interfaith event at a synagogue in Birmingham, Alabama in 2006. (Though that event and place are just one of hundreds he’s been invited to.) And it would appear that the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood-connected mufti has gone only downhill from there. But one might have gotten a clue as early as 2005:

Those Ungrateful Bosnians: We liberated them. Why are they still against us? (Slate, May 23, 2005)

…In a Friday sermon at Sarajevo’s Begova Mosque, the second most senior cleric in the country, Ismet Spahic, decried American actions in Iraq as “genocide.”

Near that mosque I bought a glossy magazine called Saff, the favorite publication of Bosnian Islamists—a once-tiny group that has gained strength in postwar years thanks to Saudi proselytizing. The editor, Kemal Bakovic [was] an Arabic-speaker [who] had studied in Zarqa, in Jordan—the hometown, he was pleased to remind me, of the man described by the United States as al-Qaida’s chieftain in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

In a Sarajevo mosque, I met Mustafa Ceric, the reis ul-ulema, or chief religious leader, of Bosnia’s Muslims. A former ambassador with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, he is known as a rare voice of sober, European Islam. But, as our conversation drifted to Iraq, he abandoned the detached professorial tone with which he had greeted me.

Muslims everywhere, Ceric said, are losing the ability to think rationally. “You see every day the scenes of your relatives being killed, and no one is doing anything about it. … Why Abu Ghraib could happen? Why Srebrenica could happen? Your mind is getting stretched. The Muslims feel that they are threatened, that the West is trying to enslave them, literally.”

I asked Ceric whether he shared his deputy’s description of American actions in Iraq as genocide—a loaded word for Bosnia, which itself experienced the real thing so recently. Ceric wouldn’t endorse or disavow the imam. Nor would he condemn those Bosnians who head off to join the Iraqi insurgents.

In early 2003, he said by way of explanation, Bosnia’s Islamic hierarchy issued a statement against the looming Iraq invasion—while at the same time cautioning the believers not to mistake the Iraq war for a religious clash between Christian and Muslim civilizations. “But now people are beginning to change their views,” Ceric said, looking at me. “People are questioning [Western] motivations — and of course including the factor of Islam.”

As my source “Serbstvo” put it: Vatican beatifies Quran-kisser and Serb-hater Pope John Paul II.

“Pope John Paul II is handed the holy book of Islam, the Koran. He kisses it thereby symbolically accepting its doctrine that rejects the Holy Trinity and the divinity of Jesus.”

Flashback to four days ago:

Bosnia’s Muslims may honour late pope with monument for wartime support (AP, April 27)

They may not recognize him as a saint, but Muslims in Bosnia are considering honouring the late Pope John Paul II with a monument in the heart of Sarajevo.

Because of his support for inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, “I think that Pope John Paul II is one of the most important figures of the 20th century,” the head of the Bosnian Islamic Community, Mustafa Ceric, told The Associated Press.

Ceric prayed for world peace with the late pope in Assisi. [Except Ceric was of course praying for an Islamic world peace.]

The almost 90 per cent Muslim population [that] endured the brutal Serb siege [sic!] of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 war waited “every Sunday to hear his messages of hope,” as the pope never failed to call for an end of their suffering, Ceric said. [And to hell with the Christian suffering in this Muslim-wanted war.]

John Paul had wanted to visit Sarajevo at the height of the war in September 1994 but the trip was cancelled after the Serbs said they wouldn’t guarantee his safety. [It was otherwise generally expected that the Serbs do guarantee their demonizers’ and bombers’ safety. Meanwhile, that sentence is supposed to make you think it’s a reference to exclusively Serb bullets, rather than a chaotic war zone or the fact that the more dangerous element for a pope visiting Sarajevo was the Muslim fighters who were trying to turn Bosnia into an Islamic republic.]

He visited Sarajevo a year after the war ended and tens of thousands jammed the streets to welcome him. In front of the main Sarajevo Cathedral, he shook hands with the crowd and stroked the foreheads of weeping people, many of them Muslims.

City authorities are now considering erecting the statue in that location in front of the cathedral.

He visited Bosnia again in 2003, travelling to the predominantly Serb city of Banja Luka where he apologized for crimes committed by Roman Catholic Nazi supporters on Christian Orthodox Serbs during World War II. […]

Without, of course, visiting Jasenovac death camp and after beatifying Alojzije (Aloysius) Stepinac, whose portrait hangs alongside fuhrer Ante Pavelic’s in Croatian Cultural Centers across the globe.

So the beatification chain continues with great consistency: Hitler’s Pope, Pavelic’s Bishop, and the pope who endorsed them both and repeated their mistakes by taking the side of Ustasha cutthroats and Bosniak jihadists against their WWII victims, Christian-Orthodox Serbs.

I’ve mentioned before how the pope was brilliantly lampooned in an Aug. 14, 1993 cover illustration of Rome daily La Repubblieg, which had him standing atop a minaret, calling “Isus (Warren) Christopher, Save Us!” From Bill Dorich’s book The Suppressed Serbian Voice:

The Italian Press condemned Pope John Paul for blessing an American air assault on Serb positions and for asking President Clinton to launch it without delay. On 15 August 1993, Roman Catholic priest, Don Albino Bizzotto, founder of the Beati Construttovi di Pace peace and charity orgnization, has assessed the Pope’s call for air strikes on Bosnian Serbs as ‘disappointing’ and ‘double-dealing. “We cannot understand those who speak about mercy and military intervention at the same time, he said. Fr. Bizzotto went on to say: The pope’s behavior is like a leading big power, who tries to cure their hypocrisies and failures with armed interventions.”

Also fittingly (vis-a-vis Vatican solidarity with Serb-cutters and allies of Fascism), Serb-organ-harvester and Kosovo “prime minister” Hashim Thaci attended the beatification ceremony. Pope John Paul II had given an early endorsement to an independent Kosovo.

The Vatican is sanctifying someone who is arguably a traitor to Christianity, a pope who repeated the Vatican’s mistakes and sins of WWII. On that point, are we really supposed to believe that the Vatican stood up as much as it could to what was going on under Hitler? How can we believe this when the Vatican didn’t even object to the resurrection of Fascism in 1990s Croatia? What potential retaliation by Hitler was there to fear then? Instead, the Vatican endorsed 1990s Croatia whole-heartedly, rewarding its Ustasha resurrection with statehood — just as Hitler had done — and the world followed suit. As Freenation’s Rodney Atkinson pointed out in this video, today’s New World Order is essentially Hitler’s.

From last month:

Chief Imam Ceric widens Bosnia’s Jihad net (Sep. 11, 2010)

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bosnia inaugurated a Kuwaiti funded mosque while a corresponding Kuwait based Islamic “charity”, the International Islamic Charitable Organization, was passing out Quarans to the Bosnian Muslim youngsters who were capable of memorizing the Quaran by heart.

This enlargement of the world-wide Jihadist infrastructure in Bosnia was, according to report by the Kuwaiti Kuna news agency, spearheaded by Bosnia’s Chief Imam Mustafa Ceric.

“The inauguration ceremony of the ‘Ilyash’ Mosque was attended by a host of Bosnian scholars, spearheaded by the country’s Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Ceric,” explains Kuna.

Notes The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report:

Considered by some to be a leading “liberal” Islamic leader, Mustafa Ceric is tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood through his membership in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), headed by Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and by his participation in the U.K.-based “Radical Middle Way” consisting of a wide range of associated scholars representing the global Muslim Brotherhood.

Established by an Egyptian Sheikh Al-Qaradawi, the International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) enjoys full support of Kuwait’s royal family and government. The purpose of the IICO, as described by Al-Qaradawi, is “…practical resistance to the frenzied wave of Christianization within the Muslim world” by which Al-Qaradawi means spread of Islam as seen by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dubbed a prominent Islamic scholar and a so-called Global Mufti, Al-Qaradawi says that “I have been affiliated with a group considered by Zionists as their first enemy; it is the Muslim Brotherhood that has provided and still provides martyrs”.

Considered by many to be the central kernel in the worldwide Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood has not been found by the Council on Foreign Relations, probably because of the group’s use-value in [a] wide range of global theaters, to have any “direct” terror links.

Nor are there any “direct” links involving Bosnia’s Chief Imam Ceric so the Western insistence that Ceric should be prefixed with the misleading attribute of “moderate” may be Washington’s expression of gratitude for keeping his Islamic terror links “indirect”.

Dutch government helping pay for Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero — with Dutch taxpayer money

… “‘Netherlands Subsidising Mosque by Ground Zero,’” from NIS News, July 21 (thanks to Fjordman):

AMSTERDAM, 21/07/10 - The Party for Freedom (PVV) is demanding clarification by the Dutch government regarding reports that the Netherlands is co-financing the construction of a mosque a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero in New York with 1 million dollars of Dutch taxpayers’ money.

On the foreign ministry’s website, it says that a subsidy of 1 million dollars has been awarded to the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). This organisation is, in partnership with the Islamic organisation Cordoba Initiative, responsible for the Islamic centre including a mosque, costing 100 million dollars, to be built near Ground Zero.

The PVV is demanding an explanation and terms the plans to build a mosque right next to Ground Zero absurd and an insult to relatives of the thousands of victims who lost their lives on 11 September 2001. The party wants the subsidy to ASMA to be withdrawn immediately.

Personally, I think this is wonderful. Not only is the United States the biggest pusher for getting Turkey into the EU, but American lawmakers have been openly calling for a heightened Islamic presence in Europe for years. Who can forget the late senator Tom Lantos’s bipartisan-supported words in April 2007:

Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led government[s] in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.

I would also be remiss in not mentioning the million-dollar memorial on Bosnian-Serb land, which was financed by US taxpayers and dedicated to the killers of those Balkans infidels. Here is the infidel president of Serbia, Boris Tadic, last month bowing his head in repentance before the defeated killers of his fellow infidels:

(Note: For the following day’s memorial ceremony for Serbs killed in the Srebrenica vicinity and beyond — which the Serbs alone commemorate — only a Tadic adviser showed up.)

But my point today about the Dutch helping fund the Ground Zero Mosque is: What’s good for the goose…

Not that our leaders are complaining about the mosque here, mind you, so at least they’re consistent. But anyone who is complaining should have spoken up about what we’ve been doing to the infidels of the Balkans. On that subject, perhaps the Dutch payback also has something karmic to do with this:

America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims
The Srebrenica report reveals the Pentagon’s role in a dirty war

by Richard J Aldrich, The Guardian, Monday 22 April 2002

The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, released last week, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence ever published. Officials have been staggered by its findings and the Dutch government has resigned. One of its many volumes is devoted to clandestine activities during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s. For five years, Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University has had unrestricted access to Dutch intelligence files and has stalked the corridors of secret service headquarters in western capitals, as well as in Bosnia, asking questions.

…Now we have the full story of the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that the Pentagon is now fighting in “the war against terrorism”.

The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah. Wiebes reveals that the British intelligence services obtained documents early on in the Bosnian war proving that Iran was making direct deliveries.

Arms purchased by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia made their way by night from the Middle East. Initially aircraft from Iran Air were used, but as the volume increased they were joined by a mysterious fleet of black C-130 Hercules aircraft. The report stresses that the US was “very closely involved” in the airlift. Mojahedin fighters were also flown in, but they were reserved as shock troops for especially hazardous operations.

Light weapons are the familiar currency of secret services seeking to influence such conflicts. The volume of weapons flown into Croatia was enormous, partly because of a steep Croatian “transit tax”. Croatian forces creamed off between 20% and 50% of the arms. The report stresses that this entire trade was clearly illicit. The Croats themselves also obtained massive quantities of illegal weapons from Germany, Belgium and Argentina - again in contravention of the UN arms embargo. The German secret services were fully aware of the trade.

Rather than the CIA, the Pentagon’s own secret service was the hidden force behind these operations. The UN protection force, UNPROFOR, was dependent on its troop-contributing nations for intelligence, and above all on the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the US to police the arms embargo. This gave the Pentagon the ability to manipulate the embargo at will: ensuring that American Awacs aircraft covered crucial areas and were able to turn a blind eye to the frequent nightime comings and goings at Tuzla.

Weapons flown in during the spring of 1995 were to turn up only a fortnight later in the besieged and demilitarised [sic: it was never de-militarized] enclave at Srebrenica. When these shipments were noticed, Americans pressured UNPROFOR to rewrite reports, and when Norwegian officials protested about the flights, they were reportedly threatened into silence. […]

One doesn’t want to leave the subject before pointing to a telling paragraph that appeared in the same piece:

…James Woolsey, director of the CIA until May 1995, had increasingly found himself out of step with the Clinton White House over his reluctance to develop close relations with the Islamists. The sentiments were reciprocated. In the spring of 1995, when the CIA sent its first head of station to Sarajevo to liaise with Bosnia’s security authorities, the Bosnians tipped off Iranian intelligence. The CIA learned that the Iranians had targeted him for liquidation and quickly withdrew him.

So the same Bosnian Muslims whose jihad we were so desperately helping wage, and whose “genocide” we’ve bullied ourselves into commemorating — no less by an official act of the United States Congress — in the midst of all this was helping target our officials for assassination.

This is in addition to Hasan Cengic, member of Bosnia’s “Party of Democratic Action,” having helped fund the 9/11 attacks.

And that’s without even mentioning the Bosnian passports found in a house in Kabul that was being used by fleeing Taliban, according to a Nov. 21 2001 AP report. Or the Kabul mansion where U.S. troops found Bosnian-drawn blueprints for an Oklahoma City-style bomb.

Related is this report from September 17, 2003:

Bosnian Official Links With Terrorism, Including 9/11, Become Increasingly Apparent as Clinton, Clark Attempt to Justify Support of Bosnian Militants

…A series of documents, just acquired by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily, highlight the links between radical Islamists in key positions in the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) and known and suspected Islamists with terrorist links. Significantly, one of the key Bosnian Islamist officials, Huso (he later called himself Hussein) Zivalj, was B-H Ambassador to the United Nations during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York. He arrived just before the attacks and left the post shortly thereafter.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the movement of Zivalj to the New York post just before (and his departure just after) the September 11, 2001, attacks was not coincidental.

Significantly, the clarity of the links between the Bosnian Islamists and anti-US terrorism is now becoming apparent at a time when former US President William Clinton and his former military appointee and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Gen. Wesley Clark (now a Democratic Party presidential aspirant for the US 2004 elections), have begun moves to justify their military support for Bosnian and Kosovo Islamists….

Zivalj had earlier — between 1992 and 1995 — been B-H Ambassador to Vienna, Austria. At that time, he approved a significant number of visas and passports to radical Islamists of non-Bosnian origin. He then went on to be Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the most senior Muslim position in the Ministry. He maintained a constant shuttle during his time as Deputy Minister from Sarajevo to Vienna, the United States and a number of Arab countries.

He ensured that the Vienna Embassy became a key location for ongoing support of radical Islamists, and a wide range of visas and passports were granted to non-Bosnians in the time following his own term there as Ambassador…

Significantly, Zivalj, who is regarded as the most important radical Islamist in the B-H networks, working closely with al-Qaida and Iranian terrorist officials, has a US Green Card (permanent residency), and his family is believed to be living still in Florida. Zivalj now is believed to be a director of Islamic Bank, in B-H. He spent some time, during the communist era in the former Yugoslavia, in prison with Alija Izetbegovic, who later became the Islamist President of B-H. Significantly, Zivalj used his position in Vienna to issue, in 1995, a B-H passport to Safet Catovic….Earlier, he had issued a B-H passport to Osama bin Laden, head of the al-Qaida networks.

Yossef Bodansky’s seminal work, Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans (ISSA, 1996), LINK noted: “In mid-January 1996, the Islamist leadership released a sermon of Sheikh Omar Abd-al-Rahman made on the eve of his sentencing (for his leadership rôle in the Islamist terrorist networks in New York in 1993). This sermon stressed the centrality of Bosnia and the Islamist cause and specifically threatened the US with terrorism in retaliation.”

Catovic also organized a “Summer jihad camp in Pennsylvania” only a month before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Importantly, one of Catovic’s interlocutors was Imam Siraj Wahaj, the spiritual father of the first (1993) attack on the New York World Trade Center.

Within this framework, apart from the links between the B-H officials and the original bombers of the New York World Trade Center in 1993, five of the known terrorist attackers on the US in 2001 had direct links through and with Bosnia, and literally all were supported by Bosnian-linked Islamist “charities”…

Despite the clear warnings during the 1990s, however, the US Clinton Administration supported and encouraged the radical Islamists who were bent on attacking the US.

Similarly, after sponsoring Islamic terror in Bosnia, the British government recently released the following advisory to its citizens:

British tourists warned of terrorist threat in Bosnia
24 July 2010 | 10:03 | Source: Tanjug

The British Interior Ministry has warned its citizens traveling through Bosnia-Herzegovina that there is a high risk of terrorist attacks in the country.

Banja Luka daily Nezavisne novine states that the ministry warned that after the recent attack on the police station in Bugojno, in which one police officer was killed, the danger of terrorist attacks in Bosnia has been heightened.

The ministry reminded that there have been several violent demonstrations over the last several years in Bosnia, and that the targets of the violence in some cases were foreign embassies and consulates.

“Unexploded bombs also represent a realistic danger, especially in isolated regions such as mountains and villages, and British citizens are recommended do avoid these regions unless going with an experienced guide and to remain within the urban centers of the country,” the statement added.

Hey, UK — here’s a flashback for ya:

A rarely seen video taken in 1994 by the mujahedin themselves clearly shows blue-helmeted British soldiers relieving Bosnian Serb soldiers of foreign Islamists they had captured and releasing the delighted jihadis unscathed in the central Bosnian town of Travnik to cheers of “Allah Akbar!” (Chris Deliso, The Coming Balkan Caliphate)

Now it’s time to check in on what the latest, admitted terrorist count in Bosnia-Herzegovina is. You’ll recall that in 2007 a former State Dept. official, UN Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian, “dismissed claims from the Bosnian Serb media about thousands of possible Al-Qa’idah helpers in Bosnia as utter nonsense. Asked how many of those problematic persons there were in Bosnia, Gregorian answered ‘more than ten and less than a hundred.’” So, like, 11 to 99?

And they gave him hell for just saying that much. But today, here’s just what Muslim Bosnia admits to itself:

“Thousands of potential terrorists in Bosnia” 13 July 2010 | 14:42 | Source: Beta

SARAJEVO — Director of the Information-Security Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (OSA) Almir Džuvo said that there are about “3,000 potential terrorists in Bosnia”.

Džuvo told Sarajevo daily Dnevni Avaz that most of them have been registered by police over the last several years.

“Only about three or four percent of them are foreigners. The rest are Bosnia-Herzegovina citizens. They are very well equipped. A lot better than our police,” Džuvo was quoted as saying.

“But, police cannot do anything until they commit a terrorist act, like Bugojno or some other act that is just as serious,” Džuvo said at a meeting of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security, which was held to discuss the recent attack on the Bugojno police station that killed one officer.

He said that politicians need to change existing laws, adding that “3,000 people, because of psychological and other states, can perform a terrorist act that will have much greater consequences than this one.”

Director of the Federal Police Administration Zlatko Miletić said that police were working to do their part, but that there was “no political will to deal with the remaining issues”.

Chief State Prosecutor Milorad Barašin said that radical Islamist groups in Bosnia “do not recognize the state institutions, drive cars without licenses, and do not want personal identification cards”.

“The prosecution reacts when there are consequences, because the laws do no allow us to do anything before that. That must change,” Barašin said.

Incidentally, when Gregorian gave us the 11-to-99 figure, he also admitted that “hundreds of people were granted B-H citizenship under suspicious circumstances or in an unlawful way,” the Bosnian-Serb news agency SRNA reported. As Chris Deliso wrote in The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The Dayton Agreement…stipulated that the former mujahedin leave at once. No doubt in expectation of such a decree, the Izetbegovic government had by then been busily supplying hundreds of mujahedin with Bosnian passports for some time, in an effort to remove the heroes of Bosnian liberation from the pool of “foreigners” expected to leave. While some mujahedin did go, between several hundred and one thousand stayed. Many married local women and began to raise families, creating bizarre pockets of Afghanistan-in-Europe in Sharia-run villages like Bocinja Donja, which had been ethnically cleansed of its Chrstian Serbian inhabitants by the mujahedin and handed over to them thereafter as a “reward” for their services.

Here is a 2006 report on there being “3,000 Afro-Asians [in Bosnia] whose papers were now in jeopardy,” after Bosnia started reviewing them only thanks to “intense U.S. pressure.”

To close, just a reminder of the reaction to Gregorian’s understatement, from Bosnia’s “moderate” grand mufti, who is feted all around the U.S. by synagogues, churches, universities, politicians and the State Department: “Bosnian Grand Mufti accuses OHR official of ’spreading Islamophobia’” (Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA):

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, has said that in his country there are no persons who may be cooperating with Al-Qa’idah, and accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group.

“It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,” Ceric said.

“Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,” Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque.

In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed. […]

On Oct. 17, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which boasts the largest concentration of Bosnian Muslims outside Bosnia, published one of its typical Bosniak-bruise-stroking pieces, this time in the Religion section by writer Tim Townsend. The particular event being reported on was a visit paid by Bosnia’s ubiquitous chief mufti Mustafa Ceric, doing one of his usual “interfaith” numbers. Here is an excerpt from the seemingly innocuous report from that evening:

Grand Mufti of Bosnia addresses St. Louis interfaith gathering

About 420 people of all religious stripes converged on the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Thursday night to share a meal and hear from the night’s keynote speaker, Mustafa Ceric, the grand mufti of Bosnia.

Imam Muhamed Hasic of the Islamic Community Center, a largely Bosnian mosque in St. Louis, said Ceric was “the highest authority for Bosnian Muslims. He’s like the pope for us.”

St. Louis is home to between 60,000 and 70,000 Bosnians, according to the International Institute, making it the largest Bosnian community outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of them fled their country during the Yugoslav civil war of the early 1990s, an ethnic conflict that killed an estimated 100,000 people, including 8,000 Bosnian Muslims during the massacre [sic] in 1995 in Srebrenica.

“It means so much to us,” said Hasic. “He’s the most respected person in Bosnia and in the diaspora.” […]

The item recalled the steady stream of Post-Dispatch pieces which dutifully reinforce the already cemented, exclusively Muslim version of the Bosnian war that we get as the official truth. The newspaper habitually lavishes more victimhood on the Muslims than they themselves ever imagined they could garner. I recalled the Post-Dispatch article titled “The Long Shadow of Bosnia’s Genocide” by a Patrick McCarthy, a victimhood-monger who’s apparently made a career of casting the Bosniaks as innocent victims of genocide. A no longer online-accessible excerpt of his Holocaust-language-laden op-ed from 2007 reads:

Thousands of Bosnian Muslims and Catholics had been herded into the Omarska mining complex outside the city of Prijedor where they were being subjected to unspeakable acts of barbarism and cruelty. Images broadcast around the globe of skeletal Omarska inmates echoed the Holocaust and awakened the realization that genocide had returned to Europe in our lifetime.

After working hard to reestablish themselves in a new culture, Bosnians from Prijedor now are ready to tell their wartime stories. The St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center will present an exhibit this fall called “Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide” that will feature documentary artifacts, photographs and first-person accounts by Prijedor survivors in St. Louis.

The Prijedor exhibit at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center offers us another opportunity to witness, listen and learn as we renew a tattered commitment to the pledge, “Never Again.”

Of course, we don’t need this hack to tell us what the Omarska camp was or wasn’t. But for good measure, a St. Louis Jewish publication helped shill for that “Holocaust” exhibit at the museum, which is a department of the Jewish Federation. Even more appalling, Bosnian Ambassador Bisera Turkovic — who issued passports to mujahedeen — inaugurated the exhibit.

Then the next nauseus Post-Dispatch account came to mind, this time concerning a “Memorial Quilt” that the Bosnians were sewing and hoping to place in the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Here was the dripping, dramatic opening to that one:

Tribute to massacre victims
By Michele Munz

Senahid, 17, student.

Saban, 48, father of six children.

Nino, 20, a journalist.

These are just three of the 20 Bosnian genocide [sic] victims whose names were woven into a quilt unveiled Sunday in St. Louis….The memorial quilt was woven in Bosnia-Herzegovina to commemorate the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica.

“It is very comparable to the AIDS quilt in how it raised awareness,” said Nihad Sinanovic, who was 11 when he escaped from Srebrenica in 1993 [i.e. bussed out by the Bosnian-Serbs along with the rest of the women and children]. “It will bring a lot of attention to how 8,000 men and boys [of fighting age] were killed.”

[Advocacy Project director Iain] Guest hung the quilt outside the Islamic Community Center in St. Louis, where a special religious commemoration ceremony was held Sunday. He snapped pictures while women in traditional head scarves laid roses underneath the quilt.

“It’s a perfect idea,” said Rusmin Topalovic, vice president of the local group of Srebrenica survivors. “We are going to work as much as possible to get all the names on it.” He said he envisioned the quilt eventually resting at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — “to stay there forever.”

The same summer, some St. Louis Jews helped Bosnian Muslims get a new mosque approved by the city: “Jews help Muslims fight county council,” July 16, 2007, by Tim Townsend:

When Rick Isserman found out last month that St. Louis County wouldn’t allow a group of Muslims to build a new mosque in south St. Louis County, the story sounded too familiar.

Forty-eight years earlier, Isserman’s grandfather, Rabbi Ferdinand Isserman, fought to move his congregation, Temple Israel, from the city to the county, where the Jewish population had been relocating for some years. The city of Creve Coeur cited zoning problems and tried to block the move, but the rabbi and his flock took the case to the Missouri Supreme Court and prevailed.

In the spring, the St. Louis County Council refused the Islamic Community Center’s request to rezone a 4.7-acre parcel it bought a year before for $1.25 million. The Muslims — mostly Bosnian immigrants — planned to build a second mosque and community center in addition to the current mosque and center off South Kingshighway in St. Louis.

When Khalid Shah, a member of the mosque and a friend of Isserman’s, told him about the council’s decision, the 53-year-old Department of Agriculture employee began making the connection to his family’s legal legacy. “I’m fighting the same battle as my grandfather 50 years ago,” Isserman said. “It’s a different community and a different place, but it’s the same issue.”

A county attorney brushed off notions that the dispute is rooted in dramatic constitutional questions of religious freedom… “They didn’t think it was appropriate zoning,” [Robert Grant] said…[T]he charge of discrimination is contentious, even among Bosnians. “In my opinion this was not religious discrimination,” said Sukrija Dzidzovic, publisher and editor of Sabah, a Bosnian-American weekly newspaper based in St. Louis. “This was a mistake on Imam Hasic’s part. He should not have bought land that was zoned for commercial use, hoping that he could change the zoning.” […]

Finally, I remembered another Post-Dispatch piece from that year, titled “Local Bosnians condemn U.N. acquittal of Serbia in genocide,” (Feb. 27) which yet again presented the Muslim side with sympathetic indignation:

They saw their houses destroyed, family members killed and were forced to flee their homeland. On Monday, many Bosnians in St. Louis suffered what they called their latest indignity when the International Court of Justice cleared Serbia of direct intent to commit genocide although it says the country failed to prevent the 1995 massacre [sic] at Srebrenica.

On Gravois Avenue near Bevo Mill, in the heart of the St. Louis Bosnian community, the court’s ruling was met with indignation and anger. “Obviously, I’m upset,” said Enes Bajric, as he sat in a booth at Cafe Milano, smoked and sipped strong coffee. Bajric, 24, came to St. Louis 10 years ago. He lost an uncle and two cousins in the war. “It can never be repaired, what’s been done to us,'’ he said. “They killed us.”

“With this ruling, the world has confirmed that genocide and extermination of European Muslims was justified, and anyone who wants to continue and do it again will have support from Europe,” said [Amir] Hotich, a travel agency owner who also operates a Bosnian language newspaper.

SO GETTING TO THE POINT. By the time I read about the mufti’s recent visit, I’d already had enough. So I decided to politely reach out to one of the nobodies who run that small pond press. The letters editor seemed like a logical choice to start with. And so I emailed letters editor Jamie Riley the following:

Dear Ms. Riley,

Is it too late to respond to a piece that ran on Oct. 17??

It’s actually a rather important letter, as it responds to the benevolent presentation of the Bosnian mufti to your readers. In fact, he speaks out of one side of his mouth when speaking to Westerners, and out of another when speaking in Bosnia or to Muslims in Europe. Criticized recently by the Bosnian-Muslim media (for glossing over a pedophilic imam’s crimes), he accused the Bosnians of Islamophobia. But that’s the least of the disturbing news about chief mufti Mustafa Ceric. He’s not the man that Tim Townsend is portraying to your readers.

Sorry for the yapping. Would just like to hear if it’s not too late to proceed with a letter about the grand mufti.
Julia Gorin
Las Vegas

I got an immediate, pleasant reply:

From: Jamie Riley []
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 5:20 PM
To: Julia Gorin
Subject: RE: quick question: is it too late…

It’s not too late.

I look forward to reading your letter.


So I wrote the following letter and emailed it to Ms. Riley that night. Here is what it said:

Dear Jamie,
I spent the last three hours cutting this in half. I’m still over the proper word count, but I wanted to give you the option of determining what’s most interesting to keep in, and what can go. Thanks again, and I’ll stay tuned.
Julia Gorin
Dear Editor:

Your paper should be careful about inuring readers to the Bosnian mufti Mustafa Ceric as he does the interfaith tango on our shores. (“Grand Mufti of Bosnia addresses St. Louis interfaith gathering,” Oct. 17.) These one-way tolerance-building exercises have been a good cover for the mufti, who says one thing to Western audiences and another to European Muslims. They also help fair-minded Americans let their guards down. But Ceric’s background calls for our guards to be up.

Ceric twice this summer called for incorporating Sharia law into the Bosnian constitution — which also governs increasingly wary Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs. He recently conducted Bosnia’s first mass Sharia wedding, paid for by Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Before that, Ceric suggested that all European Muslims should have a single political and religious leader, and last year he defended fundamentalists who beat up a TV crew reporting on a pedophilic imam. When criticized, Ceric called the Bosnian media Islamophobic.

Ceric regularly insists that no one in Bosnia is cooperating with al-Qaeda. In addition to the disrupted, Bosnia-hatched plot to assassinate world leaders at Pope John Paul’s funeral in 2005, the Washington Times in 2003 reported that Bosnia “now serves as a base for al Qaeda operatives.” A 2004 AFP dispatch read, “Osama bin Laden is actively directing terrorist cells in the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia.” Further, Bosnia’s Zenica region provided the training ground for those who conducted a series of Baghdad suicide attacks in August 2003. And a 2005 raid on a Sarajevo apartment turned up suicide vests, exploding bullets, rifles and a machine gun, to be used on the British embassy. The International Herald Tribune recalled that “Bosnia gave passports to more than 800 former fighters and ‘aid workers’ from the Middle East.” These included 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, whom Bosnia had secretly granted citizenship to.

In 2007 Ceric attended a Mecca conference, hosted by the Saudi-funded Muslim World League, which has called Jews and Christians “apes” and “pigs” and beseeched the world’s Muslims to “put pressure” on Serbs and Jews. Ceric’s co-panelists included authors of textbooks denouncing Christians and the “wicked nation” of Jews as enemies of Muslims. The same year, Ceric dispatched imam Sulejman Bugari to tour North America. Bugari has told his Sarajevo flock, “With the Americans’ help, [Jews] have again outsmarted the entire world, especially the economy. We consume American-Jewish products every day…” At sermons he reminds worshippers that “jihad was necessary and will be necessary.”

Ceric was recently named by the Bosnian NGO ‘Croatia Libertas’ in charges it filed against Bosnian-Muslim political, military and religious leaders for war crimes committed at over 300 concentration camps set up for non-Muslims by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army in 1991-95. And yet St. Louis Bosnians refer to “the most respected” Ceric, “the highest authority for Bosnian Muslims,” as Tim Townsend reported.

Townsend’s article was just the paper’s latest in a continuous stream of dutiful affirmations of exclusively Muslim victimhood and Serbian villainy. This doesn’t do any favors for the wider readership, surrounded by the “largest Bosnian-Muslim community,” as the paper likes to boast. The longer we adhere to Bosnian war dogma, the harder it will be to stray from it later, as more light is shed on that era. The Post-Dispatch must start giving St. Louis a more realistic and balanced assessment of the war, and thereby of the community in its midst. Salt Lake City got that assessment the hard way, via the 2007 Trolley Square massacre. The Bosnian shooter’s father lied about his military record on his refugee application. He wasn’t the only one.

The following day passed without a peep from the initially responsive Ms. Riley. And so did the next day. Not even a rejection, nor a response to my one-sentence follow-up asking if I should shorten the letter further, nor to my note below:

From: Julia Gorin
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:58 PM
To: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: so am i still staying tuned?

Dear Jamie,
Just checking in — since October is almost over and Oct. 17th is seeming more distant. You said you were looking forward to getting the letter that I therefore proceeded to work on. I submitted it yesterday morning. Just hoping to get a status report. Thanks much.

So it was pretty obvious that my usual experience with mainstream editors and their great wall of silence concerning the Balkans was replaying itself at yet another clone paper. But in the event that Ms. Riley had taken a sudden vacation or died, I decided on Friday morning to just make sure my letter would be considered, and therefore emailed the next nobody — the paper’s editorial page editor, Gilbert Bailon. Here is what I sent him:

From: Julia Gorin
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 4:58 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: The Post Dispatch’s Bosnian-Muslim coverage

Dear Mr. Bailon,
On Tuesday Oct. 27 I emailed Jamie Riley asking if it was too late to respond to a piece that ran on Oct. 17. I explained why the Bosnian chief mufti whose visit Tim Townsend covered was not someone that St. Louis readers should be inured to…Jamie emailed back almost immediately saying that it wasn’t too late, and that she was looking forward to my letter.

After crafting it for several hours, then spending as many hours cutting it in half, I sent it to her Tuesday night, so that she would have gotten it Wednesday morning. But in contrast to her initial responsiveness, the entire rest of the day — and then all of Thursday — I got only stone silence…

I fear that, unless she coincidentally took a vacation these past two days, the letter may have scared her off. (I include it for you below.) This is actually a frequent phenomenon when editors are faced with the unthinkable: a dissenting voice on the official narrative of the Bosnian war…

In addition to illuminating mufti Ceric’s background, my letter made a wider point, and perhaps that’s what scared off Ms. Riley. It was asking for a more realistic, balanced, and accurate approach to Bosnia-related coverage than your paper habitually gives…I’m not going to use the hostile word “pander” when I say that I understand your paper’s need to serve your 60-70,000-strong Bosnian-Muslim community. But sometimes a readership is better served when it is challenged, and not always nodded to. The readership should be challenged to recall what many Muslims of the armed Srebrenica “safe haven” did to neighboring Serb villages — for years before they finally met with a response.

I’ll understand if you simply delete this email. Not to sound too dramatic, but I speak from my own experience and that of others when I say that casting a critical eye on the Balkan wars is the hardest thing a journalist can do — and so most don’t. Certainly if you endeavor to present readers with a more realistic and accurate picture of the war and therefore some of those 60-70,000 in your midst, the paper will not have the peace it currently enjoys with the news and opinion as it is. After all, Serbian-Americans are used to the one-sidedness, the demonization and the futility of asking for balance, and therefore do not call, fax or email by the thousands with angry reactions or threats every time a paper publishes another fictitious claim about the 1990s. But if your coverage ever did do what journalists used to do — create controversy by presenting uncomfortable truths — you’d see a clear change in reaction.

If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you. The reason I wrote to you specifically is that I don’t know what forum in your paper I could make this point in other than the opinion section (there is no ombudsman section for longer letter-publishing). In the unlikely event that you would be willing to publish my nearly commentary-length letter below as an op-ed (it’s 500-some words), I’d be willing. Or I could compose an altogether new piece if you indicate what you feel are the most compelling points between what I’ve written above and the letter below. Thanks very much.
Julia Gorin

True to clone form, Bailon didn’t write anything back either. And so the complacent Post-Dispatch continues to enjoy the temporary peace it gets from coddling its Muslim readership. Such that when the St. Louis version of the Salt Lake City shooter Sulejman Talovic finally introduces himself to Post-Dispatch readers, it will take them completely by surprise.

No sooner did I call this small pond press’s attention to the real Mustafa Ceric than there was an update on the good mufti, who has it in for the U.S. ambassador to Bosnia, Raffi Gregorian, whom he accuses of being behind a recently published report and criminal-network diagram “that featured a number of top Bosnian Muslim political, religious and business leaders. Ceric and Fahrudin Radoncic, the owner of the country’s largest newspaper publisher Avaz, were shown at the centre of the criminal network, which also included the Muslim member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency Haris Silajdzic and the leader of the Muslim main Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Sulejman Tihic. …Ceric said the published documents resembled the “(Nazi Germany’s) final solution for Jews in Europe.”

The episode echoes Ceric’s comments from the summer of 2007, when Gregorian finally first admitted that many of the still un-deported mujahedeen in Bosnia have al Qaeda links and that there are Bosnian officials who help al Qaeda by “hiding agents [and/or] giving financial assistance or false documents.”

In response, Ceric “accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group… ‘It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,’ Ceric said. ‘Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,’ Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque. In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed.”

So that’s our Bosnian mufti. An excellent summary of this “pope” to St. Louis Bosniaks follows, from blogger Colin Meade in 2006:

[Ceric] demanded the introduction of religious education in schools, and said that Muslims had to reject “European trash” — alcohol, drugs and prostitution. He launched a campaign against ethnically mixed marriages. He prohibited the sale of pork in Sarajevo — an order taken by the Western media as proof that Islamic fundamentalism was penetrating the heart of Europe…He has suggested that Bosnian Muslims should follow the example of the world’s 1 billion Muslims and reject western secular society.

According to Ceric himself, Bosnia today is a halfway house between the House of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the House of War (Dar al-Harb). In this halfway house, known as the Dar al-Sulh (House of the Truce), “Islam or the shariah cannot be implemented fully, but the government should endeavour to put it into practice as much as possible”. [So in Bosnia] “it is unrealistic to expect us to implement shariah completely. That’s what I want, of course, but it will not happen just like that.”

On interfaith dialogue, Ceric has this to say: “Muslims who want to meet people of other faiths have every right to do so but it is wrong to accept much from such forums (…) Islam is the religion of God and it is the best way forward known to man. In it lies the salvation of humanity, dignity and all that is required for a creature to be classified as a human”. [incidentally does the last bit mean that non-Muslims are non-human creatures?]

In Europe, as Ceric explained to the BBC’s Dominic Casciani in February 2005, “governments must essentially buy the trust of Muslims by institutionalizing their faith — giving it state sponsorship through schools, official bodies and so on…” He also calls for the establishment of a unified European representative Muslim agency at European level. Thus, according to Ceric, the way for Europeans to integrate Muslims is to allow — or even force them — to live under an Iranian-style system governed by authoritative figures such as himself in the very heart of Europe.

In interviews with Western journalists, Ceric gives replies of the utmost obscurity, hoping that our fervent desire that there should be no “Muslim threat” will lead us to hear what we wish to hear.

But the Mufti dissembles. “At a dinner to honour the [British] foreign guests who attended Mustafa Ceric’s installation as Ra’is al-Ulama”, writes a British Muslim who was there, “Dr Ceric…spoke brilliantly, totally at ease, free of the constraints that the presence of non-Muslims had imposed elsewhere.”

In closing, I’ll just note that my odyssey with the Post-Dispatch was actually my second attempt to get a letter into its pages. I’d sent the first one to the previous letters editor, a Maureen Tomczak, in response to the 2007 Put-Our-Quilt-in-the-Holocaust-Museum article, and it too was summarily ignored:

Dear Maureen,
This is the letter I had in mind. Just a warning: it’s not pretty, it’s not politically correct, and it will be a bitter pill for many to swallow…

“Tribute to Massacre Victims” (July 9) quoted Srebrenica survivor group spokesman Rusmin Topalovic as saying that he envisions the memorial quilt eventually resting at the US Holocaust Museum. If the museum does agree to hang the quilt, it should do so after it hangs up photographs of the Bosnian Muslims who fought alongside the Nazis during WWII as part of the Waffen SS Handzar and SS Kama divisions. These, too, are an important part of Holocaust history. As is the Jerusalem Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, who created these units of Bosniaks with the intention of clearing Europe, and then Palestine, of the Jews — killing thousands of Serbs, Roma (gypsies) and Jews along the way.

Next to the quilt and these companion exhibits, the museum should display a photo of the late fundamentalist Muslim president of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, who remains a hero to Bosnian Muslims everywhere for starting Bosnia’s war of independence from multi-ethnic Yugoslavia — and who in his youth was a recruiter for the Waffen SS. This would be the same Alija Izetbegovic who resurrected the Handzar Division in 1991 and unleashed them upon Serbian and Croatian civilians.

[In 1991, six months before the civil war started], the cover article of a glossy Bosnian-Muslim youth magazine named “VOX” was titled “The Handzar Division is Ready…The Fourth Reich is Coming; Welcome,” and showed a drawing of a Muslim in a Nazi SS uniform and a fez, with his boot on the blood-dripping, severed head of the Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (pictured next to three other severed Serbian heads). This Sarajevo-based magazine should be included in the exhibit as well, along with photos of the mutilated, decapitated and burned bodies of 3,262 Serbs killed by Srebrenica Muslims who were launching attacks from that designated “safe haven.”

With the full exhibit thus in place, Bosniaks might better understand how it came to be that between 3,000 and 7,000 of their males of fighting age were put into their graves after they refused to surrender their position at Srebrenica and later fled with their guns blazing. Further, with the above-suggested reminder of the contributions by their parents, grandparents and revered leaders to the Holocaust, Bosniaks might also understand why their quilt should be rejected by a Holocaust museum, though it probably won’t be.

As a post-script I’ll add that, in the midst of my back-and-forth with the Post-Dispatch, the next clone paper committed more of the same. This time it was Connecticut’s Hartford Courant, publishing a Bosnian Muslim with his usual lamentations about Western indifference to the self-imposed Bosnian-Muslim suffering. So again, I set pen to paper and promptly heard nothing back:

Dear Editor:

It couldn’t escape my notice that every relative Mr. Duric mentions as killed in the Bosnian war ( “I Dream, but I’m Still in Bosnia,” Nov. 1) was a male of fighting age. He might notice that he, a seven-year-old, was left alive in the Serb-run concentration camp that the West gives Bosnian Muslims free reign to compare to WWII concentration camps — where upon arrival Jewish children were sent to the gas chamber and babies had their skulls smashed into walls. The same happened to Serbian children in Croatia’s never-mentioned WWII concentration complex Jasenovac, where Bosnian Muslims guarded the grounds and helped round up Serbs, Jews, gypsies and anti-Fascists. So naturally, when Croatia and Bosnia illegally seceded and usurped the internationally recognized borders of UN member Yugoslavia, the regions of Serbs they took with them weren’t prepared to live under the knife of the Croatians who had killed their families, nor under the Islamic state that was the ambition of our pal, the fundamentalist Bosnian wartime president Alija Izetbegovic.

Mr. Duric wants readers to think that in the 90s only Muslims were placed into concentration camps; pay no attention to the charges filed by the NGO “Croatia Libertas” against Bosnian political, military and religious leaders for war crimes committed at 331 concentration camps set up for non-Muslims by the Bosnian government. Indeed, as Mr. Duric describes the feeling of seeing the man who killed his father — perhaps in combat, but the writer won’t tell us — walking freely, he doesn’t seem to have any qualms about the free-walking Naser Oric, commander of the Srebrenica Muslims who slaughtered whole villages of Serbs nearby. Nor is the writer disturbed by any number of other Bosnian-Muslim commanders and soldiers who were either acquitted or had their sentences reduced or overturned after the Hague — almost 10 years into the Tribunal’s mandate — finally started prosecuting more than just Serbian war criminals.

Amid the phantasmagoria of exclusive and pure Bosnian victimhood, there isn’t an iota of print space devoted to even one non-Muslim victim of a war that the Muslim side forced — and then ensured when Izetbegovic removed his signature from the 1992 Lisbon Agreement. There are more documented cases of Serbian women raped by Croatians (800) than the long-debunked figure that Mr. Duric recycles of “50,000” Muslims raped by Serbs. (See Peter Brock’s 2006 book “Media Cleansing.”) Mr. Duric’s statistical handiwork reappears with the “200,000” Bosnian war dead that he attributes “to some sources.” Mr. Duric is cleverly referring readers to pre-2005 sources, since the figure has been reduced to a confirmed 93,000 on all sides, expected to go up to 100,000, according to Sarajevo’s Investigation and Documentation Center, as first reported by Reuters in 2004.

Mr. Duric continues to berate the West for not doing enough and reproaches the UN weapons embargo — an embargo which we went around illegally in order to help the Muslim side, which was also receiving help from Croatia, Iran, and thousands of mujahedeen. Why was the West supposed to do even more than we did on behalf of the bellicose party? Neither our one-sided help nor the one-sided history we’ve been writing on their behalf is enough for Bosnian Muslims. But having thus reinforced their sense of grievance, in response we get Bosnian Muslim Sulejman Talovic shooting nine Americans in the 2007 Salt Lake City massacre (killing five); a Bosnian conspirator named Anes Subasic in the North Carolina-based plot that was disrupted over the summer; a Bosnian nexus for the plan targeting world leaders at the pope’s funeral in 2005; and a Bosnian soldier’s bomb instructions found by our troops when they invaded Afghanistan in October, 2001. To name just a few.

I am not going to call Mr. Duric a liar, because when a person has suffered greatly, as Mr. Duric clearly has, it’s natural to engage in self-deception about the big picture in whose crossfire he was caught — as were so many Serbs and Croats who suffered at the hands of Bosnian Muslims and their chainsawing mujahedeen accomplices. But it doesn’t mean the rest of us also have to keep lying to ourselves about that war and continue swallowing the cartoonish and exclusively Muslim version of it.

This item is from earlier in the year, but it’s significant — not only because the Bosniaks are getting just a small taste of their own medicine — except more accurately so — but also because Croatians in their blind Serb-hatred did all this to themselves when Bosnian Croats made a deal with the Islamic devil and voted along with Muslims for Bosnia to secede — leaving themselves at the mercy of a Muslim-dominated state.

Bosnian Croat NGO files war crimes suits against Muslim leaders (Trend News, Azerbaijan - March 23, 2009)

A Bosnian Croat nongovernmental organization (NGO) said on Sunday that it has filed war crimes suits against Bosniak (Muslim) political and military leaders, including the incumbent Bosniak member of the Bosnian collective presidency Haris Silajdzic.

Croatia Libertas, an NGO based at Mostar in southern Bosnia, said in a statement that it has filed charges with the Bosnia- Herzegovina Prosecutor’s Office and the Mostar Cantonal Prosecutor ’s Office against Bosniak political and military leaders accusing them of war crimes against 375 Croat inmates of detention camps during 1991-1995, Xinhua reported.

“We have evidence that 331 concentration camps existed, set up by the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina, exclusively for non-Bosniaks ( non-Muslims). Based on new testimonies and new material evidence, we have also submitted an earlier complaint which we expect to at long last enter an investigative phase,” it said.

The NGO said it regretted that measures had not been taken to penalize crimes against Croats in Bosnia.

During the Bosnian war from April 1992 to December 1995, Silajdzic served successively as the foreign minister and the prime minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was perceived as the most visible advocate for self-defense and military assistance to Bosnia, insisting Bosnia faced foreign aggression.

Bosnian Muslims, which account for 43.5 percent of 3.8 million population in Bosnia, are the largest ethnic group in the country but felt vulnerable in the war as the other two ethnic groups Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Croats could count on their neighboring mother countries Serbia and Croatia.

Criminal charges were also filed against the wartime commander and Bosnia’s incumbent Defense Minister, Selmo Cikotic, head of the Muslim community Mustafa efendi Ceric, war time commander of the Bosnian Army Main Staff Sefer Halilovic and other wartime officials as well as a number of foreign nationals who came to Bosnia from several Arab and Asian countries.

The charges were filed based on documents and testimonies published in the book “Muslim prison camps for Croats in 1991-1995 in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” by Ivica Mlivoncic. The book was launched recently in Mostar.
Croatia Libertas said it would forward the charges to the UN Human Rights Department to point to judiciary problems in Bosnia.

Bosnia’s chief mufti Mustafa Ceric — who in 2007 did the interfaith tango at a Birmingham synagogue as the guest of some stupid rabbi — last month repeated a call for incorporating Shariah law for Muslims into the Bosnian constitution. Several websites caught this last month, but didn’t catch Ceric saying the same thing in July while speaking at the Catholic Academy in Berlin. So in August, Ceric was actually repeating himself from July, meaning that the “moderate” Bosnian Muslim cleric is really insistent on this Shariah thing:

Bosnia: Muslim spiritual leader urges more Sharia law

Sarajevo, 17 August (AKI) – Bosnia’s Muslim spiritual leader, Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, has drawn strong criticism from moderate Muslims and from Bosnian Serbs, after he called for Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into the Bosnian constitution.

Ceric made the controversial suggestion when he conducted Bosnia’s first Sharia mass wedding on Saturday in the central city of Zenica. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly paid for the weddings for the 20 couples and some 500 guests.

“In this exceptional place, in the exceptional city of Zenica, we are witnessing a magnificent event,” Ceric said. “I hope this is only the beginning and that we will have many such occasions in the years to come,” he added.

Ceric is no stranger to controversy, and his pronouncements often trigger a heated reaction.

In May, while visiting a Muslim community in Serbia’s Muslim-majority Sandzak region bordering Montenegro, Ceric said “no force could separate” Muslims in Serbia from those in Bosnia, which he has described as a homeland for Muslims. […]

First, note the strategic, on-program layout and writing of this item. A caption reads: “EU to propose end to visas for Serbs, not Bosnians”, followed by “Bosnian Serb war-crimes suspect still at large.”

Critics slam EU plan to let in Serbs, not Bosnians (July 14)

* EU to propose end to visas for Serbs, not Bosnians

* Bosnian Serb war-crimes suspect still at large

By David Brunnstrom

BRUSSELS, July 14 (Reuters) - A plan to end EU visa requirements for Serbians but not for Bosnian Muslims who suffered at Serb hands in the bloody break-up of Yugoslavia will deepen ethnic divisions in the Balkans, critics said on Tuesday.

Of course, no one suffered at Bosnian hands, certainly not the Serbs whose heads the Bosnians used for soccer balls nor the Croatians whose necks were severed slowly with a knife by Bosnian units during the war.

The Green group in the European Parliament termed the planned announcement, days after the 14th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre of more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys, “hypocritical and morally abject”.

Christian Schwarz-Schilling, a former international high representative for Bosnia, called it “a mockery and a blow against all European values”.

The main European value being self-deception, including that ubiquitous refrain about “8,000 men and boys.”

The executive European Commission plans to unveil on Wednesday a proposal to allow citizens of Serbia, as well as those of Montenegro and Macedonia, to travel to the European Union without visas from the start of next year.

It says a similar proposal covering Bosnia and Albania could follow in mid-2010 — once they meet EU standards.

…Schwarz-Schilling, a former German minister and high representative in Bosnia from 2006 to 2007, told the German newspaper Bild it was “an incredible political blunder” to exclude Bosnia, a country NATO, the United States and the EU had taken military action to defend.

Bosnia’s best-selling daily Dnevni Avaz said the EU was sending a dangerous political message by rewarding Serbia, a country it said was still sheltering war-crimes fugitives.

“Does it mean the European Union (with some honourable exceptions) has never been interested in punishing war crimes committed in Bosnia and the Balkans?” it asked.

“How come a legal system that is sheltering the worst war criminals is eligible for the EU and Bosnia is not?”

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Let’s think hard. Thinking, thinking, thinking…Ah, I think I may have an answer. Perhaps what makes Bosnia different from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia is all those mujahedeen holding Bosnian citizenship? I wonder why those irrational Europeans might be squeamish about having unrestricted travel for mujahedeen — or the Wahabbis who are gaining ground in Bosnia and beating on gays? I mean, it’s not like there will be different passport types to distinguish Bosnian Wahabbis from Westernized Bosnian sluts. Then again, those lines are blurring rapidly, as Mountain comes to Mohamed. Of course, Europeans worried about having their throats sliced is just “discrimination.”

…Citizens of the former Yugoslavia used to be able to travel visa-free to Western Europe until Yugoslavia’s break-up in the 1990s. Of the ex-Yugoslav states, only Slovenia is an EU member, but neighbouring Croatia already has visa-free status.

And of course no one suffered at Croatian hands either, not the Serbs or Bosnians held in Croatian concentration and rape camps, nor whoever’s ears those were on the Croat’s necklace mentioned toward the bottom of this article. But why bring up non-Serb crimes and confuse the public?

A silly boy named Tobias Heider, a research student at Berlin’s Free University, wrote the following bit of brainwashed pabulum for some outfit called “The European Voice”:

A passport to division

By Tobias Heider

…The [European] Commission’s position on Albania is understandable: it has not transformed its system as much as Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have. So too is the reluctance about Kosovo, since not all 27 member states have recognised Kosovo as a state. But why should Bosnia and Herzegovina not benefit from visa liberalisation?

Again, let’s think hard on that one.

…The reality is that a decision to allow visa-free access is fundamentally a political act. Certainly, the political motivation in the case of Serbia is clear: before Serbia’s parliamentary elections in May 2008, EU foreign ministers indicated that they would reward a pro-European vote with a visa-free regime.

That political rationale was sound. In Bosnia’s case, though, the EU’s politics is bad.

Morally, the symbolism of the new visa regime could barely be worse: three days ago, thousands of people mourned the slaughter of 8,000 or more Bosniaks killed at Srebrenica.

This will worsen attitudes towards the EU. [Translation: Even more of those “secular” Bosnians will “suddenly” turn toward the East, not the West.] Many Bosniaks will see this as the EU repeating mistakes it made in the war — helping political extremists to legalise and institutionalise ethnic division in Bosnia.

Huh? Oh, he tries to explain:

In spring 1992, a European Community peace conference led to José Cutileiro and Peter Carrington proposing constitutional reform in Bosnia based on three ethnic cantons, a move accepted but later rejected by Bosniaks, who wanted to preserve a unitary and multiethnic system.

He’s calling the secession from Yugoslavia by fundamentalist Muslim president Alija Izetbegovic — who wanted Muslims, Serbs and Croats to all live under one Sharia roof — “preserving a unitary and multiethnic system.”

…[The West’s] policy in Bosnia can only be effective if its carrots and sticks are credible.

It’s interesting that valuing credibility of the carrot-and-stick policy only arises now, in reference to Bosnia, when the West has been famously offering carrots to Serbs and hitting them with the stick anyway after they comply. The example of EU ministers following through with the promised visa-free status as a reward for Serbia’s pro-European parliamentary elections marks just about the first time that Serbia got the promised carrot. And this happened mostly thanks to the absence of any influence by a Serbophobic U.S. in the visa matter.

Politically, the reasoning for the EU should have been simple: Bosnia does not warrant different treatment from its neighbours, and Bosniaks should not be treated differently from Bosnia’s Croats and Serbs…

Little Tobias is free to cling to his illusions. But maybe, just maybe, his fellow Europeans have a bit more experience of Serbs and Bosnians, making them slightly more qualified to sort them out. Maybe Europeans know what Bosnian tourists are like. My friend Svetlana relates an experience she had at a Vienna hotel:

When we were checking out of our hotel, the owner popped up to confirm we were Serbs (she had our passports with her) and we looked at each other thinking: here we go, now we’ll have to explain why did we rape and kill everybody in former Yugoslavia and we just said Yes, bracing for an attack, and she started to shower us with praises for being sooooo “clean”, soooo nice etc… One of the receptionists, seeing how surprised we were, explained they had a lot of Yugoslavia Muslims staying there and the groups of men ruined their rooms, some were even cleaning the mud from their boots with the drapes. But being that the German and Austrian media were soooo anti-Serb (and still are), I think the owner had simply formed a horrible opinion of Serbs to begin with and was grateful we didn’t rape and kill anyone in her hotel; at the same time, being told over and over that “poor Yugoslav Muslims” are being exposed to “genocide” by the ugly Serbs, she didn’t expect them to behave like pigs in her clean and safe little hotel.

And an American reader named Nancy relates her Bosnians-in-Middle-America experiences:

My husband and I helped to re-settle hundreds of Serbian refugees in our city and even helped them start one of their Churches too. But at least 2 years before that, we had helped some 15 Bosnian families; they came at least 2 years before the Serbs. I am now ashamed to say I even set foot in a Bosnian home/hovel/apartment, but we had no idea what we [were] up against at the time. Just “dumb ol’ American do-gooders”!!

There were no Serbs here then and to tell you the ABSOLUTE truth, we had not followed the civil war over there for many reasons. The first being that we were just surviving ourselves at the time due to serious finacial conditions in our lives. Right before we were approached by a local Church group to help re-settle Bosnians, our LUCK had changed for the better and we wanted to “make a difference” in some refugee’s life.

OH! GOLLY!! BOY! Did we get an education about Bosnian Muslims and IT WAS NOT PRETTY.

Anyway, it is an involved story. But, let me conclude with this…we stopped helping any refugees for awhile after our Bosnian experience. So when the agency BEGGED us to help some Krajina Serbs we did so with great concern!! However, the Serbs we met turned out to be some of the best folks we had ever met. I found they were very clean and decent people and saw how hard they would work to get things for their families. My husband and I and our daughter who had just moved back home from NYC, enjoyed their company and we all remain friends with many of them.

When I pressed Nancy for some details, she offered the following:

My entire immediate family and many friends were involved in helping re-settle refugees from various places in the world. My bad experiences with Bosnains were mainly related to the abuse of very young children (aged 2, 4 and 6) who were left unattended for hours at a time while the mother was out with other Bosnian women (also mothers of small kids) shopping for food and other things. It was not as if there [were] no sitters available. The apartment complex, which was a part of the re-settlement program, had a short term day care center for kids under 10 just for refugee residents. Granted there was a 3 hour time limit, but those Bosnians did NOT want to leave their kids with NON-MUSLIMS!! So to heck with them!! They ate pork, ham and drank beer so what’s up with playing the NON-MUSLIM card in regards to child care?

My daughter and one of her boyfriends were threatened by Bosnian men when they brought foodstuffs and a table over for some of the “lost boys from the Sudan” who lived in a “mixed” refugee apartment complex. My daughter was asked WHY she was helping “niggers”????? She was told if they ever came back something might happen to their car. See, Bosnians are like thugs. It is all for them and nothing for anybody else.

Another lady was followed by a Bosnian man and shouted at, as she was bringing candy and toys to a mixed Croat/Bosnian family’s kids. She went back but would pick up the family down the block and take them some place for outings and shopping.

The list is endless actually…

No Serb, or Croat for that matter, ever threatened us after we started helping them. But, the agency did not place the Serbs with the Bosnians most of the time.

The Serbs and Croats never asked me for money for cigs, beer or just money as “gifts” as did Bosnian Muslims.

I know one Bosnian muslim man, a young fellow, who had many problems with other Bosnian muslims. He was a follower of that other Bosnian politician. The one who was a moderate, the Serbs tell me… he was named [Fikret Abdic — the actual moderate who was sabotaged by the West]. Anyway, the young man hung around with Serbs all the time.

Let me once more point out the irony in the common push by the former Yugoslav republics to be part of the EU — after declaring war on each other in order to not be part of something bigger, but to establish their own ethnically pure statelets. There are currently 27 nations that are EU members. When I asked a Jewish man from Kosovo, named Branko, how many nationalities make up Yugoslavia, he answered “27.”

This is not nostalgia for old communist Yugoslavia, especially coming from an anti-communist. It’s merely a point about irony and futility. Once Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo are formally EU members and have all the goodies that go with that, the EU will suffer Yugoslavia’s fate, only on a grander and bloodier scale. Might as well let Turkey join the party.

In closing, I go back to Svetlana to underscore this point, and the inversion that articles like the two visa-related items above perpetuate:

Of all the bad things one can say about Serbs, one thing no one can deny is that Serbs are extremely egalitarian as a nation — to their own detriment, as it turns out. This is part of the reason why the accusations of “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” are so incomprehensible and hurtful to us… Why would we want to “purify” Croatia and Bosnia and Kosovo of Croats, Muslims and Albanian Muslims, when we have no such thing anywhere in Serbia, and we never had it? I played as a child with Hungarians, Romanians, Croats, Jews, Armenians and who knows who else — we were all an entirely carefree bunch and no Serbian parents of most of us who are ethnic Serbs gave a rat’s ass of who’s who there! I studied with Greeks, people from Africa and every ethnicity from the region; my parents gave their bedroom to a Yugoslav Hungarian girl (from Vojvodina, at the north of Serbia) who could barely speak Serbian, because my father got somehow acquainted with her father, heard his daughter wants to study in Belgrade but they had no money to rent her a room, so I had to teach her Serbian, put up with her moods (she was manic-depressive and a complete neurotic) and “translate” parts of her medical books into less difficult words she could understand… And all of a sudden, Serbs are Nazis everywhere and can’t stand anyone else around them! Give me a break!

And, interestingly enough, all those “democrats” that formed their banana republics on the territory of former Yugoslavia, like Slovenians and Croats, have somehow ended up with entirely ethnically pure states (Bosnian Muslims have tried to do the same with their “minority” Serbs, but failed), while the “genocidal” Serbs are the only ones who have preserved the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity and have the most multicultural and multi-ethnic country on the entire Balkan Peninsula. And the only one with over 1.5 million refugees from all the regions of former Yugoslavia, of all ethnicities and faiths.

Go figure!


Check out the reaction of Bosnian politicians and religious leaders to being excluded from visa liberalization:

EU “Hypocrisy” Radicalises Bosnian Muslims (July 21)

The Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) religious leadership and media and many European officials and politicians warn that the EU’s visa-liberalisation plan could lead to the radicalisation of Muslims in Europe and seriously destabilize the entire region.

“Bosniaks feel squeezed into a corner from which they do not see a way out. In this situation, outbursts of aggression are a wholly normal reaction,” Sead Numanovic, editor of prominent Sarajevo daily, Dnevni Avaz, wrote in his Tuesday column.

“European hypocrisy cannot be understood,” the leader of the influential Bosnian Islamic Community, Mustafa Ceric, said during the interment of identified remains of Bosniak war victims near the western town of Prijedor on Monday.

Both comments reflect ongoing public criticism, across the region and in Europe, of a visa-liberalisation plan presented by the European Commission (EC) last week. The EC suggested to the EU Council of Ministers and European Parliament that the bloc’s visa-free regime be extended to Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, while excluding Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Most critiques of the plan have focused on the fact that Serbia was offered visa-free travel whereas Bosnia was not, although both countries were at a similar stage in fulfilling EU requirements.

While EU officials tried to portray the plan as a purely technical issue, many local and international commentators alleged it was more a political tool that showed the EU’s ignorance with regard to Bosnia and bias towards Serbia.

While most local media in Bosnia stressed that the main responsibility for their country’s failure to acquire the visa-free status lies with local leaders, they all claimed that Serbia was offered incorporation in the plan purely in order to boost Serbia’s pro-western leadership.

The criticism was intensified by the fact that exclusion from the visa-free regime will almost solely affect Bosniaks, since most Bosnian Croats already have Croatian passports and most Bosnian Serbs can easily obtain Serbian passports.

Public sentiment in Bosnia holds that the new visa plan rewards the aggressors and punishes the victims, a feeling exacerbated by the timing of the EC announcement which was made only days after the fourteenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre.

“After everything that you have seen, now you tell us from Brussels that we cannot go to Europe with visas,” Ceric said in his Monday address. “Now you have rewarded our killers.”

The visa-liberalisation plan has seriously divided both the regional and European political scenes and has triggered a number of public petitions demanding changes. Germany’s Social Democratic Party, SPD, has launched a challenge in the Bundestag.

Fears have been expressed in the domestic media and by international officials that the visa recommendations plan could lead to the ghettoisation of Bosnian Muslims, triggering a hardening of their positions and promoting long-term instability in the region.

“There needs to be a fundamental critique of the [EU] Balkan policy of the last five years,” an EU official told Balkan Insight.

Expect to hear more and more about those ornery “nationalist” Serbs as sanity once again dictates them to break away from Bosnia while the Muslims try to do as in 1992: create an Islamic state that Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs are subject to:

Bosnian Islamic head wants shari’ah as part of constitution

BBC Monitoring Europe (Political) - June 5, 2009, Friday

Excerpt from report by Zoran Kresic: “Reis Ceric demands that shari’ah becomes part of Constitution”] posted on website of Bosnian edition of Croatian daily Vecernji list, on 5 June

A speech by the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, in which he argued that shari’ah should be institutionalized as an integral part of the Muslim rights has caused numerous reactions, above all regarding the debate about constitutional changes in the country which should be taking place under the auspices of the Prud three [leaders of the three main ethnic parties: Sulejman Tihic, Milorad Dodik and Dragan Covic].

“In line with Constitution”

“Shari’ah is a moral code for Muslims, which prompts them to do good and avoid evil. Not just that this is not contrary to the state constitution, whose aim is to ensure the rights of all people regardless of religion and nation and to ensure peace and safety at home, work and street. [sentence as received]

“It is not that important how we shall call the constitution, what matters is that the constitution guarantees, protects and nurtures values without which there can be no coexistence between peoples and nations,” Ceric said during a lecture entitled “Shari’ah and Muslim Social Response in Europe” held at the Catholic Academy in Berlin.

Reis Ceric said “in principle” that shari’ah is not a state constitution, but he linked his argument in favour for turning the religious code of conduct for Muslims into the highest legal act in the state with the suffering of Bosniaks [Bosnian Muslims] in Srebrenica!

“The most important thing for the victims of the genocide in Bosnia-Hercegovina was to survive. That is why fears spreading across Europe are groundless since there was no shari’ah rule in Srebrenica,” the head of the Islamic community stressed.

Continuation of Policy

This is a continuation of thinking of the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, who earlier advocated that all Muslims in Europe should have a single political and religious leader. Initiatives like this have been advocated by a section of the Bosniak politicians in B-H earlier. Among the most serious ones is the one voiced in the writings of the late Bosniak leader Alija Izetbegovic, who spoke openly about the Muslim issue through his Islamic Declaration. [passage omitted: shari’ah with roots in Koran]

More on the topic

Shari’ah differs drastically in many paragraphs from the laws in force in western countries, even in countries where the Muslims are in majority.

1. According to shari’ah, women are not allowed to drive cars. Women in Saudi Arabia were recently signing a petition calling for this ruling to be revoked, but there has not been any reaction.

2. Shari’ah strictly bans make up for women.

3. Shari’ah bans men from touching women, unless they are related to them. Punishments for violation of this prescription are drastic.

4. According to shari’ah, Muslim women are strictly banned from marrying someone who is not of their faith. Their husband must be a Muslim.

5. Shari’ah still envisages death by stoning. This sentence is used frequently in Iran. Apart from Iran, several other mainly Middle Eastern countries use these legal prescriptions. Lately mainly African countries, such as Somalia, are introducing shari’ah.

Our favorite Bosnian Muslim cleric Mustafa Ceric recently used some sort of Eurabian convention on Jewish-Muslim “dialogue” (based on acknowledgement of the Shoah, no less) to equate what happened to the Jews in WW2 with what the Muslims say happened to them in Bosnia. Outrageous, but in character of course. The real question is whether Jews will yet again buy into the bull — like they did back in 1992. Of course they will.

A forum called “Palluxo”, which I’m unfamiliar with, carried Ceric’s statement:

Jews and Bosnian Muslims Have Joint Experience in Persecution and Genocide (April 23, 2009)

Invited by president of Fondation pour la Memoire de la Shoah, David de Rothschild, Reisu-l-ulema Dr. Mustafa Cerić took part today in Paris, the seat of the UNESCO, in the presentation of Projet Aladin….The gathering is about cultural and educational initiative for promotion of the Jewish-Muslim dialogue based upon mutual acquaintance, respect and refusal to deny and diminish Holocaust. Hosted by the UNESCO, former President of France Jacques Chirac, Prince El-Hassan bin Talaal of Jordan, former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid and former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, project “Aladdin” aims to assist in Muslim-Jewish dialogue so as to remove many a prejudice and stereotype which burden the Muslim-Jewish relations in the world.

A statement, titled “The Call of Conscience”, was adopted to denote the principle of the project:

…[W]e affirm, above all political views, our decisiveness to defend the historic truth as there is no peace based upon lies. The Holocaust is a historical fact: a genocide in which some six Million European Jews perished.

Its magnanimity is universal, as values of dignity and respect of human being is what the Nazi Germany and its European allies sought to destroy…The same demand for truth obligates us to remember the good people in Europe as well as among Arabs and Muslims.

We declare, together, our mutual wish to promote truthful, open and brotherly dialogue. [Notwithstanding, of course, the recent, Muslim-coerced passing of a UN Resolution disallowing criticism of Islam.]

Unite in the struggle against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

In this regard, Reisu-l-ulema, Dr. Mustafa Cerić, stated in Paris: …The importance of this is augmented because of the fact that I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina where, at the end of the 20-th century, a genocide was perpetrated upon Muslims in Europe, several decades after the Holocaust. This is, therefore, the right opportunity and place for me to remind all that Muslims and Jews have reasons to gather around a joint project such as this one and unite in the struggle against anti-Semitism and Islam-phobia, which phobia has gathered speed of recent.

It suffices to state that Muslims and Jews have a joint experience of persecution and genocide in Europe: both were expelled from Spain (Endelus) in the fifteenth century, with the Sephardic Jews finding a safe haven in Sarajevo, which is best witnessed by the Sarajevo Holy Haggadah, and both suffered a genocide in the twentieth century, Jews from the Nazis and Bosnian Muslims from the Serbian aggressors.

It is for that reason that we respect the fact that the European Parliament adopted, on January 15, 2009, a resolution to proclaim July 11th as day of remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide and called upon all “people of conscience” to remember, on July 11th, the crime against humanity which was committed on July 11th, 1995, in Srebrenica against Bosnian Muslims and, consequently, we call for all to take an oath that it will never happen again to anybody.

I am happy…to develop the Muslim-Jewish dialogue…and help one another free ourselves from prejudices and stereotyping which take us further away from our unity in resisting anti-Semitism which is on the increase, and Islam-phobia which endangers the world peace and stability…

Never mind that what’s causing “Islam-phobia” is that Muslims are killing infidels, including a lot of Jews, at an alarming rate, based on Islamic supremacy and the anti-Semitism that’s part and parcel with it. Never mind that therefore “Islam-phobia” is not equatable to the anti-Semitism that causes it. Never mind that there is also an “experience in persecution” that Jews and Muslims don’t share — Muslims killing Jews today and throughout history including during the Holocaust as the Nazis’ henchmen. Never mind any of that. Mind only that the two groups don’t share even the “persecution experience” that is the foundation of these farcical “dialogue” efforts — the much touted “Serbian genocide against Bosnian Muslims.”

But these Muslims are trying to use their opposition to Holocaust denial to win the Jews over again even as they attack them all over the world. This insanity was deftly handled by Balkans analyst Nebojsa Malic in his blog post entitled “Mustafa’s Genocide“:

Mustafa Ceric, head of the Islamic Religious Community in Bosnia, likes to travel around the world and pose as a “moderate” and “tolerant” Muslim. His latest junket was in Paris, where he traveled last week on the invitation of David de Rotschild, to take part in a conference dubbed “Projet Aladin” (the Aladdin Project). Apparently, this was a gathering of some two hundred political and academic personalities from the Islamic world dedicated to promoting Jewish-Muslim dialogue “based upon mutual acquaintance, respect and refusal to deny and diminish Holocaust.”

I know this because of a press release posted on an obscure news portal…and included a statement issued by the participants, clearly aimed at Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s constant disputing of the Holocaust.

But the event gave Ceric the opportunity to make the preposterous claim that:

“Muslims and Jews have a joint experience of persecution and genocide in Europe: both were expelled from Spain (Endelus) in the fifteenth century, with the Sephardic Jews finding a safe haven in Sarajevo, which is best witnessed by the Sarajevo Holy Haggadah, and both suffered a genocide in the twentieth century, Jews from the Nazis and Bosnian Muslims from the Serbian aggressors.”

The claim that what happened in Bosnia was a genocide absolutely qualifies as “diminishing the Holocaust.” A savage ethnic conflict that killed two percent of the country’s entire population (including combat casualties) compares to a campaign of mass murder conducted by the Nazis, how exactly? Oh, I forget, the death of “up to 8000″ (the actual number is still a mystery!) Muslim fighters in Srebrenica is apparently a “genocide” on par with the Shoah!

There is also a hidden temptation for the Jews in Ceric’s claim: Muslims will stop denying the Shoah if the Jews would agree that the Muslims were victims of genocide, too! Preposterous? I think so. But could it happen? Wouldn’t be the first time the Jews bought into Muslim propaganda:

“We outwitted three big Jewish organizations - B’Nai Brith Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. We suggested to them to publish an advertisement in the New York Times and to organize demonstrations outside the U.N. This was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the (Muslim) Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind.”
- James Harff, executive for PR agency Ruder Finn, to French journalist Jacques Merlino, 1993 (source)

One reason this is particularly galling is that the Muslims of Bosnia took part in the Holocaust. During the war, Bosnia was part of the “Independent State of Croatia” (NDH), and Muslims were considered “Croats of Islamic faith.” The Ustasha regime ruling the NDH seized the property of Bosnian Jews and sent most of them to death camps like Jasenovac. Many Muslims took part in this infernal endeavor, and were rewarded by the Jews’ property. Others answered the call of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, and allied with Hitler.

Completing the travesty is that the Ustashas’ principal target were the Serbs, of whom they killed hundreds of thousands! Yet the mass murder of Serbs isn’t a “genocide,” oh no - Srebrenica is!

The Sarajevo Haggadah, which Ceric mentions, had to be hidden during the war from the “tolerant” NDH authorities. Muslims claim they saved it from destruction. Croats say it was a Croat who did it. In any event, the book was saved. But what happened to the Jews?

Few remain in Bosnia today. Most have long ago emigrated to Israel, which Mustafa Ceric’s “brothers” in Hamas and Hezbollah desire to destroy. Yet somehow, the fate of the Bosnian Jews and the Muslims’ ties to the Nazis and the modern-day jihadists don’t seem to matter to ex-politicians and UN bureaucrats. What they care about is being lectured by this “moderate” and “tolerant” mufti about the “joint experience of persecution”, while he recycles vile propaganda about the “Serb genocide” and harangues against “Islamophobia.”

We should rightly point a questioning finger at the organizers of this travesty for putting another brick into the wall of Eurabia. One could, and should, rightly condemn the Serbian officialdom, which has continued to ignore the genocide during WW2 even though the Communist regime that suppressed any inquiry into it has been gone for two decades now. None of that excuses Ceric for what he said, or what he’s been doing for years - but it explains why he’s been getting away with it.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” goes the saying….When it comes to Bosnia, the Jews have been fooled once already. Now Mustafa Ceric is trying to fool them again.

Bottom line: Even a Muslim conference against Holocaust denial is Holocaust denial. And those are the “moderate” ones.

Nebojsa also encountered some jarring jihadist articles inserted innocously into the Palluxo news feeds. One example:

- New Mac product is shiny
- Super shiny Mac product excels
- Mac unveils new shiny product
- Will this product work with your new Mac?

Let’s keep in mind that the tactics used against Serbs and Jews are the same. Above, substitute the word “Israelis” and you’ll get something that should sound familiar: “EVIL GENOCIDAL ISRAELI AGGRESSORS GENOCIDE INNOCENT PALESTINIANS”

The Serbs fighting back against the Muslims slaughtering them near Srebrenica being portrayed as “the worst atrocity since the Holocaust” has its parallel in the Jews fighting back against the Muslims slaughtering them in Israel — and being portrayed similarly.

I don’t know about you, but perhaps stumbling upon a roasted Serbian child with an apple in his/her mouth in Bosnia might very well induce me to take up arms against the “men and boys” who were doing this. And yes, I would risk being labeled a genocidal Nazi for all eternity for doing so.

Quoting Nataliya Narochnitskaya, head of the Paris branch of the Russian Institute of Democracy and Cooperation: “I remember an incident in the mid-90s, when I was travelling by car in the Serb Republic. I was taken to a cemetery in an area of fighting and mass graves. I was told a horrible story. There is a cross there. A child roasted with apples, like a Christmas goose, was found there.”

Roastings by the mujahedeen in Bosnia and the Bosnian Muslims accompanying them were not uncommon.

To learn more about the Muslims’ much more dastardly-than-previously-thought role in the Holocaust, Chuck Morse’s book The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism is a must read.