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I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the Albanian-involved terrorism plots this year. I was about to do a follow-up to the July-announced North Carolina plot that included a Kosovo Albanian and a Bosnian when, late in September, I got word of a bomb plot involving a Macedonia Albanian living in New York. Everyone has of course read all about that, but it needs to be chronicled here as well, since there will be follow-ups. So, belatedly, I bring you Betim Kaziu:

Man accused in overseas murder conspiracy (Sept. 24)

A New York man was indicted Thursday for allegedly conspiring to commit murder overseas and helping terrorists, the U.S. Justice Department said.

The indictment alleges Betim Kaziu, a U.S. citizen, traveled abroad to try to join several terrorist groups, including al-Shabbab, a Somali group with ties to al-Qaida that is a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, the department said in a release. He also allegedly tried to travel to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans to fight against U.S. armed forces.

He was arrested in Kosovo by Kosovar law enforcement authorities in late August. […]

Now, before we go getting all excited about the fact that Kosovo “authorities” helped out with this and therefore doesn’t that show that we are indeed building something like a functioning Muslim-majority state that really, really, really will be on our side, let’s shatter that illusion. First of all, this particular Albanian terrorist obviously didn’t enjoy the kind of “protection” from the Kosovo leadership that the Islamists and double-dealing-with-the-jihadis Albanian drug traffickers do. He was just another lone Albanian acting out of passion for his cause, without any high-level connections. Next, consider cosmetics. It’s very important for Kosovo to prove itself at the moment while it’s still trying to gain more international recognitions, and like its ally Croatia trying to get into the EU, it’s perfectly capable of putting on a show. Finally, just look at Saudi Arabia: It’s always arresting terrorists. Does it mean anything when Saudi Arabia helps nab al Qaeda guys?

More on Kaziu here.

Reuters also carried the story, and here is an excerpt from the NY Times:

Brooklyn Man Is Accused of Trying to Aid Terrorists

…Authorities said the man, Betim Kaziu, 21, a former building porter who was born and raised in Brooklyn…made repeated attempts [in Egypt] to buy weapons and tried to join a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda. In addition, authorities said, Mr. Kaziu made efforts to travel to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

In a three-page indictment, unsealed Thursday in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, authorities said Mr. Kaziu eventually made it to Kosovo, where he was arrested by Kosovar law enforcement authorities in late August and returned to the United States.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country and conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

The allegations shocked Mr. Kaziu’s family in Brooklyn. “This is totally unlike him,” said a sister, Sihana Kaziu, who added that he was never violent and had a “big heart.” Ms. Kaziu said her brother, a Muslim, did not grow up particularly religious.

One of four siblings, he played football in high school before dropping out, she said. He later got his high school equivalency diploma and around age 18 became interested in the Koran and said he wanted to dedicate his life to God, a prospect that pleased his parents, she said. He told his family that he was going to Egypt to study Arabic, and kept in touch regularly by e-mail.

In August, Mr. Kaziu notified his family to say he was off to Kosovo and Macedonia, the family’s ancestral home, to visit friends and relatives, Ms. Kaziu said. They did not hear from him again for weeks, then learned that he had been arrested with three other men in Kosovo. A foreign news account said the men were arrested on suspicion that they planned to commit terrorist acts, and it said weapons, including two AK-47s and five hand grenades, were found in searches of locations associated with the case.

Ms. Kaziu said her brother told them that he was visiting a friend when the house was raided and that the weapons belonged to his friend’s father. She also said her brother had expressed confidence that he would be acquitted.

This Albanian terror plot came out on the heels of a little-publicized arrest made in Kosovo, and for some reason involving the FBI, in late August:

Kosovo police are questioning four suspects, including a U.S. citizen, about their alleged links with terrorism, they said Friday.

The four were arrested for illegal possession of weapons and endangerment, but “charges could be expanded” to include terrorism, pending an investigation, police spokesman Arber Beka said.

He says police found two Kalashnikov rifles and five hand grenades during the arrests early Friday in the western town of Prizren. Beka declined to comment on allegations in the local media that the suspects are linked to Islamist radicals.

Local media said the raid was executed in cooperation with the FBI, but Beka said police would not confirm or deny that.

Police also seized a laptop computer believed to contain information about the suspects’ plans.

Now check out the sequence of the remaining paragraphs:

The arrests come a month after Kosovo police said they shared information with the FBI investigation that led to the arrest of a Kosovar in the United States, accused of plotting with six Americans to carry out terror attacks in other countries.

Earlier this year three ethnic Albanian brothers from the former Yugoslavia were each sentenced to life terms without parole for plotting to kill military personnel at New Jersey’s Fort Dix. The men were arrested in May 2007.

Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians are staunch supporters of the U.S. and see America as the driving force behind Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia last year.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha: “Albanians-were-caught-in-a-terrorist-plot-after-another-Albanian-plotted-other-attacks-which-was-after-three-more-Albanians-were-sentenced-for-plotting-to-kill-soldiers-Albanians-are-pro-American.”

Just to keep you on track in case your mind starts wandering to any obvious conclusions.

So now we can get to the follow-up on the summer’s North Carolina plot, which came the same day that news of this Brooklyn Albanian’s arrest did. What the two have in common, aside from being Albanian-Americans, is that they were targeting U.S. servicemen:

U.S. terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base (Sep 24, 2009)

Two men charged in North Carolina last month with plotting terrorist attacks overseas also planned to attack the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia, authorities said on Thursday.


The two were among seven suspects arrested in August for conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and for conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure people overseas.

A new indictment unveiled on Thursday charged Daniel Patrick Boyd, the group’s alleged ringleader, and Hysen Sherifi “with conspiring to murder U.S. military personnel” in connection with the planned assault on the Marine Corps base, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Raleigh said in a statement.

It offered no details, except to say that Boyd had undertaken reconnaissance of Quantico and obtained maps of the base in order to plan the attack.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Boyd also possessed armor piercing ammunition, and had stated that it was “to attack the Americans.”

(Of course, the armor-piercing ammunition would be superfluous in Kosovo, where our troops patrol without armor.)

“These additional charges hammer home the grim reality that today’s home-grown terrorists are not limiting their violent plans to locations overseas, but instead are willing to set their sights on American citizens and American targets, right here at home,” U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding said.

All seven suspects in the North Carolina case were denied bail after a hearing in Raleigh last month at which prosecutors played FBI recordings as evidence that they had discussed waging “jihad” as part of a conspiracy to conduct attacks in foreign nations.

Boyd is a U.S. citizen and Sherifi is a native of Kosovo and a legal permanent resident of the United States.

But don’t fret! Here to reassure you is the AP’s resident Albanian, to underscore that for this Albanian-included plot disruption as well, the Kosovo “government” helped out:

Kosovo police helped FBI in US terror probe


PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) - Kosovo police said Thursday they cooperated with the FBI investigation that led to the arrest of a Kosovar in the United States who has been accused of plotting with six Americans to carry out terror attacks in other countries.

See? Kosovo, Albanians, Albania, Macedonian-Albanians — they’re not that bad. This relationship is doable. But I’m still waiting for discovery of all the plots by our Serbian “enemies.”

Police also said Hysen Sherifi, 24, a native of Kosovo and a legal U.S. resident, had no criminal record in Kosovo and was not considered to have been a security threat here.

Sherifi was the only non-U.S. citizen of the people who were arrested on Monday in the U.S. state of North Carolina…An eighth suspect is believed to be in Pakistan.

“For the moment there are no indications or information that there could be any threat of a potential terrorist attack in our country,” Kosovo police spokesman Besim Hoti said of Sherifi and the other suspects being held in North Carolina.

That’s because you’re not a country, Dingbat. Of course, in what is “your” country — Serbia — 95% of Kosovo is that threat.

He also said in an interview that police had cooperated with the FBI by giving it information on Sherifi, adding that “our notes had registered no criminal background for this person.”

That’s because he’s probably only ever killed, robbed, or raped Serbs, which doesn’t result in a criminal record.

…Sherifi’s grandfather and his neighbors said they could not believe the 24 year old could have been plotting terrorism in the United States, a country that is loved in Kosovo for leading the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia that ended its rule in Kosovo.

Where have we heard that before? Oh yes, just a few paragraphs up — from the family of the NY Albanian’s plot. And from relatives of the Fort Dix Albanian plotters. (”They shouldn’t dare throw a stone at America” — after all, America killed and robbed the Serbs for us!)

“I do not believe he is one of them,” Baki Sherifi, the suspect’s grandfather, told AP Television News. “This is something unbelievable. We live in this neighborhood for centuries, and the whole family never expected such news. We are all shocked. What more can I say?,” the tearful 70 year old said outside his mosque in Gnjilane, 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Pristina, Kosovo’s capital.

Hmm, an old Albanian — at a mosque. Why would a 70-year-old “non-religious-Balkan-Muslims” Albanian be busying himself with a mosque? And please note also where in Kosovo this suspect hails from: Gnjilane. A post introducing readers to the significance of Gnjilane to come…

Like many other Kosovars, Hysen Sherifi, his parents and his two sisters had moved to the United States 10 years ago during the Kosovo war. Last year, he was married, and his wife is expecting a baby.

Just like the Ft. Dix Albanians. Thank you, Hillary and Bill! Any more of this, and we’ll have to start importing Serbian “war criminals” to take care of it.

Police said Hysen, who was visiting Kosovo a year ago, was expected to return early next month and join his relatives after they got back from a vacation in neighboring Albania.

“Everybody in the neighborhood is shocked. We feel sorry for the family. We cannot believe that has happened,” said Hakim Rasimi, who lives near Baki Sherifi in Gnjilane.

He lives in Gnjilane, and he can’t believe it. Recall the even greater indignation of the Ft. Dix plotters’ relatives.

Other family members, who have been following the case closely on television and the Internet, declined to be interviewed until charges have been filed in the case in North Carolina.

To help Albanians and American politicians cope with this spate of negative press for Albanians, some Serbs were arrested the same week. Also known as: “PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! HERE — LOOK AT THIS INSTEAD”:

EU police arrest four Kosovo Serbs for war crimes

PRISTINA, Sept 23 (Reuters) - European Union police in Kosovo arrested four Kosovo Serbs on Wednesday suspected of committing war crimes, the EU police and justice mission said.

A spokeswoman for the mission, EULEX, said the suspects had been arrested on the orders of [a] EULEX prosecutor near the town of Gnjilane in eastern Kosovo, but gave no further details.

An estimated 8,000 to 12,000 [sic] civilians were killed in Kosovo in 1998-99, the great majority Albanians, as Serb forces tried to suppress a separatist guerrilla insurgency, and were then forced to leave Kosovo by a NATO bombing campaign.

Shortly after the bombing began, more than 800,000 Albanians fled or were driven from their homes.

Be still, my heart. Let’s re-read that: Those 800,000 Albanians fled AFTER the bombing campaign began? Well how about that! This is the first time I’m seeing something that’s at least trying to be more accurate than the usual “Serbs expelled 800,000 Albanians and so we bombed”-type thing. And in a report on alleged Serbian war criminals, no less! So actual chronology of events is starting to sneak its way into press reports, 10 years later. It was shocking enough in 2007 when they started doing as the report does above — writing that Serbs were putting down an insurgency, as opposed to just trying to get rid of Albanians.

Meanwhile, notice that the EULEX judge issuing the order for the arrest of the Serbs is in Gnjilane, meaning that the word ‘Gnjilane’ has finally hit American news reports, by virtue of the North Carolina Albanian being from Gnjilane — and by virtue of this:

Serbia tries Kosovo ex-rebels for war crimes

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - Seventeen former Kosovo rebels went on trial Wednesday before the Serbian war crimes court, charged with murder, rape and torture of Serb civilians in 1999.

Nine of the men were arrested in December in a predominantly Albanian-populated region of Serbia bordering Kosovo. Eight of the suspects are at large and were accused in absentia.

The indictment accuses the men of the kidnapping of 153 Serbs and the deaths of at least 80 of them in the eastern Kosovo town of Gnjilane following Kosovo’s war for independence.

They are charged with “murder, rape, detention, mutilation, torture and looting,” the indictment said. The charges carry up to 20 years in jail.

Bruno Vekaric, the spokesman for Serbia’s war crimes prosecution, said the trial brings with it a “high risk” of retaliation by Albanians against the Serbs and other witnesses who still live in the region.

The war in Kosovo - then a province of Serbia - began with an ethnic Albanian separatist rebellion and ended after a 78-day NATO bombing campaign that forced Serbia’s army and police to pull out of Kosovo.

After the war ended, the suspects allegedly launched retaliatory attacks against the Serb minority in Kosovo, where 90 percent of the population is ethnic Albanian.

I think the reporter meant to write “…the suspects launched “alleged retaliatory” attacks.” Otherwise it sounds like he has no idea whether Albanians went on a killing spree or not — when even NATO personnel and U.S. politicians were openly reporting on the out-of-control “revenge-killing” that was going on. What is “alleged” is that these were revenge or “retaliatory” attacks. Since you can’t exactly “retaliate” against something you started. Especially by drowning an old lady. Most likely, the word “allegedly” is being used because any time the Serbs relate confirmed information, or engage in prosecutions against non-Serbs, the charges can only be a Serbian ‘claim.’ As opposed to Albanian- or Bosnian-disseminated ‘fact.’

The piece ends with the following:

…In a related development, Serbian police said they found a large weapons cache in the tense south of the country near the border with Macedonia.

Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, who heads the police, said Wednesday the weapons included two rocket launchers, anti-tank mines, 16 grenades, a machine gun and ammunition.

Dacic said the weapons were discovered in a pit on state property about 300 meters (yards) from the Macedonian border.

Serbia’s south, which borders Macedonia and Kosovo, was the scene of an ethnic Albanian rebellion in 2000-2001. The unrest ended in a peace plan but tensions have simmered since.

Stay tuned to find out more about the nature of those “tensions.” Meanwhile, this “Serbian south” they keep mentioning refers to either the Sandzak region or the Presevo Valley area. During the rebellion in the latter in 2000-2001, you naturally heard nothing about a rebellion taking place. Because the last thing our government and media needed was for Americans to start asking questions about what it was that we’d just helped Albanians do in Kosovo, if they immediately moved on to Presevo Valley. For the same reason, Americans heard almost as little about the Macedonia insurrection of 2001 that Albanians moved on to like clockwork.

The Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija had an obvious and important point to make about the arrest of the four Serbs suspected of war crimes:

Empirical practice also reveals that not a single crime against the Serbs or other non-Albanians has been processed and resolved since 1999. We still do not know who murdered the Stolic family, the children in Goraždevac, fourteen harvesters in Staro Gacko, who planted a bomb on the Podujevo-Priština bus, and many other crimes.

The logical conclusion after all that is that the justice in Kosovo and Metohija is selective and guided only by one’s ethnicity.

*A name like Llazar Semini requires explanation, since the first name is recognizably Serbian, but given that extra Albanian “L”. Nebojsa Malic explains:

A number of today’s Albanians (or “Kosovars” or whatever) are actually Albanized Serbs, also known as “Arnautash”. These were people pressured into not only accepting Islam, but identifying themselves as Albanians, during the latter stages of Ottoman rule (1700s+). As you can imagine, this produced some rather schizophrenic results, as these people became more militant than actual Albanians, yet retained some elements of Serbian culture and tradition (e.g. epic poetry and gusle, patron saints, etc.). Of course, those elements were twisted and corrupted, to the point where pro-Albanian activist Anna DiLellio writes with a straight face that epic poetry of these “Albanians” is “proof” that it was in fact Albanians who fought the Turks in Kosovo!

This fellow is without a doubt an Arnautash, with a name like that.

So just as the principality of Pec is Albanized to “Peja,” and Kosovo is Albanized to “Kosova,” so was Lazar Albanized to “Llazar.”

Good for Debbie:

I Stick to My Guns: The Call from That Albanian Muslim Chick

I stick by my guns. (And I get upset when others do not. Especially the others who know better, but do it anyway.)

On Monday, I got a call from a woman with a thick accent. She told me she and her husband are both from Albania, that they’re looking for a lawyer to help them with immigration.

Me: Are you Muslim or Christian?

Albanian Chick: We are both Muslim.

At that point, I know for sure I’m not helping them. This is the only kind of Muslim I’ll help. Islam is at war with the West, at war with America, and I know on which side of that war I am.

We need less Muslims (from Albania or wherever else) in our country, not more. Do you have the magic decoder ring that tells you which Muslims will be like Nidal Malik Hasan and which won’t? I will not be helping to increase their presence…

Me: Are you here legally?

Albanian Chick: I have a U.S. passport, but my husband doesn’t. He snuck in here through Mexico.

Me: I’m sorry. I can’t help you. What’s wrong with your own country that you can’t live there? Why would you help a man enter our country illegally?

I could use the money, but I’m no whore. We need more criminals and followers of the religion of Nidal Malik Hasan in this country like a hole in the head. Sadly, this won’t be the end for this woman’s husband. I predict he’ll become a U.S. citizen pretty quickly. And that’s the problem.

Rather than America doing the right thing and stripping this woman of her citizenship for helping harbor an illegal alien, we’ll enable this situation. This woman will find some immigration lawyer to help her and her illegal alien husband. And they’ll find a way to adjust his status, so he can stay here, because he’s married to her, and our immigration laws allow this absurdity.

Say good-bye, America. Because there are plenty of lawyers who will help these people. And plenty of laws and bureaucracy, which will help them.

Let’s just recall that the Albanian Duka family, three of whose sons were among the plotters of the foiled Ft. Dix massacre of servicemen, came here via the Mexican border. And the Albanian Florin Krasniqi, America’s one-man KLA hub who smuggles American guns to kill Serbs and any internationals who get in the way — and whose cousin was a cop-killer in Kosovo — got here at the age of 18 in the trunk of a car, via the Mexican border.

Earlier this summer there was a spate of articles about the suffering of the gypsies of Kosovo. I’m excerpting from two of them, reading between the lines, of course:

NORTH MITROVICA, Kosovo | Gypsy Families in Kosovo on Toxic Land (Malcolm Garcia The Washington Times May 3, 2009)

Displaced by conflict and stranded by bureaucratic inertia, dozens of gypsy families remain on toxic land 10 years after they were relocated there by the United Nations after the Kosovo war.

Lead blackens the children’s teeth, blanks out memories and stunts growth. Other symptoms of lead poisoning include aggressive behavior, nervousness, dizziness, vomiting and high fever. The children swing between bursts of nervous hyperactivity and fainting spells. Some have epileptic fits.

The two resettlement camps — the Osterrode and Chesmin Lug — were established by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1999 for gypsies, or Roma, as they are more commonly known in Europe…The camps, near a closed mining and smelting complex that includes a slag heap of 100 million tons of toxic materials, were intended as a temporary measure after a neighborhood that had been home to 9,000 gypsies was destroyed by ethnic Albanians as Serb security forces pulled out of the area in the final days of the Kosovo conflict in June 1999.

Time out. Sentences in which Albanians are wreaking havoc are always related in neutral tones and analysis is absent. So what the writer is casually saying is that Albanians were getting what they wanted — the Serb security forces were pulling out — but they nonetheless felt the need to burn stuff. And not just Serb stuff, but gypsy stuff. What the writer also reveals (and let’s credit him for doing at least that much) is that the Serb security forces in fact served to prevent such acts, their withdrawal allowing for such goings-on to occur. Most importantly, what is revealed is yet another chip of a mountain of evidence that the NATO intervention Albanians bought and won had nothing to do with “protecting Albanians agains Serbian repression” and everything to do with creating an opportunity to cleanse the province of everything non-Albanian. Because the people we went to war for were Albanian supremacists, today known as Albanians. (Since you won’t find a living or vocal non-supremacist among them today. Thank you, USA! Shared American and Kosovan values indeed!)

The neighborhood was on the southern shore of the Ibar River, which separates Serb-dominated northern Mitrovica from a southern, Albanian-dominated part.

The Albanians, furious at what they called atrocities by the Serbs during the war, accused the Roma of collaborating with the Serb army. The Roma say they hardly were in a position to do anything but struggle for their own survival and that the Albanians used them as a scapegoat.

Time out. Have we officially moved on to alleged atrocities, as opposed to taking the Albanians’ and NATO’s word for it? Such that we are now more accurately using “what [Albanians] called” atrocities — as opposed to “Serbian atrocities”? The implicit question in the reporter’s phrasing is a nice start — strangely not dogmatically taking Albanian ‘truth’ for the truth — ten years late, but refreshing nonetheless.

Whatever the truth behind the accusations and denials, moving Roma families next to a slag heap of toxic materials including lead, zinc, arsenic and other metals has made dozens of families suffer severe health problems and spawned a generation of brain-damaged children. [Is this what they mean by “Albanization”?]

When the World Health Organization tested the camp residents’ blood for lead in 2004, the readings for 90 percent of the children were off the scale, higher than the medical equipment was capable of measuring…Such children fall into the category of “acute medical emergency” and require immediate hospitalization.

Instead, the Roma children have remained in the camps, ingesting lead through the air, the dirt they play in and through their clothes dusted with lead tailings while drying on laundry lines. Even before their birth, lead enters them as they grow inside their mothers’ wombs from the water they drink.

One reason the situation has become so dire is that the Roma are not considered refugees by the U.N. but rather “internally displaced people.” That means they do not fit U.N. criteria for financing their resettlement abroad.

Indeed, we gave “refugee” status only to the culprits in the Kosovo war, resettling them throughout the U.S. and the rest of the Western world so they could plot attacks here and abroad (see Ft. Dix in 2007 and North Carolina last month). No one else got the refugee status out of that NATO gig — not Kosovo’s gypsies, Serbs, Jews, Gorani, or Croats — not anyone but our prized Frankenstein’s monsters.

…Like HIV/AIDS, lead attacks the immune system and can be fatal, though death from lead poisoning is difficult to determine. Most of those who have fallen ill in the camps have been treated in Serbian hospitals

So, just as with the Serbian Red Cross that the mountain Muslims, the Gorani, are dependent upon to survive, these largely Muslim Roma depend on Serbian hospitals. Not unlike the humanitarian aid coming from all over Serbia to the “Kosovar” refugees during the war their clan leaders waged. Or the Albanians escaping that war — to Serbia. In other words, after devastating Serbia’s environment and economy based on fabricated tales of “anti-Albanian” and “anti-Muslim” policies — devastation the country has yet to recover from — we’ve also put them in the position of footing the bill for the damage we caused. That’s in addition to Serbia’s struggling to absorb or place the highest number of refugees in Europe, thanks to Western defacation on the Balkan peninsula.

“My children get sick often,” said Muzafera Seljimi, sitting on a bench in Osterrode where she lives with her husband and four children. The left front tooth of her 4-year-old daughter was almost entirely covered by lead emerging from her gum. …

Thomas Hammarberg, European Commissioner for Human Rights… [said,] “It is sad the international community has not found a solution 10 years later. It is the single most major environmental disaster in Europe.”

Kosovo has been administered by the United Nations since June 1999, as the war ended after a six-week NATO bombing campaign on the troops of President Slobodan Milosevic.

Pardon? On the “troops” of Slobodan Milosevic? This is the pro-American Washington Times reporter trying to preserve some semblance of decency about American actions in the Balkans. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong region, since the U.S. did not play by any rule book when it came to its war on Serbia. Ours was not a bombing campaign against troops; the bombs specifically targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure. But the writer continues struggling to explain our inscrutable war:

The war was aimed at halting Belgrade’s repression of the majority ethnic Albanian population in Kosovo.

Again, Belgrade’s “repression” of the Albanians was the Albanians’ voluntary retreat from their host society into the parallel structures that multi-culti Yugoslavia allowed them to build up over the decades — precisely in preparation for a war of secession.

…Hajrizi Rodna, 53, an Osterrode camp schoolteacher, holds classes in an aluminum shed built by UNHCR…
“A lot of them have bad memories,” she said. “When I dictate something, some of them only write a few words and stop. They are confused and look lost.”

…Feruz Jahirovic, 44, a father of four children…[said,] “My son is sick,” he said. “All of my children have high levels of lead.” He displayed medical documents from the Institute of Public Health in Mitrovica that indicated his 9-year-old son’s blood lead level was 43.7 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood, more than four times the amount that causes brain damage.

“He has pains in his bones like rheumatism,” Mr. Jahirovic said. “He has stomach pains and headaches. He can not walk well and his memory is weak…”

Mr. Smajliji’s 10-year-old son has a lead blood level of more than 65 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood, more than six times the amount that causes brain damage.

Between 2005 and 2008, Zoran Savich, a pediatrician with the Health Center of Kosovo Mitrovica, saw more than 300 patients in Osterrode and Chesmin Lug. In that time, he said, 77 people died of lead poisoning, many of them children.

Mercy Corps, an American aid organization, has budgeted $2.4 million to resettle 50 Roma families — about 250 people — this year in either north or south Mitrovica away from the contaminated sites… Some Roma who have been resettled by other international aid organizations face other dangers.

“I have seen many times Albanians beating up Roma here,” said Gushani Bekim, 24, who with his wife and three children was resettled in a newly built apartment in the Albanian stronghold of south Mitrovica. “I need work, but it is not safe to work here.” …

Here is an excerpt from another article about the gypsies, that came out the same week:

Abused, driven out and poisoned: the scandal of the Kosovo Roma
A shocking new report reveals the desperate conditions in which one of Europe’s most vulnerable populations is forced to live

An institutionalised crime against the Roma people is taking place in eastern Europe. A forthcoming report from Human Rights Watch documents an ongoing scandal at Mitrovica, in northern Kosovo, which began 10 years ago in the wake of the looting and burning to the ground of the entire settlement known as the Roma Mahalla.

This was once a vibrant home to some 8,000 people, most of them Muslims. But the inhabitants fled, fearing attacks by ethnic Albanians who saw the Roma as “collaborators” with the Serbs, with whom they share a language. Some 6,500 of these Mitrovica Roma have never returned — indeed, only about a tenth of a prewar population of 200,000 Kosovan Roma remain. The Nato-led Kosovo Force did not intervene at the time in the blighting of the Mahalla, but the UN High Commissioner for Refugees was quick to help the newly homeless, organising food and, over some months, places to live until their settlement could be restored.

The lead poisoning case is worse in one important particular. The UN created the camps, and the UN, along with the Kosovo authorities, bears legal responsibility for these people. It is a responsibility they all in their various departments continue to flout…

The Roma aren’t the only European people against whom an “institutionalized” and “ignored” crime has been in progress for over a decade. A report from almost two years ago mentioned the condition of the Roma and, unlike the two more mainstream Johnny-Come-Lately articles above, didn’t neglect to mention that in Kosovo Serbs suffer under much of the same conditions that the Roma do.

Serbs and Roma live in horrible conditions in Kosovo (Oct. 2007)

BRUSSELS, Oct 12 (Tanjug) - Serbs, Roma and other non-Albanian population[s] in Kosovo-Metohija continue to live in horrible conditions in Kosovo and Metohija, eight years after the arrival of international administration in Serbia’s southern province, participants of the session on “Multi-ethnicity, KFOR and UNMIK in Kosovo,” organized by the Independence and Democracy group in the European Parliament, have concluded.

Representative of the Roma community in France Nedzmedin Meziri said that the status of the Roma in Kosovo is catastrophic, giving a number of shocking examples of discrimination and limited movement of the Roma in Kosovo. […]

Also coming before the Guardian and Washington Times articles, back in January, was an article from the BBC, which was similarly revealing. Excerpted:

Kosovo’s poisoned generation

…In 2004, the WHO recommended the evacuation of Cesmin Lug, and two more Roma camps at Kablare and Zitkovac.

All had been set up by the UNHCR in 1999 as a temporary measure, when the Roma Mahalla, on the southern shore of the Ibar River, was burnt down by Albanians in the dying days of the conflict over Kosovo.

The US government has also launched a new project to re-house 50 families from Cesmin Lug — but there are complications.

Some Roma at Cesmin Lug told me…they would not feel safe living among Albanians again, after what happened in 1999.

And has been happening ever since…

Another update, via JihadWatch (April 28, 2009):

Odd: these jihadists were from the Balkans, where everyone knows that all Muslims are moderate, and anyone who thinks that there is jihadist activity going on is merely a genocidal Serbian sympathizer. Perhaps these guys are Serbs in disguise, no?


Last month saw an update on one of the ‘not like that’ Albanian brothers convicted of plotting to massacre military personnel at the Ft. Dix army base:

Fort Dix jihad attacker rejects American legal system, calls on judge to convert to Islam (March 21, 2009)

CAMDEN, N.J. - One of the five men convicted in the Fort Dix trial wants to fire his lawyer and waive his right to appeal.

Eljvir Duka (el-VEER’ DOO’-kah) wrote the judge on Thursday that he wants to give up his rights because he rejects the American legal system. He calls it a system of “injustice.”…

It’s Duka’s second letter to the judge in a week. Earlier, he wrote that the judge should convert to Islam. […]

This is the “Elvis” Duka whom my friend Karol knew growing up because he and his brothers were the neighborhood bullies. And as often happens when people can’t get their lives on a straight path, they find Islam — to legitimize their bad-assness and give their criminality a higher purpose. This example of how our friends the Albanians are taking to Islam reminds me to highlight a sentence from a December article by Robert Spencer:

They wanted to burst into Fort Dix and murder as many American soldiers as they could, but it was all a joke, you see: so said Mohamed Younes, president of the American Muslim Union. “I don’t think they actually mean to do anything,” he asserted. “I think they were acting stupid, like they thought the whole thing was a joke. They don’t look like the type of people to do something like this.”

Unfortunately, Associated Press reporter Wayne Parry doesn’t seem to have followed this up by asking Younes exactly what “the type of people to do something like this” actually do look like. It might have been interesting to see a Muslim leader in the United States engage in what could be regarded as “racial profiling.”

So while Muslims everywhere try to point our attention away from Middle Easterners and “Islamic” terrorism, Muslims themselves know there is a “type” that does terrorism — but paint us as bigots for knowing the same.

The December article also mentions the following, ubiquitous warnings to the infidel that come up when Muslims are being prosecuted or when new, potentially effective anti-terror legislation is passed:

A former Muslim chaplain for the U.S. military and Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention, James Yee, expressed sorrow over the verdicts as well – not because of the potential loss of life at Fort Dix, but because the convictions would ruffle American Muslim feathers: “All of this doesn’t help build trust with the American Muslim community,” he complained, “and that is vital if our law enforcement is going to fight terrorism. If anyone can improve security, it’s our community, but we need to be seen as trusted partners, not potential suspects.”

We hear this a lot from Muslims in the UK in particular, especially when someone actually comes up with a way to pinpoint terrorists-in-the-making. And what they’re saying is this: the “vast majority” of “innocent” Muslims have no stake in preventing terrorism of their own accord, as they do not see themselves as part of the larger society that is being targeted. And so their cooperation needs to be won over — including by not producing effective anti-terror legislation and not convicting caught-red-handed terrorists.

Makes sense.

In a little noticed item last month, when a Spanish “super judge” — a rising phenomenon that claims universal jurisdiction — went after Israeli military figures for crimes against humanity over a 2002 Gaza bombing, a member of the Israeli Knesset opened proceedings against Spain for being party to the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia:

MK Eldad: Charge Spanish Officials With War Crimes in Serbia (Feb. 2)

Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) has called for Israel to put former Spanish officials on trial for their role in the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. His official request was sent to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Friday, in the wake of a Spanish court agreeing to try senior Israelis for an IAF operation that killed senior Hamas terrorist Salah Shehadeh in 2002.

Eldad is seeking to have Israel charge the former Spanish Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Army Chief of Staff for war crimes against the people of Belgrade and other Serbian areas. Spain, as part of NATO, was involved in massive airstrike sorties targeting Serbia during the civil war in Yugoslavia.

“In those bombings,” Eldad’s petition said, “hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent civilians were killed because NATO pilots dropped their bombs from extremely high altitudes in order not to endanger themselves. They thus caused mass civilian casualties. It is fitting that the State of Israel try the Spanish political and military leaders for war crimes if Spain does not immediately revoke the charges against the Israeli Defense Minister and Chief of Staff.”

MK Eldad wrote to the Attorney General that “in the event that Israeli law does not allow charging and trying someone for war crimes not committed within the national jurisdiction, I would appreciate it if you would instruct the State Prosecutor to turn to the International Court in The Hague so that the Spanish leaders will be tried for war crimes by the international court.”

Failing to see the hypocrisy inherent in the charges against Israel for its actions while NATO carried out the same, or worse, actions against Serbia, Eldad concluded, “is testimony to hatred for Israel - Israel the people and Israel the state equally - and the State of Israel must fight back against this wave of anti-Semitism.”

The Spanish court agreed last week to hear the case for prosecution of former IAF commander Dan Halutz, former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, and five other senior Israeli officials for war crimes over their decision to assassinate Shehadeh while the Hamas leader was in a building in Gaza City. Sixteen other people people were killed in the Israeli airstrike, including Shehadeh’s wife and child and other children. Israeli leaders called the Spanish court “delusional,” however, pointing out that Shehadeh was a terrorist mastermind responsible for the deaths of up to 100 innocent people.

On Friday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni claimed that she had succeeded in getting the Spanish legislature to amend its laws regarding universal jurisdiction, to avoid such cases in the future. “I think this is very important news and I hope that other states in Europe will do the same,” Livni said.

In doing some research recently, I came across a Charles Krauthammer article from a 1990 issue of Time Magazine, titled “Judging Israel“. In it are a few paragraphs that apply to both Palestinians in the “occupied territories” of Israel and to the Albanians in the “former” territory of Serbia — Kosovo. In it, he makes the very same analogy between Israel and Mexico that I made between Serbia and Mexico when Kosovo illegally seceded:

Last fall New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis excoriated Israel for putting down a tax revolt in the town of Beit Sahour. He wrote: “Suppose the people of a small town decided to protest Federal Government policy by withholding taxes. The Government responded by sending in the Army…Unthinkable? Of course it is in this country. But it is happening in another…Israel.”

Middle East scholar Clinton Bailey tried to point out just how false this analogy is. Protesting Federal Government policy? The West Bank is not Selma, Ala. Palestinians are not demanding service at the lunch counter. They demand a flag and an army. This is insurrection for independence. They are part of a movement whose covenant explicity declares its mission to be abolition of the state of Israel.

Bailey tried manfully for the better analogy. It required him to posit 1) a pre-glasnot Soviet Union, 2) a communist Mexico demanding the return of “occupied Mexican” territory lost in the Mexican War (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and California) and 3) insurrection by former Mexicans living in these territories demanding succession from the U.S. Then imagine, Bailey continued, that the insurrectionists, supported and financed by Mexico and other communist states in Latin America, obstruct communications; attack civilians and police with stones and fire bombs; kill former Mexicans holding U.S. Government jobs (”collaborators”); and then begin a tax revolt. Now you have the correct analogy. Would the U.S., like Israel, then send in the Army? Of course.

Further down in the article, Krauthammer hits on the indulgence the world shows toward violence by the “victimized” population — harkening back to the “revenge killings” by Albanians that went unchecked and shrugged off, without anyone ever asking how a victim people, presumably unpracticed in the art of killing, could kill so easily and wantonly. As in Krauthammer’s Israel example, this never led anyone to question whether the “victims” mightn’t have been the ones killing all along:

When other people suffer - Vietnamese, Algerians, Palestinians, the French Maquis - they are usally allowed a grace period during which they are judged by a somewhat lower standard. The victims are, right or wrongly (in my view, wrongly), morally indulged. A kind of moral affirmative action applies. We are asked to understand the former victims’ barbarities because of how they themselves suffered. There has, for example, been little attention to and less commentary on the 150 Palestinians lynched by other Palestinians during the intifadeh. How many know that this year as many Palestinians have died at the hands of Palestinians as at the hands of Israelis? [This is even more so the case among Albanians.]

The following paragraph again applies to Serbs as well:

With Jews, that kind of reasoning is reversed: Jewish suffering does not entitle them to more leeway in trying to prevent a repetition of their tragedy, but to less. Their suffering requires them, uniquely among the world’s sufferers, to bend over backwards in dealing with their enemies. [Note: With the Serbs, this double standard is applied without their unique WW2 or 1990s suffering even being acknowledged.]

During the recent Gaza war, several letters appeared making similar points about Israel’s and Serbia’s struggles. One was in a local California paper called the Ventura County Star, by Zoran Bogunovic in January:

Israeli vs. Serbian politics

Re: your Dec. 31 article, “Israel rejects truce call, pursues bombing Gaza”:

What do Palestinian Hamas and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) have in common? They both are labeled terrorist groups, according to the U.S. State Department, but that is where all similarities end as far as the U.S. is concerned, as well as most of the world.

When Hamas targets Israeli people…and when Israel retaliates like it knows how, the U.S. blames it on the Palestinians, Hamas. And let’s not forget Hezbollah, who is being very quiet now.

Yet, when Serbia does the same thing against the terrorist group KLA, which also hides among civilians and kills Serbian people all over Kosovo, the U.S. and the world condemn the Serbs. Let’s not forget, in case local readers did not read in the newspaper, how KLA was taking Serbian people hostages and removing their body organs for sale all over the world before they killed them. (Referenced in Karla Del Ponte book and now the case is being investigated).

Where is [the] world’s outcry now for this barbaric act by the Kosovars? Just two weeks ago, three [Albanians] were found guilty for plotting an attack on a U.S. Army base in New Jersey, but 6,000 miles away, the U.S. supports their actions in Kosovo against Serbian people. Funny how that works: not in my back yard, but it’s OK across the street.

We, the Serbs, also have the same rights to defend our land and people in Kosovo, just like Israel does. Yet, the U.S.-led coalition supports the KLA terrorist actions, but condemns the Hamas terror actions. Funny how that works.

Hamas is a terrorist group and don’t be fooled with the front-page pictures of its civilians, as they would cut you to pieces if you are American or Israeli. The world was fooled with the civilian images in Kosovo and is being fooled again in Gaza. I fully support Israeli actions and its right to defend its people and land.

Also adding insult to Serbia and their people, the U.S. pushed for and got its way for an independent Kosovo, which is part of Serbia and is the birthplace of our Orthodox religion, where more than 150 Serbian churches have been destroyed ever since the so-called piece [sic] force was brought in Kosovo in 1999.

I would like to see the same efforts being exercised by the U.S. government, i.e., push for and forcibly take away Jerusalem and the sacred Wailing Wall from the Israelis and give it to the Palestinians and Hamas.

Once again, the double standard is being shown by the U.S. when it comes to Balkan politics versus Israeli politics. Support the terrorists in Kosovo, but condemn them in Palestine….

A shorter letter by Michael Pravica in Nevada appeared in The Toronto Star in January:

Ignatieff stance hypocritical

Re: “Ignatieff says Israel must be allowed to defend itself,” Jan. 8

It’s interesting that Michael Ignatieff supports the rights of Israel to “defend itself,” and act outside of its internationally recognized borders in Gaza but did not support the similar actions of Serbia to fight the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army inside Serbia’s internationally recognized borders. Even the U.S. State Department declared the KLA to be a terrorist organization that had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of Serbian and non-Serbian civilians. Such hypocrisy is a primary reason why the world is currently so unstable and why we are inching ever-closer to World War III.

Indeed, if the KLA was deemed a “liberation army”, why not Hamas, Hezbollah, FARC and al Qaeda (which helped the KLA while we were helping the KLA)?

In the midst of war, meanwhile, stories emerge revealing that Israeli doctors and hospitals are treating Jewish and Arab patients alike, with no preference for friend over foe as patient. That’s why the following piece of reportage from March, 2000 had a familiar ring to it:

The surgeon flourished a handful of Polaroid photos. At first sight they looked as if they showed a variety of gnarled pieces of blackened and gristly meat. In fact they were human organs and intestines.

“Look”, he said, “it’s part of the liver of a young girl. Look at the shrapnel damage. I fought to save her but she died on the operating table. And you know what - she was an Albanian.”

“And look at this one” - he brandished another photo - “it’s part of another woman’s gut. She had bad shrapnel wounds too and unfortunately I also lost her on the table. And SHE was a Serb. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference. They’re all patients and I want to try to save them.”

The surgeon’s rapid Serbian sentences kept on coming out of the gloom, explaining what happened to the casualties in the recent bout of ethnic violence in the town.

Another parallel emerges from a 2001 article by Joseph Farah, of It was titled “What is a Palestinian?” and debunked the myth of Palestinian nationhood. The piece might just as well have been titled “What is a Kosovar?”, since that nationhood is at least as false. Everything in the paragraphs below about the Arab Palestinian “nationality” applies to the Albanian Kosovar “nationality”:

Arabs have been flocking to Israel ever since it was created and even before, coinciding with the wave of Jewish immigration into Palestine prior to 1948.

Winston Churchill said in 1939: “So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population.”

And that raises a question I never hear anyone ask: If Israel’s policies make life so intolerable for Arabs, why do they continue to flock to the Jewish state?

According to the most liberal claims by Arab sources, some 600,000 to 700,000 Arabs left Israel in and around 1948 when the Jewish state was created. Most were not forced out by Jews, but rather left at the urging of Arab leaders who had declared war on Israel.

Yet, there are far more Arabs living in these territories now than ever before. And many of those who left in 1948 and thereafter actually had roots in other Arab nations.

It’s also worth revisiting a piece that came out in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper in the days following Kosovo’s secession:

Kosovo is already here

…The day may not be far off when the Arabs of Galilee start clamoring for political independence, too. In recent years, many of them have been cutting themselves off, psychologically and physically, from the Jewish-democratic State of Israel.

The Muslims of Kosovo constitute an absolute majority of the population, and the same is true for the Galilee Arabs. Quite a few Jews have been leaving the Galilee, especially since October 2000, and not many are joining the sparse Jewish population there, despite an array of financial incentives…Israeli governments have resigned themselves to the blatant, unconcealed separatist actions of the Galilee Arabs, and this only perpetuates the phenomenon. Shimon Peres, who was appointed by several governments to oversee measures ultimately aimed at increasing the Jewish presence in the Galilee, talked a lot but did little. Political correctness, such as halting the campaign to “Judaize Galilee,” was his guideline.

Kosovo is already here, even without a formal declaration of independence…This inertia will probably continue, with the Zionist state financing, via education, health, national insurance and other state monies transferred to citizens, a population that is de facto establishing a Palestinian state within the sovereign State of Israel - separate, of course, from the Palestinian state that the Arabs are pushing for in Judea and Samaria. [Note: Serbia continues several of these kinds of subsidies for the breakaway Albanians, who still line up for their Serbian passports.]

So Kosovo is already in Israel, and by the same token, Gaza is already in Serbian Kosovo. Note the last sentence of this paragraph that I wrote back in 2006:

Balkan-update dispatches used to start, more or less, like this: “Lifting themselves up from under the the ash heap of communism, the very secular and very peaceful, not-very-Muslim Albanians are rediscovering their roots and religion and have built a mosque to honor their peaceful religion…” Now, as we can see, these articles are starting with: “In a rare foray into politics, Islamic leaders in Kosovo…” Next they’ll read, “In a rare foray into suicide bombings, the Islamists of Kosovo…”

Lo and behold what the one-year anniversary of Kosovo’s “independence” in February brought with it:

Kosovo Albanian with Suicide Vest Arrested (Feb. 16):

A Kosovo Albanian from the city of Kacanik has been arrested in a cafe in the southern village of Strpce in Serbia’s province of Kosovo[,] report[s] police spokesman Arber Beka.

The arrested Albanian wore a suicide vest loaded with explosives.

He was arrested in the cafe called Kvatro around 8:00 pm today. Police and NATO troops have surrounded the perimeter and are investigating.

The arrest came after a cafe patron spotted that one of the three Albanians who just walked into the cafe had wires under his jacket.

The police [were] immediately called in and after a search, the police found explosive[s] in a suicide vest on the body of Arben Husi, one of the 3 ethnic Albanians who came into the cafe.

In addition to the explosives, the police found a grenade and a Kalashnikov.

The witnesses say that one of the Albanians ran out of the cafe, while the second one was held on. After the search, the police tied Husi up to the chair and then took him to the police station.

It is not clear whether Husi planned to commit a suicide bombing or to just plant the explosive inside the cafe and activate it after.

Strpce is located just under the slopes of the Sar mountains and is populated by Serbs.

[A] Few weeks ago, 2 Albanians stabbed a Serb from Strpce in [the] chest.

There is one overarching point that needs to be made. Notice that while the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has festered for decades without world mediators feeling any immediate fire under their bottoms, in contrast there is a “get it done — and now” approach to Kosovo, where world leaders have been in a frantic hurry to declare a two-state solution completed, after just four years. (Entreaties by U.S. politicians to give the “long-waiting” Albanians a second state started openly at least as early as 2004, with independence having barely just been given the international nod as the official agenda.) Below are some examples of such declarations coming from U.S. lawmakers and bureaucrats, but the point is: This dichotomy between the Balkans and the supposedly more horrific Middle East is a screaming admission by world leaders that they view their celebrated “Kosovars” as exponentially more violent than Palestinians.

Palestinians, of course, being among the “like that” Muslims which Albanians and their Western parrots go to great lengths to convince us they’re not like. One Hungarian parliamentarian was honest enough to explain Europe’s U.S.-mandated pro-Albanian policy in Kosovo thus: “Because we’re afraid of them.”

In other words, superpower America sees the “pro-American” Albanians as a greater danger to itself than the vocally anti-American Palestinians.

On March 18th, 2004, at the height of the Kosovo-wide pogrom against Serbs, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) — who had said he wanted to be the first U.S. lawmaker to stand on independent Kosovo soil — presented a Resolution on Kosovo and addressed the House of Representatives:

When there is no resolution of the final status, the people in a country become restless because they see no future…Self-determination and, ultimately, independence for the people of Kosovo is the only solution. When people do not see a chance for self-determination, tensions fester beneath the surface when you do not move to resolution… What we have seen…is this ridiculous plan called standards before status. To me, it only means status quo. We put forward benchmarks and we tell the people of Kosovo they have to achieve these benchmarks before we can even look at a resolution and at self-determination.

This speech could have come from Hamas itself, making the case for immediate Palestinian statehood as a way to end “understandable” violence against Israelis. The irony of it coming from a Jewish Congressman is too thick for intelligent comment, and yet it gets thicker as it incorporates a likewise familiar moral equalizing and platitudes calling for “both sides to end the violence”:

The ethnic violence which happened yesterday is a tragic undertaking, a tragic tragedy, and I must call on both sides to stop the violence. Violence is never a solution to anybody’s perceived problems or indignities. It must be solved peacefully.

All the while, of course, citing Albanian violence as the key reason that we need to hurry up and give the Albanians what they want. In April 2007, Engel joined other U.S. bureaucrats and lawmakers in a D.C. meeting and went at it again:

And I want to in a bipartisan fashion commend President Bush and the administration, President Clinton as well. Both presidents understand that this issue needed and needs to be resolved. And the president, President Bush, has been steadfast in saying that this really needs to be done now.

…And I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Burns [Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns], that the possibility of violence if we delay is something that increases as we delay. People there have been waiting for years, and now really is the time.

Clinton holdover Burns reiterated the U.S. position that immediate independence without standards or compromise is the only acceptable solution, because the growing violence is what guides our Kosovo policy:

It’s our view that we have now [to] act resolutely in the coming weeks…we looked at this very carefully with our European friends. And we said, are we better off supporting a solution in the spring of 2007 or delaying a year or two? We became convinced in looking at it, all of us, that the prospects for violence would be greater if we waited. Because 92 to 94 percent of the people who now live in Kosovo are Albanian Muslims. They have been waiting a long, long time…And so we the international community must act.

Engel’s enthusiasm for the terrorist state of Kosovo is no accident. His Bronx district is filled with these violent Albanians. And it is precisely because of “the Albanian reach,” as law enforcement professionals call it, that U.S. lawmakers are embracing the criminal infrastructure of Greater Albania. Indeed, one begins to get a clearer understanding of what drives American prioritizing and absolutism about Kosovo independence when one considers the vast quantities of Albanian flags that were waving in Times Square and throughout America the day that Kosovo declared independence last year, accompanied by cheers of “KLA! KLA! KLA!” (As John McCain told his Albanian campaign contributors and KLA financiers while campaigning in January 2008: “I saw your people in Michigan, and in South Carolina and in New Hampshire.”)

Our policymakers know full well that if we were to reverse course in Kosovo and apply evenly the Bush Doctrine that states “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists,” Americans could start dropping like flies, as this 2008 report makes clear:

… “Albanian extremist crime groups have emerged in [New York] city and became [sic] more active. So far, we cannot say whether these groups dominate, but they commit the cruelest felonies,” [Manhattan Attorney Michael] Garcia said.

Albanian organized crime penetrated in the European Union countries as well as in the United States since the start of the war in Kosovo, when Albanians were granted a status of ethnic refugees, Russian Ria Novosti news agency said.

A number of experts estimate that Albanian narco-mafia was directly linked with Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), seen by many US experts as terrorist group.

Experts say the Balkan route provides 25-40% of the entire heroine market in the United States.

FBI says in its report that Albanian mafia have emerged as a serious organized crime problem, threatening to displace La Cosa Nostra families as kingpins of U.S. crime.

Official statistical data show that in New York only, there are around 150.000 Albanians - migrants from Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania.

In other words, correcting our Balkans policy to a post-9/11 approach would mean an exponential increase in the domestic terror threat — whether from non-Islamic nationalist Albanians or Islamic Albanians such as three of the four Albanians who were planning a slaughter of U.S. troops at Ft. Dix in 2007.

I close with two paragraphs from an article that appeared upon Kosovo’s “independence” on the “Israel e-News” website, titled “Kosovo’s and Islam’s Balkanization of the World”:

Kosovo and the Palestinian Authority are both triumphs of terrorism, victories by racist nationalists whose aim has always been religious and ethnic cleansing who have nevertheless managed to portray the countries they have torn to shreds as racist nationalists practicing ethnic cleansing.

Time and time again, Muslims continue to transform nation after nation into Czechoslovakia, convincing the world that there will be peace if a country is carved up and they are given a peace [sic]. Yet even as Western Europe itself is being balkanized, its leaders give little thought that tomorrow’s Kosovo is Paris or London or Oslo. That the sacrifices for tomorrow’s peace will come from their own territory.

“Fort Dix defense: Men were ‘all talk’” (Dec. 5):

Albanians have an expression that defense attorney Rocco Cipparone said perfectly describes the five men accused of plotting to attack Fort Dix.

“A barking dog doesn’t bite,” he said. “All talk, no action.”

Cipparone, who represents defendant Mohamad Shnewer, recalled that phrase yesterday while cross-examining FBI informant Besnik Bakalli, an Albanian illegal immigrant.

Bakalli befriended defendants Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka, who are ethnic Albanians, at the behest of the FBI. He secretly recorded months of conversations with them.

Their discussions often were dominated by talk of radical Islam, guns, and whether the men should take part in armed jihad, overseas or in the United States.

Cipparone and the other defense attorneys said that talking was all their clients ever did. Prosecutors said the men formulated a plan to kill soldiers at Fort Dix and trained for their mission by shooting on a firing range and playing paintball.

In often-combative exchanges with Bakalli, Cipparone pointed out segments of the recordings where the Duka brothers demurred or said they didn’t have the guts to go on jihad.

While discussing suicide bombings, Dritan Duka once said, “I wouldn’t do it. I will never do it.”

On one recording, Eljvir Duka said Islam could not be spread by violence.

“It’s not by the sword only,” he said. “You can’t force them to come to Islam.”

But Bakalli accused Cipparone of cherry-picking the transcripts without providing the context. He repeatedly tried to offer longer answers, only to have Cipparone cut him off.

Defense attorney Michael Huff, who represents Dritan Duka, began his questioning yesterday by probing Bakalli’s story of shooting a man in Albania in a “blood feud.”

Bakalli said this week that the man had been threatening his sister and that in Albania families must settle disputes violently and among themselves.

The man Bakalli shot survived, and Bakalli was convicted in absentia of firing a gun without the proper permits. Bakalli was not charged with shooting the man.

“So, in Albania are you allowed to shoot someone as long as you have the [gun permits]?” Huff asked.

“Like I said . . . Albania is not the United States,” Bakalli answered. “We have our own traditions.”

“It’s a tradition to shoot somebody?” Huff asked.

“It’s a tradition to handle your own problems,” Bakalli said.

Indeed, having a past like Bakalli’s really should have no bearing on an Albanian witness’s credibility — because it really is perfectly normal for the average Albanian to have shot or killed someone at least once. For example, no sooner did this chick meet her first Albanian than she found out he had axed someone to death by the age of 12. My friend Karol knew some Albanian kids when she was growing up in Brooklyn. Three of them turned out to be the Duka brothers.

Here is just one other item about the convictions:

5 immigrants face life behind bars for Army plot

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — Five Muslim immigrants face possible life prison terms after being convicted of plotting to massacre U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix in a case that supporters called entrapment and prosecutors said was a pre-emptive strike against terrorism.

The five men were convicted Monday in federal court of conspiring to kill military personnel but acquitted of attempted murder. Prosecutors acknowledged the defendants were probably months away from an attack and did not necessarily have a specific plan.

Prosecutors said the defendants bought several assault rifles supplied by the FBI and that they trekked to Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains to practice their shooting. The government also presented dozens of jihadist speeches and videos that the men supposedly used as inspiration.

[Executive director of the New Jersey chapter of CAIR, Jim] Sues said… “The evidence showed there was no real, honest-to-God planning for an attack on Fort Dix,” he said. “The defendants were never all in a room at one time with a map of the fort, plotting what they were going to do.”

Yes, to the defenders of stopped terrorists — whether in court, at home, or in the media — it’s always “all talk” until they actually kill their intended targets. I’m reminded of a 2005 article that appeared in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine, titled “Love and Terror,” by some schmuck named David France. Apparently, 17 year-old Yusra Abdu was only toying with the idea of doing a “suicide mission” after meeting “charismatic young rebel Hani Akad” (mastermind of several suicide bombings already) — since in Nablus, writes France, “offering to enlist as a suicide bomber was a young girl’s way of flirting.” Here is where France is indignant over the saved-from-herself girl being behind Israeli bars (ultimately for a total of just 15 months):

The two of us watch the chain swinging between her ankles as she shambles away. I can’t help thinking how old she looks at 17 — her childhood gone and her future imperiled, for all I can tell, because of a girlish crush. “She said, ‘I loved him very much,’” the soldier tells me finally. “She said, ‘Yes, I cried a lot. I cried for two months.’”

Later, in the car, the soldier says he believes she was telling the truth. Given the long mutual distrust between their communities, I’m startled: Does that mean he doesn’t view Yusra as a threat to Israel? “Is she a terrorist?” I ask.

“Sure,” he says easily. “She did talk about it twice.”

“But she says she never intended to do it. Doesn’t that make a difference?”

No, asshole, it doesn’t. Just like the Albanians above, once you’re caught you always decide you don’t really want to do it — whether you did or not. I see it on “Forensic Files” and on “The Investigators” and on “Cold Case Files” all the time when a crime is stopped before it happens ( “I could never really kill anyone,” goes the usual refrain). Immediately once in shackles and behind bars, the foiled offenders have the same revelation: “What was so wrong with my free-breathing life that I would have ruined it by doing something like this? There’s no way I would have actually gone through with something so stupid!”

Here is a courtroom scene of two women who are shocked and crushed by the verdict that their brother (the Turkish conspirator, Serdar Tatar) was actually convicted of something that they honestly don’t believe he would really have gone through with. Let their Westernized appearance be a reminder that one doesn’t have to look like a jihadi to be a jihadi. Relatedly, as in the case of Albanian nationalism’s KLA heroes, we know that one doesn’t have to be a jihadi to be a terrorist.

In closing, pay no attention to the men behind the bars! All you need to know about Albanians is how “pro-American” they are, whether they’re making you pizza or carjacking your FedEx truck. Read with Albanian accent: “Please, you no worry about the Fort Dix; those were not Albanians…Albanians no do like this…Look, we love US, we love Clinton, we love Bush, we’ll love your mother and sister too if they help us…and we’ll rape and kill them if they don’t…Look — we even make street in Bush’s honor…”:

Kosovo names street after US President Bush :

Kosovo decided Wednesday to name a central street of its capital Pristina after outgoing US President George W. Bush for his support of the territory’s split from Serbia.

Backed unanimously by Kosovo’s cabinet, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said the move was “a sign of the huge state and national respect and appreciation” for the United States’ contribution to independence, declared earlier this year.

Located in Pristina’s downtown area, Bush Street is to be linked to the main thoroughfare named after Mother Teresa, the 1979 Nobel Peace Laureate of Albanian origin.

Separately, the government pledged 5,000 euros (7,000 dollars) towards a statue honouring Bush’s predecessor, Bill Clinton, popular in ethnic Albanian-majority Kosovo over NATO’s 1999 air war against Serb forces. […]

From October:

Fort Dix jihad video depicts gory decapitations and jihadi celebrations

Fort Dix Jihad Update. “Jurors in Fort Dix terror trial view tape from seized computers,” by John P. Martin for the Star-Ledger, October 23 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

Jurors at the Fort Dix terror trial today watched videos of beheadings and al Qaeda propaganda seized from one defendant’s computer, footage investigators contend proves the young Muslim men were studying terror tactics and preparing to attack.

Then two Iraqi captives appeared in succession on camera, each sitting before a red tapestry and confessing they had been spies for America and Israel.

An FBI language specialist, Gassan Hajjar, then described for jurors what happened next: Using a knife, the captors sliced off the hostages’ heads, taking four to six minutes to complete the decapitations, he said. They held the severed heads aloft, placed them back on the bodies and celebrated.

Prosecutors aired the videos as the first week of testimony in the Camden courtroom came to an end, letting the images potentially linger in jurors’ minds as a searing coda to the week.

Agents extracted the videos from a computer seized last year at the Cherry Hill home of Shain and Eljvir Duka, illegal Albanian immigrants who prosecutors say were radical Islamists plotting to attack Fort Dix or another area installation.

Being tried with them on charges of conspiring to kill U.S. soldiers are their brother, Dritan Duka, of Cherry Hill; Mohamad Shnewer, a native of Jordan and nationalized U.S. citizen from Cherry Hill, and Serdar Tatar, a legal permanent resident from Turkey who lived in Philadelphia.

The clips jurors watched were among hundreds of jihadist photos, articles and Internet links agents found on the defendants’ computers after the May 2007 arrests ended a 15-month FBI investigation. […]

When potential jurors in this case were “grilled on whether they *think* Islam teaches violence,” JihadWatch noted: “Apparently you have to believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ to serve on this jury — which suggests that the trial itself will tread only very, very lightly, if at all, into territory concerning the motives and goals of these men.” From the AP last month:

…Lawyers on Tuesday morning asked questions of 11 potential jurors, examining whether they could be fair even if they thought Islam encouraged violence or they had family in the military. […]

The first one may have been one of the hardest cases. The woman said she is the wife of a retired New Jersey National Guard member who served about a year in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay, where the U.S. is holding suspect terrorists rounded up abroad.

Assistant U.S. Attorney William Fitzpatrick asked if she could keep an open mind in light of that.

“I think I would have some difficulty,” said the woman, whose name, like those of others called on the case, is not being made public , even to the attorneys questioning her.

For 45 minutes, lawyers on both sides grilled the woman on a number of topics, including her opinion of Islam, whether she would hold it against the defendants if they did not testify, and whether she could separate the case from the people she’s known who have served at Fort Dix….

JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer closed with, “She had ‘too many biases’ and was excused.”

Let’s recall that this whole plot came to light when a Circuit City clerk making a copy of the tape overcame his guilt for being “racist” and alerted authorities to its contents. Circuit City declared bankruptcy last month. Who will protect us now?

Below are some previous updates on the Ft. Dix case, which I haven’t had time to mention:

Man Sentenced in Fort Dix Plot Case (from March)

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - A man who admitted letting a group of accused terror-plotters shoot his guns at a firing range was sentenced to 20 months in prison Monday.

U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler said Agron Abdullahu deserved more than the 10 to 16 months that sentencing guidelines call for because he knew the men who were talking about violence against Americans.

“I am convinced that he is not as innocent as he’d like us to believe,” Kugler said before imposing the sentence. “This is not a common, ordinary, technical violation of the law.”

But the sentence was less than half the five-year maximum allowed. With time served and credit for good behavior, it’s likely Abdullahu will be free before the end of the year. He could face deportation.

Abdullahu said he was sorry he let his friends use his weapons at a firing range in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania in 2006 and 2007. He said he discounted their tough talk about hurting America.

“Not at any moment did I think they were actually going to do what they said,” he told the judge.

Abdullahu, 25, was arrested last May with five men who are charged with conspiring to kill soldiers on Fort Dix.

Though the group was dubbed “The Fort Dix Six,” Abdullahu, a supermarket baker whose ethnic Albanian family escaped Kosovo when he was a teenager, always stood out. While the others are on track for a trial in the fall for charges including conspiracy to murder military personnel and attempted murder, Abdullahu pleaded guilty last year to a single, lesser charge.

Abdullahu was charged with letting the brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka shoot two weapons that he owned legally. It is a crime to allow illegal immigrants like the Duka brothers to possess guns.

Note: Abdullahu was the Albanian who reportedly had been a sniper in Kosovo — which means at the age of 15 (see Bosnia “slaughter” of Muslim men “and boys”) — and received Ft. Dix’s hospitality when his family came here among the Clintons’ designated “refugees”.

Next update: Fort Dix plotter gets 20 [months] (from April)

CAMDEN — Agron Abdullahu, the Buena Vista Township man who admitted he provided weapons used at a firing range by illegal aliens charged last spring with plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix, was sentenced Monday to 20 months in federal prison.

Abdullahu, 25 and a refugee from Kosovo, could be released from custody next fall, said his attorney Richard Coughlin, federal public defender for New Jersey.

Throughout the 90-minute sentencing hearing, Couglin, a team of federal prosecutors, and U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler said repeatedly that Abdullahu had no active part in the conspiracy to attack personnel at the military base.

Setting for the his reasons for the sentence, more than the 11 months suggested by the defense but substantially less than the 60 months that the government said “would be reasonable,” Kugler referred to letters written in support of Abdullahu. Those letters described him as a hard-working, pleasant, and polite man who loved the United States. [Note: Recall my quip here: You know your carjacker is Albanian if while he holds a gun to your head, he says pro-American things. Meanwhile, try to find the word “Albanian” in this AFP report on the Abdullahu update. You will, however, find the words “Serbian” and “Yugoslavia”.]

Kugler said that while secretly-recorded conversations among Abudullahu and his co-defendants included Abdullahu’s assertion that he would never kill anyone, and would not help the other men kill anyone, he knew the others wanted to prepare to carry out sniper attacks.

Coughlin described Abdullahu as a young man, who socialized with co-defendants because they shared a refugee history. While Abdullahu often worked up to 70 hours a week and was described by the sentencing judge as “the glue that held his family together,” his meetings with the other men gave him an opportunity for beer, pizza, and girlfriends.

Coughlin said Abdullahu was “very grateful” for the sentence and “appreciated the time the judge devoted to this case.”…Coughlin said he did not know what steps would be taken after Abdullahu’s release by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency in connection with the possible deportation of Abdullahu.

Abdullahu possessed and used the weapons legally, although his conviction bars him fro[m] possessing any firerms in the future…Jury selection now is set to begin in September. Co-defendants are Mohamad Shnewer of Cherry Hill; Eljvir, Shain, and Dritan Duka, three brothers also from Cherry Hill, and Sedar Tatar, of Philadelphia.

In his statement to the court before his sentence was announced, Abdullahu said, “I was not paying attention to anything they said. I mind my own business,” Abdullahu said. “I never thought they would actually do what they said.”

Though the following from this update seems to show that he took their words seriously enough to admonish them against it:

…Abdullahu was indicted on charges of providing weapons to illegal immigrants and has admitted letting illegal immigrants use weapons he owned legally, including a Beretta 9 mm pistol and a Yugoslav semiautomatic rifle…”He regrets that he is associated with any plot, which has not been proved,” [Coughlin] said.

Authorities said that while Abdullahu provided weapons to the other men and joined them for target practice in Pennsylvania, he resisted the idea of participating in an attack. The government said he told the others at one point that it would be against Islam to kill civilians and that it would be “crazy” to attack the military installation. […]

From Byzantine Blog:

Fort Dix U.S. Army base was not the only terror target of the group consisting of predominantly Kosovo and Macedonian Albanian terrorists. According to the authorities, surrounding U.S. Army objects and Federal Building in Philadelphia were also targeted by the group.

Updates on the remaining Ft. Dix Five:

New charges filed against Fort Dix Five

A federal grand jury in Camden yesterday returned a new indictment that contains additional charges against the five men accused of plotting an armed jihadist attack on Fort Dix.

The superseding indictment includes three new counts - two firearms charges and a count of attempted murder of members of the U.S. military.

The indictment also adds some details about the firearms the men were accused of seeking and alleges the men also scouted McGuire Air Force Base for a possible attack.

They were accused of planning to use a pizza-delivery pass to get onto Fort Dix, where they would open fire on soldiers. They could face life in prison if convicted.

The new indictment replaces the five-count indictment brought against all six defendants in June. The new one removes Abdullahu from the case.

The new indictment says that the five men attempted to identify others sympathetic to their cause and to recruit them “to their violent jihadist philosophy.”

Prosecutors also added to the indictment that the men had scouted McGuire, and that Dritan Duka and Shnewer told [informant] Omar that they wanted to buy AK-47 assault rifles from a black-market gun dealer he purported to know. […]

The comical part in all of this was hearing the expressions of shock — SHOCK! — over the Ft. Dix plot from the leadership of the terror-won state-in-progress, Kosovo, and from Albanians in general:

Kosovo Shocked at Arrests of Albanian Terror Suspects

Kosovo has been shocked by the arrest of four Islamic radicals of Albanian origin who were allegedly plotting to attack the US military base at Fort Dix, close to New Jersey.

News of the arrests has caused something of a furore in Kosovo, with politicians and institutions strongly condemning the alleged plotters and offering to help the US government with their enquiries.

“We are disgusted by the fact that any Albanian anywhere in the world could be involved in such acts against a nation which has been so generous to us,” said [former Kosovo “prime minister” Agim] Ceku.

Kosovan political parties said the alleged plot damaged the image of Albanians.

Hashim Thaci, head of Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, the main opposition party in Kosovo [but now the ruling party with Thaci as “prime minister”], said…that “Kosovo and Albanians in general have always and continue to take an active part in the war against global terrorism”.

Just as Bosnian ambassador and terror facilitator Bisera Turkovic, said “her country was shocked that a Bosnian-born teenager [also a Clinton “refugee”] killed five people [in Utah] in a country that has granted ‘our freedom, our prosperity,’” these people kill with impunity in their home countries — where war criminals are heroes and go free more often than not — then they start killing here, surprisingly. Why would leaders of a narco-terrorist mafia state be “shocked” that four of their kin were continuing in America what they learned from home? Too soon? And why did Albanians condemn these four even as they fight to free Albanian terrorists elsewhere?

Then again, Albanians are used to feigning shock over their own terrorism:

Kosovo officials arrested after huge weapons haul (December 2006)

PRISTINA, Serbia (Reuters) - Two officials of Kosovo’s governing coalition have been arrested after police found a minibus packed with heavy weapons and ammunition.

A police source said the haul included a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft gun and more than 100 rocket-propelled grenades.

Local media reports said the find, made late on Wednesday in the Drenica region of central Kosovo, was the largest in Kosovo since the 1998-99 war and the deployment of NATO peacekeepers.

Three men were arrested, including a senior adviser to the Kosovo labor minister and a member of the governing Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), which emerged from the guerrilla Kosovo Liberation Army.

The Kosovo government issued a statement expressing regret for what it said was an isolated case. The AAK, a junior member of the governing coalition, said it was “surprised” that two of its members were involved.

Finally, in January of this year, the Nine/Eleven Finding Answers organization released a detailed report based on compiled news items, concerning the Ft. Dix plot. The group is focused on jihad terrorism, and unlike most other reports on the Ft Dix plot, this one does not conceal the Albanian Muslim identities of four of the six plotters. Some key parts — from Abdullahu’s true level of involvement to the Dukas’ 15 year-old brides to their childhood modeling/acting careers — are excerpted below:

Report #13 in a NEFA series, “Target: America”
A NEFA analysis of U.S. v. Shnewer

…Shain Duka told another FBI informant that Serdar Tatar “wanted to join the U.S. Army so that he could kill U.S. soldiers from the ‘inside.’” [Note: this is what Yugoslavia was dealing with early on from Albanians in the military — and what the U.S. has already had a taste of.]

Then, in early February 2007, fourteen individuals – including Shnewer, the three indicted Duka brothers, Abdullahu, and Abdullahu’s thirteen and eighteen-year-old brothers – traveled to a rented house at 2717 Eagleview Drive in Gouldsboro. On February 2, 2007, federal agents…watched the Duka brothers train at a firearms range with a 9 millimeter Beretta handgun, a Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotgun, an SKS semi-automatic rifle, and a Beretta Storm semi-automatic rifle. They also noted that Abdullahu was instructing members of the group how to hold the shotgun when shooting it. Three days later, some of the men were recorded discussing “bombs, nitroglycerin, and the explosive C-4.”

If there were any confusion about the purpose of the group’s trip to the Poconos, Eljvir Duka clarified the issue, explaining that it “had been a training mission.” Duka added, “at the end when it comes to defending your religion, when someone is trying attacks [on] your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.”
[Note: this is the one who wasn’t “involved” in the plot.]…In addition to live fire training, cell members readied themselves for jihad by playing paintball.

While the cell eventually settled on Fort Dix as their primary target, at least one of the conspirators also considered assaulting a handful of other military locations. Court documents allege that Mohamad Shnewer suggested attacking two American warships when they docked in the Port of Philadelphia and bemoaned the fact that “they had missed an opportunity to attack United States military personnel during the Army-Navy football game that had been recently played in Philadelphia.” According to Shnewer, in the lead up to the game, the nearby Navy base was “full of people,” presenting a golden “opportunity” because “you can hit it from…New Jersey.” And, as discussed below, Shnewer physically assessed the vulnerability of the U.S. Army base at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey; the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, New Jersey; the U.S. Coast Guard Building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Dover Air Force base in Dover, Delaware.

To analyze other targets for attack, Mohamad Shnewer conducted a number of surveillance runs. On August 11, 2006, the same day he surveilled Fort Dix, Shnewer conducted surveillance of the U.S. Army base at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey and the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Lakehurst, New Jersey…

Two days later, on August 13th, Shnewer carried out surveillance on the U.S. Coast Guard Base, Sector Delaware Bay, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware.

While information is sparse on the multitude of factors that may have led to the radicalization of cell members, some clues do exist. For one, press reports indicate that the Duka’s [sic] uncle, who reportedly became radicalized while jailed in New York State and was eventually deported, played a role in his nephews’ transformation. Media sources claim that several years ago, Eljvir, Shain, and Dritan became increasingly fervent in their beliefs, giving up alcohol and growing beards. Dritan and Eljvir also wed 15-yearold girls in religious ceremonies. Additionally, Mohamad Shnewer’s mother told a reporter that her son was upset about images of the Iraq war he saw on television.

[D]uring the February 2007 Poconos trip, Shnewer played jihadist videos that featured the bombing of U.S. military vehicles. A court filing alleges that when “Shain Duka pointed out that a United States Marine’s arm had been blown off…laughter erupted from the group.”

The connections between the conspirators can be traced as far back as 1999, when Eljvir Duka, Mohamad Shnewer, and Serdar Tatar attended Cherry Hill West High School in New Jersey. Moreover, Eljvir Duka is married to one of Shnewer’s sisters. The Duka brothers are further tied to Shnewer through the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society Mosque in Philadelphia and the Islamic Center of South Jersey in Palmyra, which their families attended.

A lawyer for the Duka brothers reports that the family, which hails from Debar, Macedonia, illegally entered the United States through Mexico in 1984.

In 1996, the Duka family laid down roots in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, having spent time in Texas and Brooklyn, New York. As children, the three indicted Duka brothers modeled in New York City; Time reports that “Eljvir appeared in a rock-music video, Dritan was an extra in Law & Order, and Shain was in a commercial for the World Wrestling Federation.”

High school classmates remember that Elvjir and his older brother Shain, who also attended Cherry Hill West, “had…a gangster attitude”, “talked about fighting a lot,” and “were in trouble all the time.” A retired assistant principal at the school confirmed these reports, telling a reporter that the two brothers were “incredibly disruptive.” What’s more, police were even called to Cherry Hill West to remove Ferik Duka, who threatened to assault the principal over a disciplinary incident involving Eljvir. Neither Eljvir nor Shain graduated from high school. Along with Dritan, they went on to operate a roofing company. Dritan and Shain Duka also owned a pizza restaurant in Turnersville, New Jersey but sold it in June 2005. The individual to whom they sold the shop described the brothers as “surly” and “arrogant.” He asserted that the business “was a rat trap” when he bought it and claimed, “I don’t think they did any business. It was horrible.” (The president of the Islamic Center of South Jersey, Ismail Badat, presented a different perspective on the Duka brothers, describing them as “religious kids. They were hardworking boys. They were very friendly, well-behaved, wellmannered. There was nothing to indicate they were going off the path.”) [Indeed, they still haven’t gone off the path.]

In addition to jointly owning businesses, the brothers lived together, along with their parents and other relatives. A neighbor reported that the Duka brothers were extremely close: “they did everything together…it was like they were attached at the hip.”

Though Agron Abdullahu has not been indicted in connection with the plot, he “provide[d] weapons to persons whom he knew to be preaching jihad,” and his background is thus worth examining. Born in Gilan [Gnjilane], Kosovo, Abdullahu fled his strife-torn homeland in 1999 along with his parents, three siblings, and grandmother. Abdullahu, then sixteen-years-old, and his family spent five weeks in a United Nations refugee camp on the Macedonian border. After winning an immigration lottery, the Abdullahu clan traveled to the U.S., ironically entering through Fort Dix and settling in Williamstown, New Jersey.

A filing by Abdullahu’s attorney paints Abdullahu and his family as fervently pro-American. According to that document: “The Abdullahu family is eternally grateful to the United States. The United States’ participation in the Kosovo refugee lottery system allowed the Abdullahu family to escape war-ravaged Kosovo intact…”

The same filing states that “Abdullahu has also found America a wonderful place for pursuing his own passions. He enjoys mechanical projects and has spent a great deal of his free time refurbishing cars and a boat. He is also a gun enthusiast.” In light of these facts, Abdullahu purportedly has a “great feeling of indebtedness…toward the United States.”

Agron Abdullahu, who was not charged in connection with the Fort Dix plot, displayed a strong interest in explosives. During interviews with federal agents, he detailed how “he has used gun powder to blow up logs in his back yard.” He “explained that he ignited the gun powder with a fusing system that incorporated an extension cord and a ‘lighter-wire’ that he placed into an electrical socket which heated the lighterwire which, in turn, ignited the gun powder.” What’s more, a former co-worker told the media that Abdullahu, who purportedly called Usama bin Laden “Uncle Benny,” had bomb recipes in his car.

And during the February 2007 trip to the Poconos, Abdullahu discussed explosives with members of the group, as he explained, “You have to have the perfect temperature. You have nitroglycerin. You can make a bomb with the fucking ammonium. Fucking Windshield [w]iper…Burns like fucking gasoline.” He added, “you can use it in an assault.” When asked about his interest in bombs, Abdullahu responded, “I love that shit. I looked for it, I learnt about it…I like to know everything in case very time comes. Because it the times. If any moment if somebody turns against me. If they turn against me, I would have a fighting chance. You don’t have to have that fucking military [stuff] to making bombs. You can break into fucking house and steal stuff to make a bomb. You can break into a gun store and steal the stuff and make the bomb…I can break into the Home Depot and make a fucking bomb.”

Nonetheless, when talking to federal agents, “Abdullahu claimed that he had neither formal military training nor bomb-building training.” Federal prosecutors assess that “Abdullahu clearly minimized his knowledge of explosives to the interviewing agents…”

According to press reports, some of the suspects talked about crashing fuel tankers into crowded buildings; however, they decided the plot was impractical because, as illegal immigrants, they would be unable to obtain the necessary licenses.

While incarcerated, a number of the individuals charged in connection with the probe have created additional problems for themselves.

[O]n November 22, 2007, a corrections officer discovered a DVD hidden in a book in the prison’s law library. At that point, “Dritan Duka began yelling and stated that the DVD was his.” Court documents reveal that: “the DVD contained one of the many videos that were recovered from defendant Shnewer’s laptop computer during the course of the investigation. The video was produced by Al Qaeda. The video is slightly more than one hour of clips depicting the plight of Muslims around the world, and of Usama Bin Laden and other Islamic extremists making speeches which call the viewer to join the jihadist movement…’”

An inmate later advised corrections officers that Shnewer had given him the DVD to watch. This DVD is the same one Shnewer gave to Mahmoud Omar in May 2006. Analyzing this incident, prosecutors wrote, “the fact the defendant Shnewer and, perhaps, his co-conspirators may be spreading jihadist recruitment videos to other inmates clearly raises grave security concerns…”

Months before this controversy, Agron Abdullahu also disturbed prison officials with his actions. On May 25, 2007, a corrections officer noticed that Abdullahu had “etched into his cell door a depiction of an AK-47 machine gun firing bullets at the words ‘FBI,’” as well as the words “Rainca Kosova UCK.” Prosecutors explained that “UCK” is an acronym for the “Kosovo Liberation Army,” an “ethnic Albanian paramilitary organization which fought for the independence of Kosovo from Yugoslavia in the late 1990s. Some prominent KLA members have recently been charged with committing war crimes. As recently as December 2006, the Albanian National Army or AKSH, with which some former KLA members appear to have been linked, has been involved in violent attacks against legitimate police forces in Western Kosovo.” Court documents further note that “although Abdullahu has publicly attempted to disassociate himself with the KLA, his promotion of it paints a different picture.” In addition to the two etchings, Abdullahu also removed a screw from the metal light switch plate in his room and bent it from the wall. Officials feared he may have been attempting to create a weapon with the plate.

Prior to their arrest on terror charges, the Duka brothers ran into trouble with the law on numerous occasions. Shain Duka has been arrested on charges of making physical threats, obstruction of justice, and hindering apprehension. He has also been cited for traffic violations five times. Eljvir Duka has been arrested on drug charges and amassed two motor vehicles citations. And, Dritan Duka was arrested for disorderly conduct, drug possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Moreover, he was ticketed for speeding or driving with a suspended license a total of six times. [Note the recurring theme of criminality giving way to increased Islamic fervor. Which also accounts for Islam’s appeal among prison populations.]

According to media reports, Tatar first applied to become a police officer (at an undisclosed time) in Oakland, California. Then, on April 10, 2007, he applied to the Philadelphia police department.

Despite the evidence amassed against the cell members, their relatives have steadfastly proclaimed their innocence. For example, Serdar Tatar’s father blasted authorities for their alleged anti-Muslim bias, commenting, “It’s persecution, religious persecution. Nothing more.” [Here again, a Muslim himself is equating criminal behavior with Islam. He is essentially saying that these would-be terrorists are doing nothing more than practicing their religion.] He has also stated, “I believe in my heart that my son is
not guilty” and claims that his son “loves the United States.” And Tatar’s wife told the media, “I know he is not a terrorist…I know. I know my husband. He is not a terrorist.” Similarly, Mohamad Shnewer’s mother commented that her son was a “good boy” and the allegations “made no sense.” Finally, Dritan Duka’s wife asserted that her husband was “always home or working. He would never [have] had time to do this.”

Notice that it is only Muslims, from the Islamic Center guy to the family members, who are professing the boys’ goodness. But recall this short blog post from a friend of mine who knew the Dukas when she was growing up in Brooklyn:

When Elvis and Dritan Duka, two of the three brothers arrested on terrorism charges in Fort Dix, were kids, they were neighborhood bullies. When they got a little older, they became drug dealers.

How do I know? They grew up in my neighborhood, my brother and his friends used to brawl with them on a fairly regular basis. My brother’s best friend’s mom was friends with their mom. Then they moved to New Jersey and became Jihadis. Of all possible paths for the Duka kids, that one didn’t seem the most likely.

They’ve been here since they were kids, illegally it turns out, lived American lives, went to our public schools, and then decided to try and kill some of our troops. I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to this world.

Indeed, Islam is the umbrella organization for all kinds of criminality. In addition to being a political ideology hiding behind a religious shroud it is quite simply a joint criminal enterprise.

Among the choice comments below the quote are one from “Sean” and another from “Former Bay Ridger”:

…There’s one family across the street from my aunt (the family, not just the kids) who has basically terrorized the block for about 30 years. It’s not a muslim thing either. They terrorize the nice Bangladeshi muslims the worst, because the Bangledeshis (on this block) are a very peaceful group…I still don’t know why, to this day, we took (and continue to take) their [Albanians’] side in anything.

Former Bay Ridger:

…seems like there’s a whole contingent of Muslim/Arab/Albanian pseudo-Jihadi angry teenagers now in that part of Bay Ridge, roughly between 4th and 8th avenues in the 60s - but beginning to stretch down to the higher streets.

So while Americans continue to split hairs over how many or how few Albanians are “like that,” and how gratuitously or not a handful of KLA members and/or harborers were killed in 1998-99, columnist Jack Cashill responded to that humanitarian American concern the month that the Ft. Dix plotters were arrested:

…[T]he State Department upped the [fictitious] total to 500,000 Kosovo Albanians missing and feared dead…As to the missing ethnic Albanians, a platoon of them showed up in South Jersey last week plotting to attack Fort Dix.

In 1999 I read that, like the Duka brothers who left their pizza business to kill Americans, three brothers from Long Island, named Bytyqi, left their own pizza and painting businesses to head off to Kosovo to join the KLA in killing Serbs (a call of duty that American Albanians would answer again in 2001, this time to stand up to Macedonians whom Albanians were terrorizing).

Later, I read that the three brothers were dead*. Which means we know for sure that there are three fewer Albanians who will eventually move on to plot against Americans. Something that, as we know from the Ft. Dix plot, can be done with the help of a pizza delivery route. (Here’s another Albanian who gave up pizza for Serb-killing in ‘99 as part of the “Atlantic Brigade” of Albanian-Americans.)

(* In case anyone is tempted to moral outrage on behalf of the three dead brothers, be advised that if three al-Qaeda operatives had snuck into the U.S. to murder American police officers or otherwise attack the United States, and a judge only gave them two weeks in jail for improper border passage, it’s not difficult to imagine a scenario in which members of the police force might take the law into their own hands (or stand aside while someone else did), especially if the guys were part of a group of known cop-killers like the KLA. The Bytyqi brothers, like others infiltrating Kosovo through Albania, snuck into a country to join a terrorist group and attack that country.)

Mentioned nowhere and at no time in the past two years since the highest-profile case of passenger intimidation — part of the soft jihad commanded by imams across America — occurred aboard a US Airways flight in 2006 is the fact that one of the six was an Albanian imam from Phoenix named Didmar Faja.

While we know that Albanians aren’t generally “like that” (in reference to Muslims — who of course “aren’t all like that” either), one must ask finally why there often seems to be an Albanian — four of them in the case of the Ft. Dix plot — turning up in jihad contexts. Furthermore, what would an Albanian — with a constantly professed “tolerant tradition” of Islam — have in common with a man like Omar Shahin, the spokesman for the group of the six imams?

I learned that one of the six imams, all of whom are suing US Airways, airport police, an FBI agent, and the distressed passengers, was an ethnic Albanian from an incidental mention in a very recent news story about Phoenix-area Muslim leaders being watched by the FBI more closely these days:

…The events that triggered the stepped-up scrutiny were the federal probe into a Muslim charity accused of funneling money to the Palestinian group Hamas; a target-shooting episode in Phoenix this year involving a large group of Muslim men and boys firing hundreds of rounds from AK-47s and other guns; and the high-profile removal in 2006 of six Arizona-bound imams from a jetliner after passengers and crew complained of their behavior.

The saga of the six traveling imams touched off a national controversy and attracted federal scrutiny. Much of the focus has been on the group’s spokesman, Omar Shahin…Shahin’s involvement was one factor that drew the FBI’s attention to the case and intensified its interest in Muslims’ activities in Arizona.

In the late 1980s, Shahin served as imam at the Islamic Center of Tucson, where he headed a Muslim youth group. The mosque was a hub for adherents to the radical Wahhabi school of Islam, some of whom later became important aides to Osama bin Laden in the al-Qaida terrorist group.

While in Tucson, Shahin raised money for the Holy Land Foundation before the group was outlawed. He also was a fundraiser for the Illinois-based KindHearts Foundation, which the government shut down last year for alleged support of Hamas.

Shahin has served as a Muslim community liaison with the FBI and the Phoenix police. A book released by Shahin last year advocated that Muslims living in Western society follow a strict version of conservative Sharia law.

“A Muslim must try his best to abide by the rulings of Sharia whenever possible as much as he can. He should not allow himself to be liable to those western laws that contradict the clear-cut Islamic rulings,” Shahin wrote.

Throughout the book, Shahin quotes an extremist Islamic scholar who studied under the man widely credited with inspiring al-Qaida. The scholar was a speaker at Holy Land Foundation events, prosecutors in the Dallas case said in court this year. They showed jurors photos of the man with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders and in videos preaching to kill Jews.

Shahin declined to comment in detail on his writings, the jetliner incident or the fundraising case. He is the father of one of the young men arrested in the Phoenix target shooting, Oday Shahin, 20. Another imam stopped in Minneapolis, Mahmoud Sulaiman, 51, a Syrian native, also has a son who was at the scene of the target shooting but was not arrested, a Phoenix police report stated.

Shahin and his son share other connections with people involved in events that drew the FBI’s interest. Omar and Oday Shahin work with a third imam from the plane, Didmar Faja, a 28-year-old Albanian, at a conservative Islamic school in south Phoenix. Saiaf Abdallah, son of Akram Abdallah, accused of lying to the FBI, also works there, and his mother is a board member. […]

The only other news story involving Faja was in the Washington Times in August 2007, and was about a “pop bottle bomb” that landed 25 feet from him:

An Arizona mosque frequented by an imam involved in a high-profile lawsuit against airline passengers was hit by vandals early Monday with what police describe as a “pop bottle bomb.”

Imam Didmar Faja says he was standing outside of the Albanian American Islamic Center of Arizona, just west of Phoenix, when the incident occurred at 1 a.m.

The plastic bottle contained pool-cleaning fluid and strips of aluminum foil, and was thrown from a red car driven by two persons. It landed about 20-25 feet from the imam, police said.

A sergeant with the Glendale Police Department said the incident is under investigation. “We are treating it as a hate crime. We are taking it very seriously,” Sgt. Jim Toomey told Reuters News Agency.

Mr. Faja and five other clerics are suing U.S. Airways and “John Doe” passengers claiming they were discriminated against when they were removed from a flight last year. The passengers are named in the suit for reporting suspicious behavior.

It was not clear what the imam was doing outside of the center at 1 a.m., as prayers were scheduled for 4:30 a.m.

As one commenter to this article wrote:

Perhaps the persons who threw the bottle have had their rights violated by being accused of suspicious behavior, and should sue the Imam. So what if the Imam felt threatened? He was not actually hurt. The Imam and CAIR, by their ridiculous lawsuit, have shown that being overtly threatened without being actually hurt is no excuse for reporting suspicious behavior.

To follow up belatedly on another event, here are more Austria-Bosnia connections that shed further light on the Bosnian who was caught trying to bring explosives into the U.S. embassy in Vienna in October 2007:

Bosnian Muslim Wahabbis [sic] behind terror plot on US Embassy (October 15th, 2007)

Mehmed Djudjic, one of the Bosnian Muslim conspirators in the attempted bombing on the US Embassy in Vienna, confirm Bosnia Muslim papers, is indeed a member of a Wahabbi sect led by a Bosnian Muslim Imam Muhamed Porca who preaches from a house located in Vienna on the Murlingenstrasse 61 street in the 12th Vienna district.

Members of this particular Vienna Wahabbi cell are explicitly told by their leader not to give interviews to the media….However, a rat from that cell has emerged who says that Djudjic was indeed the mastermind in the attempted attack on the Embassy because the Bosnian Muslim who walked into the Embassy carrying explosives, Asim Cejvanovic, did that after approaching Djudjic for some money.

The anonymous Bosnian Muslim says that Cejvanovic was in need of 200 Euros and when he approached Djudjic, he was given a Wahabbi text titled “Anointing in Islam” found in the rucksack along with the bombs…Cejvanovic says that it is Djudjic who told him to go to the Embassy but, according to some Austrian news sources, his real motive was not to blow up the Embassy but in order to offer a deal to the CIA in which he will rat on his fellow Muslim who sells Islamic bombing paraphernalia in exchange for money.

The leader of the Vienna Wahabbis, Muhamed Porca, is one in the informal group of Bosnian Muslim extremist Imams who are a vital part in the worldwide Islamic terror network.

Muhamed Porca, Senad Podojko, Jusuf Barcic, Sabahudin Albani, Safet Durguti and Sulejman Bugari are led by Adnan Buzar, an imam married to a Palestinian woman Badiya Khal’il, daughter of the notorious terrorist Abu Nidal…It is also interesting to note an ethnic Albanian connection to this group. Sabahudin Albani, Safet Durguti and Sulejman Bugari are all ethnic Albanians.

Sabahudin Albani is a Muslim Albanian from Macedonia and is known for his unquestionable support of Osama bin Laden. Albani was a volunteer for the Bosnian Muslim army in the 1990s where he got valuable experience in killing Christians, mostly Serbs.

Safet Durguti, an ethnic Albanian from [the ]Kosovo village of Orahovac, was an appointed representative of an Islamic terror organization [named] Vazir that was shut down in Bosnia after US discovered it was funneling money for Osama bin Laden’s terror cells.

Sulejman Bugari, who preaches hatred of Jews, Serbs and America from a mosque in Sarajevo is an ethnic Albanian…[A] more conspicuous Albanian connection with radical Islam is made with Jusuf Barcic who studied Islam in Damascus from Muhammed Nasiruddin bin Nuh Al Albania, an ethnic Albanian who is regarded as one of the highest Wahabbi authorities in the Islamic world. Muhammed Al Albania became a professor of Islam in Damascus only after Saudis intervened on his behalf. Al Albania died in 1999.

Wahhabism: from Vienna to Bosnia

Local media reports trace the financial and ideological center of Bosnia’s radical Wahhabi movement to Vienna, while the moderate Islamic communityprepares for an intensifying battle of influence.

By Anes Alic in Sarajevo for ISN Security Watch (June 2007)

Only the funeral of former Bosnian Muslim leader and wartime Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic went down with a bigger crowd and more security than that last weekend of Jusuf Barcic, the informal leader of Bosnia’s radical Muslims of the Wahhabi movement.

More than 3,000 Wahhabis arrived in the northern city of Tuzla to attend the funeral, and according to local media, almost half of them came from Slovenia, Kosovo, Macedonia and the Serbian region of Sandzak. A number also came from Western European countries, mostly from Austria, whose capital, Vienna, is said to be the Western financial and ideological center for the Bosnian Wahhabi movement.

More than 50 uniformed and undercover policemen monitored the funeral of Barcic, who died in a car accident in Tuzla on 30 March after hitting a light pole while speeding, according to the preliminary police report.

[A police] source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Bosnian radical Muslims, as well as those from Serbia, were being financed and led by Bosnian Muslims living in Vienna and other Austrian cities, as well as by Saudi Arabia.

It appears that both Wahhabi movements, in Bosnia and Serbia, were financed and led by Bosnian and Serbian Wahhabi clerics living in Vienna.

Bosnian Islamic community officials and police accuse former Bosnian Muslim cleric Muhamed Porca, who runs the Vienna-based Islamic community administrative unit, of serving as the financial and ideological supporter of Barcic and his movement.

Porca, who was Barcic’s colleague at university in Saudi Arabia calls for the creation of a parallel Islamic community in Bosnia, which would lean toward radical Islam.

Bosnian media and Islamic community officials also named another Vienna-based Bosnian cleric, Adnan Buzar, as a main supporter of Barcic’s movement. Buzar is the son-in-law of Palestinian Sabri al-Banna, also known as Abu Nidal, the founder of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, and the most wanted international terrorist in late 1980s. Al-Banna was killed in Iraq in 2002.

In the late 1980s, Swiss authorities blocked Abu Nidal’s Société de Banque Suisse and Credit Suisse account and its US$18 million balance. In January 1998, the accounts were unfrozen and Buzar’s wife and Abu Nidal’s daughter, Badija Khal’il, withdrew US$8 million. Badija Khal’il was granted Bosnian citizenship in 1995 through the Bosnian embassy in Vienna.

According to Serbian media reports, the alleged financier of the Sandzak Wahhabis is a Vienna born Serbian Muslim named Effendia Nedzad Balkan, also known as Ebu Muhammed, the leader of the Sahaba Mosque in Vienna. Balkan, along with six other Wahhabis, three of them Austrian citizens, was involved in the beating of Bosnian Serb Mihajlo Kisic in Bosnian city of Brcko in 2006. After a short trial, the seven were given symbolic sentences on parole and some of them returned to Vienna.

Several Islamic aid agencies were based in Vienna during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia, and the Bosnian government opened a bank account in the Austrian capital, while nearly 100 Islamic fighters were granted Bosnian citizenship through the embassy in Vienna [as was Osama bin Laden himself].

Barcic himself traveled to the Austrian capital several times during the war as the representative of the Vienna-based International Islamic Relief Organization (IGASA) for the Bosnian city of Zenica.

Austria became the major logistical and financial center for the Bosnian government during the 1990s - an arrangement that allowed the Islamists to create a system for arming the Bosnian Army, transferring foreign fighters and weapons via the Slovenian city of Maribor and the Croatian port city of Split.

The biggest financier of Bosnian Muslim defense [aggression] was the Vienna-based Third World Relief Agency (TWRA), through whose account in the Austrian Die Erste Osterreich Bank flowed some US$350 million in donations from Islamic countries between 1992 and 1995. About half of that money was used for financing Bosnian government.

The TWRA was established in 1987 by a Sudanese native, Al-Fatih Ali Hassanein, considered a close friend of former Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovic.

In July 1992, a couple of months after the war started, Hassanein was authorized by the Bosnian leadership to serve as the financial representative of the Bosnian state, while TWRA allowed to collect donations for refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 1996, some two years after Hassanein fled Austria and settled in Turkey, Austrian police raided TWRA’s offices and bank accounts. Investigations showed that the majority of the cash originated in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia as the largest contributor, followed by Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Brunei and Malaysia.

According to ISN Security Watch’s source from the commission for citizenship revision, some of those involved in TWRA’s work in Vienna during and after the war are also under suspicion of granting Bosnian citizenships to foreigners from Islamic countries under questionable circumstances.

In addition, the source said the Bosnian Foreign Ministry had noted the disappearance of some 300 blank Bosnian passports from Vienna embassy during that time. The passports were stolen in 1993 from the embassy safe, but there was no sign that the safe had been broken into. The police source said a report was filed naming former embassy secretary Nadzisa Tabakovic as responsible.

In the applications for Bosnian citizenship, obtained by ISN Security Watch, some wrote that they would go to help Bosnian Muslims during the war, while also contained a note saying “recommended by TWRA.”

However, the police source close to the commission’s work said most of those who received Bosnian citizenship in embassies throughout the world, and especially in Vienna, never set foot in Bosnia, but used the passports for easier travel, as at the time a Bosnian passport made travel easier in Europe than some Middle Eastern passports.

However, issuing Bosnian citizenships to the Islamists has seriously damaged Bosnia’s wartime reputation, especially when it comes to those foreign fighters who arrived here ostensibly to help Bosnian forces during the war, but more likely were here to gain more influence.

In 1999, Turkish authorities arrested Mehrez Aodouni while en route to Chechnya with a Bosnian passport. Aodouni was believed to be a close associate of bin-Laden. After his arrest, the Bosnian government said his
citizenship had been granted due to his membership in the Bosnian Army, even though local media investigating the case found no evidence that he had fought in Bosnia.

Also, in 1997, Italian authorities arrested 14 people suspected of plotting to assassinate Pope John Paul II on his trip to Bologna. All of those arrested carried Bosnian passports and were reportedly members of the
Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA). Just like in Aodouni’s case, there was no evidence for half of them that they had ever set foot in Bosnia. […]

A Fort Dix follow-up to come tomorrow.

As people weigh in on the South Ossetia showdown now that a Balkans-rooted crisis finally has their attention, they are starting the clock, and their observations, from this incident as if it were isolated from that which precipitated it. For example, you get posts like the one from Political Maven Monica Crowley yesterday, drawing a Munich analogy well after the real Munich-style appeasement was done in Kosovo when she wasn’t looking — at her country’s hands. Crowley writes:

When Nazi Germany seized control of Czechoslovakia in 1938, appeaser extraordinaire Neville Chamberlain referred to it as “a faraway country of which we know little.”

The Nazi invasion was based on the simple and reasonable enough-sounding pretext that ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland wanted to be annexed to the Fatherland. Hitler’s invasion of that small, seemingly insignificant country led, of course, to total war in Europe and a global conflict that cost 100 million lives. All because the Western democracies didn’t see—or didn’t want to see—the unsatiable appetites of an expansionist power led by a coldly calculating mass murderer.

The insatiable appetites of an expansionist power are those of an expansionist Islam, which early on set its sights on the Balkans. And the West has been helping secure that prize for it. The “faraway country of which we know little” was Yugoslavia, and the Munich analogy culminated in a faraway province of which we know little, called Kosovo. In Kosovo, the Albanian-wrought NATO invasion was based on the simple and reasonable enough-sounding pretext that ethnic Albanians in Kosovo wanted to be annexed to the Fatherland (something that Albanians have made no secret of despite our leaders’ denials and decoy reasons for our support of a policy driven by the threat of violence).

The much more solid Kosovo-Munich parallels abound, including from the author of the book Munich and from former Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Jiří Dienstbier, who pointed out that the Czech Republic’s reluctant decision to recognize Kosovo in June took place on the territory of the former Sudetenland. For God’s sake, John McCain’s statement calling on the U.S. and EU to recognize the illegal Muslim land grab in Kosovo as independence was prepared for a February security conference in Munich!

The current Russia-Georgia crisis is the “total war in Europe and a global conflict costing millions of lives” of which Crowley speaks. It is part of the chaos stemming from the U.S.-led NATO “invasion of that small, seemingly insignificant country,” in which we did the Muslim Albanians’ bidding — first downplaying their Muslimness, then proudly announcing that we were doing it to buy Islamic good will. Of course, one would have to have been paying attention to the fallout from Bill Clinton’s congressionally unapproved war to have a clue.

Crowley continues:

Russia has used the pretext that ethnic Russians living in a part of the independent republic of Georgia want to be folded into Russia. The Georgians, they say, are doing “ethnic cleansing” of the Russians there, requiring Russia to intervene to defend them.

Of course, this requires Russian tanks, fighter jets, and now ground troops to sweep into Georgia proper, killing thousands while they begin to occupy the country.

Where is Crowley’s cynicism about the “ethnic cleansing” claims that continue to be used to justify wresting Kosovo from sovereign Serbian land even nine years after those claims were debunked the very year of our invasion by every major newspaper after we all moved on — including by the late Daniel Pearl? An invasion in which we didn’t have even the minimal interest and kinship that the Russians can use for their much more solid pretext. An invasion which “of course required [NATO] tanks, fighter jets, and” — if Wesley Clark, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and even George W. Bush had their way — “ground troops to sweep into [Serbia] proper, killing thousands while they begin to occupy the country.”

Crowley continues:

Before ordering the bombs to fall and the tanks to roll, [Putin] didn’t rush to the UN seeking international approval. He didn’t seek sanctions or resolutions. He just marched in with a full-on invasion. (If the United States had done this, holy hell would be breaking loose in the hallowed halls of the UN. We wouldn’t be able to count the official condemnations of “America’s reckless, unauthorized breach of international law.” With the Russians, we get a big yawn and a shrug of powerlessness.)

Excuse me. The United States did do this. But where were the official condemnations of U.S.-led NATO’s reckless, unauthorized breach of international law? Instead, we got big yawns and a shrug. Back to Crowley:

Georgia is a pro-Western, fragile new democracy. It has had 2000 troops in Iraq, making it the third biggest contributor to coalition forces there after the United States and Great Britain. It is struggling to establish its democratic, free market independence in Russia’s long shadow.

Serbia also offered troops for Iraq and Afghanistan, even after we attacked it and destroyed its economy and infrastructure under false pretenses. Being under Russia’s wing today was not where that country saw itself 17 years ago, but we made damn sure it had nowhere else to go. For the State Department bureaucrats and Clintonistas working behind the scenes to push through the Kosovo policy and institutionalize it as “U.S. policy”, blaming Russia (and Serbia) when the fiasco we created started to fall apart was the plan all along. It’s worked magnificently, as we get the unanimous condemnations from Left and Right media — a unique phenomenon that emerges in all things Balkans-related.

As I wrote in October:

As the self-tasked police of mainstream media, the bloggers are in a big way responsible for what has been happening in the region for the better part of the past decade. The modern-day Munich giveaway that is Kosovo continues surreptitiously along, in the dark of night, unhampered. The bloggers will wake up only when it’s time to blame Serbia and Russia for the violence that results from America’s betrayal of the free world.

Ironically, Georgia helped us with troops in Iraq and Kosovo while ultimately rejecting our policy in the latter when it didn’t recognize Kosovo independence — precisely because of what it would mean for South Ossetia. And yet it’s the first to pay the price for the policy it rejected.

Crowley asks:

The western democracies need to show a backbone. What would Reagan do? What would Thatcher do? For heaven’s sake, what would George H. W. Bush do?

In fact, both Thatcher and the elder Bush turned into appeasers when it came to Islam in the Balkans. Appeasing Muslims was the underpinning of Bush Sr.’s Bosnia policy. Only Ronald Reagan’s hands remain clean in that region, for only he had a proper sense of history in the Balkans. Back to Crowley:

This is one of those moments when we will wonder why the good guys were paralyzed while the bad guys marched. It’s one of those moments on which the future of freedom hangs. It’s one of those moments when the bad guys test the good guys. And so far, the good guys are contemplating their navels while the bad guys scorch the ground of liberty.

Yet still few ask why we march with the bad guys in the Balkans where, away from the cameras, they’ve been testing us for the past nine years as liberty is turned on its head in Kosovo — where the darkest, most un-American kind of lawlessness reigns and is hailed as “American”.

As Crowley writes, “Nor do we much care: we’ve got Michael Phelps to cheer on and summer barbeques to attend to.”

Welcome to my still lonelier world, Monica. But please get the cause-and-effect straight. We opened this Pandora’s Box.

The day’s events — and those of many tomorrows — are a direct consequence of our policies, but they are also karmic punishment for our unending, tireless betrayal of the Serbian nation, and it’s only the beginning. Rather, it’s a continuation, given that last year nine families in Salt Lake City paid for our siding with Muslims against the Serbs and resettling the designated Bosnian “victims” here — so that one of them could shoot nine Americans in time for the infidel Valentine’s Day in Trolley Square, killing five. Not three months later, a single Circuit City clerk kept a slew of soldiers at Ft. Dix from also paying a price when six jihadists were arrested for a planned massacre at that base, four of them Albanians. These incidents occurring the year before the Kosovo status “deadline” — together with the fact that four of the 9/11 hijackers were veterans of the Bosnian war — were clues to not sell Serbia out to completion.

Now we can watch the world realign in a way it would not have done, had the U.S. not sided with — and aggressively promoted — evil. As we look for bad guys to point our patriotic finger at, we won’t be able to do it fast enough as the reverberations of our Balkans policy echo across the globe with ever greater velocity.

We are all Georgians,” Mr. McCain? No, we are all Serbians now — thanks to the handiwork of you and your ilk.