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Kuwait, Albania ink fraternity accord, Feb. 5th:

Kuwait and Albania signed yesterday a “Document of Fraternity” between Ahmadi and Albania governorates, and both sides reached an agreement to implement this document with all relevant procedures and protocols. The document was signed on the Kuwaiti side by Ahmadi Governor Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Duaij Al-Ibrahim Al-Sabah and on the Albanian side by Governor Edi Rama.

The document stipulates the promotion of good relations and the exchange of experience in order to further the development and understanding among people to achieve prosperity and advancement for all citizens.

It also calls for cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge in all fields of local administration, particularly in preserving and restoring national heritage, environmental protection, architectural planning and urban development, cultural and sports exchange, promoting and developing economic cooperation and trade exchange, and promoting scientific and technological cooperation.

Governor Rama expressed his appreciation for the generosity and warmth with which he was received upon arrival in Kuwait two days ago, and lauded the level of friendship that tied his country with the Gulf state. Ahmadi governor welcomed the Albanian guest and recounted the deep relations that bound the two sides, which he said were fostered through the visit of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to the European state in December 2007, as well as the visit by the Albanian parliament speaker in mid-January. The two sides exchanged commemorative gifts on this occasion, following which the Albanian delegation visited the exhibition of Kuwait Oil Company. - KUNA

It certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of al-Banians’ professed “pro-Jewishness”. From Thursday’s lefty Israeli Haaretz newspaper:

Kosovar PM: Our independent nation will not be Islamic

By Adar Primor

Just days before declaring Kosovo’s independence, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, the “Ben Gurion of Kosovo,” called on Israel to recognize his nation’s independence. [The Ben Gurion of Kosovo title is for the benefit of the Israel leg of the al-Banian propaganda.] “We would like and we expect Israel to be on board with all those democratic countries of the world which will immediately recognize Kosovo’s independence,” says Thaci in an interview with Haaretz. And he also wants to reassure us: Under no circumstances will independent Kosovo be an Islamic nation.

Next Sunday, February 17, is the date on which, according to most indications, Thaci will declare Kosovo’s independence. It will put an end to hundreds of years of Ottoman, Yugoslavian and Serbian rule, which saw oppression and ethnic cleansing in the region. [By Albanians.] The bloodshed ended only in 1999 after NATO’s bombing campaign against Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbian forces. [That’s when the bloodshed started.]

Independence Day celebrations are already underway. [Some good Serb-shootin’ ahead!] As is the declaration of independence. “The declaration of Kosovo’s independence is inspired by the Kosovar people’s will,” says Thaci. “Regarding the issue of flag, anthem and other national symbols, there are specific committees set up for these purposes. Kosovo’s state symbols will all be ready on Independence Day.”

Israel is also a source of inspiration. “I love Israel,” said Thaci in December 2007 to a JTA reporter. “It’s a wonderful country,” said the man who used to be the tough political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), sounding to the journalist like a child recalling his last trip to Disney World.

His impressions were apparently influenced by the network of contacts he made here. Dov Weisglass, former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s adviser, was involved in a recent trip he made to Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu’s former adviser, American Arthur Finkelstein gave him political advice, and the former governor of the Bank of Israel, David Klein offered him economic advice. [a.k.a. Jewish Suckers]

Subsequently it might not be surprising that Thaci considers Sharon a “great leader.” He has the same opinion of Benjamin Netanyahu. Actually it is surprising: Sharon was one of the few leaders who supported Slobodan Milosevic, and in 1999 came out against the separatist Albanians. As foreign minister during the Kosovo war, Sharon warned of the establishment of “Greater Albania,” which would become a center for spreading Islamic terror in Europe. Because he was afraid of creating a precedent whose consequences were liable to affect the Middle East as well, Sharon added that belligerent intervention of the kind used by NATO in Kosovo should not be legitimized.

Thaci also denies the “Greater Albaniascenario: “Albanians living in Albania live in their own independent country. Kosovars [90 percent of whom are ethnic Albanians] will also live and build their future in their independent Kosovo. The phrase of the so-called ‘Greater Albania’ is also false and Serbian propaganda. The future of Kosovo and Albania together with the rest of the Western Balkan countries lies within the European Union and this is the only point which brings all of us together.”

The argument that Kosovar independence would create an Islamic state in the heart of Europe, a state that would rely on Saudi and Iranian support, is even more insulting to him. “This question does not even deserve a comment,” he says, and nevertheless decides to reply. “If there is any model in the world that illustrates the good coexistence of various religious communities, it’s Kosovo. These false arguments have been launched by the Slobodan Milosevic regime and belong to the past.”

At a time when in Turkey, which also wants to join Europe, the battle over the religious character of the state is heating up, Thaci promises: “Kosovo is going to be a democratic and secular state of all its citizens, and the freedom to exercise religion without any hindrance is granted by the Kosovo Constitution.” [Of course, what’s on paper isn’t responsible for what the Albanian majority chooses to do to those of a different religion or culture.]

(Last photo is of Kosovo village Brod, from


Experts on the Balkans believe that Kosovo can in fact become a unique model. The Kosovars tend to emphasize their nationality far more than their religious identity, which was forced on them by the Ottomans in the 15th and 16th centuries. Even today, it is claimed, one can find many more radical Islamists in London or Brooklyn than in all of Kosovo. Kosovar society is mainly secular, its Islam is moderate and will remain so, one reason being that the new state will not be able to survive outside of the European arena. [Of course, London and Brooklyn aren’t about to give their land away to secular Muslims so that the Islamists can solidify the caliphate through the Western-ceded territories.]

Thaci, 39, was born in the Drenica Valley - a bastion of Albanian nationalism in Kosovo and the focus of the armed struggle against Serbian rule. He studied philosophy and political science at the University of Pristina, and was one of the student leaders in the years 1989-1991.

He was involved in organizing demonstrations against Belgrade and in clandestine training of armed groups. In 1995 he continued his studies in Switzerland, where he was also involved in raising money to fund the rebellion. When he returned to Kosovo, Thaci assumed the nom de guerre “the Snake,” and within a short time became the political leader of the KLA - “the Gerry Adams [former leader of the political arm of the IRA] of Kosovo,” was the nickname given to him in some Western capitals.

And as for Russian intervention? “The Cold War is over, and in any case together with UNMIK [the UN Civil Administration] and KFOR [the NATO peacekeeping force] we have undertaken all necessary steps to be able to respond promptly to any kind of situation.”

“Kosovo is a unique case,” he claims repeatedly, without elaborating. “It should not represent any precedent. [Because I say so!] Kosovo’s independence will be the cornerstone for the peace and stability in the Balkans. This excludes completely the possibility of any negative domino effect. Kosovo’s independence will usher in a long period of peace and cooperation.” [Translation: Kosovo’s non-independence will usher in a long period of violence, since we basically have guns pointed at KFOR troops, which is why the West backs our independence so strongly.]

Meanwhile, in response to a December commentary by Adar Primor — the author of the interview above and apparently Haaretz’s official shill for Greater al-Bania — Jim Jatras wrote the following letter, which the newspaper had agreed to publish but then inexplicably didn’t:

In his recent commentary advocating Israel’s support for Kosovo independence, Mr. Adar Primor cited, and then disregarded, several arguments as to why such support would be harmful to Israel’s interests. Those arguments were taken directly, without attribution, from a recent paper published by the Begin-Sadat Center of Bar-Ilan University, co-written by myself and the distinguished authority on global jihad movements, Dr. Serge Trifkovic. Neither Mr. Adar’s casual dismissal of the warnings sounded in that paper nor the faulty reasons he gives in favor of Israel’s approval of an independent Muslim Kosovo can go unanswered .

As to the arguments Dr. Trifkovic and I advanced in our paper, it is significant that Mr Primor did not take time to refute them. If Russia’s veto as a Permenent Member of the Security Council is circumvented with respect to Kosovo, why is he so sure that America’s veto protection for Israel will not be weakened? If Serbia’s identity and Christian spiritual heritage are trashed, why is he so sure that the value of Israel’s Jewish patrimony — so precious not only to Israelis but to many American Christians — will not be similarly debased?

Mr. Primor’s arguments regarding the Islamic factor in Kosovo are particularly disturbing. Space did not allow an exhaustive exposition of the jihadist significance of Kosovo in the BESA paper, but there can be no doubt of its relevance. The deep roots the global jihad network, including al-Qaida, have put down in Kosovo during the period of UN and NATO administration have been reported and analyzed in detail by Shaul Shay (of Herzliya University’s International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism and the IDF’s Department of History) in his book, Islamic Terror in the Balkans; and by Christopher Deliso in The Coming Balkan Caliphate. Is it insignificant that four of the six arrestees in a plot to attack Ft. Dix in New Jersey are Albanian Muslims from the Kosovo region? Are beheadings less an evidence of a jihad motivation when the victims are Serbs than when they are Jews, Hindus, or Filipinos? Is there no ideological clue as to the perpetrators’ motivations when attacks on churches target in particular crosses and icons?

The myth of “moderate,” “secular” Kosovo Albanian society is persistent and misleading. Kosovo Albanians are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslims. Even as hundreds of Christian shrines have been destroyed since 1999, they have been replaced by hundreds of mosques paid for by Saudi Arabian and Gulf States money — complete with the Wahhabist ideological software that goes with them. Catholics, once up to five percent of Kosovo’s population, are now under one percent, and half of those are Croats living in Serbian enclaves.

Projecting pious hopes of “moderation” on supposedly secular Muslims because they drink alcohol, don’t wear veils, etc., is a dangerous misunderstanding of jihadist mentality. As expositors of jihadist ideology have pointed out, even an apostate Muslim, like Saddam Hussein or Gamal Abdel Nasser, when claiming to fight for a “nationalist” concept are really advancing the cause of Islam if leading the ummah against the kafirun. Just as Palestinian “nationalism” has morphed into a jihad movement, leaving no place for Christians (no matter how militant they are, like the terrorist George Habash), there will soon be no place for the tiny remnant of Albanian Catholics in a monoreligious Islamic Kosovo.

Not too long ago in Brussels I asked a member of the European Parliament why the “democratic and enlightened” world, as Mr. Primor calls it, was so keen to reward the Kosovo Albanians’ violence and intolerance. He looked me right in the eye and said, “Because we’re afraid of them.” That is the sad truth lying particularly behind my country’s policy as well. Earlier this year House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos stated that he hoped “jihadists of all color and hue” would take note that the U.S. is “foursquare behind the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.” The consequences of such an idea, reflecting nothing more than fear of violence and a desperate hope to appease the jihadists, should be obvious. That they are not to Mr. Lantos, a well-known friend of Israel, is disturbing, but here in America the price to be paid still seems remote. Israel does not have the luxury of such delusions.

In a September article which I didn’t get a chance to comment on, titled “Switzerland: Europe’s Heart of Darkness?”, UK Independent writer Paul Vallely tries to reconcile a society that supports reintroducing “draconian” measures such as allowing judges to deport “foreigners who commit serious crimes once they have served their jail sentence” and even deporting “the entire family of a criminal under the age of 18” — against this backdrop:

I was to meet Dr Ulrich Schlüer – one of the men behind the draconian proposal – in the restaurant at the main railway station in Zürich at 7.10pm. As I made my way through the concourse, I wondered what Dr Schlüer made of this station of hyper-efficiency and cleanliness that has a smiling Somali girl selling pickled herring sandwiches, a north African man sweeping the floor, and a black nanny speaking in broken English to her young Swiss charge. The Swiss People’s Party’s attitude to foreigners is, shall we say, ambivalent.

A quarter of Switzerland’s workers…are now foreign immigrants to this peaceful, prosperous and stable economy with low unemployment and a per capita GDP larger than that of other Western economies…What did the nanny think of the sheep poster, I asked her. “I’m a guest in this country,” she replied. “It’s best I don’t say.”

There are foreigners, and there are foreigners. The meek nanny isn’t the kind of foreigner who is leading tolerant European societies such as Switzerland to reevaluate their friendliness to immigrants and guest workers. Black immigrants, particularly non-Muslim ones, aren’t the mental image held by traditional Swiss society as it turns increasingly toward anti-immigrant politics. It’s not predominantly the African immigrants who are ruining it for the rest of the immigrants, as this phrase from a recent UK Guardian article reveals: “In a country with more than 300,000 Muslims, mainly immigrants from the Balkans…”

Writer Vallely himself references the Balkans twice:

The statistics are clear, [Dr. Schlüer] said, foreigners are four times more likely to commit crimes than Swiss nationals. “In a suburb of Zürich, a group of youths between 14 and 18 recently raped a 13-year-old girl,” he said. “It turned out that all of them were already under investigation for some previous offence. They were all foreigners from the Balkans or Turkey. Their parents said these boys are out of control. We say: ‘That’s not acceptable. It’s your job to control them and if you can’t do that you’ll have to leave.’”

Dr Schlüer insists the SVP is not against all foreigners. “Until war broke out in the Balkans, we had some good workers who came from Yugoslavia. But after the fighting there was huge influx of people we had a lot of problems with. The abuse of social security is a key problem. It’s estimated to cost £750m a year. More than 50 per cent of it is by foreigners.”

As usual, we see here the non-specific euphemism “Balkans” being used when either “Albanian” or “Bosnian” is meant, as this previous rape in Switzerland (of a five year-old girl) attests. Interestingly, when the immigrants were coming from a place called “Yugoslavia,” Dr. Schlüer says, things were working out much better. I wonder what changed. Could it have been the West’s support and enablement, through no less than military means, of criminals and radicals in that particular region? After lending finanacial, military and political support to those raping their host society in one part of Europe, we should be surprised to see them replicating this successful model in other parts of Europe?

And yet it is the growing, mainstream anti-immigrant sentiment in Switzerland that Vallely refers to as a “worrying extremism on the rise” — not the rampant criminality, extremism or rape of a 13 year-old girl.

Meanwhile, let’s note the fact that the offending youths in the rape were all “already under investigation for some previous offence,” as Dr. Schlüer says. That fact should recall the Duka brothers who were arrested in the U.S. last May for plotting to attack soldiers at Fort Dix, and who had constant — constant — run-ins with the law. “Out of control,” their parents call it. Not good enough, Dr. Schluer says to the parents. “It’s your job to control them and if you can’t do that you’ll have to leave.” When Albanians in Kosovo went “out of control,” we called it Serbian oppression. And what Dr. Schluer suggests was termed “ethnic cleansing.”

A thwarted attack, in this case: Austria holds man with explosives near U.S. embassy

Austrian police arrested a Bosnian man on Monday after he tried to enter the U.S. embassy in Vienna carrying a rucksack with explosives, a police spokeswoman said.

WOAH! What up with the labels?! A BOSNIAN?!! What happened to “former Yugoslav”? Get with the program, Reuters. At least Fox News isn’t disobeying State Department directives to the media on this. Historian and writer Carl Savich caught a Fox News segment last week relating to a recent press conference by FBI director Robert Mueller about a Bosnia-related terror plot from 2005, whose suspects (including at least one Bosnian) were convicted this year. Interestingly, everywhere that Mueller mentions “Bosnia,” Fox substitutes “former Yugoslavia.”

Why did Fox use “former Yugoslavia” in referring to 2005 Bosnia, which had been independent for 10 years by then? “Why call Bosnia the ‘former Yugoslavia’ unless you’re trying to hide something?”, Savich wrote me in an email, trenchantly adding, “I thought the whole idea was to give them a new identity as Bosnians.”

But back to the latest Bosnian terrorist:

The man ran away from the embassy after his rucksack triggered metal detectors at the entrance. He dropped the bag in the next street and was arrested shortly after, she said.

Ha ha ha ha! White al Qaeda Wannabe just said: “Damn, this Middle Eastern crap isn’t for me.”

Bomb squad specialists found two devices similar to hand grenades and other explosive material in the rucksack, as well as nails and a book that had “some reference to Islam,” the spokeswoman said.

Ah, so “Bosnian” means “Bosnian Muslim.” Now I’m starting to get the picture finally. So we’ve got half the label down, folks — we’ll get to the rest of it one day!

From an AP report:

The suspect was described only as a 42-year-old native of Bosnia-Herzegovina who now lives in the province of Lower Austria, which encircles most of the capital…”There were a lot of nails in that bag. Had it exploded, it would have had an enormous shrapnel effect,” Doris Edelbacher of Austria’s federal counterterrorism office told reporters.

You know, every time we hear about another Bosnian Muslim trying to kill Americans and/or Europeans, I get more and more confused. I thought Serbs were supposed to be the enemy. Where are all the Serbs who are trying to kill Americans?

Serbs may be taking some impressive tennis titles this year, but they’re wayyyyyy behind in another competition. Here’s the score chart for 2007 of Balkan entities planning and/or executing attacks on America this year:

Bosnians: 2 (Salt Lake City, U.S. embassy)
Albanians: 4 (Ft. Dix)
Serbs: 0

(As for Croatians, well they haven’t tried to kill any Americans since the 80s.)

Oh look — an update on the investigation into yesterday’s Bosnian bomber: The investigation has been closed, with no motive found. Just kidding! That was Salt Lake City. It’ll be at least two weeks before this case comes to the same conclusion.

Especially since it’s impossible for Bosnians to be terrorists. After all, Bosnia is the country that definitively defined terrorism this year, and found that there can be no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

Now, the fact that this attack happened in Austria has me salivating at the prospect of finally doing my Austria blog, which starts with “Knock-knock, Austria!”
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad you supported the Bosnian Muslims throughout the Balkan wars?!”

Indeed, if you listen to this super-important interview on Voice of America that has Naval War College professor and former NSA analyst John Schindler debating an idiot, you’ll hear that Austria was one of the main staging areas that terrorists used en route to Bosnia during the war. You’ll also find out that the regime of the late fundamentalist Bosnian president, and our pal, Alija Izetbegovic issued a passport to Osama bin Laden through its embassy in Vienna.

While listening, please note what Mickey Bozinovich did:

Equally remarkable is the reporter Judith Latham’s polished ability to pronounce the word Jihad as though it came from the lips of those pious Muslims that beheaded and roasted Serbs across Bosnia then hijacked the planes on 9/11.

It’s true — she, like other assorted media clones, has trained herself to say “zheehad” — just like the imams and terrorists do.

Anyway, I probably won’t manage to get to the Austria blog before the next Bosnian or Albanian kills an American and/or European, so just in case, here’s Deliso with more Austria connections:

The Wahhabis arrived in the Sandzak [region of southern Serbia] just a decade ago, from Bosnia, and quietly built a power base with an eye towards more militant future activities, as the March 2007 arrests would seem to show. They came with the support of the radical, mujahedin-connected Active Islamic Youth, and have since been supported by Sarajevo radicals backed by Arab money….It is important to remember that this geographical progression of radicalism could not have existed without the deliberate installation of a foreign-funded charity and terrorist network, originally conceived by the West as a lifeline for the beleaguered Bosnian Muslim government of Izetbegovic against the Serbs, created under the watchful eye of the Clinton administration and German and Austrian intelligence.

Deliso also mentions a Kosovo jihadist named Samedin Xhezairi, who worked for the CIA and Austrian and German intelligence when those countries were helping train the KLA for war against the Serbs in the late 90s — all while acting as an intermediary between Albanian extremists and al Qaeda.

And just to get a sense of what our government is doing about the officially non-existent Bosnian terror problem, here is Bozinovich’s latest:

A source in Serbia, moreover, has told me that many Bosnian Imams are encouraged and welcomed by the US Embassy staff in Belgrade. An Imam whose name I may mention in the future was once bragging to my source that he can walk into the US Embassy anytime he wants and that the staff will issue him a visa to come to the US in [a] matter of minutes. This particular Imam was trying to contrast the difficulty that an ordinary professional Serb would have in being heard by the US Embassy staff, let alone [being] granted a visa.

Oh, here’s a picture of some secular, non-religious, non-practicing, nominal Bosnian Muslims, from the cover of Schindler’s book Unholy Terror:

(They sure look like they’re practicing to me!)

Thus ended the summer of 2007, with a major headline relegated to the local presses of a city where a killer deliberately targeted Americans with a Valentine reading “From the Balkans, with Thanks”:

Motive Still a Mystery as Police Finish Talovic Probe:

Salt Lake City police have finished their exhaustive investigation into the shooting rampage at Trolley Square, finding no real motive for 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic’s killing spree.

“I think it may have died with him,” Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said in an interview Sunday with the Deseret Morning News.

If this is how investigations of jihad-motivated attacks will be run in America, Sulejman Talovic will be taking a lot more than his motive to the grave.

It’s what you might call the Kosovizing of our police work, and it’s the new paradigm. In Kosovo, ethnically or religiously motivated violence against members of the host society is attributed to “unknown motives”. According to Chris Deliso’s The Coming Balkan Caliphate, it’s also where:

Senior UNMIK officials have ordered the destruction of files that indicate higher-than-reported numbers of attacks against minorities. They also systematically fired or relocated employees who speak out or contradict the official line.

Which brings us back to Salt Lake City. Recall whom the line about the motive dying with the shooter is coming from: Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. This is the “detective” who, when many people listening to audio from footage of the massacre heard the words “Allah Akbar”, called this conclusion hate speech, adding that it was an attitude he wouldn’t allow into the investigation. “[I]f I find officers that are conducting investigations based on bias or prejudice [i.e. evidence], well, I’m going to fire them; I don’t want them around.”

In other words, the police chief began the investigation from a confined premise, a predetermined conclusion that the answer wasn’t going to be jihad. Little wonder that we’re left without a motive.

The Trolley Square investigation has its parallel in Bosnia itself, where the working premise is the same: Bosnians can’t be terrorists, and there is no terrorism or terrorists in Bosnia. That is the official position of Bosnia, the U.S. and EU.

The way investigations are handled in the Balkans may have infected the Trolley Square investigation early on, because there was a corrupting influence at work. That was the influence of terror-tied Bosnian Ambassador to the U.S. Bisera Turkovic, who had met with Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and police chief Burbank:

Ambassador Bisera Turkovic appeared at a Bosnian-American restaurant where Mayor Rocky Anderson and the police chief assured Bosnian immigrants that authorities would not stand for any threats against them. “They can’t believe that somebody of Bosnian origin can do something like this,” Turkovic said.

In 2005, Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), one of perhaps six American lawmakers to have done his homework on the Balkans, objected to Turkovic’s appointment to the U.S. ambassadorship but was summarily ignored by the State Dept. In his statement to the House, he said:

Mr. Speaker, President Bush has repeatedly and strongly stated that in this fight against terrorism, that you are “either with us or you are against us.” Yet, I am beginning to wonder if our own State Department is with us.

Bisera Turkovic is one of the founders of the radical Islamist Muslim SDA Party in Bosnia, a party that has had, since its foundation, strong links with al Qaeda, numerous other terrorist organizations, and even the intelligence mechanisms of Iran.

In 1939, Bisera Turkovic’s father [and] Alija Izetbegovic, started a group called the Young Muslims. After World War II, they were prosecuted as Nazi war criminals and spent time in prison together. Over the years, Dr. Turkovic was promoted by Izetbegovic and then founded the SDA Party in 1990.

Alija Izetbegovic was a close confidante of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini. And when he became President Izetbegovic, he recirculated his 1970 Islamic Declaration and openly espoused his view that “there can be no peace or coexistence between Islamic faith and non-Islamic faith.”

Mr. Speaker, soon after the beginning of the Bosnian civil war in 1992, Dr. Turkovic was accredited as Bosnian ambassador to Zagreb. It was this post, coordinating with others, that was constantly used by the SDA and their leadership to provide Bosnian passports, visas, humanitarian worker status, and logistical support to radical Islamist mujahideen coming into Bosnia to fight their own jihad there. Individuals such as Anwar Sha’ban…and even Osama bin Laden himself entered Bosnia through Zagreb.

In violation of a U.S. embargo, the SDA also organized a massive flow of weapons from Iran through Croatia during Bisera Turkovic’s time as ambassador.

Mr. Speaker, these actions on the part of our State Department are a disservice to our President, they are a disgrace to the United States of America, and they are a betrayal to the cause of human freedom. It is past time that the State Department start acting like it represents the interests of America and the citizens of this Nation. The people of this Nation deserve better than to be served by a State Department that aids our enemies and then lies to cover its actions.

Even though members of her party exported “rocket systems to Iraqi insurgents, where they have been used against US and Coalition troops,” according to Defense & Foreign Affairs, and though she helped get “fighters and arms into Bosnia to wage the civil war which Alija Izetbegovic provoked to both get B-H out of the Yugoslav Federation, and then to rid the country of its Serbian and Croatian populations,” Turkovic continues to play the Bosniak-as-victim charade. A Washington Times article last year, revoltingly titled “Never Again, Again”, read:

Mrs. Turkovic told our correspondent Katie Stuhldreher that the annual commemoration of the massacre at Srebrenica takes an “overwhelming” emotional toll on the survivors and the relatives of the 8,000 men and boys killed by Serbian forces on July 11, 1995, during the Bosnian war in former Yugoslavia.

“What hurts the most is that the international community allowed such unbelievable atrocities to happen on its watch and that after the war Srebrenica was not given a special status,” Mrs. Turkovic said.

“Srebrenica is the personification of humans’ inhumanity…” The ambassador said that 11 years later, many Bosnians remain embittered when they recall that the civilized world declared after the Holocaust that it never again would allow such mass killings.

In cultivating victim status for Bosnian Muslims over the years, Utah’s new friend Dr. Turkovic’s methods have been varied. Ibran Mustafic, a disillusioned founder of the SDA in Srebrenica, told the Bosnian newspaper Slobodna Bosna in 1993 that the betrayal of Srebrenica “was consciously prepared and that the Bosnian president and the army command were involved in this business…” This business being the sacrifice of Srebrenica in order to gain sympathy from the West.

In the wake of the Utah shootings, her victim-mongering included using the inflated outdated statistic of Bosnian war dead:

Bosnians who resettled in the United States fled religious and ethnic persecution, she said, so they have a keen sense of compassion for the suffering in Utah. “We know what it’s like to lose 200,000 people,” the ambassador said.

Little wonder that Utahns got confused between villain and victims, and took up a collection for the killer’s funeral and his family’s flight to Bosnia for his Islamic hero’s funeral. This unprecedented treatment of a mass murderer didn’t go unnoticed:

“I am amazed that the media is so obsessed with portraying Talovic as some dreamy, visionary Muslim kid and no one pays attention to the dead he left behind,” says Olivia Hill, an American from Texas.

“Salt Lake Tribune talks about his favorite color, favorite food, how he loved outdoors, fishing… and not a word on the dead and the pain these families are suffering and frankly, I am offended by this glorification of a killer… is it because he is a Muslim?” asks Hill.

As Nebojsa Malic quipped at the time, “If Talovic was a jihadist terrorist (and he was), would[n’t] that make those Americans who collected $6,000 to pay for his jihadist funeral” foolish funders of terrorism’s expenses?

Just as, three months after the Trolley Square massacre, the terrorist Albanian leaders of the Kosovo terror state-in-progress would express “shock” that Albanians were planning terrorist attacks against Ft. Dix, Turkovic said that her terrorism-won country “was shocked that a Bosnian-born teenager killed five people in a country that has granted ‘our freedom, our prosperity…Bosnians came here to find refuge, to find safety’ from the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s, Ms. Turkovic said, tears welling in her eyes.”

Kind of like that “safe haven” they found in Srebrenica, from which they staged attacks on surrounding non-Muslim villages.

“We owe this country much for our freedom, for our prosperity and for building a normal Bosnia,” she continued, a “normal Bosnia” being one in which the Muslim entity is the heavy, and which works toward the disintegration of its two non-Muslim entities. Meanwhile, Bosnian-Americans’ supposed feelings of indebtedness to America doesn’t deter them from suing the country for not moving fast enough on their citizenship status, even after one of theirs had just given immigration officials credible pause. Only one month after Talovic shot nine Americans in Utah, Bosnians in St. Louis were suing the U.S. government over citizenship delays.

Thirty-five Bosnian war refugees have filed a lawsuit claiming the U.S. government is unlawfully delaying their applications to become United States citizens.

The Bosnians, who came to the U.S. legally to escape persecution [ha!] in the former Yugoslavia, have disabilities that range from post-traumatic stress disorder related to the war [so we can expect more massacres, since that was the motivation cited for Talovic’s rampage] to various medical conditions, such as a stroke, their lawyers said Tuesday.

50 Bosnian war refugees filed suit last year over the same issue. Federal officials did not fight that lawsuit, and a special ceremony to naturalize them was held last year. That successful lawsuit helped to prompt the latest court action.

Their efforts were again successful: Bosnians become U.S. citizens after suing the government for the right.

Between suing the government and sewing an AIDS-style memorial quilt for themselves to be submitted to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Bosniaks’ victim-mongering knows no bounds, as commented in the wake of the Talovic rampage:

Quick to exploit the opportunity, organizations like the Utah Consortium of Minority Groups [UCMG] took advantage of the unexpected media attention to demand more social welfare spending while asking “forgiveness” from the families of the victims in the same breath.

The [Utah Consortium of Minority Groups]’s take on this horrific crime is essentially the same as that of the SLC Mayor’s Office, that people are not responsible for what they do, that the obvious (the Bosnian community’s intimate familiarity with the Balkan jihad) has no relevance to the matter and that the community from which sprung the killer was indeed the victim of the crime not its potential accomplice.

As Ljubica ‘Buba’ Roth, a Balkan refugee [unclear if Muslim or not but speaking on behalf of the majority Muslim refugees] and the leader of the UCMG stated “We came to Utah to be Americans, instead we’re isolated and afraid.” In 2005 she made the preposterous claim that “many refugees are living in conditions worse then that of refugee camps in their homelands and it’s time to do something about it.”

Such attitudes prompt the obvious question of what native born citizens of Utah are supposed to feel when they and their children are being massacred in the streets by ungrateful refugees who are on the public dole.

This toxic mixture of resentment, entitlement, and crass ingratitude on the part of the Bosnian immigrants brings with it the troubling specter of increased social unrest prompted by an “us verses them” mentality… This may partially explain why Utah’s Governor Jon Huntsman, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and the chief of police have been so feverishly portraying the immigrant’s as the real victims of the shopping mall slaughter.

As part of the perpetual victim-mongering on behalf of Bosnians, and to strip the killer of culpability, the Deseret News’ report that the investigation was completed included this continual reminder:

Talovic spent part of his childhood in war-ravaged Bosnia, hiding in the mountains and moving from village [to village], trying to hide from Serb forces that were killing Bosnian Muslims.

The question is, how many more Bosnian and/or Albanian attacks against Americans, successful or thwarted, will it take before people realize that the Serbs aren’t the problem? Is there a limit to how much mileage we can get out of Serbs as villains? It remains to be seen — sadly so, as the experiment leading to that answer will cost more American lives.

Here’s just a footnote on Utah’s general Muslim scene, from again:

The Mayor’s dhimmitude towards the Muslim community and misplaced deference to their sensibilities is hardly new. He has been a participant in and initiator of programs involving the Muslim Forum of Utah [MFU].

The MFU also co-sponsors a Salt Lake American Muslim Cultural Festival each year, SLAM [really] which receives governmental funding.

The festival is clearly a da’wa [conversion] exercise promoted under the guise of “Multi-cultural Diversity, Inclusion, Tolerance & Mutual Respect,” it’s twin goals are to spread the Muslim religion while positioning the Islamic community so as to be better able to exploit state and government benefit programs to aid those da’wa efforts.

In 2006 the MFU hosted a State Department delegation of Saudi educational ministers on a visit to the United States. They were so enthusiastic about the organization’s conversion potential that they pledged support. According to the MFU account of their meeting:

“In the words of the Saudi Ministers ‘The little circle joining the big circle’…The Saudi Ministers left with the assurance they would support us and that God willing we would be successful in our work….”

In 2005 [Governor Jon Huntsman] visited a mosque with his wife and daughters who obediently donned head scarves and went to the woman’s section. The [governor] knelt with the men and unwittingly articulated their ultimate ambition in his message:

“As governor, it’s an honor to be with all of you…I consider you friends and important contributors to the state of Utah. We share a common destiny — peace, happiness and tranquility.” It is so important for Utah’s more than 25,000 Muslims to train their children in the faith so they can share it with others who know nothing about Islam.”

I love that magazines have a lag time, known in the industry as lead time. It refers to the time between the month that an article is written and the month it hits newsstands or gets to subscribers. In the May/June issue of “AAA’s Travel’s Companion” titled VIA magazine, six essay finalists were announced for Triple-A’s 2007 Dream Vacation Contest. Readers were asked to submit essays about their dream vacations, and 1,800 readers responded. While the finalists were chosen by judges, the winner was to be chosen by readers; the six competing essays were printed in the issue. The third one, written by a teacher named Chondra Winger in California, caught my attention:

He loved the United States before he set foot on American soil. He had seen American soldiers ride through the streets of Macedonia, bringing peace to a land ravaged by violence. Then Kujtim arrived, a 16-year-old exchange student enrolled in my English class. I shared Capote and guacamole, and he, in turn, described his mother’s bread, Albanian hip-hop, and the lights of Skopje. Soon my husband and children welcomed Kujtim into our family. We reveled in his stories of complex Macedonian-Roman ruins gazing up at a newly democratic skyline; mosques and churches flanking the Vardar River; a confluence of cultures cradled by grape-studded mountains. My husband and I could see ourselves there, weaving through the Old Skopje bazaar and dodging into a dark cafe for Turkish coffee. Just as Kujtim loved America before laying eyes on it, so we came to love a place we had never been.

Again, this was the May/June issue of the magazine. May was the month that we found out Albanians from Macedonia were plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix. Nothing like timing. Indeed, it would have been a good time for Mrs. Winger to ask Kujtim why Albanians are trying to sever parts of Macedonia for themselves in their supremacist Greater Albania project.

May was also the month that VIA readers were to vote for the winner from among the six final essays. The September/October issue of the magazine has just arrived, and it announces, “We have a winner!” Guess who.

That’s right: the month that the Ft. Dix news was in full swing, readers selected Mrs. Winger’s rhapsody about the Albanian student from Macedonia to be the winning essay. While I appreciate that readers may have been touched by the pro-American overtones of the essay, the term Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind. So does the word suckers.

For a prize, reads the magazine, “[t]he winning essayist will receive his or her dream trip from AAA Travel, which is celebrating 60 years of granting vacation wishes.”

Let’s pretend we’re in “The Price is Right,” and give the Wingers a sneak peek of their dream vacation, from Chris Deliso’s book The Coming Balkan Caliphate :

Another fascinating case of what is happening now can be seen in Macedonia’s southwestern town of Struga, an ethnically mixed tourist destination on Lake Ohrid whose civil administration changed from Macedonian to ethnic Albanian control….[P]ermission was given to remove a small Ottoman mosque, which had been built over a Byzantine church, replacing it with a huge, Saudi-style mosque…Built very close to a hotel on Struga’s placid lakeshore, the new mosque’s well-amplified minaret blasts out the call to prayers five times a day, something that has irritated local non-Muslims and, significantly, foreign hotel guests. As a manager at one hotel on the shore opposite the mosque sadly conceded, “the European tourists coming for a quiet vacation get jolted out of bed by the noise coming from the mosque…and don’t return.” When asked whether such a policy was fair to non-Muslims, an imam at the Islamic Community of Struga…suggested that music wafting from cafes in the evenings was equally offensive to Muslims.

Hopefully if the Wingers visit Struga’s beach, they won’t have the experience that two Macedonian ladies did in July, 2006:

a Wahhabi fundamentalist group from a nearby village converged on a beach close to the Struga hotel. The unprecedented sight of 100 bearded, fully dressed Islamists gathered on a Macedonian beach seemed both outlandish and frightening. According to one young Macedonian woman who was there, “I and my friend were the only two women on the beach, surrounded by these Wahhabis. They were staring at us, and we felt nervous and decided to leave. What is going on? Are we living in Saudi Arabia?”

While in Macedonia, the Wingers should make sure to visit Skopje’s Gazi Baba neighborhood and pick up a must-have souvenir, one of those Chechnya jihad videotapes that are circulating there. And hopefully AAA won’t be thrifty about the hotels where it puts up its winning essayists, or the couple could end up staying on the same floor as Kosovo-based jihadist Samedin Xhezairi, who has networks in Skopje and utilizes “innocuous facilities like cheap hotels as logistics bases.”

Fortuitously, the September issue of VIA with its announcement of the lucky winner was released just as seven inmates have released themselves prematurely from a Kosovo jail in an armed breakout, at least one of them headed to Macedonia to destabilize the country in the event that Kosovo’s independence is compromised.

The Wingers had better get a move on this dream vacation if they want to return in one piece! The question is, if they decide to take a side trip and visit next-door neighbor Serbia’s Kosovo, will AAA be there for them when Albanians start shooting at their rental car if it happens to have Belgrade plates?

AAA: “Celebrating 60 years of granting vacation wishes!”

Careful what you wish for.

Since the Dynamic National Guard PR Duo only recently got onto my radar — by virtue of their attacks on me — I can’t say for sure that the Trip to the Visoki Decani Monastery was a rare excursion for our Soldier Brad. And perhaps it’s just coincidence that he went on this outing in the midst of the controversy about “the real Kosovo”, begun after he and his lady soldier read my articles mentioning the peril that such Kosovo sites are in. But here are some of the conciliatory observations that our soldier bard Brad shares from his journey:

On Saturday, August 4th, I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to our friend, Chaplain Wikstrom, I was allowed to tour the amazing Visoki Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery 12 km south of Pec, Kosovo. The monastery is an amazing architectural feat which was built between 1327 and 1335, but the most amazing thing about it is that it has not been destroyed throughout history.

( “Amazing” is used three times in a single paragraph — to describe something Serbian. You definitely don’t see that every day.) Soldier Brad continues:

At a time when other Monasteries were being destroyed, the Decani Monastery survived. It survived the Ottoman invasion, World War II when the Nazis stole all of the gold from the chapel frescoes, and the most recent wars when other Monasteries were burned to the ground.

Ahem. Ahem. The Ottomans are named. The Nazis are named. No timidity there. But then we have some unnamed, non-distinct “wars” in which monasteries “were burned.” Did anyone do the burning, or did the monasteries suffer from spontaneous combustion? Do these “recent wars” include a certain 2004 pogrom, pre-planned and participated in by any particular group?

One is reminded of the news that four “former Yugoslavs” were planning to kill soldiers at Ft. Dix. (One is also reminded of headlines from the Middle East: “Israelis kill six Palestinians” versus “Bus explodes in central Jerusalem.”) Of course, it would make it harder to hand Kosovo to the folks who do this kind of thing if we went around calling a spade a spade. More from Soldier Brad:

Most amazing, however, are the Byzantine frescos which cover every square inch of wall and ceiling inside the chapel. These 14th Century frescoes were completed in 1350 and have survived mostly intact until this day. During the Ottoman occupation, the eyes were gauged out of several of the frescoes by the invading Turks, but the frescoes still stand much as they were in the 14th Century.

Let’s keep in mind who in the Balkans did well under the Ottomans and wants a return to “pre-1912″ borders uniting all “Albanian lands”. Back to Brad:

We were guided by one of the Monks who specializes in wood carving for the Monastery, creating wood products which will be used in Orthdox churches everywhere. The craftsmanship used on these pieces is second to none…The Monastery is not just a Kosovo or Serbian treasure, it is a treasure of the world, being listed in 2004 on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see what I consider to be one of the surviving wonders of the world. And yes, I would defend this and other historical buildings like it with my life because I consider it to be that important. I only hope that someday the situation will be present in Kosovo wherein people can travel to the Decani Monastery in order to see it themselves.

Pardon? You mean people can’t travel to the monastery? HOW COME?! And how big was Brad’s military escort for this excursion? Not that any American would need a military escort in a den of “pro-American” Albanians.

Before that can happen [people traveling by themselves to the monastery], there needs to be a large mind-set change on the parts of the Albanians and the Serbians.

You mean Serbs also aren’t letting people travel to the monasteries? Now I’m confused.

I don’t care if you don’t appreciate the other’s religious beliefs, there is room for ALL beliefs in this world without violence from either side.

Violence from either side? Considering that we’re up to two million Albanians and down to 100,000 Serbs in Kosovo (with only about 70 in the capital, down from 40,000), this statement can only mean that Serbs are as guilty as Albanians in anti-Serb violence.

In the wake of the foiled doctors’ plot in the UK — and the discovery of a similar one against the US — the ubiquitous question was once again asked by reporters, just as it was asked when news of the Ft. Dix plot came out: Is there any connection to any foreign terror groups? In other words, for some reason everyone always wants to know if these are lone jihadists or if they’re affiliated with al Qaeda et al.

But the question is no longer relevant. Recall that news came out in 2005 that al Qaeda has been turning away applicants because they’ve had too many volunteers, so the organizaton is now more selective than ever regarding whom it will accept. This means that most jihadists of the future will be acting on their own, or as part of a small group of their own organizing — and, if al Qaeda’s screening process is to be trusted — screwing up a lot.

Serbian President’s office adopts kitten to boost animal protection

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) - The Serbian president’s office has a purr-fect new recruit.

The newcomer to the presidential team is not a political analyst or a foreign policy adviser — but Micka, a tiny striped kitten.

It’s has been adopted by President Boris Tadic as a sign of support for the animal protection movement.

Tadic late Thursday visited an animal advocate group, ORCA, and decided to adopt the abandoned kitten in an attempt to boost care for the animals in the Balkan republic.

Serbia has a huge problem with stray dogs and cats, who can be seen roaming the streets of the capital Belgrade and other cities.

The authorities have sought to outline a strategy to solve the problem, while several animal protection groups have surfaced recently appealing on the citizens to take in the abandoned animals.

As I’ve said before, good thing we defended OUR values and “way of life” with that Kosovo war:

Kosovo is plagued with growing packs of stray dogs and is offering a bounty for the tail of every hound gunned down and killed off…A total 370 dogs have since been shot dead in five separate hunts by a local Mitrovica association in February and March. The animals — many of them former pets abandoned during and after the war — roam around urban centres…

“Hunters were followed by police patrols and public services workers who collected the carcasses and buried them in the city garbage dump,” said Qela, adding the reward is ” 7.50 euros (10 dollars) for the tail of each dog killed.”

And, closer to home, “Patty” — a former neighbor of the family of the three Albanian brothers who plotted the Ft. Dix attack — describes the Duka family: “First, they cut down all the trees for firewood…The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the women slit a lamb’s throat with a kitchen knife.”

Netherlands sued over Srebrenica

Relatives of the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre have filed a case against the Dutch state and the UN, saying they allowed it to happen. The Bosnian town of Srebrenica was a UN safe haven under the protection of Dutch peacekeepers at the time.

About 8,000 Muslims were killed after Bosnian-Serb forces overran the town. [Not.]

The case was filed before The Hague district court. Dutch officials say compensation claims should be directed at the perpetrators of the massacre.

The officials mean “Sue the Serbs,” but actually the perpetrators are Srebrenica’s Muslims who acted under Naser Oric’s command to kill Serbs, as well as the fundamentalist Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic, who orchestrated the Srebrenica “massacre” after Clinton told him he had to come up with 5,000 bodies to get an intervention.

Two-hundred women from the group known as the Mothers of Srebrenica carried banners in a silent march outside the Dutch parliament. Their lawyers said the Dutch were to blame for refusing to give air support to their own troops defending Srebrenica, claiming that would have prevented Bosnian-Serb forces from advancing.

Ah, it wasn’t enough that the UN didn’t disarm this “UN-protected safe area for civilians”. It wasn’t enough that the UN enabled the militarized enclave to continue launching attacks on Serbs from the “safe haven”. It wasn’t enough that the Srebrenica Muslims got to kill 3, 262 Serb civilians in the surrounding areas. No, the Dutch were also supposed to serve as human shields when the Serbs finally responded.

So Muslims are slaughtering Serbs and staging attacks on Serbian soldiers from a “safe haven.” The Serbs retaliate — and the Dutch are supposed to do something about it.

This lawsuit illustrates precisely what the Bush administration feared about the existence of a world court: that Americans, like Europeans, could be sent on peace missions and then get prosecuted or sued for not doing something that someone felt they should do — or for doing something that someone felt they shouldn’t do.

Whatever the outcome, this lawsuit should set a precedent: that no one should ever again attempt to help Muslims. Because they will sue you or, as in the case of Ft. Dix and Salt Lake City, kill you.

Meanwhile, the fact that 6,000 families are suing on behalf of an alleged 8,000 dead or missing reveals something: that, once again, Srebrenica wasn’t genocide, but a targeting of military men, about a soldier per family. That’s not genocide, especially when children and the child-bearing sex are bused out. And that’s, of course, if you buy their inflated numbers to begin with.

Last Eid ul-Adha, a four-day Islamic holiday that follows not long after Ramadan, I wrote a post based on the widespread impromptu animal slaughter that Muslims around the world engaged in that week in their streets and in their backyards. (One blog actually had pictures of the horror.) I also pondered whether this could have been what Bill Clinton had in mind when he said we were “defending our way of life” by bombing a European country on behalf of tribalistic, blood-code-following, clan-oriented Muslim Albanians. About the photo below, I mused, “Future of Main Street, USA?”


If the lifestyle of the three Albanian brothers in the Ft. Dix plot is any indication, the answer is yes — and yes. From Srdja Trifkovic, of Chronicles magazine:

Because of the Dukas’ behavior at least two families decided to move from the tree-lined street. According to the Inquirer… “Patty, 35, said the Duka family moved into the four-bedroom Colonial next to them in 1999. ‘First, they cut down all the trees for firewood,’ she said. Then came the barnyard animals and the watermelon vines growing between their houses. On weekends, dozens of visitors would arrive in vans with New York license plates, the couple said. ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the women slit a lamb’s throat with a kitchen knife.’”

If by siding with Albanians we were “defending our way of life,” and if, as one reader admonished, “The future is with Albanians!” then we’ll have to make some unpleasant adjustments.