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…[In Srebrenica] beheadings of Serbian civilians were commonplace, and in some villages the mujahedeen would dynamite homes with the inhabitants trapped inside.

No attempt was made to hide such atrocities. In fact, Gen. Oric would often address the media at the site of the massacres. On one such occasion, while standing in front of mujahedeen displaying decapitated human heads as trophies, Gen. Oric pointed to a smouldering building in ruins and proudly announced to reporters, “We blew those Serbs to the moon.”

Alija Izetbegovic was also proud to display the fighting prowess of his mujahedeen volunteers. Following a successful attack against Serbian positions around Vozuce on Sept. 10, 1995, the Bosnian president held a televised medal presentation. Mujahedeen warriors had served as the vanguard of the assault force, and were awarded 11 decorations for valour, including the Golden Crescent, Bosnia’s highest honour.

According to Miroslav Lazanski, author of the new book, Osama bin Laden Against America, al-Qaeda members still maintain two bases in Bosnia, one of them reserved for top fighters.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, FBI and CIA agents uncovered evidence that two of the suicide hijackers had originated from this Bosnian camp…The U.S. military has taken a keen interest in mujahedeen activities in the Balkans since Sept. 11. Late last month, U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers visited NATO troops in Bosnia to warn them against a possible al-Qaeda retaliation attack. And on Dec. 4, the White House added two Albanian terrorist groups operating in Macedonia and Kosovo to its list of outlawed organizations…

– Scott Taylor, of Canada’s Esprit de Corps magazine, writing for Ottawa Citizen in December 2001

We’ll all be able to sleep more soundly, won’t we, now that Ratko Mladic is caught. I feel so much safer now that another Serbian general is behind bars!

As jubilation over the latest Serbian catch proceeds for the next several weeks — by Muslims, media, Washington and Brussels — the merrymakers should understand that others of us are also elated, but for a very different reason. For the reason that the cameras go dark once these trials actually start. (As they’ve done in the inconvenient Karadzic and Milosevic cases.) As Hague observer Andy Wilcoxson warned upon Karadzic’s arrest three years ago: Be careful what you wish for. In fact, in the coming weeks I’ll be checking in on the past year of revelations from the Karadzic trial, and give us a flavor of the beans Mladic will be spilling. (This is of course IF the Tribunal gives him the chance — its judges tend to cut off microphones when an inconvenient truth comes out in court.)

Whatever proof will be shown of executions by Mladic’s forces of Muslim POWs (and there were a few hundred — though not 8000), it’s important to understand the main reason he has been sought with such universal zeal, as was Karadzic and the abducted-by-night Milosevic, not to mention all the lesser-known Serbs currently serving multi-decade terms. The crime they are all morally charged with — above and beyond anything legal or technical — is daring to fight back when Muslims attacked. They are guilty of being Serbian officials during war. Of daring to answer war with war.

Anyone care for a roasted Serb?

photo credit: Yasunari Mizuguchi

Because if we’re on the subject of POWs, let it be known what your Western governments have kept from you. The Serbian POW in the photo above had been roasted, allegedly alive, by mujahedeen forces serving in the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army. An excerpt from a too-little-too-late effort in 1998 by American Serbs to catch up to their enemies (and designated victims) in the image war reads:

The castration and forced circumcision of hundreds of Serb POWs ranks among the most repugnant of war crimes — these physical mutilations of Serb victims were never made public by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, nor any major U.S. newspaper. If the American people had been told the truth from the beginning, American GI’s would not be in Bosnia today…

There’s more — much more — where the image above came from, here. As well, we have documentary video evidence (which I am in the process of downloading and creating a location for).

Graphic details of what Srebrenica Muslims did to Srebrenica Serbs even appear in the book Planned Chaos by a wartime MP named Ibran Mustafic. (Also from the horse’s mouth, let’s not forget about these two raped Bosnian-Muslim girls who escaped from Muslim Srebrenica to Bosnian-Serb authorities for safety.)

In February, Wilcoxson commented:

The Serbs by no means have a monopoly on atrocities. Just like the Muslims, thousands upon thousands of Serbian civilians were driven from their homes in Bosnia. During the war, Serbia hosted more Bosnian war refugees [Serb, Muslim and Croat] than any other country. Just like the Muslims, Serb civilians were rounded up and held in camps under inhumane conditions. Just like the Muslims, Serbian civilians were subjected to gruesome massacres. In fact, in the region around Srebrenica between 1992 and 1995, many Serbian villages were massacred by the Muslims from Srebrenica under the command of Nasir Oric and some of proof is in this horribly gruesome video — [removed by youtube as a “violation” — note: why do Serb victims need to be hidden from public view, but not Muslim victims? A brief but informative alternative video appears at this youtube link.]

Everybody involved in the Bosnian War is guilty of ethnic cleansing. Before the war, Muslims made up almost a third of the population in what is now Republika Srpska — after the war their share of the population was just shy of 2%. Likewise, in what is now the B-H Federation, Serbs had comprised about a third of the population before the war, and after the war they were just over 3%. Those people didn’t just voluntarily decide to walk away from their homes, their property, and all of their possessions in order to be refugees. The Bosnian-Muslims have no right to point fingers at the Serbs, because they themselves did a lot of the same things they’re accusing the Serbs of doing [and started the war in the first place]. There won’t be reconciliation in that part of the world until everybody admits their guilt.

Meanwhile, an update from the other front of the Balkan jihad. Mladic may be captured (whew!), but this guy and his cohorts? Still in office:

This apt picture, starring our good friend the terrorist “prime minister” of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci (flanked by his other Western protectors Bernard Kouchner and Javier Solana), is a reference to the murder-for-organs story that broke a few months ago. Make no mistake about the timing of the Mladic capture. Terror collaborators (a.k.a. bureaucrats) in Washington and Brussels need very much for this other story to recede even deeper into oblivion than it already has. (And who even remembers that it was a Kosovo Albanian that killed two U.S. servicemen in Frankfurt just two months ago?) And so the Mladic arrest is meant to overshadow all the bad news coming from our Great Islamic Hope in Kosovo. As if Mladic did anything approaching the crimes that the ‘legitimate’ rulers of Kosovo committed against non-Albanians and Albanians alike — and by their own hand. As if 1500 Muslim soldiers — not “8000″ — dying from a combination of combat, landmines, infighting and — yes — criminal execution of POWs compares to kidnapping and torturing civilians and selling their organs, to name just one slice of what these apparently more ‘kosher’ butchers are guilty of.

Indeed, given such macabre revelations, the U.S. needs to re-justify a looming NATO operation that will bring Kosovo’s north under Albanian control — by reminding the world of WHAT THE SERBS DID, via a Mladic capture. And so the quisling regime in Serbia — desperate to join the club of “humanity” and that promised-land European future — obliged.

Nor does the West seem to have a problem with those in power in Bosnia. Never mind that some of them helped fund the 9/11 attacks, that another (the son of wartime president Izetbegovic) is a major weapons smuggler, and that a third fosters fundamentalism, issued the mujahedeen passports, and is essentially the top rung of the Bosnian leg of al-Qaeda. Nope, no problems for us there. Not nearly the priority that Mladic was. Flashback to December 2001, again from Canadian military reporter Scott Taylor:

Osama bin Laden — stripped of his Saudi citizenship in 1994 — is alleged to have retained the Bosnian passport he was issued in Vienna in 1993. According to a Sept. 1999 report in Dani, a Bosnian Muslim weekly paper, Alija Izetbegovic, then president of Bosnia, granted Mr. bin Laden a passport in recognition of his followers’ contributions to Mr. Izetbegovic’s quest to create a “fundamentalist Islamic republic” in the Balkans.

Dani also reported that al-Qaeda terrorist Mehrez Aodouni had been arrested in Istanbul while carrying a Bosnian passport. Like Mr. bin Laden, his citizenship had been granted “because he was a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina army.”

Lest we forget, the people still in power in Bosnia also issued a passport (and citizenship) to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Again, nothing to see here. Keep moving toward the Orthodox Serbs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any richer, Reuters brings us this:

The Muslim member of Bosnia’s three-person inter-ethnic presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, welcomed the news of Ratko Mladic’s arrest on Thursday and said it was conducted in cooperation with Bosnian security agencies.

So Bosnia’s security agencies kicked right into gear on this one, while being “unable” to secure certain other aspects of Bosnian society.

On the Russia Today network, historian Srdja Trifkovic yesterday warned that in the coming days and weeks, rather than commendations for Serbia’s turning Mladic in, we can expect to see and hear a renewed orgy of Serbophobia, a recycling of all the old tales of the heinous things the dastardly Serbs supposedly did.

But Serbian president Boris Tadic doesn’t seem to get it: Tadić: Serbia’s reputation “no longer tarnished”

“A difficult period of our history is over and Serbia’s reputation is no longer tarnished,” Tadić underscored. “I believe that this operation has proved that the services of the Republic of Serbia have made this country safe and have secured the rule of law, and that our work on the search for war crime suspects will increase Serbia’s moral credibility in the international arena and raise all security capacities to a higher level…” Tadić said.

“It is good for Serbia that it has closed [i.e. reopened] this chapter of history,” Tadić said, and explained that the extradition process was already underway.

Asked whether he expected unrest in the country, the president said that he did not expect the country to enter a political crisis, and that “anyone who tries anything of the kind will be arrested and prosecuted”. […]

Well, after all this, who’s going to jump to defend Serbia from any aggressors again when needed? No one. And that’s the whole idea. Welcome to the EU of small, castrated, prostrate, states — where only nodding will be tolerated.

Here’s how Robert Leifels, an American cop who served as UN police in Bosnia, put it to me yesterday morning: “I guess you heard about the arrest of General Ratko Mladic. People in trouble always turn to guys like him when they need help, then turn against them when they are no longer needed. He served his country and now he is being used once again, to pay for EU membership. Did you ever watch the old movie HIGH NOON starring Gary Cooper? Tells it all.”

Speaking of Tadic’s anticipated rehabilitation of Serbia, the opposite is already in full swing — just like last time. But he will not be deterred:

Arrest of Bosnian Serb former general expected to unblock Serbia’s bid to join EU.

…Tadić said that the arrest has “opened” all doors to EU membership. “Today we cleared our name and the name of all Serbs,” he said.

Tadić said that Serbia would now do everything in its power to arrest Goran Hadžić, a former leader of Croatia’s Serbs who now is the last remaining indictee wanted by the ICTY.

The arrest came just days after Serge Brammertz, the ICTY’s chief prosecutor, filed a negative report about Serbia’s co-operation with the ICTY with the UN Security Council. Brammertz’ report made it less likely that the EU member states would have given the green light to Serbia’s candidacy this year, threatening Tadić’s chances of re-election next year.

So we’re ALL GO for EU membership, right? But wait a second — this just in:

EU Wants Progress in Kosovo Talks for Serbian 2011 Candidacy

The European Union wants Serbia [to] show evidence it is making progress in regional cooperation, including with the breakaway province of Kosovo, to boost the chance of becoming an entry candidate by year’s end.

[EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Catherine] Ashton…said in the statement that talks between Belgrade and Kosovo are “fundamental for removing obstacles on the road towards the EU.”

Serbia and Kosovo launched a series of talks under the EU auspices in March, trying to resolve non-political issues such as customs procedures, communications and land registries.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso last week told Serbia that time was running out and it had to do more by the end of June to convince the EU it is ready to become a candidate.

So there will be no ‘unblocking’ for Serbia anytime soon, as the bar keeps getting reset higher. Whatever Serbs do — including during the Balkan wars when they repeatedly laid down their weapons at Western behest and got slaughtered — is not enough.

To wit: Is this the first time you’re hearing the name Goran Hadzic? We were always used to seeing the names Mladic and Karadzic as the pair of most-wanted fugitives. But once Karadzic was caught, all of a sudden we needed to also get this guy Hadzic. So it became “Mladic and Hadzic.” Because you simply can’t arrest enough Serbs. (Headlines: “Ratko Mladic arrested: Goran Hadzic last remaining major figure at large“; “Brammertz hails Mladic arrest, expects Hadzic“; U.S. Ambassador Mary Warlick: U.S. Support to Serbia to Arrest Hadzic” ) As Nebojsa Malic put it to me recently:

Goran Hadzic is the last remaining official of the Republic of Serb Krajina, destroyed by Croatia in 1995. All the other Serb officials, whether from Serbia or from Bosnia and “Croatia” are either dead, or have been convicted of BWS (Breathing While Serb). They need him to complete the set, so to speak.

[In February], they convicted the head of Serbia’s police in 1999 for “joint criminal enterprise” to murder and expel poor “Kosovars”. The verdict stated that Milosevic was the mastermind of the conspiracy, and all the coverage noted that he “died while on trial for genocide.” (As in, it was proven and all). Sickening.

Dr. Trifkovic reminds us that the Hague’s tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia “is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial [justification] of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia.” He adds that the Serbian press today is more government-controlled than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and is consistently pushing EU membership as a panacea for all that ails the country — much like Communism had been, he points out. “If Serbia does join the EU,” he says, “it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship.”

On Oct. 17, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which boasts the largest concentration of Bosnian Muslims outside Bosnia, published one of its typical Bosniak-bruise-stroking pieces, this time in the Religion section by writer Tim Townsend. The particular event being reported on was a visit paid by Bosnia’s ubiquitous chief mufti Mustafa Ceric, doing one of his usual “interfaith” numbers. Here is an excerpt from the seemingly innocuous report from that evening:

Grand Mufti of Bosnia addresses St. Louis interfaith gathering

About 420 people of all religious stripes converged on the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac Thursday night to share a meal and hear from the night’s keynote speaker, Mustafa Ceric, the grand mufti of Bosnia.

Imam Muhamed Hasic of the Islamic Community Center, a largely Bosnian mosque in St. Louis, said Ceric was “the highest authority for Bosnian Muslims. He’s like the pope for us.”

St. Louis is home to between 60,000 and 70,000 Bosnians, according to the International Institute, making it the largest Bosnian community outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of them fled their country during the Yugoslav civil war of the early 1990s, an ethnic conflict that killed an estimated 100,000 people, including 8,000 Bosnian Muslims during the massacre [sic] in 1995 in Srebrenica.

“It means so much to us,” said Hasic. “He’s the most respected person in Bosnia and in the diaspora.” […]

The item recalled the steady stream of Post-Dispatch pieces which dutifully reinforce the already cemented, exclusively Muslim version of the Bosnian war that we get as the official truth. The newspaper habitually lavishes more victimhood on the Muslims than they themselves ever imagined they could garner. I recalled the Post-Dispatch article titled “The Long Shadow of Bosnia’s Genocide” by a Patrick McCarthy, a victimhood-monger who’s apparently made a career of casting the Bosniaks as innocent victims of genocide. A no longer online-accessible excerpt of his Holocaust-language-laden op-ed from 2007 reads:

Thousands of Bosnian Muslims and Catholics had been herded into the Omarska mining complex outside the city of Prijedor where they were being subjected to unspeakable acts of barbarism and cruelty. Images broadcast around the globe of skeletal Omarska inmates echoed the Holocaust and awakened the realization that genocide had returned to Europe in our lifetime.

After working hard to reestablish themselves in a new culture, Bosnians from Prijedor now are ready to tell their wartime stories. The St. Louis Holocaust Museum and Learning Center will present an exhibit this fall called “Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide” that will feature documentary artifacts, photographs and first-person accounts by Prijedor survivors in St. Louis.

The Prijedor exhibit at the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center offers us another opportunity to witness, listen and learn as we renew a tattered commitment to the pledge, “Never Again.”

Of course, we don’t need this hack to tell us what the Omarska camp was or wasn’t. But for good measure, a St. Louis Jewish publication helped shill for that “Holocaust” exhibit at the museum, which is a department of the Jewish Federation. Even more appalling, Bosnian Ambassador Bisera Turkovic — who issued passports to mujahedeen — inaugurated the exhibit.

Then the next nauseus Post-Dispatch account came to mind, this time concerning a “Memorial Quilt” that the Bosnians were sewing and hoping to place in the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Here was the dripping, dramatic opening to that one:

Tribute to massacre victims
By Michele Munz

Senahid, 17, student.

Saban, 48, father of six children.

Nino, 20, a journalist.

These are just three of the 20 Bosnian genocide [sic] victims whose names were woven into a quilt unveiled Sunday in St. Louis….The memorial quilt was woven in Bosnia-Herzegovina to commemorate the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica.

“It is very comparable to the AIDS quilt in how it raised awareness,” said Nihad Sinanovic, who was 11 when he escaped from Srebrenica in 1993 [i.e. bussed out by the Bosnian-Serbs along with the rest of the women and children]. “It will bring a lot of attention to how 8,000 men and boys [of fighting age] were killed.”

[Advocacy Project director Iain] Guest hung the quilt outside the Islamic Community Center in St. Louis, where a special religious commemoration ceremony was held Sunday. He snapped pictures while women in traditional head scarves laid roses underneath the quilt.

“It’s a perfect idea,” said Rusmin Topalovic, vice president of the local group of Srebrenica survivors. “We are going to work as much as possible to get all the names on it.” He said he envisioned the quilt eventually resting at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum — “to stay there forever.”

The same summer, some St. Louis Jews helped Bosnian Muslims get a new mosque approved by the city: “Jews help Muslims fight county council,” July 16, 2007, by Tim Townsend:

When Rick Isserman found out last month that St. Louis County wouldn’t allow a group of Muslims to build a new mosque in south St. Louis County, the story sounded too familiar.

Forty-eight years earlier, Isserman’s grandfather, Rabbi Ferdinand Isserman, fought to move his congregation, Temple Israel, from the city to the county, where the Jewish population had been relocating for some years. The city of Creve Coeur cited zoning problems and tried to block the move, but the rabbi and his flock took the case to the Missouri Supreme Court and prevailed.

In the spring, the St. Louis County Council refused the Islamic Community Center’s request to rezone a 4.7-acre parcel it bought a year before for $1.25 million. The Muslims — mostly Bosnian immigrants — planned to build a second mosque and community center in addition to the current mosque and center off South Kingshighway in St. Louis.

When Khalid Shah, a member of the mosque and a friend of Isserman’s, told him about the council’s decision, the 53-year-old Department of Agriculture employee began making the connection to his family’s legal legacy. “I’m fighting the same battle as my grandfather 50 years ago,” Isserman said. “It’s a different community and a different place, but it’s the same issue.”

A county attorney brushed off notions that the dispute is rooted in dramatic constitutional questions of religious freedom… “They didn’t think it was appropriate zoning,” [Robert Grant] said…[T]he charge of discrimination is contentious, even among Bosnians. “In my opinion this was not religious discrimination,” said Sukrija Dzidzovic, publisher and editor of Sabah, a Bosnian-American weekly newspaper based in St. Louis. “This was a mistake on Imam Hasic’s part. He should not have bought land that was zoned for commercial use, hoping that he could change the zoning.” […]

Finally, I remembered another Post-Dispatch piece from that year, titled “Local Bosnians condemn U.N. acquittal of Serbia in genocide,” (Feb. 27) which yet again presented the Muslim side with sympathetic indignation:

They saw their houses destroyed, family members killed and were forced to flee their homeland. On Monday, many Bosnians in St. Louis suffered what they called their latest indignity when the International Court of Justice cleared Serbia of direct intent to commit genocide although it says the country failed to prevent the 1995 massacre [sic] at Srebrenica.

On Gravois Avenue near Bevo Mill, in the heart of the St. Louis Bosnian community, the court’s ruling was met with indignation and anger. “Obviously, I’m upset,” said Enes Bajric, as he sat in a booth at Cafe Milano, smoked and sipped strong coffee. Bajric, 24, came to St. Louis 10 years ago. He lost an uncle and two cousins in the war. “It can never be repaired, what’s been done to us,'’ he said. “They killed us.”

“With this ruling, the world has confirmed that genocide and extermination of European Muslims was justified, and anyone who wants to continue and do it again will have support from Europe,” said [Amir] Hotich, a travel agency owner who also operates a Bosnian language newspaper.

SO GETTING TO THE POINT. By the time I read about the mufti’s recent visit, I’d already had enough. So I decided to politely reach out to one of the nobodies who run that small pond press. The letters editor seemed like a logical choice to start with. And so I emailed letters editor Jamie Riley the following:

Dear Ms. Riley,

Is it too late to respond to a piece that ran on Oct. 17??

It’s actually a rather important letter, as it responds to the benevolent presentation of the Bosnian mufti to your readers. In fact, he speaks out of one side of his mouth when speaking to Westerners, and out of another when speaking in Bosnia or to Muslims in Europe. Criticized recently by the Bosnian-Muslim media (for glossing over a pedophilic imam’s crimes), he accused the Bosnians of Islamophobia. But that’s the least of the disturbing news about chief mufti Mustafa Ceric. He’s not the man that Tim Townsend is portraying to your readers.

Sorry for the yapping. Would just like to hear if it’s not too late to proceed with a letter about the grand mufti.
Julia Gorin
Las Vegas

I got an immediate, pleasant reply:

From: Jamie Riley []
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 5:20 PM
To: Julia Gorin
Subject: RE: quick question: is it too late…

It’s not too late.

I look forward to reading your letter.


So I wrote the following letter and emailed it to Ms. Riley that night. Here is what it said:

Dear Jamie,
I spent the last three hours cutting this in half. I’m still over the proper word count, but I wanted to give you the option of determining what’s most interesting to keep in, and what can go. Thanks again, and I’ll stay tuned.
Julia Gorin
Dear Editor:

Your paper should be careful about inuring readers to the Bosnian mufti Mustafa Ceric as he does the interfaith tango on our shores. (“Grand Mufti of Bosnia addresses St. Louis interfaith gathering,” Oct. 17.) These one-way tolerance-building exercises have been a good cover for the mufti, who says one thing to Western audiences and another to European Muslims. They also help fair-minded Americans let their guards down. But Ceric’s background calls for our guards to be up.

Ceric twice this summer called for incorporating Sharia law into the Bosnian constitution — which also governs increasingly wary Catholic Croats and Orthodox Serbs. He recently conducted Bosnia’s first mass Sharia wedding, paid for by Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Before that, Ceric suggested that all European Muslims should have a single political and religious leader, and last year he defended fundamentalists who beat up a TV crew reporting on a pedophilic imam. When criticized, Ceric called the Bosnian media Islamophobic.

Ceric regularly insists that no one in Bosnia is cooperating with al-Qaeda. In addition to the disrupted, Bosnia-hatched plot to assassinate world leaders at Pope John Paul’s funeral in 2005, the Washington Times in 2003 reported that Bosnia “now serves as a base for al Qaeda operatives.” A 2004 AFP dispatch read, “Osama bin Laden is actively directing terrorist cells in the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia.” Further, Bosnia’s Zenica region provided the training ground for those who conducted a series of Baghdad suicide attacks in August 2003. And a 2005 raid on a Sarajevo apartment turned up suicide vests, exploding bullets, rifles and a machine gun, to be used on the British embassy. The International Herald Tribune recalled that “Bosnia gave passports to more than 800 former fighters and ‘aid workers’ from the Middle East.” These included 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, whom Bosnia had secretly granted citizenship to.

In 2007 Ceric attended a Mecca conference, hosted by the Saudi-funded Muslim World League, which has called Jews and Christians “apes” and “pigs” and beseeched the world’s Muslims to “put pressure” on Serbs and Jews. Ceric’s co-panelists included authors of textbooks denouncing Christians and the “wicked nation” of Jews as enemies of Muslims. The same year, Ceric dispatched imam Sulejman Bugari to tour North America. Bugari has told his Sarajevo flock, “With the Americans’ help, [Jews] have again outsmarted the entire world, especially the economy. We consume American-Jewish products every day…” At sermons he reminds worshippers that “jihad was necessary and will be necessary.”

Ceric was recently named by the Bosnian NGO ‘Croatia Libertas’ in charges it filed against Bosnian-Muslim political, military and religious leaders for war crimes committed at over 300 concentration camps set up for non-Muslims by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army in 1991-95. And yet St. Louis Bosnians refer to “the most respected” Ceric, “the highest authority for Bosnian Muslims,” as Tim Townsend reported.

Townsend’s article was just the paper’s latest in a continuous stream of dutiful affirmations of exclusively Muslim victimhood and Serbian villainy. This doesn’t do any favors for the wider readership, surrounded by the “largest Bosnian-Muslim community,” as the paper likes to boast. The longer we adhere to Bosnian war dogma, the harder it will be to stray from it later, as more light is shed on that era. The Post-Dispatch must start giving St. Louis a more realistic and balanced assessment of the war, and thereby of the community in its midst. Salt Lake City got that assessment the hard way, via the 2007 Trolley Square massacre. The Bosnian shooter’s father lied about his military record on his refugee application. He wasn’t the only one.

The following day passed without a peep from the initially responsive Ms. Riley. And so did the next day. Not even a rejection, nor a response to my one-sentence follow-up asking if I should shorten the letter further, nor to my note below:

From: Julia Gorin
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:58 PM
To: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: so am i still staying tuned?

Dear Jamie,
Just checking in — since October is almost over and Oct. 17th is seeming more distant. You said you were looking forward to getting the letter that I therefore proceeded to work on. I submitted it yesterday morning. Just hoping to get a status report. Thanks much.

So it was pretty obvious that my usual experience with mainstream editors and their great wall of silence concerning the Balkans was replaying itself at yet another clone paper. But in the event that Ms. Riley had taken a sudden vacation or died, I decided on Friday morning to just make sure my letter would be considered, and therefore emailed the next nobody — the paper’s editorial page editor, Gilbert Bailon. Here is what I sent him:

From: Julia Gorin
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 4:58 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: The Post Dispatch’s Bosnian-Muslim coverage

Dear Mr. Bailon,
On Tuesday Oct. 27 I emailed Jamie Riley asking if it was too late to respond to a piece that ran on Oct. 17. I explained why the Bosnian chief mufti whose visit Tim Townsend covered was not someone that St. Louis readers should be inured to…Jamie emailed back almost immediately saying that it wasn’t too late, and that she was looking forward to my letter.

After crafting it for several hours, then spending as many hours cutting it in half, I sent it to her Tuesday night, so that she would have gotten it Wednesday morning. But in contrast to her initial responsiveness, the entire rest of the day — and then all of Thursday — I got only stone silence…

I fear that, unless she coincidentally took a vacation these past two days, the letter may have scared her off. (I include it for you below.) This is actually a frequent phenomenon when editors are faced with the unthinkable: a dissenting voice on the official narrative of the Bosnian war…

In addition to illuminating mufti Ceric’s background, my letter made a wider point, and perhaps that’s what scared off Ms. Riley. It was asking for a more realistic, balanced, and accurate approach to Bosnia-related coverage than your paper habitually gives…I’m not going to use the hostile word “pander” when I say that I understand your paper’s need to serve your 60-70,000-strong Bosnian-Muslim community. But sometimes a readership is better served when it is challenged, and not always nodded to. The readership should be challenged to recall what many Muslims of the armed Srebrenica “safe haven” did to neighboring Serb villages — for years before they finally met with a response.

I’ll understand if you simply delete this email. Not to sound too dramatic, but I speak from my own experience and that of others when I say that casting a critical eye on the Balkan wars is the hardest thing a journalist can do — and so most don’t. Certainly if you endeavor to present readers with a more realistic and accurate picture of the war and therefore some of those 60-70,000 in your midst, the paper will not have the peace it currently enjoys with the news and opinion as it is. After all, Serbian-Americans are used to the one-sidedness, the demonization and the futility of asking for balance, and therefore do not call, fax or email by the thousands with angry reactions or threats every time a paper publishes another fictitious claim about the 1990s. But if your coverage ever did do what journalists used to do — create controversy by presenting uncomfortable truths — you’d see a clear change in reaction.

If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you. The reason I wrote to you specifically is that I don’t know what forum in your paper I could make this point in other than the opinion section (there is no ombudsman section for longer letter-publishing). In the unlikely event that you would be willing to publish my nearly commentary-length letter below as an op-ed (it’s 500-some words), I’d be willing. Or I could compose an altogether new piece if you indicate what you feel are the most compelling points between what I’ve written above and the letter below. Thanks very much.
Julia Gorin

True to clone form, Bailon didn’t write anything back either. And so the complacent Post-Dispatch continues to enjoy the temporary peace it gets from coddling its Muslim readership. Such that when the St. Louis version of the Salt Lake City shooter Sulejman Talovic finally introduces himself to Post-Dispatch readers, it will take them completely by surprise.

No sooner did I call this small pond press’s attention to the real Mustafa Ceric than there was an update on the good mufti, who has it in for the U.S. ambassador to Bosnia, Raffi Gregorian, whom he accuses of being behind a recently published report and criminal-network diagram “that featured a number of top Bosnian Muslim political, religious and business leaders. Ceric and Fahrudin Radoncic, the owner of the country’s largest newspaper publisher Avaz, were shown at the centre of the criminal network, which also included the Muslim member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency Haris Silajdzic and the leader of the Muslim main Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Sulejman Tihic. …Ceric said the published documents resembled the “(Nazi Germany’s) final solution for Jews in Europe.”

The episode echoes Ceric’s comments from the summer of 2007, when Gregorian finally first admitted that many of the still un-deported mujahedeen in Bosnia have al Qaeda links and that there are Bosnian officials who help al Qaeda by “hiding agents [and/or] giving financial assistance or false documents.”

In response, Ceric “accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group… ‘It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,’ Ceric said. ‘Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,’ Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque. In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed.”

So that’s our Bosnian mufti. An excellent summary of this “pope” to St. Louis Bosniaks follows, from blogger Colin Meade in 2006:

[Ceric] demanded the introduction of religious education in schools, and said that Muslims had to reject “European trash” — alcohol, drugs and prostitution. He launched a campaign against ethnically mixed marriages. He prohibited the sale of pork in Sarajevo — an order taken by the Western media as proof that Islamic fundamentalism was penetrating the heart of Europe…He has suggested that Bosnian Muslims should follow the example of the world’s 1 billion Muslims and reject western secular society.

According to Ceric himself, Bosnia today is a halfway house between the House of Islam (Dar al-Islam) and the House of War (Dar al-Harb). In this halfway house, known as the Dar al-Sulh (House of the Truce), “Islam or the shariah cannot be implemented fully, but the government should endeavour to put it into practice as much as possible”. [So in Bosnia] “it is unrealistic to expect us to implement shariah completely. That’s what I want, of course, but it will not happen just like that.”

On interfaith dialogue, Ceric has this to say: “Muslims who want to meet people of other faiths have every right to do so but it is wrong to accept much from such forums (…) Islam is the religion of God and it is the best way forward known to man. In it lies the salvation of humanity, dignity and all that is required for a creature to be classified as a human”. [incidentally does the last bit mean that non-Muslims are non-human creatures?]

In Europe, as Ceric explained to the BBC’s Dominic Casciani in February 2005, “governments must essentially buy the trust of Muslims by institutionalizing their faith — giving it state sponsorship through schools, official bodies and so on…” He also calls for the establishment of a unified European representative Muslim agency at European level. Thus, according to Ceric, the way for Europeans to integrate Muslims is to allow — or even force them — to live under an Iranian-style system governed by authoritative figures such as himself in the very heart of Europe.

In interviews with Western journalists, Ceric gives replies of the utmost obscurity, hoping that our fervent desire that there should be no “Muslim threat” will lead us to hear what we wish to hear.

But the Mufti dissembles. “At a dinner to honour the [British] foreign guests who attended Mustafa Ceric’s installation as Ra’is al-Ulama”, writes a British Muslim who was there, “Dr Ceric…spoke brilliantly, totally at ease, free of the constraints that the presence of non-Muslims had imposed elsewhere.”

In closing, I’ll just note that my odyssey with the Post-Dispatch was actually my second attempt to get a letter into its pages. I’d sent the first one to the previous letters editor, a Maureen Tomczak, in response to the 2007 Put-Our-Quilt-in-the-Holocaust-Museum article, and it too was summarily ignored:

Dear Maureen,
This is the letter I had in mind. Just a warning: it’s not pretty, it’s not politically correct, and it will be a bitter pill for many to swallow…

“Tribute to Massacre Victims” (July 9) quoted Srebrenica survivor group spokesman Rusmin Topalovic as saying that he envisions the memorial quilt eventually resting at the US Holocaust Museum. If the museum does agree to hang the quilt, it should do so after it hangs up photographs of the Bosnian Muslims who fought alongside the Nazis during WWII as part of the Waffen SS Handzar and SS Kama divisions. These, too, are an important part of Holocaust history. As is the Jerusalem Mufti Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, who created these units of Bosniaks with the intention of clearing Europe, and then Palestine, of the Jews — killing thousands of Serbs, Roma (gypsies) and Jews along the way.

Next to the quilt and these companion exhibits, the museum should display a photo of the late fundamentalist Muslim president of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic, who remains a hero to Bosnian Muslims everywhere for starting Bosnia’s war of independence from multi-ethnic Yugoslavia — and who in his youth was a recruiter for the Waffen SS. This would be the same Alija Izetbegovic who resurrected the Handzar Division in 1991 and unleashed them upon Serbian and Croatian civilians.

[In 1991, six months before the civil war started], the cover article of a glossy Bosnian-Muslim youth magazine named “VOX” was titled “The Handzar Division is Ready…The Fourth Reich is Coming; Welcome,” and showed a drawing of a Muslim in a Nazi SS uniform and a fez, with his boot on the blood-dripping, severed head of the Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (pictured next to three other severed Serbian heads). This Sarajevo-based magazine should be included in the exhibit as well, along with photos of the mutilated, decapitated and burned bodies of 3,262 Serbs killed by Srebrenica Muslims who were launching attacks from that designated “safe haven.”

With the full exhibit thus in place, Bosniaks might better understand how it came to be that between 3,000 and 7,000 of their males of fighting age were put into their graves after they refused to surrender their position at Srebrenica and later fled with their guns blazing. Further, with the above-suggested reminder of the contributions by their parents, grandparents and revered leaders to the Holocaust, Bosniaks might also understand why their quilt should be rejected by a Holocaust museum, though it probably won’t be.

As a post-script I’ll add that, in the midst of my back-and-forth with the Post-Dispatch, the next clone paper committed more of the same. This time it was Connecticut’s Hartford Courant, publishing a Bosnian Muslim with his usual lamentations about Western indifference to the self-imposed Bosnian-Muslim suffering. So again, I set pen to paper and promptly heard nothing back:

Dear Editor:

It couldn’t escape my notice that every relative Mr. Duric mentions as killed in the Bosnian war ( “I Dream, but I’m Still in Bosnia,” Nov. 1) was a male of fighting age. He might notice that he, a seven-year-old, was left alive in the Serb-run concentration camp that the West gives Bosnian Muslims free reign to compare to WWII concentration camps — where upon arrival Jewish children were sent to the gas chamber and babies had their skulls smashed into walls. The same happened to Serbian children in Croatia’s never-mentioned WWII concentration complex Jasenovac, where Bosnian Muslims guarded the grounds and helped round up Serbs, Jews, gypsies and anti-Fascists. So naturally, when Croatia and Bosnia illegally seceded and usurped the internationally recognized borders of UN member Yugoslavia, the regions of Serbs they took with them weren’t prepared to live under the knife of the Croatians who had killed their families, nor under the Islamic state that was the ambition of our pal, the fundamentalist Bosnian wartime president Alija Izetbegovic.

Mr. Duric wants readers to think that in the 90s only Muslims were placed into concentration camps; pay no attention to the charges filed by the NGO “Croatia Libertas” against Bosnian political, military and religious leaders for war crimes committed at 331 concentration camps set up for non-Muslims by the Bosnian government. Indeed, as Mr. Duric describes the feeling of seeing the man who killed his father — perhaps in combat, but the writer won’t tell us — walking freely, he doesn’t seem to have any qualms about the free-walking Naser Oric, commander of the Srebrenica Muslims who slaughtered whole villages of Serbs nearby. Nor is the writer disturbed by any number of other Bosnian-Muslim commanders and soldiers who were either acquitted or had their sentences reduced or overturned after the Hague — almost 10 years into the Tribunal’s mandate — finally started prosecuting more than just Serbian war criminals.

Amid the phantasmagoria of exclusive and pure Bosnian victimhood, there isn’t an iota of print space devoted to even one non-Muslim victim of a war that the Muslim side forced — and then ensured when Izetbegovic removed his signature from the 1992 Lisbon Agreement. There are more documented cases of Serbian women raped by Croatians (800) than the long-debunked figure that Mr. Duric recycles of “50,000” Muslims raped by Serbs. (See Peter Brock’s 2006 book “Media Cleansing.”) Mr. Duric’s statistical handiwork reappears with the “200,000” Bosnian war dead that he attributes “to some sources.” Mr. Duric is cleverly referring readers to pre-2005 sources, since the figure has been reduced to a confirmed 93,000 on all sides, expected to go up to 100,000, according to Sarajevo’s Investigation and Documentation Center, as first reported by Reuters in 2004.

Mr. Duric continues to berate the West for not doing enough and reproaches the UN weapons embargo — an embargo which we went around illegally in order to help the Muslim side, which was also receiving help from Croatia, Iran, and thousands of mujahedeen. Why was the West supposed to do even more than we did on behalf of the bellicose party? Neither our one-sided help nor the one-sided history we’ve been writing on their behalf is enough for Bosnian Muslims. But having thus reinforced their sense of grievance, in response we get Bosnian Muslim Sulejman Talovic shooting nine Americans in the 2007 Salt Lake City massacre (killing five); a Bosnian conspirator named Anes Subasic in the North Carolina-based plot that was disrupted over the summer; a Bosnian nexus for the plan targeting world leaders at the pope’s funeral in 2005; and a Bosnian soldier’s bomb instructions found by our troops when they invaded Afghanistan in October, 2001. To name just a few.

I am not going to call Mr. Duric a liar, because when a person has suffered greatly, as Mr. Duric clearly has, it’s natural to engage in self-deception about the big picture in whose crossfire he was caught — as were so many Serbs and Croats who suffered at the hands of Bosnian Muslims and their chainsawing mujahedeen accomplices. But it doesn’t mean the rest of us also have to keep lying to ourselves about that war and continue swallowing the cartoonish and exclusively Muslim version of it.

This is an item from early this year, but it can’t be said enough, especially since most people don’t know. In fact, it’ll be a shocker yet again when Karadzic mentions it in his trial.

Bosnia: Senior Al-Qaeda figure granted citizenship, says report

Sarajevo, 20 Jan. (AKI) - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the senior Al-Qaeda official credited with masterminding the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States, was granted Bosnian citizenship before the attacks, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Born in Kuwait to a family originally from the Baluchi region of Pakistan, Mohammed reportedly went to Bosnia in September 1995, disguised as a humanitarian worker for an organisation called Egyptian Relief.

He obtained Bosnian citizenship in November the same year, Bosnian daily Fokus said, quoting local intelligence sources.

The newspaper said Egyptian Relief was just a cover for the Cairo-based Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fokus said war-time authorities knew about Mohammed’s presence in Bosnia and his citizenship was kept a state secret.

Thousands of mujahadeen from Islamic countries came to Bosnia in the early 1990s to fight with local Muslims and many remained in the country after the war, acquiring Bosnian citizenship.

The paper did not specify Mohammed’s movements after Bosnia. But he was arrested in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi in March 2003 and transferred to the American detention camp for suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The 9/11 Commission Report cited him as “the principal architect of 9/11 attacks” in which over 3,000 people were killed in the United States. […]

Let’s start with two recent news items that reinforce the official story of Bosnia, which happens to coincide with the Muslim version of the story:

Protesters burn photos of UN judges in Sarajevo

Protesters have set photos of several U.N. war crimes tribunal judges on fire in Sarajevo to oppose the shortening of the genocide indictment against former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic.

About 150 members of war victim associations demonstrated in front of the U.N. office in the Bosnian capital on Wednesday.

Prosecutors have trimmed the indictment against Karadzic by cutting the number of crime sites from 45 to 27, and the U.N. tribunal judges in The Hague, Netherlands, want that done further to speed up the trial.

Karadzic is accused of masterminding Bosnian Serb atrocities during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war, including the siege of Sarajevo and the 1996 slaying of 8,000 Muslim men in Srebrenica, Europe’s worst massacre since World War II.

The same week saw Bosnians going crazy over a rare case of a Serb getting a sentence reduced instead of getting the book thrown at him/her as usual:

Victims outraged by Bosnian Serb ex-president early release (AFP | Sept. 15, 2009)

Muslim victims of Bosnia’s war voiced outrage Tuesday at the UN war crimes court’s decision to grant early release to a Bosnian Serb ex-president convicted of crimes against humanity.

The Hague-based International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) announced Tuesday that Biljana Plavsic should be granted early release from her 11-year jail term for good behaviour and apparent rehabilitation.

The 79-year-old is serving her sentence in a Swedish prison and under Sweden’s law becomes eligible for release from October 27, after serving two-thirds of her term. The tribunal has the final say in the matter.

Plavsic was sentenced in February 2003 after she admitted playing a leading role in a campaign of persecution against Croats and Muslims during Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war.

She is the highest ranking official of the former Yugoslavia to have acknowledged responsibility for atrocities committed in the 1990s wars that accompanied the former federation’s break up. […]

Now, as readers of this blog know, the oft-cited “Siege of Sarajevo” and “massacre” at Srebrenica were neither a siege nor a massacre, much less the “worst atrocity since WWII,” as the oft-parroted cliche goes.

The second obvious point is this: When Bosnian Muslim war criminals are let off the hook at the Hague — or, more often, not even put on trial — you don’t see Serbs going crazy and turning to pyromania, even when they should. But if the Hague dares to attempt some truth, accuracy or actual justice in a case against a Serb — making the indictment or verdict less in accordance with the Muslim propaganda that has so far guided the world’s view of events in Bosnia-Hercegovina — the Muslims won’t stand for it. Of course, whether Karadzic did or didn’t do anything that’s worthy of the longer indictment called for by Muslims is completely immaterial.

At the same time, the Bosnian Muslims don’t stand for their own being put on trial for war crimes, even when the defendant is ultimately the architect of the deaths of their loved ones. And let’s not even get into the hero’s welcomes that Bosnian Muslims give to their war criminals when they get off for killing Serbs.

Nor do Bosnian Muslims skip a beat in their We-Are-Pure-Victims drumbeat when one after another Bosnian war criminals is arrested (which, incidentally, is only a post-2002 practice by the International Tribunal, which was opened in 1993 to try exclusively Serbs). Just the latest:

Police arrest 4 Bosnian Muslims for war crimes

Police have arrested four former Bosnian Army soldiers suspected of having killed 19 civilians and three soldiers during an attack on a Bosnian Croat village during the country’s 1992-95 war.

The state prosecutor’s office in Sarajevo said Wednesday that Nedzad Hodzic, Mensur Memic, Dzevad Salcin and Senad Hakalovic were arrested in four different cities in Bosnia.

They were allegedly part of a Muslim-dominated Bosnian Army unit that attacked the village of Trusina, 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Sarajevo, in April 1993. Nineteen civilians and three Bosnian Croat soldiers who had surrendered there were killed.

Four civilians, including two young children, were injured.

Police also raided the homes and offices of 17 people throughout the country searching for evidence in the case.

Anyway, the burning of symbols of Western institutions that were set up to make Muslims happy and then predictably backfired as soon as those institutions tried to retain some semblance of modern-day justice — causing them to veer off the Muslim agenda — gives us just the slightest glimpse into why the Court very much needed Milosevic to die and the case to be “closed.”

Since the evidence “against” Milosevic was pointing to an opposite truth from what the world set out to prove — but since an acquittal or light sentence would make the Muhammad cartoon riots look like a pep rally — there was only one possible outcome for the Milosevic trial: death of the defendant.

While there are credible analyses of his being poisoned, I won’t get into that. What is indisputable is that the Hague did facilitate Milosevic’s demise by denying him leave for a needed operation. Imagine, now, what’s in store for Karadzic as some very discomforting, unsettling truths about the West’s devious roles in the Balkan wars emerge in the course of his trial.

Karadzic has already gone on record that ambassador and war criminal Richard Holbrooke wants him dead. This was not Karadzic’s opinion or paranoia, but concerned a plot that he’d learned of. And now at the Hague he is of course a sitting duck for Holbrooke’s long tentacles.

Andy Wilcoxson went into this brilliantly last year:

Murdering Radovan Karadzic
Does Radovan Karadzic have evidence linking high-level U.S. officials to Islamic terror groups? Will he live long enough to present his defense at The Hague, or will he die in the UN Detention Unit like Slobodan Milosevic and Milan Babic before him?
by Andy Wilcoxson
Monday, August 11, 2008

Former Bosnian-Serb president Radovan Karadzic claims to have made a secret deal with American diplomat Richard Holbrooke in 1996. Under the terms of the agreement, Karadzic would completely withdraw from public life and in return the United States guaranteed his safety and his immunity from prosecution at the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

Holbrooke vehemently denies making a deal with Karadzic. He said, “That is a total fabrication. It would have been not only immoral, but illegal.”

In spite of Holbrooke’s denials, former Bosnian-Serb foreign minister Aleksa Buha told Belgrade radio that he was present when the agreement was signed. He said the deal was made “in the night between 18 and 19 July 1996″ and that “Holbrooke strongly promised that The Hague tribunal would be history for Karadzic if he withdrew from politics forever.”

The Serbian news media has also published copies of the document signed by Holbrooke and Karadzic.

Confirmation of Karadzic’s claims of a secret deal also comes from a less likely source. Karadzic’s sworn enemy Muhamed Sacirbey, the former Bosnian-Muslim envoy to the UN, claims that he learned about the agreement from US diplomat Robert Frowick on the day it was signed.

Former Hague prosecutor Carla del Ponte also believes that a deal was struck. In a meeting with Dragan Kalinic, the former speaker of the Bosnian-Serb parliament, Del Ponte said, “I am investigating the story of an agreement between Karadzic and Holbrooke.” Kalinic asked “Do you believe that the agreement exists?” and Del Ponte replied, “Yes”.

Former Tribunal spokeswoman Florence Hartmann echoed those claims. She said the deal would explain how Karadzic was able to live for years on Bosnian-Serb territory and be ignored by more than 60,000 NATO troops.

She told Belgrade’s FoNet news agency, “Information about his whereabouts was abundant, however, it would always turn out that one of the three countries - the U.S., Britain or France - would block arrests. Sometimes arrest operations were halted by Chirac personally, other times by Clinton,” she said adding that she spoke “based on authentic statements and documents”.

William Stuebner, an American advisor to former UN war crimes prosecutor Richard Goldstone, told reporters after Karadzic was indicted that he “personally witnessed a group of Italian peacekeepers at a checkpoint literally turn their backs as a convoy carrying Radovan Karadzic came by with lights flashing, just so they wouldn’t ‘encounter’ him.”

Stuebner claims to have met with Karadzic in May 1996, shortly before the deal with Holbrooke was signed. He described the meeting with Karadzic to the Christian Science Monitor saying: “He was scared to death, he was really sure they were coming to get him and was seriously looking to turn himself in.”

In an interview with the German news magazine Der Spiegel, Del Ponte said that at one point Karadzic sent a message to the Tribunal “saying that he would turn himself in voluntarily. But then he suddenly changed his mind.”

It would appear that Karadzic wanted to surrender to the Tribunal, but the United States convinced him to sign the agreement with Holbrooke and withdraw from public life instead. One could certainly speculate that the United States was more interested in keeping Radovan Karadzic quiet than in putting him on trial for his alleged crimes.

Eventually, Karadzic’s deal with Holbrooke turned sour. The Belgrade daily Blic reported that in November 2000 the CIA tapped Karadzic’s phone and discovered that he was still controlling his political party from behind the scenes. The unnamed source, who claimed to be an official from a Western intelligence agency, said “In America they went crazy realizing Karadzic was making a fool of them.” At that point the protection was withdrawn.

Not only was Karadzic’s protection withdrawn, Del Ponte believed that he was in danger of being killed. In her meeting with Kalinic she said, “Karadzic knows very well that he is in danger because if they find him he will not be transferred to The Hague alive.”

In an interview with the Bosnian newspaper Slobodna Bosna, Radovan Karadzic’s wife said the U.S. ambassador for war crimes, Pierre-Richard Prosper, “told my mother-in-law that she would never see her son alive again and that they would kill him when they find him.”

Again, the determination to kill rather than arrest Radovan Karadzic suggests that the United States was more interested in keeping him quiet than in bringing him to justice for his alleged crimes. The question is why. The answer may be that he has evidence incriminating U.S. officials.

The United States and NATO supported the Muslim war effort in Bosnia. So did the Iranian Government, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Islamic radical groups. As the wartime leader of the Bosnian-Serbs, Radovan Karadzic may be in a position to prove that there was high-level collaboration between U.S. officials and certain Islamic terror groups in Bosnia.

Imagine the political ramifications if Karadzic were to present strong evidence linking high-level U.S. officials with terrorists such as Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, both of whom were active in Bosnia before masterminding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. If something like that were shown to be true, it would explain the U.S. determination to keep Radovan Karadzic quiet.

At his initial appearance before the Tribunal, Karadzic expressed concern for his safety. He said, “I must say that this is a matter of life and death. If Mr. Holbrooke still wants my death and regrets that there is no death sentence here, I wonder if his arm is long enough to reach me here.”

The fact that high-level Serbian leaders have died suspicious deaths at the UN Detention Unit in the past should give Karadzic reason to question his safety.

On March 5, 2006 the Tribunal claimed that former Krajina-Serb leader Milan Babic hung himself with his belt. During the autopsy The Netherlands Forensic Institute noted that it was “exceptionally uncommon” that the ligature mark found on Babic’s neck was narrower than the belt he supposedly hung himself with. Generally in a hanging, they would expect the mark to be roughly the same width or slightly wider than the belt.

In spite of the fact that the marks on his neck didn’t match the belt he supposedly hung himself with, no criminal investigation was carried out. His death was declared a suicide and the books were closed.

Less than a week after Babic’s death, former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic also died in the UN Detention Unit. Less than 72 hours before having a fatal heart attack, Milosevic wrote a letter to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claiming to have been poisoned with a powerful drug that negated the effect of his high-blood pressure medication. His letter said, “In order to verify my allegations, I am presenting you a simple example which you can find in the attachment. This document, which I received on March 7, shows that on January 12th (i.e. two months ago), an extremely strong drug was found in my blood … the fact that doctors needed 2 months to report [it] to me, can’t have any other explanation than we are facing manipulation.”

In its report on Milosevic’s death, the Tribunal confirmed that Milosevic was given a blood test on January 12, 2006 and that the suspicious drug was found. However, according to the Tribunal’s report, “Mr. Milosevic was not told of the results until 3 March 2006 because of the difficult legal position in which Dr Falke found himself by virtue of the Dutch legal provisions concerning medical confidentiality.”

Clearly the Tribunal is covering-up something, because there is absolutely no Dutch legal provision that prevents a doctor from telling his patient the results of their own blood test. Nonetheless, no criminal investigation was launched. The death was deemed “natural” and that was the end of that.

If Karadzic dies in the UN Detention Unit, he will be the third high-level Serbian leader to do so. If he has incriminating evidence against U.S. officials he would be well advised to get it out in the open as soon as possible, otherwise that information might go to the grave with him.

A piece by Wilcoxson just a week earlier also offers some invaluable insight:

Radovan Karadzic’s arrest…promises to shed light on our news media’s misrepresentation of the Bosnian civil war
by Andy Wilcoxson
Monday, August 4, 2008

After evading capture for thirteen years, former Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic made his first appearance at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague last Thursday.

Our media and our political establishment have portrayed his arrest and extradition to the Tribunal as a great triumph. They have spent the last sixteen years promoting the thesis of Serbian guilt and Muslim victimization in the Bosnian war and in their minds Karadzic’s arrest validates their politics and their policies.

Ever since Karadzic’s arrest was announced our political establishment has been engaged in an orgy of childish name-calling. Karadzic has been portrayed as evil incarnate; various journalists and public figures have called him a “monster”, a “demon”, and a “butcher”. Former Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Holbrooke called him “Europe’s Bin Laden”. While this kind of name-calling might give self-important journalists and politicians the opportunity to portray themselves as virtuous crusaders for international justice, it does very little to shed light on what actually happened in Bosnia.

The people who cheer Karadzic’s capture today might regret it tomorrow. These people built their professional careers on the premise of saving “innocent” Bosnian-Muslims from Karadzic’s “genocidal Serb aggression”. Their credibility and professional reputation depend on his guilt. Until now, they’ve been able to accuse him with impunity because he was in hiding and couldn’t defend himself. Now that he’s in the Tribunal’s custody, he will be given a high-profile public trial where he will have the opportunity to challenge their accusations and present his own evidence.

One of the most famous “crimes” that Karadzic is accused of is the Siege of Sarajevo. Most of us can remember the scenes of pockmarked apartment blocks in Sarajevo and the images of Muslim civilians maimed and killed by Serbian artillery fire. Karadzic’s trial promises to give much-needed context to that imagery.

Without a doubt, the Serbs shelled Sarajevo several times during the war. The Karadzic trial will reveal why they did it. The evidence has already been presented during other trials at the Tribunal, but the Karadzic trial will be the highest profile presentation of that evidence.

The Serbs fired on Sarajevo because the Muslims were in the city shooting at them. The so-called “siege” began as an operation to rescue soldiers that the Muslims were holding hostage in the Marshal Tito Barracks. It continued because the Muslims wouldn’t agree to a cease-fire and they wouldn’t stop shooting at the Serbs.

Muslim troops in Sarajevo deliberately attacked the Serbs from built-up civilian areas of the city in order to increase the likelihood that civilians would be hit when the Serbs returned fire. UN military observers stationed in Sarajevo have already testified at the Tribunal that they witnessed this practice many times.

David Harland, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping in Bosnia, is on record testifying at the Tribunal. He said, “The Muslims certainly understood that when they fired out of the city that [it] would provoke incoming Serb fire, which would make normal life in the city impossible.” According to his testimony the Muslims violated 514 attempts by the UN to implement a cease-fire.

Philippe Morillion, the French general who commanded the UN force in Bosnia from 1992 to 1993, is on record testifying that the Muslims “very frequently used mortars at Kosevo (the main hospital in Sarajevo) for provocation purposes”.

Morillion’s protest letters to the Bosnian-Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic are already exhibits on file at the Tribunal. One letter dated January 11, 1993 reads: “[an] 82-milimeter mortar had been set up on the western side of the Kosevo Hospital within the hospital grounds. This mortar and its crew then proceeded to fire nine rounds using the hospital as a screen. The direct consequence of this disreputable and cowardly act was that shortly afterward the hospital came under fire from anti-aircraft gunfire, artillery fire, and mortar fire … You will, I’m sure, be aware that the firing of weapons from the hospital is against the Geneva Convention.”

The siege of Sarajevo wasn’t a genocidal Serb attack on defenseless peace loving Muslims like our news media led us to believe. The Muslims deliberately put their civilian population in the crossfire so that NATO would intervene against the Serbs on “humanitarian” grounds.

NATO took the bait because our news media shamelessly shilled for the Islamic cause. Our journalists dutifully reported that Muslim civilians were killed in Sarajevo by Serb artillery fire, but they failed to report that the Serbs were provoked by Muslim artillery fire emanating from the city.

The story of Srebrenica is similar. We’ve been told the half-truth that the Serbs over-ran a UN safe area and killed thousands of Muslims, but we weren’t told that the Muslims of Nasir Oric’s 28th Infantry Division used that safe area as a base to launch attacks from. They massacred the Serbian villages surrounding Srebrenica and they fled back into the warm bosom of the UN Safe Area when they were done, safely behind the UN’s skirts and out of reach of Serb retaliation.

In July 1995, when a column of 15,000 Muslim men from Srebrenica ventured out of the safe area to attack the Bosnian-Serb frontlines in an operation to break through to Tuzla, the Serbs weren’t inclined to be friendly. The Serbs shot and managed to kill thousands of their Muslim attackers, and now we’re being told that they committed a so-called “genocide”.

One has to wonder what kind of “genocide” it was when most of the bodies being pulled from the mass graves around Srebrenica are military-aged men. Thousands of bodies have been exhumed and there isn’t a single woman among them. Can you think of any other “genocide” that spared women and children? If exterminating Muslims was the goal, why not kill the women and children? The story of Srebrenica doesn’t make a lot of sense until you realize that it wasn’t genocide at all. What happened in Srebrenica is simple: the Muslims attacked the Serbs so the Serbs shot and killed them, some died in battle and others were executed. It might not have been pretty, but it’s ridiculous to call it “genocide”.

Only a fool would believe that the Muslims were striving for a democratic and multi-ethnic Bosnia. Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of the Bosnian Muslims, was seen in the company of Osama bin Laden by Der Spiegel’s Balkan correspondent Renate Flottau and by London Time’s war correspondent Eve-Ann Prentice in 1994. According to the 9/11 Commission report, four of the 9/11 hijackers, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, were veterans of the Bosnian jihad against Radovan Karadzic and the Serbs.

A report published in 1996 by the US House Committee on International Relations says, “Iran ordered senior members of its Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (”IRGC”), the elite force used to advance militant Islam, to travel to Bosnia to survey the military needs of the [Izetbegovic] government. IRGC trainers taught the Muslims how to use anti-tank missiles and helped with troop logistics and weapons factories. The IRGC also incorporated religious indoctrination into military training. Iran used this leverage to urge Hizballah to send foreign fighters to the region as members of the Mujahideen. The effort was successful and a force of thousands drawn from several pro-Iranian groups and other Islamic Opposition movements assembled in Bosnia.”

Radovan Karadzic was fighting the good fight in Bosnia. He was fighting to keep his people from being subjugated by an Islamic regime in Sarajevo that had ties to Osama bin Laden and the Iranian government. Anybody who believes that the Muslims enlisted the help of Osama bin Laden and the Iranians for the sake of multi-ethnic democracy is hopelessly delusional.

Radical Islamic groups supported Izetbegovic’s regime because he shared their fundamentalist views. In 1990, two years before the war started, Izetbegovic published his book “The Islamic Declaration” in Sarajevo. In that book Izetbegovic advocates Sharia law and the establishment of “a united Islamic community from Morocco to Indonesia”. He wrote that the establishment of an Islamic order was his “incontrovertible and invincible aim”. In Izetbegovic’s view “the Islamic movement should and can, take over political power as soon as it is morally and numerically so strong that it can not only overturn the existing non-Islamic power, but also build up a new Islamic one”. He branded Western feminists “a depraved element of the female sex” and said, “There can be neither peace nor coexistence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic social and political institutions”.

Under the circumstances, the Bosnian-Serbs had every right to break away from Bosnia and re-join what was left of Yugoslavia. To call the Serbian war effort an aggression for “Greater Serbia” is grossly dishonest. The Bosnian-Serbs had the same right to leave Bosnia and re-join Yugoslavia that West Virginia had to break away from Confederate Virginia and re-join the Union during the civil war.

The rhetoric that our media and our political establishment have used to describe the Bosnian civil war is some of the most malicious propaganda ever conceived. To illustrate the point I’ll use their “Bosnia rhetoric” to describe the American civil war: “In 1861 Abraham Lincoln committed an aggression against the Confederate States of America. Over the course of the war, Lincoln’s thugs systematically seized Confederate territory in a genocidal quest for Greater America’. Lincoln’s war killed more than 600,000 people and left millions homeless. Lincoln, better known as the butcher of Gettysburg’, was not brought to justice for his crimes until he was slain by a Confederate loyalist named John Wilkes Booth in 1865.”

Obviously, that tendentious description of the civil war is one of the most intellectually dishonest things ever written. Unfortunately, our news media and our political establishment describe what happened in Bosnia in precisely that fashion. It is time to call these people out, the next bleeding heart that bemoans “Karadzic’s genocide in Bosnia” and smugly applauds his capture as “a victory for international justice” needs to be put in their place.

No matter what you’ve been told, there was nothing especially evil about the 1992-95 war in Bosnia compared to any other war. The war killed about 100,000 people including the civilians and soldiers from each side. While that’s a lot of people it’s not a remarkable death toll for a war. It certainly isn’t indicative of genocide or anything even close.

When the United States firebombed Tokyo on the night of March 9-10, 1945 we killed 100,000 Japanese civilians in that one night of bombing alone. Does that mean Franklin Roosevelt was a genocidal monster? Coalition forces estimate that they killed 100,000 Iraqi troops during Operation Desert Storm in 1990-91. Does that make George H.W. Bush guilty of genocide? If it’s absurd to accuse Bush and Roosevelt of genocide, then it’s equally absurd to accuse Radovan Karadzic.

Radovan Karadzic’s fight to keep his people from being ruled by Islamic extremists is no less valid than the U.S. war against Imperial Japan or the U.S. campaign to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. If anything, Karadzic had more of a right to stand and fight on the territory where his people lived than the United States had to take the fight halfway around the world to Japan and Iraq.

If Radovan Karadzic marshals the evidence already on record at the Tribunal, and if he supplements it with the documents and evidence that undoubtedly came into his possession as the President of the Bosnian Serbs he will bury his opposition. The people who are pointing their self-righteous fingers at him today could very well regret the day they ever put him on trial. Then again, his accusers have been dishonest from day one. They will probably keep repeating their story no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. They’ve been lying for sixteen years and there’s no reason to think they’ll stop now. It is time to call these people out and start applying some common sense to our understanding of the Bosnian war.

On the point of the deal, which Holbrooke continues to deny, we’ve got former U.S. officials confirming that Holbrooke did offer Karadzic immunity from prosecution during 1996 peace negotiations in Bosnia. Then we’ve got no less than Carla Del Ponte supporting the claim. Even better, we’ve got the Bosnian former foreign minister, Muhammad Sacirbey, saying the deal was made unambiguously. We also have the AFP quoting a U.S. intelligence source that Karadzic was protected until he broke the terms of the agreement.

A copy of the signed pact was published by Serb Republic newspaper Fokus, and its existence was confirmed by Vladimir Nadezdin, former aid of Serbian foreign minister Milan Milutinovic, though Nadezdin couldn’t authenticate the document published by Fokus. He did, however, tell the Italian news site, AKI that “I’ve seen it [the document] with my own eyes.” Karadzic’s brother Luka also confirmed the existence of the deal, and wrote a letter appealing to Holbrooke futilely asking him to be honorable and stop lying about it.

Underrated heroine Rachel Ehrenfeld reports that libel tourrorist Khalid bin Mahfouz died on Saturday at the age of 60. Every one of the 40 American writers (and their publishers) that he sued surrendered to him, save for Rachel — in what should have been the story of the new century in 2007-08.

Meanwhile, the craven, not-so-Great Britain bowed before his gold. And, as we learn from Ehrenfeld, the traitorous piece of shit called James Baker did as well, indirectly abetting terrorism and blighting the Reagan and Bush administrations forever:

Death of a Libel Tourist

Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz died in Jeddah last Saturday. The 60-year-old former owner of the Saudi National Commercial Bank and banker for the Royal family also owned a charity, the Muwafaq (blessed relief) Foundation that funded al-Qaeda and Hamas, to name but a few. He should be remembered not only because of his involvement with the shady Bank for Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) aka “banks for crooks and criminals” and the illegal purchase of the First American Bank in Washington, DC, in the early 1990s, but mostly because inadvertently he led Americans to better protect their free speech rights.

Using British libel laws that allow foreigners to sue other foreigners in British courts, a practice known as libel tourism, Mahfouz became a serial suer. The gay and drug-addicted Saudi , sometimes together with his sons, sued more than 40 writers and publishers — mostly Americans — because he did not like their criticism. Singlehandedly, on behalf of his royal masters Mahfouz made libel tourism a multimillion-dollar industry for the British Bar, and London the “Libel Capital” of the world.

Many will miss him. In Riyadh, the billionaire will be missed by the ruling members of the royal family who once used his National Commercial Bank as their own piggy bank, and often used him and his family members as fronts for their business and to fund their favorite organizations and terrorist groups. Likewise, those shady characters who run the Saudi-funded Muslim World League, the International Islamic Relief Agency, and the Rabita Trust of Pakistan will miss him.

Georgetown alum (1968) Prince Turki bin Faisal, former Saudi ambassador to the U.K. and the U.S. and director of Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Department from 1977 until ten days before 9/11, and overseer of Saudi financial aid to the jihad in Afghanistan, will have lost an old friend.

Mahfouz will certainly be missed by a circle of notorious Saudi plutocrats who make an appearance in the annual Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest citizens. Like Mahfouz, many [were] listed defendants in the lawsuits filed by the victims of the 9/11 attacks. There are the Rajis, the Bin Ladens, Al Amoudi, and such other disreputable individuals as designated terrorist Yassin al Qadi, who ran some of Mahfouz’s businesses and charities that funded al-Qaeda, Hamas and Abu-Sayyaf, to name but a few.

Al Qaeda, Hamas and Taliban leaders must be worried; will his sons be as generous as he was?

It is supposed that Mahfouz retained a powerful friend in Washington in James A. Baker, III. Baker, who served as chief of staff to Ronald Reagan and Secretary of State under George H. W. Bush, joined Mahfouz during the roaring seventies when Houston was known as Riyadh-west. They worked together through the heady days and even through the bankruptcy of the second-largest banking organization in Texas, MCorp, in the late nineteen eighties. During the dark days of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Mahfouz could count on Baker, his man in the White House, as well as other Washington friends to keep him out of jail, no matter how persistent the pressure applied by New York District Attorney Robert Morganthau.

Obviously, the ruling family of Abu Dhabi will be thinking different thoughts as they recall the $596 million they paid for the privilege of purchasing Mahfouz’s shares in BCCI, as they were then left holding the bag as the bank went under.

Irish politicians, particularly disgraced former prime minister Charles Haughey, will recall those wondrous days in 1990 when he received $85,000 from Mahfouz so that Mahfouz and nine members of his family would pay $1 million each to obtain an Irish passport — thus allowing easy commercial entree to the European market.

On the West Coast, Boeing directors must recall with fondness the 5% they paid Mahfouz, the fixer, to win perhaps their largest contract ever. And the middlemen in Saudi Arabia who also benefited from their involvement with Mahfouz in clinching the deal must be reminiscing.

As for Osama bin Laden, wherever he is, the al Qaeda leader probably remembers with some affection the days spent with his brother, Salem bin Laden, and Mahfouz at their jointly-held River Oaks estate in Houston, TX. With Mahfouz gone, Osama’s “golden chain” of wealthy Saudi funders has been reduced by a link.

The international law firm, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, must be sad to have lost this wealthy and most litigious client. Likewise, the English Bar must be rather upset, especially those lawyers who represented Mahfouz.

Justice David Eady will surely miss Mahfouz. The cases he brought before Eady and Eady’s judgments made both (in)famous for making libel tourism a weapon to silence critics of Saudi Arabia the world over. Even the U.N. human rights commission warned Britain last year that its libel tourism industry has become a tool to suppress the media’s free speech rights and that it endangered national security.

The serial libel tourist Khalid bin Mahfouz is dead. But the jihad against the West he helped fund, together with pernicious British libel tourism practices, are alive and well. Unfortunately, the U.S. government did nothing to stop his activities on either front when he was alive. Now Congress has the opportunity to reverse Mahfouz’s legacy of libel tourism. New York State, Florida and Illinois have already passed anti- libel tourism laws, and another was just passed unanimously by the California legislature.

A law to protect Americans free speech is a legacy Mahfouz never intended. He was so successful in his efforts to stifle reports about him that amazingly the Western media refrained from reporting his death. However, his libel tourism led to the Free Speech Protection Act 2009, now pending in the Senate. It should pass the bill as soon as it reconvenes so that U.S. based investigative journalists, researchers and publishers no longer fear foreign libel lawsuit, but resume to expose the likes of Mahfouz before they do us more harm.

A belated update (from November) on Rachel and Goliath:

Rocking the free speech boat

By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

On Jan. 23, 2004, at 2:33 p.m., an e-mail popped up on my computer screen from the solicitors for Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz threatening to sue me in London for libel…I was determined to prevent the Brits from robbing me of my free speech rights in America. After all, these rights were the result of the successful American fight against British oppression three centuries ago.

At the time Mahfouz threatened to sue me in London, he already received many media outlets’ and writers’ retractions or apologies — most not U.K.-based. His frenzied use of the High Court in London to silence the media began in earnest after the 9/11 attacks on America.

As a defendant in lawsuits brought by families of the 9/11 victims and others against al Qaeda’s financiers, he tries to squash any information about his activities.

Mahfouz, who to date has never been tried on merit, boasts more than 40 (!) “victories” posted on his Web site. This effectively chilled further attempts to expose him because most writers and media outlets fear expensive lawsuits, especially where the laws are stacked against them, as they are in Britain.

Not surprisingly, Mahfouz, the former owner of the largest bank in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and banker to the Saudi royal family, did not like my report on his terrorist financing activities described in my book “Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed — and How to Stop It.” The book was published in the U.S., where I live and work, and like all my writing, it was based on information from reliable sources, including official government and court documents.

I decided to challenge Mahfouz, not on his turf in Britain, where libel law and litigation costs favor him, but in New York, where my rights are better protected than anywhere else in the world.

Almost five difficult years later, my efforts to defend my free speech rights led to groundbreaking new statutes: New York’s Libel Terrorism Protection Act, dubbed by the media as “Rachel’s Law”; a similar law in Illinois; and the Free Speech Protection Act 2008, now pending before Congress.

But the most common reactions were: “Are you out of your mind taking on a Saudi billionaire?”; “Why not just apologize like others have done?”; and incredibly: “Just settle with him!”

Such reactions reminded me of Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations that Americans do not like to rock the boat. Most, I reckon, never lived in countries where free speech is not a sacred right, so they take their free speech rights for granted…Coming from the Middle East and working all over the world, I know better: Where free speech is at stake, the boat must be rocked, if not toppled over altogether.

But fighting a Saudi billionaire is no picnic. The threats from his quarters were upsetting. And the silence from anti–terror organizations’ experts was baffling. Astonishingly, I was offered financial support not to challenge Mahfouz in the U.S., but to “change the British libel laws,” or to “challenge Mahfouz in London.”

But I had the support of my friends and the most prominent American free speech advocates and organizations on my side. Also, I was lucky to have an incredible attorney to whom I owe much gratitude and substantial unpaid legal fees.

I doubt Mahfouz expected a lone American woman to take him on and rock the free speech boat. The Saudi billionaire known as Britain’s ultimate “Libel Tourist” surely did not expect the frequent mention of his name and activities in the international media when he sued me in London.

Nor did he anticipate that his efforts to repress my free speech would spawn new laws to better protect Americans in precisely the “uninhibited, robust and wide-open” manner that the First Amendment was designed to protect and as the Free Speech Protection Act 2008 will reinforce, as soon as Congress passes it.

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of “Funding Evil: How Terrorism Is Financed — and How to Stop It,” is director of the New York-based American Center for Democracy.

I’ve often mentally scripted a sketch in which a female host is interviewing an imam or other Islamist official, and asks questions such as, “Does Islam allow manicures?” “How about shaving one’s legs? Is that permissible?” “And what about having legs in the first place? If she covers them, is it OK for a woman to have legs?” The questions would get gradually more ludicrous while the imam would of course be unamused, answering seriously each time.

Before I had the chance to suggest the funny sketch to any SNL writers or producers, lo and behold it’s no longer a sketch, but reality:

…The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque near Kipling Ave. and Rexdale Blvd. serves as the religious authority for eight Somali women complaining to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that UPS Canada Ltd. violated their religious rights at a sorting plant. The mosque, founded in 1990 and serving upwards of 10,000 people, preaches strict adherence to sharia, or Islamic law, and no compromise with the West.

Teachings on the mosque’s website,, refer to non-Muslim Westerners as “wicked,” “corrupt” and “our clear enemies.”

Sometimes Jews are singled out.

“Is it permissible for women to wear high-heeled shoes?” begins one posting in question-and-answer format. “That is not permissible,” comes the reply. “It involves resembling the Disbelieving Women or the wicked women. It has its origin among the Jewish women.”

“What is the ruling on subscribing to sports channels?” another question begins. “Watching some of the female spectators, when the camera focuses on them time after time” stirs “evil inclinations,” the lesson reads. “Some (players) may not even believe in Allaah.

In September, a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal heard two weeks of testimony from eight mosque members alleging “Islamophobia” at the company’s west Toronto plant. Three final days of testimony are scheduled for next week.

The eight women, who lost their jobs at UPS, say Islam dictates that they wear a full-length skirt for modesty. The courier company insists that any skirt be knee-length for safety, as workers climb ladders up to 6 metres high.

Under their skirt, the women wear full-length trousers but say they do not want the lower part showing in case the shape of the calf can be discerned. […]

If you don’t want the shape of your calves to be discernable, I recommend Twinkies.

Just to supplement an article I wrote last year, which mentioned some not-so-tolerant plots to have come from the “tolerant” and “most pro-Western” Muslim country Tunisia:

A bomb plot against European leaders meeting in Brussels this week reveals another Tunisian connection:

…Today’s raids were linked to a similar pre-Christmas sweep last year…Investigators waited a year before moving in, opting to ferret out the entire cell rather than a single part…The 2007 investigation centred on people linked to Nizar Trabelsi, a 37-year-old Tunisian sentenced to ten years in prison in 2003. He allegedly planned to a drive a car bomb into the cafeteria of a Belgian air base where about 100 American military personnel are stationed.

Tunisia came up last year in a Weekly Standard article by Olivier Guitta:

Al Qaeda linked groups are spreading from Algeria and Morocco into Tunisia.

…Jihadists have been making advances in the Maghreb–that part of North Africa composed of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia–as well. While Algeria and, more recently, Morocco have been pinpointed as potential terrorist hotbeds, Tunisia was, for a long time, relatively quiet. But on December 23, 2006, and then again on January 3, 2007, Salafi terrorists armed with RPGs engaged hundreds of Tunisian police, army, and secret service in battles which saw anywhere from 12 terrorists and two security forces-official tally — to at least 60 killed according to the French daily Le Parisien. And so, Tunisia has woken up to a grim new reality. Al Qaeda is infiltrating the traditionally quiet and safe European vacation spot.

The surge of activity wasn’t entirely out of the blue. As early as January 2006, a loose organization called “Al Qaeda in the Maghreb” had taken shape, formed from a coalition of the Algerian GSPC, the Moroccan GICM (responsible for the Casablanca and Madrid bombings in 2003 and 2004 respectively), and other Tunisian elements.

Still, it’s interesting to note that it took Tunisia and it’s [sic] government controlled media 18 days to acknowledge the terrorist nature of the incidents — that this was not a group of “drug traffickers” or then “dangerous criminals” as initial reports suggested but “salafi terrorists” who intended to target foreign embassies and dignitaries. As in 2002, after the GSPC terror attack on a synagogue in Djerba, the Tunisian authorities were downplaying the gravity of the attacks in order to demonstrate their control of the situation and prevent any plunge in tourism-related revenue. In fact, the Tunisians only divulged some of the facts after the French media reported the involvement of al Qaeda elements in the recent shootings, and a subsequent release of a communiqué claiming responsibility by a group called “The Youth of Unification and Jihad in Tunisia.” According to the daily Le Soir D’Algerie, Tunisian authorities decided a few days ago to ban from entering the country all Algerian males below age 30 in an effort to prevent future attacks by the Algerian-based group.

GSPC, which officially merged with al Qaeda over the summer — underlined by al Qaeda’s Ayman Al Zawahiri in a September 11, 2006 video — and changed its name a few weeks ago to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, is clearly the dominant terrorist group in the Maghreb and the countries of the Sahel. The organization’s aim is to make the Maghreb a springboard to Europe with the help of the Algerian Islamist Khalid Abou Bassir, believed to be one of al Qaeda leaders in Europe. This was confirmed last year when Belgian police arrested a Moroccan Islamist named Mohamed Reha, who told police that “not only were we preparing jihad operations in Morocco, but we were working to expand our jihadist movement to all the countries of the Maghreb with the help of our Algerian brothers from the GSPC.”

Also deeply troubling are reports that this new terror group has been recruiting scores of Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian “volunteers” to join the forces of al Qaeda in Iraq. In light of all this, it’s important that Washington doesn’t overlook the importance of the Maghreb — which incidentally means the West in Arabic — in the wider war on terror.

There was also this from Arabic News last year:

Concern about suppressing Tunisian magazine publication

A group concerned with freedom of speech, International Freedom of Expression Exchange Tunisia Monitoring Group, on Jan 24 said that Tunisian authorities arbitrarily ordered Dar Assabah not to issue its new weekly magazine, L’Expression, and banned the French magazine Historia Thématique…In early January, the government also banned the January-February issue of the French magazine Historia Thématique, which examined issues of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This is the first time since its establishment in 1909 that Historia Thématique has been banned.

The order not to publish L’Expression and the banning of Historia Thématique are the latest acts in a campaign of state harassment of the media, a campaign that includes censoring publications and jailing journalists. […]

On the website of Andy Wilcoxson, the only American to cover the Milosevic trial (which was billed as the “Second Nuremberg” and prosecuting supposedly the “biggest atrocity since World War II”), we have a report from a predominantly Muslim Sarajevo TV station.

Bosnian TV alleges Muslim official linked to 9/11 attacks
BBC Monitoring European. London: May 9, 2008.

Excerpt from report by Bosnia-Hercegovina Federation public TV, on 5 May

[Host Bakir Hadziomerovic] On last night’s [Bosnian] Federation Television prime-time news, it was reported that the OHR [Office of the High Representative] anti-corruption team was completing an extensive investigation against several individuals involved in economic crime, aiding war criminals and terrorist activities worldwide as well as individuals involved in the wide network of construction mafia. Based on reliable information, tonight we are revealing the names of the people whose illegal, criminal and terrorist activities have already been proven by the anti-corruption team.

According to exclusive confirmations [that we have received], the investigation conducted by OHR experts concerns Hasan Cengic, member of the SDA [Party of Democratic Action] Main Board and a person who during the aggression against our country was the master of the TWRA [Vienna-based Muslim charity suspected of helping smuggle arms into Bosnia and channelling funds to radical Islamists] donor chest. In addition to Cengic’s criminal undertakings involving donated funds worth several million, which “60 Minutes” has repeatedly reported on in detail, the anti-corruption team has allegedly come into possession of a document in which Hasan Cengic personally signed a money transfer intended for the Al-Qai’dah 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

According to reliable and confirmed information from diplomatic quarters, the anti-corruption team will soon submit all the gathered documentation proving brutal criminality as well as involvement in terrorist activities and in the hiding of war criminals to the B-H [Bosnia-Hercegovina] prosecutor’s office special department for organized crime, after which arrests and trials of those responsible will ensue.

So let’s understand what is happening here: While Western powers continue to deny that Bosnia and Kosovo have become terror havens, transit points, and bases of operations, some Bosnian Muslims themselves (and this isn’t the first time) are calling their government out (though most are still in a Western-encouraged denial). Similarly, while Western governments continue to inflate the true number of people killed during the Bosnian war — and want us to keep thinking the deaths were almost exclusively Muslim — something called The Bosnia Association (again, made up mostly of Muslims) is trying to get the real numbers and victims, even if they’re Serb and Christian. As to the Muslim report above calling the secessionist war THEY started an “aggression against [their] country,” we must be content with baby steps when it comes to dealing with the Middle East, even if it’s in Europe.

Moral of the story: It was OK with our government that the Bosnian embassy in Austria, which issued a passport to Osama bin Laden in 1992, was issuing passports to mujahedin streaming into Bosnia, but as to the no-brainer that while the Bosnian officials were doing this they were also funding and facilitating future attacks against the West, well don’t expect to hear any word from our government anytime soon. Last summer a U.S. official tried to broach the subject of Bosnia as a fundamentalist/terrorist breeding ground:

Al-Qa’idah has helpers in Bosnia, deputy peace envoy says (Excerpt from report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA)

Sarajevo, 18 August: Bosnia-Hercegovina [B-H] Principal Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian has underlined that Al-Qa’idah has its helpers in B-H who are ready to assist in hiding agents, giving financial assistance or false documents.

Gregorian said that over the past few years the international community has continuously pointed out the problem of the mujahidin presence in B-H, assessing that it was time for this issue to be resolved.

He emphasized that “foreign fighters” should have left B-H long ago, while some of them have been declared as a threat to the national security of B-H.

Asked whether “a few dozen dangerous” [persons] had links with Al-Qa’idah, Gregorian said that some of them did and that there “were people who fought in B-H who in some way were directly linked to Al-Qa’idah”.

“There are definite indications that some of those who were detected had links with Al-Qa’idah,” he said, adding that some intelligence agencies consider B-H as one of Al-Qa’idah’s transit points.

He confirmed that hundreds of people were granted B-H citizenship under suspicious circumstances or in an unlawful way…

Another report on this overdue and understated but apparently maverick admission by a member of U.S. officialdom:

U.S. diplomat warns of Al-Qaeda in Bosnia

Al-Qaeda uses Bosnia for transit, receiving help from Islamic veterans of the 1990s war, a U.S. diplomat says.

Bosnia came under the spotlight after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States due to the presence in the former Yugoslav republic of fighters from Islamic countries.

Hundreds of them joined the mainly Muslim Bosnian army during the country’s 1992-1995 war. Although they were ordered to leave under the terms of the peace deal, some stayed on after obtaining Bosnian citizenship.

“There were people who fought in Bosnia and who were, in a way, directly linked with al-Qaeda,” Gregorian said.

Bosnia recently revoked the citizenship of nearly 400 people, including a number of former Muslim fighters, due to irregularities in the process.

Six terror suspects of Arab origin linked to the al-Qaeda terror network were arrested in Bosnia and handed over to the U.S. authorities in 2002.

Briefly, the reaction from Bosnia’s “moderate” grand mufti, who is frequently feted all around the U.S. by synagogues, churches, universities, politicians and the State Department:

Bosnian Grand Mufti accuses OHR official of “spreading Islamophobia” (Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA)

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, has said that in his country there are no persons who may be cooperating with Al-Qa’idah, and accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group.

“It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,” Ceric said.

“Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,” Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque.

In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed.

Gregorian dismissed claims from the Bosnian Serb media about thousands of possible Al-Qa’idah helpers in Bosnia as utter nonsense. Asked how many of those problematic persons there were in Bosnia, Gregorian answered “more than ten and less than a hundred”.

So…between 11 and 99? Well that’s a pretty small and tidy sum, and certainly not one over which to risk a diplomatic row by calling attention to it, as Gregorian has done. Chris Deliso’s The Coming Balkan Caliphate offers quite a different number:

The Dayton Agreement of July 1995, which ended the war in Bosnia and created a tripartite ethnic federation, stipulated that the former mujahedin leave at once. No doubt in expectation of such a decree, the Izetbegovic government had by then been busily supplying hundreds of mujahedin with Bosnian passports for some time, in an effort to remove the heroes of Bosnian liberation from the pool of “foreigners” expected to leave. While some mujahedin did go, between several hundred and one thousand stayed. Many married local women and began to raise families, creating bizarre pockets of Afghanistan-in-Europe in Sharia-run villages like Bocinja Donja, which had been ethnically cleansed of its Chrstian Serbian inhabitants by the mujahedin and handed over to them thereafter as a “reward” for their services.

Considering what the Wahhabis have proven capable of doing in the name of religion, it is understandable that the average Bosnian might find it wiser to keep quiet and avoid trouble. Yet even political leaders and mainstream Muslim clerics have been accused of showing excessive timidity. Vildana Selimbegovic, a Sarajevo news editor, decried how in Bosnia “politicians do not want to or are too afraid to talk. The majority of Muslims remain silent. It seems that they will remain silent until the devil claims his due.”

[I]n Sarajevo the Wahhabis have control of several mosques, including the city’s most central place of worship, the towering, Saudi-funded King Fahd Mosque. “Over the past five years, they have built very few new factories in Bosnia, but 1,000 new mosques have gone up,” says [terror expert Darko] Trifunovic. “It is not a revolution, but rather a silent transition.”

No doubt episodes like the following contributed to the problem of unaccounted-for mujahedin in Bosnia. Also from Deliso:

A rarely seen video taken in 1994 by the mujahedin themselves clearly shows blue-helmeted British soldiers relieving Bosnian Serb soldiers of foreign Islamists they had captured and releasing the delighted jihadis unscathed in the central Bosnian town of Travnik to cheers of “Allah Akbar!”

Then again, we can’t expect too much from Gregorian, who was of course part of the international Slav-killing machine of the 1990s, playing his role in the formation of the new, terror-harboring Bosnia that he now warns of.

Incidentally, here was the response by a Bosnian security agency: “Special Services, part of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA), has no information on anyone with ties to the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda living in the country, says the head of the anti-terrorism department in SIPA, Aner Hadzimahumutovic.”

No wonder this former terrorist is frustrated: “I will never understand Bosnia and the people that lead this country. I openly tell them that I am a terrorist and that I committed many crimes, but they are convincing me that I have not and that I am innocent…Al-Qaeda…[was] interested in creating a base that would allow them to increase their radius of operations….Some leaders of the Western World noticed that, but did nothing. ”

While terrorists are trying to tell us what they’re up to, the US, NATO, and EU still maintain that there are no terrorists in Bosnia. In February 2006, for example, Jim Jatras, former Senate Republican Foreign Policy Committee analyst and currently the director of the American Council for Kosovo, was told by Rosemary DiCarlo, Deputy Asst. Secretary of State for Europe, that Islamic radicalism doesn’t exist in Kosovo and that “we’re watching it closely.” Jatras and Kosovo Bishop Artemije had to suppress a simultaneous laughing fit.

Here again, some honest Bosnians are trying to prove what Western leaders still desperately try to deny:

A Bosnian TV station has broadcast part of an alleged new video apparently showing gruesome crimes perpetrated againt Bosnian Serbs by a unit of Muslim fighters during Bosnia’s 1992-1995 civil war.

The footage, broadcast by BN TV apparently shows the ‘El Mujahadid’ unit “sharpening axes” which they later allegedly used to behead a Bosnian Serb soldier.

The video also reportedly shows footage of the mujahadeen in playing football using a decapitated head instead of a ball, Serbian news agency Tanjug reported.

It contains chilling scenes showing mutilated corpses mujahadeen tying up and abuse prisoners of war. A mujahadeen is heard saying: “They call us terrorists. We are terrorists and we will destroy all the enemies of Allah.”

The El Mujahid was a unit consisting of fighters from Muslim countries, who, as they say on the tape, came to Bosnia to “fight for Allah.”

The unit was formed in 1993 and in that year became part of the Bosnian Muslim Army under the command of the War Council headed by Bosnia’s then-president Alija Izetbegovic, the video recounts.

The footage also shows Izetbegovic arriving at the mujahadeen camp and shows life inside it as the fighters training for war and worship. Women in strict Islamic dress are seen living in the camp, as well as children dressed in military wear, while one small girl is shown holding a pistol.

This tape was found by the Bosnian Serb entity’s Council of Concentration Camp Victims. Its president, Branislav Dukic, says that the footage was supplied by Bosnian Muslims.

Dukic said that even among Bosnia’s Muslims there are “those who wish to prove the presence of mujahadeen in Bosnia, and the war crimes they committed on the territory of central Bosnia.”

The unit, as is claimed at the end of the video, numbered some 1,000 fighters by the end of the war, including around 700 Bosnian Muslims, recruited during the course of the war, and 300 foreign warriors from Islamic countries.

Footage recently surfaced on the Internet of a farewell ceremony for the mujahadeen, featuring addresses given by the Muslim Army commander and war crimes indictee General Rasim Delic, and other senior army commander, Sakib Mahmuljin, B52 reported.

Additionally, if Gregorian is to be believed, one wonders what “Balkan al Qaeda franchise” this could be referring to:

Euro Police Convention Duped by Balkan Terror Threat (Jan. 13):

The 11th European Police Congress, to be held in Berlin on 29-30th January is the target of a Balkan Al Qaeda franchise.

In a programme note it is advised that one of the speakers, Dr Darko Trifunovic - a maverick young investigator from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies - will not be able to attend due to “pressure and death threats” made against him by radical groups that are under his investigation. He has decided not to “expose himself and the congress to further danger.”

Dr Darko Trifunovic has been conducting research into the origins, ambitions and operating methods of what he calls “white Al Qaeda”, the home grown branch of the terrorist franchise organization in the various areas of the Balkans.

It first took foothold in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the Western powers in the 90’s saw the influx of Afghan war veterans into the territory as an easy way to support the Bosnian Muslims. Since the Dayton Peace Accord Iranians as well as Saudi Wahhabis have flooded the statelet with funds, over-sized mosques and subversive organizations, one of which has members throughout the Bosniak diaspora in Europe, Canada and the US…

Trifunovic has also found new links between Bosnia and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the London and Madrid train bombings. Specifically mentioned are Mohammed Atta, who coordinated the 9/11 outrage, and Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Bosnian citizenship holder and war veteran, former Al Qaeda ‘Operations Chief’, who - according to Dr Darko Trifunovic - took over the leadership of the Al Qaeda media campaign (’the Committee’) during the planning of the 9/11. Atta’s place of residence was a Bosnian hamlet before launching off to Hamburg and the US for his fatal mission.

It’s worth revisiting the attempted October attack on the U.S. embassy in Vienna, which was hastily dismissed by American and European officials as having no relation to Islam or terrorism. After initially pointing to mental illness, to the attackers “acting alone” and there not being any link to al Qaeda, in one of the last follow-ups, media finally crept closer to describing the incident as a terrorist undertaking, stopping short at the “Islamist Wahhabi” stage but qualifying even that: “The Wahabi movement in Bosnia is relatively new and small in numbers…” —

Bosnia: Foiled attack on US embassy linked to Islamists

Sarajevo, 5 Oct. (AKI) - Two Bosnians arrested this week in connection with a foiled attack on the US embassy in Vienna are allegedly linked to a radical Islamist Wahabi movement, the Bosnian daily Nezavisne novine said on Friday.

Police on Monday arrested 42-year-old Bosnian, Asim Cejvanovic, when he entered the embassy grounds with a rucksack of explosives. It was later alleged that Cejvanovic was mentally ill and he was taken to a prison hospital.

During questioning, Cejvanovic told police he was told to carry the explosives to the embassy by another Bosnian, Mehmed Djudic, who was later arrested.

According to Vienna media reports, Djudic has been connected to Muhamed Porca, who heads the Vienna branch of the Bosnian Wahabi movement which preaches radical Islam.

Porca’s group, which is reportedly the main financier of the Wahabi movement in Bosnia, has been under police surveillance for some time, Vienna media reported.

Darko Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University’s faculty of security studies and terrorism expert, told Adnkronos International (AKI), Cejvanovic may have been used only to test security around the embassy, because no detonators were found in his possession.

“They have used a mentally deranged person in the hope that the whole thing would end there,” Trifunovic said. “But the real question is from whom did he get the explosives.”

The Wahabi movement in Bosnia is relatively new and small in numbers, but it has worried local Muslim authorities because of its violent behaviour and attempts to infiltrate local mosques.

Wahabi ideology was imported to Bosnia during the 1992-1995 civil war when thousands of mujahadeen from Islamic countries came to fight with local Muslims.

Many have remained in the country, indoctrinating local youths and even operating terrorist training camps, foreign intelligence reports said.

A terrorist/Islamist-laden Bosnia: just one of those many “alarmist myths” that have been attributed to “Serbian nationalist propaganda”. Good thing we keep putting those Serbs in their place.

NOTE: After repeated arm-twisting by the U.S., Bosnia last year finally started the slow, appeals-laden process of deporting some of the mujahedin.

Some relevant passages from The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The plot against the pope’s funeral, after all, was only discovered thanks to Bosnian Serb intelligence services operating surreptitiously within the Muslim half of the Bosnian federation — an embarrassing indicator of the Sarajevo government’s inability, or unwillingness, to clean up its own backyard. Indeed, the continued resilience of terrorist-linked charities in Bosnia is indicative of this paralysis.

In late November 2006, politician Dzevad Galijasevic of the New Democratic Party for Bosnia and Hercegovina claimed that a former close ally and major figure in Alija Izetbegovic’s first independent Bosnian government, Haris Silajdzic, “was the organizer and sponsor of mujahedin coming into Bosnia.” Galijasevic revealed that the month before he had been attacked twice, prompting him to relocate his family to Croatia. Galijasevic had become hated by the Wahhabis back in 2000 when, as mayor of the Maglaj municipality, he ordered the removal of some 1,500 mujahedin who had occupied former Serbian Christian homes in Gornja Bocinja. The order was not carried out, and the mujahedin remained in the village that had been rewarded them by the Sarajevo government — their own private Afghanistan — as a spoil of war.

According to Galijasevic, his appearance in a televised panel discussion devoted to the future dangers of a Bosnian “white al Qaeda” on October 12, 2006, sparked renewed threats against him and robberies of his homes. What was most eye-popping about Galijasevic’s testimony, however, was his contention that well-known figures associated with the political and security apparatus, such as Siladzic and hard-liner Semsudin Mehmedovic, were nurturing the Wahhabis — and aiding foreign Islamic terrorist groups in Bosnia. In 1996, while police chief in Zenica, Mehmedovic was charged by the New York Times of “having sheltered foreign Islamic fundamentalist fighters, of crushing moderate Muslim political forces and of fostering hatred between Muslims and Croats. According to Galijasevic, Mehmedovic remains “the chief of al Qaeda in Bosnia,” while the “mentors” of the mujahedin were Silajdzic and another man, Irfan Ljevakovic, a former secret police chief and employee at the notorious Bosnian embassy in Vienna during the war working closely with bin Laden’s TWRA [Third World Relief Agency]. All of the men were from the inner circle of the late Alija Izetbegovic.

In making his argument for the active participation of government officials in supporting terrorists, Galijasevic added that “Bosnia & Hercegovina is a part of the system of international organized crime,” a country where “the recruitment of future mujahedin and terrorists is being carried out.” Specifically accusing the police structures of radical ties, Galijasevic maintained that “in Maglaj municipality there are around 30 police officers who were trained by the mujahedin. In Zenica-Doboj municipality there are 280 [such] police officers.” According to the politician, an Algerian who the United States had ordered to leave Gornja Bocinja and Bosnia in the spring of 1999 on terrorist suspicions, Abu El Mali, “was training all the members of Ministry of Internal from this canton. One of Abu El Mali’s ’students’ is Kasim Hasic, an assistant police commander.”

Just a drop more about Galijesevic, from United American Committee founder Jesse Petrilla’s article “My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia“:

[A] former mayor of a Bosnian city, a non-religious and westernized man born into the Muslim faith by the name of Dzevad Galijasevic who is an activist against the Wahabi and fundamentalist indoctrination occurring in the region…Galijasevic told me from a Muslim perspective that he witnessed first hand the extremists during and after the war seizing every opportunity to pursue their jihadist goals of spreading radical Islam through this European region. He said that the current Islamic political leadership of Bosnia were the same people who during the war sent pleas to the Taliban and other Islamist regimes to send their best jihad fighters to Bosnia to fight the Christians. Now that the war is over and anyone brings up the fact of Islamic war crimes, these leaders use the excuse that it was just foreign fighters and not them, when in fact they were the ones who brought those foreign fighters to the land.

Lastly, some recent updates, from Balkans analyst Ioannis Michaletos:

…Vladimir Popilovski runs an al-Qaeda ratline of arms from Bosnia across Sava River into Croatia and henceforth to Europe and Kemal Alagic, Naser Panaslamovic and Omer Murselovic run the same thing on the western side of Bosnia. All of those were active during the Bosnia civil war between 1992 and 1995.

Kemal Alagic was mentioned in an ICTY [International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia] report, when a witness was asked around his role in village attacks and against Christian population[s]. Moreover, according to the HRI [Hellenic Resources Institute] news network, “The RS deputy minister of justice, Goran Neskovic, stated that “three Muslims accused of crimes against Srpska were released today at 15:00 hrs. We released them as a gesture of good will towards the international community and [Swedish foreign minister] Carl Bildt, although we could have accused them of war crimes. We fulfilled the agreement while the Muslims did not release the civilians arrested in Grbavica”, said Neskovic. In the presence of the deputy high representative, Michael Steiner, the following Muslims were released: Hasan Hrnadovic, Kemal Alagic and Enver Krasic, accused of “espionage, armed rebellion and participation in an enemy army”. The above took part in 1995, during the end of the war in Bosnia.

Continuing, Popilovski’s boss is Semsudin Mehmedovic, who is known as the major figure in Islamic religious nationalism in Bosnia and was in charge of police in the Zenica area in the mid-90’s.

According to Michael Sells citing Washington Post’s reports back in 1996 “The U.S. government, if it were serious about enforcing the Dayton accords, could simply ask its close friends in Kuwait and Riyadh to stop supporting extremist fundamentalist[s] like Mehmedovic who are trying to destroy the Dayton agreement and establish what would be an Islamic ghetto in the heart of Europe.”

Mehmedovic was a minister for police with the Bosnian Muslim government and was prosecuted for dealing with arms but let go. Mehmedovic was the man who signed off on marriage licenses for Jihad fighters who came to Bosnia and got married off with local Muslim women.

Boudel Haj and Hanouf Munir, still in Guantanamo, own Bosnian Muslim wives for which Mehmedovic signed off on.

Mehmedovic is member of OEBS, was a member of police reform committee that EU forced Serbs to sign, and is part of the Bosnian Muslim parliament.

And some progress, again via Michaletos, of the U.S.-based International Analyst Network:

…[T]he Bosnian intelligence service is about to upgrade considerably it’s (Anti) espionage capabilities abroad with a special focus in the Balkans, due to “Islamic terrorism”.

Already in March 2008 a group of 5 radical Wahhabbis were arrested near Sarajevo who had a large amount of armaments and were connected with extremist groups. In May 2008 another group of 10 people were arrested because of their connection with illegal arms contraband from Bosnia to Croatia and to Central Europe. Most of them were war veterans that fought with the Muslim federation in the mid-90’s and were also related with the Mujahedeens who ventured from the Middle East and North Africa. For the latter already 350 of those have been stripped of their Bosnian citizenship, although for most, their whereabouts are unknown, thus making them suitable for covert and subversive action…[C]ertain extremist circles in Bosnia are trying to regroup the “Patriotic League”, which was a Muslim paramilitary force during the Bosnian war and was also responsible for the transportation of Jihad fighters from the M. East. […]

The Libel Terrorism Protection Act has just been passed into law in New York, despite being ignored by the mainstream and alternative media alike — that is, by those who will most depend on its safeguards.

Press Release from American Center of Democracy

The Libel Terrorism Protection Act, also known as RACHEL’s LAW, signed by Governor

Albany, NY (May 1, 2008) — New York State Governor David Paterson yesterday signed the “Libel Terrorism Protection Act” (S.6687/A.9652), which on March 31 passed the state’s Assembly and Senate unanimously.

Also known as Rachel’s Law, the bill sponsored by Assemblyman Rory Lancman (D-Queens) and Senate Deputy Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) will protect American journalists and authors from foreign lawsuits that infringe on First Amendment rights. The bill also received unprecedented support from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“New Yorkers must be able to speak out on issues of public concern without living in fear that they will be sued outside the United States, under legal standards inconsistent with our First Amendment rights,” said Governor Paterson. “This legislation will help ensure of the freedoms enjoyed by New York authors.”

Reflecting the New York legislation’s importance, U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) on April 16 introduced a similar bill, the Freedom of Speech Protection Act (H.R. 5814), in the House of Represenatives.

In Ehrenfeld v. Mahfouz, New York State’s highest court held that it was unable to protect Dr. Ehrenfeld from a British lawsuit filed by Saudi billionaire Khalid Salim Bin Mahfouz. Britain’s High Court ordered her to pay over $225,000 in damages and legal fees to Bin Mahfouz, apologize and destroy copies of her books.

Instead, November 2006, Dr. Ehrenfeld sought a U.S. federal court order to protect her constitutional rights. But a New York Court of Appeals ruling with national implications sent legal shockwaves throughout American newsrooms.

The New York court potentially undermined U.S. journalists’ ability to expose terrorism’s financial and logistical support networks, when it ruled that the court lacks jurisdiction to protect Americans - on U.S. soil - from foreign defamation judgments that contradict the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Rachel’s Law declares overseas defamation judgments unenforceable in New York State unless the foreign defamation law provides, in substance and application, the same free speech protections guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. The law gives New York residents and publishers the opportunity to have their day in court.

The bill could not have passed without the expert assistance of Attorney Daniel Kornsein of New York City’s Kornstein, Veisz, Wexler & Pollard, LLP. Kornstein represented Dr. Ehrenfeld in Ehrenfeld v. Mahfouz.

“This law will give New York’s journalists, authors and press the protection and tools they need to continue to fearlessly expose the truth about terrorism and its enablers, and to maintain New York’s place as the free speech capit[a]l of the world,” Lancman stated.

“The truth is a critically-important component in the War on Terror,” said Senator Skelos. “This important new law will protect American authors and journalists who expose terrorist networks and their financiers.”

Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau said: “Terrorism and terrorist financing are matters of vital interest to all New Yorkers, in no small part because New York City remains a target of significance for international terrorists. New York authors must have the freedom to investigate, write and publish on terrorism and other matters of public importance, subject only to limitations that are consistent with the U.S. Constitution. This legislation will help to ensure such freedom.”

Today, Governor Paterson declared the intention of New York State, the publishing capital of America, to safeguard the First Amendment and its courageous writers.

Rachel’s Law marks an important step in Dr. Ehrenfeld’s efforts to stop Arab billionaires like Khalid bin Mahfouz from attempting to silence U.S. writers who expose Saudi terrorist funding and global radical Muslim organizations, including al Qaeda and Hamas.

Rachel’s Law — and your financial support—now make it possible for Dr. Ehrenfeld to return to court for a declaratory judgment against Mahfouz. Your generosity makes possible the continued exposu[r]e of financial jihad by courageous investigative journalists and researchers. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your financial assistance is essential to our success.

The American Center for Democracy (ACD) is a tax-deductible, non-profit organization that qualif[ies] as [an] exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations.

Your support is important to us. Thank you for helping our work to preserve democracy and freedom in America.

Please note that this victory now allows Rachel to go back to court, win the case — and test the law so it can be adopted nationally. In other words, sealing the victory will require a lot of money.

Another American journalist (making about five so far) has noticed that Rachel’s Law — possibly the most important piece of legislation since the Patriot Act — successfully passed when it was signed into law last week by NY Governor David Paterson. Diana West — who’s actually been the only prominent writer on top of this issue — had the following post this weekend on the Political Mavens blog:

Earlier this week, New York State Governor David Paterson signed a bill into law that is sure to help derail “libel tourists” in their attempts to take New York authors and publishers for a ride to the book-pulping machine via expensive, speech-chilling foreign libel suits.

This is fantastic news for liberty enthusiasts. But it didn’t come out of thin air. This victory for free speech is due to the tenacious courage of author Rachel Ehrenfeld, the New Yorker who for nearly four years has battled to have a British default libel judgment against her — brought against her book Funding Evil by Saudi billionaire and “libel tourist” Khalid bin Mahfouz — declared unenforceable in the U.S. It is her ongoing case, which might well be described Abu-Dickensian in length and nefariousness, that inspired the bi-partisan bill that passed the New York State Legislature unanimously last month and was signed into law this week. New York’s lawmakers and new governor are to be greatly commended for recognizing the need to act to protect our liberty.

I asked Rachel to comment on the significance of this encouraging development. She wrote:

“‘Rachel’s Law’, as NY Assemblyman Rory Lancman stated, ‘give[s] New York’s journalists, authors and press the protection and tools they need to continue to fearlessly expose the truth about terrorism and its enablers, and to maintain New York’s place as the free speech capit[a]l of the world.’ This law should be followed by national legislation to protect all American writers’ free speech. Indeed, US Rep. Peter King submitted such law to Congress.”

That would be the Freedom of Speech Protection Act (H.R. 5814), which Rep. King (R-NY) introduced in the House of Representatives on April 16, and which should be passed on the double. Rachel continued:

“Personally, it marks an important step in my efforts to stop Saudi billionaires like Khalid bin Mahfouz from attempting to silence me and all U.S. writers who expose him and Saudi Arabia’s terrorist funding of global radical Muslim organizations, including al Qaeda and Hamas. Thus, I have to go back to court to win the case against Mahfouz and test the effectiveness of this law…Amazing how the media at large ignores this new and important development for their free speech rights.”

It’s not only amazing, it’s jaw-drop shocking. One completely appalling way to read the striking apathy is as a tacit concession to the speech curbs the Khalid bin Mahfouz[e]s of the world would like to impose on brave souls like Rachel — i.e., a tacit concession to dhimmitude.

Assemblyman Lancman’s remarks on the Assembly floor are viewable here.