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Jihad has just come to a screeching halt, for at least two seconds. Thanks to a retraction and apology in a London-based Muslim weekly newspaper, the umma is about to learn that libel lawsuits work both ways, and are not sticks used exclusively by Muslims to hit infidels with. The incident described below has occurred because, fortunately, Muslims are still just one hair shy of running Europe, and therefore still have to abide by a handful of infidel laws, though not for long. Check it out:


“Muslim Weekly” Apologizes to Daniel Pipes
March 3, 2008

PHILADELPHIA – The Muslim Weekly, a London-based publication, issued an apology today to Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, concerning a defamatory article it published in February 2007.

That article repeated a false allegation made by Tariq Ramadan that Daniel Pipes had lied to a conference hosted by London mayor Ken Livingstone in January 2007. (For details of what did occur, see the article by Mr. Pipes, “Is Tariq Ramadan Lying [about Magdi Allam]?”)

Upon receipt of a libel complaint from Mr. Pipes, the Muslim Weekly accepted that Mr. Pipes spoke accurately at the conference and that he did not lie. The Muslim Weekly apologized to Mr. Pipes for the distress caused by the article. The Muslim Weekly’s retraction, published both in print and online in the Feb. 29, 2008 issue, reads in full as follows:

On February 9, 2007, the Muslim Weekly published an article, “World civilisation conference: Professor Tariq Ramadan on Islamic Threat,” under the byline of Dr. Mozammel Haque, concerning a speech given by Professor Ramadan on 20 January 2007. We reported that he accused Professor Daniel Pipes, an American specialist on the Middle East, of lying in his speech to the same conference about the religion of an Egyptian Muslim. We now understand that Professor Pipes spoke accurately and that he did not lie. We retract what we wrote about him and apologise to Professor Pipes for any distress caused by our article.

Reacting to this apology, Mr. Pipes said: “I am delighted that Muslim Weekly recognizes there is no truth whatsoever in Tariq Ramadan’s allegations concerning my statement at the World Civilization Conference, and that it has forthrightly set the record straight.”

Now if we could just get to the point where Muslims don’t simply admit that infidels aren’t lying, but that Muslmis lie on an hourly basis as a weapon of war — just as Ramadan did here — then we might get somewhere.


Meanwhile, Rachel Ehrenfeld struggles on quietly in what should be the loudest, most publicized legal battle of the century: A gay Saudi terror financier (you got that?) has sued American citizen Rachel Ehrenfeld in a British libel court for outlining in her 2003 book Funding Evil how the charities he supports fund terrorism. The terrifying fact here is that there is no law in place in America that protects U.S. citizens from foreign judgments that conflict with constitutionally guaranteed freedoms such as the First Amendment. That’s why, thankfully — and despite the bizarre lack of attention the case has gotten so far in the press — NY State Senator Dean Skelos and Assemblyman Rory Lancman have taken up the cause and introduced a bill that will “protect writers from lawsuits filed outside the U.S. by foreign nationals seeking to muzzle the First Amendment rights of American citizens, particular[ly] those reporting on terrorism and its financiers,” as Ehrenfeld’s press release read.

When I asked Ehrenfeld if the big A-list blogs such as Real Clear Politics, Little Green Footballs and PowerLine had mentioned her monumental case, she answered, “As mind boggling as it is, and unbelievable they did Nothing! NADA!”

Here is the shocking background, made all the more shocking by the silence with which this story has been greeted by the press and the public, who seem all too eager to give up the first amendment to their Islamic masters. Unlike the snoozing media and blogosphere, the two above-named state lawmakers recognize the stakes for the entire country and international security.

Their effort, continues the press release, “comes on the heels of a New York Court of Appeals ruling that has stunned many in the legal, media, and publishing community. The court held it could not protect New York author Rachel Ehrenfeld from a British lawsuit she lost by default filed by Saudi billionaire Khalid Salim bin Mahfouz where she was ordered to pay over $225,000 for detailing in her book how Bin Mahfouz, and some of his family, are allegedly tied to funding terrorist organizations. Bin Mahfouz used the U.K. legal system to obtain more than 36 similar judgments, affecting the U.S. media.

“Ms. Ehrenfeld sought a court order to protect her Constitutional rights, but in a ruling with First Amendment implications sending legal shockwaves throughout newsrooms across America, as well as potentially undermining our ability to expose terrorism’s financial and logistical support networks of our enemies, the New York Court of Appeals ruled that it does not have jurisdiction to protect Americans — on U.S. soil — from a foreign defamation verdict.”

The bipartisan “Libel Terrorism Reform Act” introduced by NY state lawmakers Lancman and Skelos will “create the jurisdictional reach the Court of Appeals found lacking,” according to a recent NY Post article. “Their bill would empower New York courts to assert jurisdiction over anyone who obtains a foreign libel judgment against a New York publisher or writer - and limit enforcement to those judgments that satisfy ‘the freedom of speech and press protections guaranteed by both the United States and New York Constitutions.’

“In effect, this renders all foreign libel judgments unenforceable in New York, as no court outside the United States abides by our First Amendment protections. But this bill, if it becomes law, will do more than protect our precious First Amendment freedoms in New York. It also will serve as a template for action by Congress - and attract foreign counterterrorism scholars and journalists to our shores.”

The NY Law Journal carried an encouraging update last week — the bill passed unanimously in the state Senate:

The Libel Terrorism Protection Act would amend the long-arm statute…to give state courts jurisdiction over a foreign libel plaintiff who secures a judgment against an author or publisher with sufficient physical or financial ties to New York.

The measure would allow courts here to declare the foreign judgments unenforceable if the courts determine that libel laws in foreign countries do not protect the freedom of speech and the press to the extent that statutes in New York and the United States do…

The bill…has made unusually swift progress toward passage in Albany since its introduction [in January]. New legislation typically takes several months, if not years, to reach the floor of the Assembly or Senate.

Floyd Abrams, the First Amendment expert from Cahill Gordon & Reindel, is backing the legislation. He said it has moved unusually quickly in Albany because it has united powerful forces that are not always aligned on public policy questions.

“It has brought together two propositions that have widespread support: There is considerable support, if not total support, for the notion that First Amendment rights should be protected,” Mr. Abrams said yesterday in an interview. “There is total support for the notion that when an American writes a book about terrorism, she shouldn’t be dragged around the world to defend herself and then find herself with a foreign judgment that is enforceable here.”

Mr. Abrams said he knows of no foreign libel laws that could be found by a New York judge to provide freedom of speech and press protections equal to or greater than those in New York and the United States.

“For all intents and purposes, this legislation would bar any defamation judgment obtained outside the United States from being enforced in New York,” said Assemblyman Rory I. Lancman, D-Queens, chief sponsor of the bill in his chamber.

The bill has cleared the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee and is now before the chamber’s Codes Committee. Mr. Lancman said he expected the bill to pass the full Assembly by next month. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s office will not discuss pending legislation until it reaches the governor’s desk.

The number of media outlets paying attention to the case can be counted on one hand: In addition to the NY Post item above, San Francisco Chronicle had an article titleed Libel Tourism: Where Terrorism and Censorship Meet, and NY Jewish Week mentioned it. Publishers Weekly carried an important piece, part of which read:

Bin Mahfouz sued Ehrenfeld even though the book was never published in Great Britain and neither he nor Ehrenfeld resides there. Ehrenfeld refused to participate in the suit, but was nonetheless hit with a default judgment of $225,000 in damages and legal fees to bin Mahfouz, as well as a “declaration of falsity” against Funding Evil and a promise to destroy existing copies of the book, a demand for a public apology and an injunction against U.K. publication.

Bin Mahfouz is infamous for silencing authors and journalists — he has sued or threatened suit in the U.K. 33 times against writers who linked him to terrorism — and his legal actions against Cambridge University Press’s Alms for Jihad by J. Millard Burr and Robert O. Collins resulted in the press pulping its copies and putting the book out of print (the writers are reportedly near a deal to publish the book in the U.S.).

And here is part of a late December article in Human Events:

Mahfouz’s case against Ehrenfeld has already done enormous harm in the US. Ehrenfeld told me she’s unable to get book publishers to contract for another book. She said all of the major US publishing houses have turned down a book on the Muslim Brotherhood — thought to have substantial terrorist ties — and the Saudis’ involvement in funding it.

If what Ehrenfeld writes about the Brotherhood offends Mahfouz or someone else whose ties to terrorism ought to be exposed, sales could be banned not only in Britain but in the entire European Union and the publisher — and the author — made liable for damages. Mahfouz — using British courts that have no jurisdiction over American authors — has apparently precluded Ehrenfeld from writing another book.

The writing is on the wall, and Rachel Ehrenfeld alone is fighting back to erase it. She recently wrote me, “It’s mind boggling how the media is ignoring the story and the bill…Please, ask your friends in the media/blogs to support the bill and praise the legislators…I and the law need all the exposure and the support we can get. Mind you, as soon as the law passes, I can take the Saudi back to court — prove he is a terror financier, which would also help all the 9/11 victims who are suing him!”

Those names for praise, once again, are State Senator Dean Skelos and Assemblyman Rory Lancman. The NY Law Journal reported that the bill is getting support from the New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Communications and Media Law, Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association and the Association of American Publishers, Inc.

If you don’t know the name Rachel Ehrenfeld yet, learn it, bless it and commit it to memory. This woman has taken action where other individuals — and even huge, moneyed corporations — take the less expensive, less time-consuming, less troublesome way out. She is fighting to save the First Amendment which is being threatened like never before yet which most people don’t even know is under direct assault through the courts.

There is now an eight-minute film documentary chronicling Ehrenfeld’s odyssey, titled “The Libel Tourist”.

Suicide Blast Targets Dog Fighting Competition

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - A suicide bombing at an outdoor dogfighting competition killed 80 people and wounded scores more Sunday, an Afghan governor said, in what appeared to be the deadliest terror attack in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.

Several hundred people — including Afghan militia leaders — had gathered to watch the event on the western edge of the southern city of Kandahar. Witnesses reported gunfire from bodyguards after the blast; it was not immediately clear how many of the casualties might have been caused by bullets.

The attack’s apparent target, Abdul Hakim Jan, served as a commander of an auxiliary police force — often shorthand for a local militia operating with government approval.

Dog fighting competitions are a popular form of entertainment around Afghanistan. The fights can attract hundreds of spectators who cram into a tight circle around the spectacle.

Wali Karzai, brother of President Hamid Karzai and the president of Kandahar’s provincial council, said the target of the attack was Jan, the leader of a local militia whom Karzai said was killed in the attack.

Jan was the provincial police chief in Kandahar in the early 1990s and was the only commander in the province to stand up against the Taliban during its rule, said Khalid Pashtun, a parliamentarian who represents Kandahar.

“Hakim Jan is one of the important, prominent jihadi commanders in Kandahar,” Pashtun said. “There were so many people gathered and of course the Taliban and al-Qaida usually target this kind of important people.”

A Taliban spokesman named Qari Yousef Ahmadi denied responsibility for the attack. I think maybe it was PETA that did it, and I’m going to send them a check.

Kabul, 2002, thanks to

I wonder where little Muslims get their taste for blood and sadism.

Someone at figured out to interview John R. Schindler: Leaping Before We Looked: The Clinton Administration’s Bosnian Failure

With Hillary Clinton surging in the polls and Democrats knifing Bush’s foreign policy and praising Bill Clinton’s, it’s time for a reality check on a supposed triumph: Team Clinton oversimplified a complex situation in Bosnia and ended up aiding and abetting Muslim extremists.

It’s time? Really? Perhaps a little past time? In fact, had conservatives grasped, and then seized onto, the horror of what Clinton’s Balkans wars achieved, conservatives would have been setting the terms of the national debate rather than being in a position of constantly defending their war. And there never would have been even any talk of a Clinton candidacy in 2008. You snooze, you lose.

That’s the conclusion of John Schindler, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and a former National Security Agency analyst. In his new book, “Unholy Terror: Bosnia, al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad,” Schindler reappraises the 1992-1995 Bosnian war and America’s decision to come to the defense of Muslims in their conflict with Serbs.

Because his conclusions are controversial, his credentials are important: Schindler’s NSA work, he says, showed him that the conventional academic and media wisdom about the Balkans was wrong. “I spent a lot of time in the Balkans and I participated in the culture, spoke the language and met many people. What I learned was that pretty much everything I thought I knew was either wrong or an even more dangerous half-truth.”

Both sides committed atrocities, Schindler notes, but those of Muslims generally went unreported. For example, “The number of Christians murdered in Sarajevo during the war by Muslim military and police, right under the noses of Western journalists, is at least in the many hundreds and probably in the low thousands. Between 1992 and 1995, some 1,300 Serb civilians were liquidated by Muslim troops based at Srebrenica; this was the precursor to the infamous July 1995 Serb offensive against that town.”

The media also slept, either alone or with the enemy. “Western journalists failed to note that the (Bosnia) Muslim ruling party, while portraying itself as thoroughly democratic and impressively multicultural, in fact was run by and for Islamists of a radical bent, whose ideal society was revolutionary Iran. … That the Bosnian jihad was considered a major success by al-Qaida was something no journalist uttered.”

Many of the Bosnian jihadists — including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the al-Qaida planner of Sept. 11 — went on to attack Western Europe or the U.S. Bosnia itself “has continued its seemingly relentless slide into crime, corruption and extremism. Radical Islam has a stronger hold there than ever before, and it remains a mystery to me why Western governments continue to not give this problem, in the heart of Europe, the attention it deserves.”

The University of Michigan at Dearborn is among a dozen or so universities and colleges across the country that will be providing Muslim students with foot baths. *

The university, in a statement posted on its Web site, said the foot baths reflect a “strong commitment to a pluralistic society” and “a reflection of our values of respect, tolerance and safe accommodation of student needs.”

The foot baths, while benefiting Muslim students, are open for use by all students.

In other words, you’re free to be Muslim too.

Smart Arab:

“Supreme Court cases have been heard on far less-obvious violations of our Establishment Clause,” Dr. [Zuhdi] Jasser [chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy] said. “Many if not most American Muslims are currently well able to accommodate our own prayers and ablution to the spaces and facilities provided to all other faiths on public grounds without special accommodations…These baths exert a monetary cost upon publicly funded institutions which by our Constitution should not appease the financial demands of one faith group over another,” he said. “Every other faith group on campus should be demanding that they be provided equal funding and space — which basically demonstrates how outrageous these accommodations are.”

Dumb Jew:

“Under normal circumstances of 21st-century America, unless there is some massive protest including a march on the president’s office, this minor accommodation, which is politically sensitive and seemingly, in the eyes of many so far, reasonably appropriate, will continue to be an unnoticed minor event,” predicted Mr. [Sheldon] Steinbach, a former longtime general counsel for the American Council on Education, which represents most of the nation’s top universities.

And here are more Dumb Jews from the summer:

Jews help Muslims fight county council, July 16:

When Rick Isserman found out last month that St. Louis County wouldn’t allow a group of Muslims to build a new mosque in south St. Louis County, the story sounded too familiar.

Forty-eight years earlier, Isserman’s grandfather, Rabbi Ferdinand Isserman, fought to move his congregation, Temple Israel, from the city to the county, where the Jewish population had been relocating for some years. The city of Creve Coeur cited zoning problems and tried to block the move, but the rabbi and his flock took the case to the Missouri Supreme Court and prevailed.

The case, Congregation Temple Israel v. City of Creve Coeur, produced what is considered a landmark religious-freedom decision that says Missouri municipalities can invoke only health or safety issues in denying a religious group the zoning required to build houses of worship.

In the spring, the St. Louis County Council refused the Islamic Community Center’s request to rezone a 4.7-acre parcel it bought a year before for $1.25 million. The Muslims — mostly Bosnian immigrants — planned to build a second mosque and community center in addition to the current mosque and center off South Kingshighway in St. Louis.

When Khalid Shah, a member of the mosque and a friend of Isserman’s, told him about the council’s decision, the 53-year-old Department of Agriculture employee began making the connection to his family’s legal legacy.

“I’m fighting the same battle as my grandfather 50 years ago,” Isserman said. “It’s a different community and a different place, but it’s the same issue.”

Yeah, it’s exactly the same. Muslims going to mosque are no different from Jews going to shul. There’s no difference or potential for difference whatsoever. Muslims building a second mosque as part of the general mosque-building frenzy is exactly the same as Jews trying to move their synagogue.

A county attorney brushed off notions that the dispute is rooted in dramatic constitutional questions of religious freedom…”They didn’t think it was appropriate zoning,” [Robert Grant] said.

But for many in the Bosnian community — at 50,000 strong and thought to be the country’s largest — the council’s 4-3 vote represents an effort to hinder the traditional American immigrant march toward assimilation.

And as we know, mosques are there to help worshippers assimilate.

After prayers at Madina Masjid, Omer Durakoiec, 44, said the council’s vote was unfair to Muslims. “Freedom of religion, if it’s for a church or for a mosque, is the same thing,” he said.

But the charge of discrimination is contentious, even among Bosnians.

“In my opinion this was not religious discrimination,” said Sukrija Dzidzovic, publisher and editor of Sabah, a Bosnian-American weekly newspaper based in St. Louis. “This was a mistake on Imam Hasic’s part. He should not have bought land that was zoned for commercial use, hoping that he could change the zoning.”

Uh-oh. Someone hasn’t been going to mosque. Because someone sounds strangely rational and…assimilated.

After a failed attempt at mediation in May, the Islamic Community Center sued the council…Temple Israel’s rabbi, Mark Shook…has worked with Hasic to try and get the council to reverse its decision…

Shah and Isserman spoke in June about the case at a monthly study group they started, in which about a dozen area Muslims and a dozen members of Temple Israel read and discuss the Quran and the Torah. Isserman enlisted Shook’s help, as well as congregation president David Weinstein’s, and the three men began mobilizing support for the Bosnian Islamic Community Center.


Hasic said he was moved when he heard that Temple Israel was going to bat for the mosque. “They kept asking what they could do to help,” he said. “They wrote letters, they met with the council, they said we needed to stick together.”

(Since we’ll all be Muslim soon.)

Haynes, the scholar at the First Amendment Center, said the mosque’s fight is similar to many around the country. “It’s usually masked as something else — a zoning issue or parking,” he said. “No one wants to come out and say they don’t want people of a particular faith in their neighborhood.”

But on Banister Road, immediately adjacent to the Bosnians’ land, only one of a dozen homeowners expressed any concern at the prospect of Muslim neighbors.

“It wouldn’t bother me,” said Mamie King, who had a statue of the Virgin Mary in her front yard.

Grace Green, a Pentecostal who described herself as “a holy roller,” said she would like to know more about the group, “but you have to love your neighbors.”

We’re doomed.

*A joke I wrote about the foot baths does not appear on this site as it is too indecent, but those who are not faint of heart can access it at Daily Comedy, where it was chosen as a staff pick yesterday.

Last night the FBI arrested six Muslims who were planning a commando-style attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey, to “kill as many soldiers as possible,” authorities said.

Four of the six men are Albanians, a fact that Fox News — which apparently thinks that “Yugoslavia” and “Albanians” are the same, and isn’t sure what those two things might have to do with “the Balkans” — reported thus:

The Associated Press reported that those captured were nationals of the former Yugoslavia, but the law enforcement source told FOX News that not all of them are of Albanian ethnicity. Federal sources also said the group is from the “Balkans.”

The only clue we get from other news sources that the four “Yugoslavs” are Albanian, and from Kosovo, is in sentences like these, which appeared in an earlier version of an AP report:

In 1999, [Fort Dix] sheltered more than 4,000 ethnic Albanian refugees during the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia…After that war, refugees were allowed to return to the U.N.-run province of Kosovo in Serbia or to seek permanent residency in the United States.

Pat ourselves on the back for resettling those “rescuees” here. Terrorism aside, the Albanian mafia has already overtaken both the Russian and Italian ones. There was also that Kosovo Albanian whose al-Qaeda application was discovered in Afghanistan, to name just one of many such characters.

It’s called Balkan blowback, and it’s been happening since we stuck our nose where it didn’t belong throughout the 1990s and, for good measure, bombed the wrong side. Maybe one day we’ll finally start talking about it? This morning, Balkan experts Jim Jatras, director of the American Council for Kosovo, and Dr. Serge Trifkovic alerted all major on-air media of their availability to discuss this development and were told, “We have our usual terror experts.”

Those would be the same terror experts who, in their daily opining on the War on Terror, haven’t touched the Balkans — a key region in the war on terror, as it was the site of al-Qaeda’s proliferation into a truly global network and now serves as the organization’s European base and entryway for attacks on that continent and others. (Note to Fox News: “Balkans” includes Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania and others.)

So we’re in for yet another round of terror “experts” painting terrorism in and from the Balkans as some unique thing, suspended in a vacuum of context, lest Americans start piecing things together and surmising that perhaps what happened to the Serbs is in some way related to what’s happening everywhere else on the globe.

Just so no one has to look too far, here’s an excerpt from a New York Times article that was written before we decided that, in the Balkans, the terrorists are the good guys:

A young Army conscript of ethnic Albanian origin shot up his barracks, killing four sleeping Slavic bunkmates and wounding six others.

The army says it has uncovered hundreds of subversive ethnic Albanian cells in its ranks. Some arsenals have been raided.

But watch the Fort Dix story go away faster than the one about the Bosnian Muslim who for Valentine’s Day three months ago killed five Americans and injured another four in Salt Lake City. Heck, who even knows that at least two of the 9/11 hijackers were veterans of the Bosnian jihad, as Muslims now openly call it?

Reports NBC:

The alleged terror cell is described by investigators as disciples of Osama Bin Laden. Among the evidence seized was the downloaded will and testament of two Sept. 11 hijackers…On the videotape there is significant discussion of martyrdom.

As I always say, Damn those Serbs! Good thing we were busy deporting those and not these ones who are trying to kill us — such as the killer Bosnian Sulejman Talovic in Salt Lake City or, for example, Agron Abdullahu (one of the six arrested yesterday), who was a sniper in Kosovo and residing here legally. Speaking of Serbs, one wonders how soon the arrested parties will think of pinning this one on the Serbs the way the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News managed to do in reporting on Talovic (eventually coaxing his family to follow suit).

But those Balkan people were supposed to be only nominal Muslims! Secular, we were told. Europeans, they said. Non-practicing, I heard! They may have been such under Communism, but soon enough they found themselves. That we threw our support behind the region’s radicals, with whom the “nominal” Muslims also cast their secessionist lot — in Bosnia as well as in Kosovo — didn’t help either. And, of course, you don’t have to be a practicing Muslim to feel that universal Muslim sense of grievance against the non-Muslim world.

From an AP report:

Asked if those arrested had any ties to al-Qaida, Snow referred questions to the FBI and the U.S. attorney, but said those officials “seem to indicate that there is no direct evidence of a foreign terrorist tie.”

As we know, Sudden Jihad Syndrome doesn’t require any foreign terrorist ties. But since it’s being brought up, let’s not forget that the Albanians of Kosovo received material assistance from Osama bin Laden during the “liberation” leg of the movement, which we were simultaneously helping them with. Here’s how these things work, by the way — explanation courtesy of Jim Jatras:

Typically these begin as what are represented as “national liberation movements,” the desire of a group of people described in national or ethnic terms — Algerians, Afghanis, Kosovo Albanians, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Iraqis, etc. — to have their own independent national state. But at some point — either after achieving that goal (Afghanistan, Pakistan) or in the process of the “national liberation” struggle (”Palestine,” “KosovA,” Iraq) — the movement shifts to a primarily Islamic jihad orientation, in which the national element is downplayed and the jihad element is emphasized. This transition coincides with the marginalization or elimination of the non-Muslim social elements (Christian Arabs, Albanian Catholics, etc.), some of whom may have been militant supporters of the first, national phase but who will have no future in the Islamic new order.

Jatras also points out that “as usual, the FBI is focusing on the worm’s-eye view of who did what, rather than the big picture of how these creeps got entrenched in the US through our pro-KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) policy [which] helped create a haven for their operations. Even worse, KLA supporters in the United States have operated with virtual impunity, collecting money and weapons to support KLA operations not only in Kosovo, but in neighboring areas of southern Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and northern Greece.”

Therefore, says Chronicles Magazine foreign editor Trifkovic, “Hastily denying the group’s link to al-Qaeda and other global networks is a political necessity for the proponents of Kosovo’s independence, not necessarily the reality.” (Trifkovic can be reached for interviews at, and Jatras at

As an aside, the two suspects who were not Albanian come from Jordan and Turkey. Here are two heartwarming posts about Turkish troops in Kosovo. And let’s remember the even more heartwarming story of the Jordanian “peacekeepers” who opened fire on female American peacekeepers in Kosovo in 2004.

Meanwhile, our lawmakers continue to support an independent Kosovo, no longer as the multi-ethnic experiment it was sold as, but as an example of America using its “military might to create a Muslim country” in Europe, as Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) said recently. It appears that the jihadists whom Messrs. Wexler and Lantos had hoped would take note of our kind gesture, have done so.

What we’ve wrought in the Balkans truly is poetry in motion. The timing on these arrests, on the heels of the STATE-DEPARTMENT-SPONSORED tour of the Kosovo mufti couldn’t have been better. But no doubt the damage control machine is kicking into gear from the mufti-led State Dept. and our Albanian-bought politicians such as Tom Lantos, Eliot Engel, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Wesley Clark and — what the heck — let’s dig up the earliest Albanian purchase: Bob Dole, after whom a street is named in Kosovo. The imperiled soldiers of Fort Dix and the other military bases that were being considered for the attack thank you all!

So let’s continue pushing for Kosovo independence, giving the Albanian Muslims massive monetary support and covert assistance while they continue cleansing the remaining non-Albanian-Muslim population. This Fort Dix plot is just another tiny bump on the road to burying this hot potato. Of course, it may get a little harder next month to wash our hands of all this business, since that’s when John R. Schindler’s book Unholy Terror: Bosnia, Al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad comes out.

Schindler is professor of strategy at the Naval War College and a former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. In an email to me, he said this book should finally blow the lid off the aggressively ignored Balkans mess. His book deals mainly with Bosnia, but that serves as a good reference point for Kosovo as well. From

This book provides the missing piece in the puzzle of al-Qa’ida’s transformation from an isolated fighting force into a lethal global threat: the Bosnian war of 1992 to 1995. John R. Schindler reveals the unexamined role that radical Islam played in that terrible conflict — and the ill-considered contributions of American policy to al-Qa’ida’s growth.

Schindler exposes how Osama bin Laden exploited the Bosnian conflict for his own ends and the disturbing level of support the U.S. government gave to the Bosnian mujahidin…[which] contributed to blowback of epic proportions: Khalid Sheikh Muhammad (the mastermind of 9/11) and two of the 9/11 hijacker pilots were veterans of the Bosnian jihad.

John R. Schindler served for nearly a decade with the National Security Agency — work which took him to many countries in support of U.S. and allied forces operating in the Balkans — and was NSA’s top Balkans expert. He is uniquely qualified to demonstrate

• how the Bosnian conflict has been misrepresented by the mainstream media, covering up the large role played by radical Islam and al-Qa’ida;

• how Osama bin Laden used Bosnia as a base for terrorist operations worldwide—including attacks on the United States from the Millennium Plot to 9/11;

• how veterans of the Bosnian jihad have murdered thousands of Americans and conducted terrorist attacks around the world;

• how the Clinton administration, in collaboration with Iran, secretly supplied Bosnia’s mujahidin, including al-Qa’ida, with millions of dollars of weapons and supplies;

• how America’s Bosnian allies have been in covert alliances with radical anti-American regimes in several countries;

• why Bosnia and its secret jihad matter to America and our War on Terrorism today.

Since 1999, I have been screaming from the rooftops both about the injustice and hoax of our Balkans intervention, and about the security risk posed to ourselves by it — warning that it would come back to bite us. Because when you don’t stop to figure out the historical context of a conflict that will tell you who the actual aggressor is; when you don’t corroborate horror stories by the complainant; when you don’t try to figure out which belligerent happens to also be hostile to your own society; and you instead go full throttle for a cheap moral victory and a Pulitzer, the bad guys will get you next.

But, again, let’s don’t put two and two together. To help us move along-nothing-to-see-here are the authorities:

While authorities are glad to have arrested them, the individuals are “hardly hard core terrorists,” one law enforcement source said.

Another source said that while the allegations are “troubling,” they are “not the type that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

Heck, they were just going after expendable military personnel. Besides, targeting Yugoslavia’s police and military installations was a favorite Albanian hobby throughout 1980s and 90s Kosovo, and that was just fine with us.

Jordan has apparently followed Bill Clinton’s advice and convicted two journalists for printing the Danish cartoons. reports: “A two-month jail sentences was imposed yesterday by a Jordanian court on two journalists, Jihad Momani and Hisham Al-Khalidi, for reprinting cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in a Danish paper last year.”

Clinton reacted with surprise: “Wait a second! I meant convict the white dudes in Europe; I didn’t say anything about arresting Muslim journalists! (Just like I only had Tim McVeigh prosecuted and not his al Qaeda accomplices.)”

Indeed, it appears that Bill Clinton was our first black Muslim president. (Actually, make that Jewish black Muslim president.)