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This incident happened less than a week after a Bosnian-involved Aussie terror plot was foiled, and at the very police station where former NY cop Bob Leifels did a 1997-98 stint as international police.

Gunman Shouting Allahu Akbar in Bosnia Storms Police Station (AP;, Apr. 27)

A gunman stormed into a police station in a northeastern Bosnian town shouting “Allahu akbar” on Monday, killing a policeman and wounding two others, authorities said.

The gunman was also killed during the attack in the town of Zvornik….The Bosnian Serb police chief, Dragan Lukac, identified the man as Nerdin Ibric.

Here comes the requisite retro-justification part of any MSM report when Serbs are targeted:

Zvornik is a town in the Bosnian Serb part of the country and it is located on the border with Serbia. Before the 1992-95 war, about 60 percent of the town’s population was Muslim Bosnians. Almost all were expelled and many were killed during the war as part of a Serb campaign to create a purely Serb area.

(Notice also the requisite omission of the population-trades that all three sides engaged in, called “ethnic cleansing” only when the Serb side did it. Nor is the reader given to understand that “many were killed” as fighters, not in civilian-massacres, as it’s made to sound, or that the Serb ambition wasn’t to create pure areas but to prevent war. Ethnic purity was a result of the war that the Serbs’ enemies and Washington, Bonn, and Vatican so wanted.)

Serbs managed to control half of Bosnia by the time the U.S. brokered a peace agreement in 1995 under which each warring party could keep their conquered territory. This is how the country ended up divided into two fairly autonomous regions — one for the Serbs, the other shared by Muslim Bosniaks and Croats. The two have their own governments, but are linked by a central government based in Sarajevo.

After the war, only a few thousand Muslims returned to the Serb area of Zvornik.

How many Serbs returned to this or that area of Muslim-won ground, we’re not told. But here’s just one random, May 2010 example of what happens when they do:

Bosnian Muslim high school students in the city of Maglaj went out on the streets to intimidate ethnic Serb returnees….parad[ing] with traditionally green Islamic flags and shouting anti-Serbian slogans….Bosnian Muslim police did nothing to enhance security. One of the Serb returnees, Vjekoslav Lazic, said that…life of ethnic Serbs is under threat. “We asked the authorities in the Serb Republic to help us so that we can collectively leave”….During Easter, Muslims in Maglaj invited local Serbian Orthodox priests to convert to Islam…Additional “invitations” were nailed to the doors of houses owned….Christian clergy approached the chief Maglaj imam to intervene but Imam Izudin Kruska told them that the problems…have not been organized by the Islamic Community of Maglaj. Dzevad Galijasevic, himself a former Mayor of Maglaj, says that Islamic extremism is on the rise in the city. Galijasevic, who is a member of anti-terrorism task force for the Balkans, warned that Maglaj Muslims are being systematically radicalized.

And a 2007 item:

70 villages in Bosnia, home to 15,000 Serb returnees, have reportedly been without electricity for several years. Media in the Republic of Srpska reported that…local Bosnian Muslim and Croat municipal authorities “deliberately bypassed Serb villages when it came to restoration of infrastructure destroyed during the 1990s war.” The period between 1992 and 1995 saw the expulsion of the Serb population from more than three hundred major settlements that now belong to the Muslim-Croat federation.

And have you seen Sarajevo lately? (Bosnia: Muslims dominate capital, claims Croatian MP — The Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, once a symbol of ethnic diversity, has become an entirely Muslim city, a Croat deputy in the Bosnian Parliament, Branko Zrno, said…Serbs and Croats in Sarajevo have no institutional protection, and continue to leave the capital…Serbs claim that in the city of 400,000 only 7,000 Serbs have remained, compared to 160,000 before the 1992-1995 civil war…Muslim President of the Bosnian Helsinki committee for human rights, Srdjan Dizdarevic, said in a recent interview that Sarajevo had become a “monoethnic” city… “Ethnic cleansing in this city has, unfortunately, been successfully completed. If the will exists to reconstruct Bosnia on multiethnic principles, one should start with Sarajevo,” he concluded. But as ethnic tensions deepened, the Muslim chairman of a three-man rotating state presidency, Haris Silajdzic, on Wednesday launched a fresh attack on the Serb entity. Silajdzic repeated earlier claims that the Serb entity is a “symbol of genocide” allegedly perpetrated by its first president, Radovan Karadzic… “The international community is obliged to remove consequences of the genocide,” Silajdzic added, referring to the Serb entity. […])

Back to the AP article about the shooting:

…The Bosnian Serb government will hold an overnight emergency session and the regional president, Milorad Dodik, told Bosnian Serb TV he believes the attacker was instructed by someone else even though he acted alone.

Lukac, the police chief, called on citizens to help police.

“We will fight against them and we will never forgive them, but police can’t do it alone. We need the citizens to help,” Lukac said, without specifying who he meant by “them.”

[Whom do you want him to mean?]

The imam of the Zvornik mosque, Mustafa Muharemovic, condemned the attack.

Of course he did. It also doesn’t hurt that minorities such as he have it good in the Serb part of Bosnia.

A weekend report from the Serb Republic News Agency:


GRADISKA, May 1 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik said today in Gradiska that even though the ambassadors in BiH are turning a “blind eye” this cannot change and dispute the fact that Republika Srpska institutions were attacked in a terrorist attack in Zvornk.

“The police officer was wearing a uniform [with] insignia of Republika Srpska. There was not a single insignia of BiH [Bosnia-Herzegovina] there. When you [certain ambassadors] try to express your condolence to Bakir Izetbegovic [BiH president and son of the late fundamentalist wartime president Alija Izetbegovic] who is hesitating to take a political action to fight politically-motivated Islam and radical Islam, this speaks how much you want to distort facts in BiH,” Dodik told reporters in Gradiska.

[Politically-motivated and radical Islam. Perhaps that answers the AP reporter’s question above, as to whom police chief Lukac might have been referring to?]

Dodik said that the facts are that Republika Srpska was attacked, that a Republika Srpska police station was attacked and that a police officer, a Serb from Republika Srpska, was killed.

“I still very clearly say that a huge majority of Bosniaks are peaceful people, that we want peace and coexistence with them, but we also want an energetic fight against all those who bring violence, regardless of their motives,” Dodik said… “Everything is politics for them [foreign ambassadors distorting the target]. Of course, they have never dropped [the idea] to degrade and abolish Republika Srpska in a peaceful way, but also to strengthen BiH…” He said that this is a twisted approach by a segment of the IC [international community]….

“Republika Srpska police force does not exist in the FBiH [the Muslim-Croat Federation], in Brcko District, or in joint BiH institutions; it is a body of Republika Srpska, a body that was established by Republika Srpska laws and constitution which also represents a right that was given us by the Dayton Peace Agreement,” Dodik has concluded.

Two more AP reports follow. Watch how the whole thing morphs into a contemplation on supposed Serb bellicosity:

Police station attack in Bosnia reignites ethnic tensions

The killing of a policeman by a Muslim gunman prompted Bosnian Serb leaders on Tuesday to renew calls for independence from the federation forged in a U.S.-brokered peace deal in 1995. That’s dangerous talk in the Balkans, whose economically depressed states are rife with ethnic rivalries and border disputes that could explode at any moment.

The attack came only a week after a group of 40 masked gunmen forcibly took over a police station in a Macedonian border village, calling themselves members of the Kosovo Liberation Army that fought for independence from Serbia in the late 1990s. The attackers declare they were forming an independent state in Macedonia, another former member of Yugoslavia. [More on that to come.]

In the wake of Monday’s attack, the Bosnian Serb leader, who has been pushing for independence for the Serb region of Bosnia, said the country’s central institutions are “useless” and Bosnian Serbs should form their own intelligence service.

“This was a shot against Republika Srpska (the Bosnian Serb mini-state) and we have the right to defend ourselves and we will,” Milorad Dodik said.

A similar call was made by the Bosnian Serbs in 1992, which triggered their armed rebellion against Bosnia’s referendum for independence and in favor of forming a pan-Serbian state in the Balkans. [Whereas the rest of us would have no problem living under an Islamic regime.]

Bosnia has a national army, consisting of all three ethnic groups under a single command. But it has two separate police forces, one for the Bosniaks and Croats, and the other for Bosnian Serbs. Both forces are coordinated by the Ministry of Security.

In theory, Dodik could mobilize his own force, drawing from his region’s police officers and other fighters who might support the idea of secession from Bosnia. But that would be a serious violation of the Dayton agreement.

Emir Suljagic, from the Bosnian Democratic Front Party, said, “those who are trying to cynically use this event for gaining political points should be cautious and learn from the lessons of the past when major violence started with big words.”

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic struck a more conciliatory stand on Tuesday, saying Bosnia’s stability has to be preserved and that Serbian and Bosnian security services must cooperate “in order to prevent provocations like this in the future.”

“Risks of similar attacks are high in our region, most of all from the radical Islamist movement,” he said.

On Tuesday, Bosnian police arrested two men with suspected links to the gunman in Zvornik.

New details begun [sic] to emerge about the gunman, identified as 24-year-old Nerdin Ibric, with residents from his village saying his father was taken away by Serbs in 1992 at the start of Bosnia’s brutal multi-ethnic war and never seen again. Local media reported that Serb police rounded up the father along with 750 Muslims from the town and killed them all.

Considering that killings on such a mass scale have yet to be demonstrated as real even for Srebrenica, this is to be taken with a grain of salt. But what one can take away from the detail of the father being led away, if that’s true, is the same lesson as that of the 2007 Trolley Square massacre in Salt Lake City: Like father, like son. A Bosnian “defender” breeds a jihadi offspring. And yet we’re supposed to believe that the Serbs weren’t dealing with anything related to jihad.

One of the suspects taken into custody on Tuesday is known to police and has been questioned in the past for possible Syria ties and recruitment efforts for the Islamic State group, Bosnian Serb police chief Dragan Lukac said.

Bosnian security analyst Goran Kovacevic said, “This country is living in an atmosphere of war. All the people now in power emerged during the war,” he said. “Even 20 years later, they base their politics on war rhetoric and spread fear.”

The final AP article, from Thursday:

Bosnian Authorities Identify Police Station Attack Suspects (Apr. 30)

Bosnian authorities on Thursday identified two suspects arrested in connection with a fatal attack on a police station, including one already under investigation for allegedly helping to recruit fighters for the Islamic State group.

Prosecutors identified the two suspects as 24-year-old Avdulah Hasanovic, and 40-year-old Kasim Mehidic. The men were arrested on Tuesday.

Hasanovic was detained last year in a sweep against Islamic extremists who allegedly recruited people to fight for IS in Syria. He was later released, but his passport has been confiscated and he has had to regularly report to authorities. The group’s leader is on trial.

Radical Muslims were non-existent before the 1992-95 war in the Balkans when foreign mujahedeen arrived in Bosnia to help the Muslim Bosniaks fight against Serbs and Croats. Most of them left after the war but had managed to spread their ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam among a few thousand locals, who stand out amid the majority moderate and secular Bosnian Muslims. [Ah, I almost thought they’d forgotten to include that mantra.]

Bosnian Serb police chief Dragan Lukac said the investigation so far shows the gunman Nerdin Ibric was connected to such extremists.

Experts say some 200 Bosnians are fighting in Syria. IS recruiters mostly target young, jobless men with no hope for a better future in a country with an unemployment rate of more than 40 percent. The 24-year-old gunman fit this profile and was the son of a man who was killed during the war when Serb police from Zvornik rounded up over 700 Muslim men from the once predominantly Muslim town and executed them as part of a campaign to create a pure Serbian area.

Bosnia’s Islamic Community condemned the attack and said the perpetrator’s background is no excuse for committing such a crime.

That’s refreshing. Now if only the MSM could figure it out.

Culpable fiends forever trying to cover their bloody Balkans footprints predictably leapt at mass killer Anders Breivik’s “Serbian connection” that was predictably played up in news reports. (Still waiting for Timothy McVeigh’s Iraqi and al Qaeda connections to be “unearthed” and played down.) Breivik’s Serbian connection consisted not only of his having had internet contact with “cultural conservative” Serbs and having been set off in 1999 by NATO’s orgiastic bombing of civilians in furtherance of Albanian territorial ambitions, but of the fact that among the like-minded extremists from England, France, Germany, Holland, Greece, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Norway and U.S. who were part of Breivik’s group, one had been a Serb in Liberia.

The day that the news broke I got the following two emails:

name = Besi
email =
comments = How do you feel that your propaganda and the “serbiana” propoganda inspired the Oslo murders.

name = Anders Behring Breivik
email =
comments = Dumb bitch, you and your sick ilk killed 90 innocent people in Norway. I’m calling the FBI today

That’s one call the FBI would have had an easy time fielding that day and filing into the crackpot folder. But let me see if I have this straight, given that some more “respectable” crackpots weighed in, breathlessly pouncing on the rare morsel that could help their perpetual pursuit of retroactively justifying the West’s war against…Serbs (and of justifying the organized crime and jihad nest that our interventions on behalf of Bosnians and Albanians have turned the Balkans into):

Twenty years into our walloping of the Serbs, an indirect “connection” is managed to be assembled between an attack in Norway and a Serb.

Never mind that an Albanian was “connected” to the Frankfurt shooting of five American servicemen earlier this year — by actually being the shooter — killing two, wounding another, and partially blinding a fourth. (He “may have” been set off by “Islamism,” according to more-candid-than-usual authorities; an update on him popped up just weeks before the Norway massacre: “An immigrant from Kosovo was formally charged Thursday in Germany with the murder of two U.S. Air Force men at Frankfurt Airport.” There have been further updates this week.)

And just never mind the Bosnian connection to the Trolley Square shooting of nine Americans in Salt Lake City for Valentine’s 2007 — the “connection” being that the shooter was a Bosnian Muslim. Never mind the direct Albanian “connection” to the self-described “militant extremist” who was arrested in Maryland just days before his co-Kosovar opened fire in Frankfurt; he was angry at U.S. military involvement in Kosovo, was trained by Bosnian-Muslims (another Bosnian connection there), and also hoped to target Jews.

Just forget about the two Albanian brothers in Sweden who tried to burn down Muhammad artist Lars Vilks’ home. Certainly don’t busy yourself thinking about the Albanian connection to the London and Madrid attacks or the Bosnian connection to both.

Don’t start asking what investigators were doing in Bosnia and Kosovo in the wake of the 7/7 Tube bombings, or what took U.S. investigators to Albania, out of which bin Laden was operating in 1998, and to Bosnia after 9/11. On which subject, never mind any Bosnian officialslinks to 9/11 or the Bosnia leg of the preparations for it. Ignore 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s connection to Bosnia (he was gifted citizenship), where he and Mohamed Atta lived prior to 9/11. (And where Hamas trained, incidentally.) Don’t try to deduce what it is about Bosnia which, according to the 9/11 Commission and others, globalized al Qaeda and which causes it to appear on almost every international report about terrorist threats.

Who cares why in October 2001 U.S. troops found, in a Kabul mansion hideout, Oklahoma City-style bomb instructions written by a Bosnian al Qaeda soldier. Or why at least one Bosnian passport was found in a Kabul house that had been used by fleeing Taliban. Shrug at why Bosnia is a thriving market for DVDs of American troops being killed in Iraq or why, according to Bosnian TV, “US Army members are threatened by local jihadists.” Ignore that Aussie al Qaeda terrorist David Hicks trained and fought with the KLA, and just never mind the Albanian “connection” to the Albanian terrorist whom the British bank NatWest gave a 100% mortgage to for a home he turned into a bomb factory (”I love to see Jews and Americans killed.”) Or the Albanian “connection” to the Brooklyn Albanian who was arrested in Kosovo in 2009 (after his Bosniak would-be accomplice turned him in), for trying to travel to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans to fight against U.S. armed forces and to attack NATO troops in Kosovo. (An update on him just two weeks before the Norway massacre: Misunderstander of Islam convicted of trying to join jihad group and kill U.S. troops: “Betim Kaziu faces life in prison for the jihadi adventure that took him to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and finally Kosovo.”)

Never mind the Bosnian connection to five of the 9/11 hijackers who had either trained or fought in Bosnia, or the Bosnia-hatched and Serb-disrupted plot to attack world leaders at the pope’s funeral in 2005. Never mind the Bosnian and two Albanians of the North Carolina Eight who were targeting a Marine base and countries including Israel, and just never mind that four of the six Ft. Dix plotters/facilitators were Albanian. Never mind the very direct Bosnian connection to a Georgia man convicted in 2009 of aiding terror groups, or the Bosnian arrested last year for his role in the plan to bomb NYC commuters. Never mind the Bosnian “connection” to an international Bosnia-based terror plot thwarted in 2008. Don’t ask how a program to recruit and train Muslims to kill Serbs in Bosnia could morph into a plan to blow up New York’s Lincoln and Holland tunnels and the UN and FBI buildings, “embroiling U.S. military veterans in a jihadist circle with links to al-Qaeda and to a stunningly ambitious homegrown plot to kill thousands of innocent victims in New York City.”

And why take it from a former al Qaeda officer that Bosnian Muslims “play a significant role” in al Qaeda cells? Don’t listen when he talks about how official Bosnia was giving out passports like candy during the war it started (including to bin Laden, enabling him to travel to other countries and organize 9/11 and other attacks), and advising the mujahideen to marry Bosnian women so they could stay after the war. (See the documentary “Sarajevo Ricochet” below.)

Never mind the Bosnian Muslim who made an apparent dry run into the U.S. embassy in Vienna in 2007, or the Bosnian Muslims arrested for plans to blow up Catholic churches and internationals in Bosnia (a suicide bomb belt was found along with guns and 20 kg of explosives), or the ones caught targeting European embassies to protest the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Don’t trouble yourself about the Kosovo connection to the missile fired at the U.S. embassy in Athens in 2007, or the foiled plots against Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, one disrupted by a polygraph administered to an Albanian terrorist and another with its nexus in Serbia’s Bosniak-inhabited Sandzak region.

Pay no attention to Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung pointing out that the man who was to detonate two bombs in Montenegro’s parliament in 2006 was an al Qaeda-connected Kosovo Albanian (17 other Albanians were indicted and/or convicted in connection). Don’t let that remind you of the KLA fighter whose application turned up in an al Qaeda office in Afghanistan in 2001. Block out the Albanian mafia-boss name Princ Dobrosi, who was helping one of the jihadists arrested for the 2006 Oslo synagogue attack — to plan attacks against Prague. And don’t worry about the 15 Bosnians and Albanians that Serbia charged in 2007 with a planned attack on the U.S. embassy in Belgrade — one of many collaborative efforts between Albanian and Bosnian Muslims to carve the Sandzak out of Montenegro and Serbia for Greater Islam.

And by all means, don’t look into the Hezbollah-made bomb used in the staged atrocity at the Sarajevo marketplace (like the one at the bread line), which we bombed the Serbs for. Pay no attention to the American veteran of the Bosnia war, who pled guilty to helping train fellow al Qaeda agents to carry out bombings at European tourist resorts frequented by Americans, as well as at US military bases, embassies and consular offices in Europe.

Nope, no real connections to be made anywhere there, apparently. Give the loudest play to that which the media and political establishments want to seep into the public consciousness, to keep them anchored to the Serb as villain. That way, who cares when NATO starts shooting them any day now to bring in line the last part of Kosovo resisting to live under the rule of Albanian terrorists.

And never mind that above are listed only the attacks and plots that come immediately to mind, or that every time one hears about any such attacks or arrests — for only a minute before the media blackout ensues — one is instructed to draw no conclusions about the “they’re not all like that” peoplehood the culprits hail from, even if they’re much more representative of those people than the wanted Serb in Liberia is of Serbs. Who himself is not known to have committed any terrorism so far. (A STRATFOR analysis noted, “It is interesting that [Breivik] did not contact the Serbian member of the PCCTS for assistance in making contact with Balkan arms dealers.”)

Indeed, after two decades of crying “nationalists” and “extremists” about Serbs, and warning of “Serbian terrorists,” look how excited everyone gets when we finally find a live one. One. Twenty years later. Who wasn’t behind the attack. But when it comes to Serbs, even the lesson of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” doesn’t apply. As blogger Nebojsa Malic put it in an email the day after the Norway attacks (links added):

Oh, they’ve already started bleating about the “evil Serbs” and the yellow media in Serbia are picking it up and amplifying the bleat. Thing is, [Breivik] was WRONG about what happened in Kosovo — Serbia did not try to expel the Albanians, it was Albanians who wanted to expel the Serbs…Correct me if I’m wrong but so far, despite being demonized and bombed (twice) and occupied and, frankly, mind-fucked like no one else in recent history, the Serbs have not committed ONE SINGLE ACT of terrorism, whether in self-defense or in impotent rage. Worth noting.

Malic noted it rather well in a piece titled “Oh No You Don’t” :

Furthermore, over the past two decades of vilest demonization in the Western media — worse by far than the cartoon depictions of Muslims over which there have been riots, death threats and even murders — as well as not one, but two bombing campaigns, there has not been a single Serbian terrorist attack in the West. Not one. As a result of Imperial meddling, Serb populations in today’s Croatia, large parts of Bosnia and Kosovo have become extinct, yet no Serb has ever resorted to terrorism against NATO countries. Let alone shot up a summer camp full of children.

A day after the news hit, an email arrived from retired NYC Police Lieutenant Bob Leifels, who served in Bosnia and Croatia with the International Police Task Force from 1997-1998: “Once while working in Croatia we were warned about Serbian terrorists…by Norwegians. I asked them to give me one example of a Serb terrorist attack. They just grumbled. As a matter of fact I think one of the first in the USA was by a Croat who bombed the Statue of Liberty.” (See here for that incident, and here are other examples of international Croatian terror. In 2008, Croatian terrorist Zvonko Busic — who hijacked a TWA flight in 1976 and planted a bomb at Grand Central Station that killed a NY policeman and wounded three others — was paroled and received a hero’s welcome and traditional fascist salute in Croatia. Whereupon a reader wrote, “[Bosnian-Muslim warlord Naser] Oric is set free, now Busic [not to mention Kosovo’s Agim Ceku and Ramush Haradinaj]…. But fear not, the Karadzic trial will give everyone renewed contempt for everything Serbian.”)

There certainly was a lot of talk in the ’90s about “Serbian terrorists,” including a federal investigator at the scene of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, quoted in a news magazine caption as “Yep, looks like the Serbs to me.” I can no longer find the item to recall which periodical carried the caption, but the assessment was repeated by radio legend Paul Harvey who never did give us “The Rest of the Story” on that one. The false rumor was helped by a bogus claim of responsibility by someone posing as a member of the “Serbian Liberation Front,” though there is no online record of such a group. Even then, Bosnian-Serb president Radovan Karadzic, while denying his people were behind the 1993 attack (yet another one of those cases ofSerbian propagandaproving true), warned of possible terrorism by Serbs in response to Western involvement in the Balkans, according to an AP article scanned by this Bosniak propaganda site. (Speaking of which, pay no attention to the Bosnian-Muslim connection that the 1993 WTC attack did have.)

The Serb-caused WTC terror never materialized. “Serbian terrorism” was a manufactured but ubiquitous faux concern that author Diana Johnstone mentioned in a 1999 article:

A few liberals timidly criticized the NATO bombing on the imaginary grounds that it might provoke Serbian “terrorism”. In reality, throughout the air strikes there was never the slightest hint of any propensity on the part of Serbs to take up terrorism. On the contrary, Serbs were notably shocked by the flagrant violations of the legal order constructed primarily by the very Western powers who were now violating it, and a number of Yugoslavs both in Serbia and in the Diaspora, have tried to seek legal redress.

We so wanted Serbian terrorists. Western hunger for the so-far mythical Serbian terrorist to rear its head was so effective in creating the semblance of a real threat that even as late as 2007 comedian Bill Maher and the editor at Human Events referred to the Albanian-American plotters of the foiled massacre at Ft. Dix as “Serbs…or something.” Similarly, a British paper called a Kosovo Albanian who went on a killing spree at a mall in Finland last year — a “Kosovo Serb.” More intentionally, initial reports linked the London Tube attacks to “eastern Europe” and “Serbia” (the explosives came from Kosovo, and Bosnia served as a coordinating point). It was this hunger — never satiated — that nonetheless provided almost two decades of movies and TV shows capitalizing on the tall tale of Serbian villainy, causing the legend to grow ever larger even as the Serbs’ enemies have been the ones doing all the projected attacking. (In what may be the most egregious example of this kind of projection, a 2010 French horror film has Serbs kidnapping people to steal their organs — apparently timed to be released just weeks ahead of the Council of Europe’s revelations on the very real Albanian murder-for-organs scandal currently under investigation. According to Serbia’s Press, the film had been commissioned by Bernard Kouchner, UN mission chief in Kosovo at the time of the vivisections in which he is himself implicated, at the very least for depraved indifference and obstructing discovery of the operation.)

But the “Serbian connection” to the Utoya camp attack was to be milked for all it’s worth. What could be politically safer? As a reader named Justin wrote, “Once again, the Serbs are the bogeyman in the Western news media….They are going to use it to smear anyone who supports the Serbian cause against Islamic Fundamentalists and Croatian Nazi fascists in Yugoslavia…to silence all criticism of the wars in Yugoslavia [and] to suggest that people like us are obsessed nuts when in fact we just want the facts straight…God help us all. The movement to stop Sharia law from making us all Islamic will [suffer] because of this stupid clown….”

Another one of us “radicals” who were against the ’99 NATO bombing and Kosovo separatism, Andy Wilcoxson, wrote in an email:

This Norwegian guy is no friend of the Serbs…He’s also pro-Croat. I’ve looked at his manifesto and he totally misses the boat on the Balkans. Here’s what he says in his Manifesto about Radovan Karadzic:

“[Radovan Karadzic] even went as far as offering the Muslims certain enclaves. When they refused he wanted to deport them by force. When this was made impossible by NATO he gave the order to fight the people who refused which was his sovereign right and responsibility as one of the primary leaders of Serb forces. This was never about ethnicity but about ridding the country of the genocidal hate ideology known as Islam. I do condemn any atrocities committed against Croats and vice versa but for his efforts to rid Serbia of Islam he will always be considered and remembered as an honourable Crusader and a European war hero.”

The guy is off his nut. Radovan Karadzic wasn’t trying to rid Serbia of Islam, he just didn’t want his people to be governed by Islamic fundamentalists. The only reason he likes Karadzic is because he thinks the allegations against him are true…In addition to supporting Radovan Karadzic for all the wrong reasons, his manifesto characterizes Slobodan Milosevic’s “regime” as “brutal”…he thinks the allegations against the Serbs are actually points in their favor.

In that exchange, Malic added, “He’s also dead-wrong in most of his assertions…Izetbegovic’s faction of Muslims wanted to control Bosnia, while the Serbs wanted to control a PART of it, not the entirety. The other day I argued that Breivik admired an IMAGE of the Serbs — the one created by Western propaganda. THAT is why it is fuzzy and confused.” In that argument, Malic stated (some links added):

…If Breivik saw the 1999 war in the way described above [as directed against “our Serbian brothers (who) wanted to drive Islam out by deporting the Albanian Muslims back to Albania”], he was factually wrong. While Islam is a powerful factor that has shaped and driven Albanian chauvinism for over a century (and certainly underpins the destructive rage against the Serbian Orthodox churches), the Albanian regime controlling Kosovo today systematically oppresses not only the remaining Serbs, but also the Gorani - Muslims by faith, Serbs by language - which indicates that its bigotry is ethno-cultural as well as religious.

If anything, it was NATO - and the U.S. - who saw the war in terms of helping the “good Muslims” against the evil Orthodox Serbs.

The Serbian government fought to defeat a terrorist insurgency seeking to make Kosovo part of an enlarged Albanian state. There was no plan of persecution and deportation - unless one believes the sordid German fiction called “Operation Horseshoe“. Serbia is actually the most multi-ethnic Yugoslav successor state, and home to a substantial Muslim population. These days, Belgrade is entirely too tolerant of a militant Muslim cleric who seeks to foment a rebellion in its southwestern parts [Sandzak]. To argue that Serbia sought to expel the Albanians in 1999 due to their Muslim faith is to accept NATO’s excuse for the bombing. That claim was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

In the previous email exchange, reader Svetlana added that Breivik “exhibits a typical fascist mindset, where the Serbs are accepted into his Aryan clique only by the assumed ‘virtue’ of allegedly committing a genocide over Muslims, in an alleged effort to ‘ethnically cleanse’ that part of Europe of Muslims. When it comes to Balkans, he obviously bought all the propaganda and has no idea what really went on.”

An assessment that was echoed by reader Justin in a separate exchange (internal link added):

[He is] playing on the image of Serbs as violent, racist, genocidal Nazi “ethnic cleansers” and “deporting all Muslims,” which is totally incorrect because Serbia was always a multi-ethnic Balkan republic. Many Albanians escaped north into Serbia, with a large community living in Belgrade. This clown knows NOTHING about the Balkans or Serbia or the 1990s wars. He just believes what he heard from the media and uses media attention to further himself…I bet he doesn’t know that Serbs and Muslims lived side by side or that Milosevic only wanted to crack down on Albanian separatists in Kosovo…[His depiction of the Serbs] more resembles Ante Pavelic and his Ustase group [Croatian fascists] that were ‘chosen by God’ to be the ’saviors from foreign Serbian and Jewish influences’ as part of a crusade against non-Croats to establish a pure Croatian society.

In addition to being pro-Serb as he understands it, Breivik is also pro-Israel. STRATFOR noted, “Breivik did not express any anti-Semitism in his manifesto (something he has been heavily criticized for on U.S. anti-Semitic websites).” Just the opposite, in fact. A couple of Breivik’s passages:

It will be extremely hard to cooperate with anyone who views our primary ally (the Jews/Israel) as their primary enemy. Their Jew obsession and support to Islamic regimes will severely hinder any direct cooperation. They are blinded by their Jew hate to a degree where they fail to see the imminent threat to Europe represented by Islam…

Western Journalists again and again systematically ignore serious Muslim attacks and rather focus on the Jews…So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists…

Jerusalem Post reported that Breivik also “expressed his disgust at his government’s awarding of ‘the Nobel peace prize to an Islamic terrorist [Arafat] and appeasers of Islam.’”

So now is pro-Israelism to be discredited by the Breivik massacre? Not likely. Just as the media’s attempts to taint the entire conservative outlook with Breivik’s act flopped. Equally negligible, then, are attempts to discredit those who support the Serbian side in the Balkans and who oppose the West’s violently punitive attitude toward the region’s Orthodox Slavs in favor of its Islamic and Catholic Nazi heirs. (Notice, incidentally, that while Breivik is supposed to reflect on all conservatives and pro-Serbs, every time another Muslim adds to the 18,000 Muslim terror attacks since 9/11, “it has nothing to do with” Islam.) Fortunately, as with the character assassination attempted on conservatives, the attempt on Serbs and pro-Serbs hasn’t gotten much mileage either.

But one fanatical usual suspect really, really tried, devoting almost 2,000 rhapsodic words to a pathetically transparent attempt to use the Norway massacre to reinforce and recycle all the old conclusions about Serbs and our wars against Serbia in promotion of Islam and fascism in Europe. On cue, latching onto the above-mentioned Serbian extremist in Liberia, this die-hard who is buttressed by the institutional prestige of The Weakly Standard was among the loudest proponents of bombing Christians in Europe on behalf of Muslims, which of course unleashed jihadists throughout the region along with rampant organized crime and heroin- and slave-trafficking. He was an activist for getting us into the hole — which we’re digging deeper and deeper to his applause, even while he himself raises periodic alarm bells that Balkans Islam is under threat from more radical forms. (Of course when it was mere Christians who were under threat from those Balkan Muslims, he sided with the more radical side.)

His name is Stephen Schwartz — at least, that’s the name his Jewish mother gave him. In his preemptive surrender to the latest great threat, he became Stephen Suleyman Ahmad Schwartz, leading one to guess when his mother might have killed herself. This reinvention came after a previous reinvention in homage to the previous great threat — communism — to which he bowed by becoming “Comrade Sandalio.” This is his pattern: he identifies the threat, learns its language, changes his name, converts to the religion, buys a costume and becomes a spokesman.

And so now he runs an outfit called Center for Islamic Pluralism. But as we can see, there is no pluralistic thinking to be found when the targeted infidel is Serbian:

Norwegian Demons and the Serbian Connection

The source of Breivik’s horrific act is…intoxication with Serbian propaganda…While reporters and pundits have tried to identify its inspiration in American polemics against Islam or criticism of Islamist ideology, British anti-Muslim agitation, admiration for Israel, Hindu nationalism, and other “easy” explanations, it makes much more sense to look in the direction of Belgrade. [Of course!]

…Worldwide opinion still fails to grasp the political consequences of Serbian aggression [sic] in the former Yugoslavia…Breivik, with his apocalyptic visions and schemes, his fixations on long-vanished secret societies and uniforms, and his hatred of globalism [Note: the fascists were globalist], represents the same fascist politics that emerged in Europe during the similar economic downturn of the 1930s. Its reappearance was a logical and predictable effect of the deep anxieties and increase in conspiratorial beliefs that have accompanied the current global economic difficulties. But as Breivik himself repeatedly states, the seed of this new fascism was sown by Serbia. [ “The Serbs made him do it.” ™]

Breivik’s convoluted, bloated manifesto reveals that he hates the globalization represented by the U.S. and the EU…But Serbia remains the key to Breivik’s convoluted anxieties and plotting, and Serbia followed a similar path in cohabiting with Arab nationalism after its attacks on its Muslim and Catholic neighbors in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, and Kosovo. After the Kosovo war, Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic received an invitation from the Palestinian Authority to attend an Orthodox Christmas celebration in Bethlehem; the visit could not be made because Israel threatened to arrest Milosevic as a war criminal indicted by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Serbia received military and energy assistance from the dictatorships of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Mu’ammar al-Qadhdhafi in Libya. Indeed, Serbian media defended the Libyan tyrant when the NATO powers commenced planning military intervention in earlier this year. And an Iranian delegation visited Belgrade, expressing Tehran’s support for Serbia’s refusal to recognize the independence of Kosovo, in July.

Serbia, Arab dictators, Iran. These factors have fascist ideology in common. And that explains the horror in Norway.

Actually, Serbia also received military assistance from Israel. And its presses weren’t the only ones opposing the intervention against Quadhafi on behalf of al Qaeda-connected “freedom fighters.” But shall we go into another isolated, desperate, demonized, de-legitimized state’s “dubious” deals and diplomacies when fighting for survival? Israel’s maintaining a relationship with apartheid South Africa, as well as its weapons deals with China — not to mention its little known request to accept an overture from Saddam Hussein to normalize relations during Bush I (we didn’t allow it) — don’t occur in a vacuum. Nor does the fact that Israel covertly aided Serbia during the NATO bombings. And we can certainly add to Iran a whole list of other Islamic or otherwise unholy states that support Serbia over the “Kosovars,” because they have their own restive separatists, some justified and some not. As if there is anything still holy to contrast them with in a world where America has sold its soul for Caliphate gold and an Islamic future, and where our prophesized betrayal of the Holy Land is upon us. But what fine standards we’ve set for future behavior by bad states with our uniquely criminal manipulation and circumvention of international laws and norms — all for a place that most Americans have never even heard of (Kosovo), despite having waged a recent war there. It is, however, entertaining that Schwartz compares the region’s Christians to Iran and Arab dictators instead of comparing the region’s Muslims to them, given that the latter were supplied with mujahideen, money, weapons and training against those Christians by Iran and several Arab countries. This strained, desperate comparison between Orthodox Slavs and Muslims rather than between Muslims and Muslims was attempted last year in an embarrassing piece by Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin.

Getting back to the point: After toiling through the ’90s to make Europe a more dangerous place than it needed to be, Stephen-Sandalio-Suleyman-Schwartz is one of those scoundrels most interested in covering his tracks. Notice that, unlike in the Norway massacre — where a Serbian connection can finally be wrenched — he offers no dissertations about the much more frequent and direct terrorism and criminal acts involving his beloved Albanian and Bosnian thugs. Like every last politician who filled his campaign coffers with KLA heroin money from the Albanian lobby, and like the very raison d’etre of the international tribunal at the Hague, Schwartz seeks to retroactively justify the West’s clearly unjustifiable — and increasingly questioned — actions. The typically Serb-fixated Schwartz piece above attests to his desperation.

If tenuous connections and inverted labeling of “fascists” are the order of the day, here is a less than tenuous connection: In 1991, six months before the Bosnian civil war started, the cover article of a glossy Bosnian-Muslim youth magazine named Novi VOX ( “New Voice”) was titled “The Handzar Division is Ready…The Fourth Reich is Coming; Wilkomen!” and showed a drawing of a Muslim in a Nazi SS uniform and a fez, with his boot on the blood-dripping, severed head of Karadzic, next to three other severed Serb-leaders’ heads:

The Bosnian-Muslim government apparently thought it was a good idea, and reconstituted this WWII Nazi unit to fight in the ’90s. (See “Reviving Nazism: Bosnian Muslim Government Reformed the Nazi SS Division Handzar in 1993” and “Albanians and Afghans fight for the heirs of Bosnia’s SS past.”)

No wonder Stephen Ahmad Schwartz still wants us to believe that the side fighting against fascists was the fascist one. And if one wants to seize on the Liberian-Serb “connection,” here’s another Liberian connection: Swede on trial for war crimes in Bosnia

STOCKHOLM — Proceedings opened against a Swedish national for war crimes committed when he served as a Bosnian army volunteer…In interviews on the eve of the trial, [Jackie] Arklov has admitted to many of the alleged crimes including threatening and assaulting victims when he served as a volunteer with Bosnian-Croatian forces in 1993.

Although Liberian-born — as a boy he was adopted by Swedish parents — he was part of a neo-Nazi group that [in] 1999 robbed a bank in southern Sweden, and shot two police officers who had set up a road block.

The war crimes probe was re-opened in May 2004 after one of his former victims who lives in Sweden approached authorities.

(Incidentally — like Schwartz — Sweden’s neo-Nazis also oppose the Serb cause and support Kosovo independence: “A group of 20 neo-Nazis were detained by police in Stockholm [in March 2008]. The neo-Nazis were on their way to disrupt a demonstration by 400 Serbs protesting Kosovo’s independence… ‘They were behaving badly and were armed with golf-clubs and stones,’ said police spokesperson Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs to TT.”)

And still, we must thank Schwartz for bringing up fascism. Because in his Serb-Nazi fantasy, there’s another missing link: anti-Semitism. But it’s not missing from Stephen Sandalio Suleyman Schwartz’s beloved Bosniaks. Just look at all the Serb-Bosniak contrast.

Anti-Semitism also happens to be a central feature of the Left, the international establishment, and the globalizing world — all those who point the finger at Serbia after blitzkrieging it. In contrast to the more tortured “common thread” that SS Schwartz pretends to discern in order to buttress his perpetual anti-Serb agenda, the real connection that is truly dangerous is: Nazism, jihad, and Europe (a measure of which is the very anti-Semitic Norway).

Nor should one leave out the U.S. establishment that idolizes such a Europe. (As SS Schwartz himself put it positively: “the globalization represented by the U.S. and EU.”) There’s a reason that when Joe Biden came to the Balkans in 2009, he was greeted by some in Serbia with signs calling him a fascist, or reading, “Biden, you Nazi scum, go home.” One didn’t have to be a “Serb hardliner” or “ultranationalist” to know that this is precisely what Biden — and the “new” Europe — represent. This is the case even if Biden had never called for placing the entire Serb population into concentration camps.

Indeed, the “fascist” inversion that Schwartz engages in is exactly the grand scheme of the international establishment. Rodney Atkinson — author and former British Ministerial Adviser who outlined the Fascist and Nazi foundations of the European Union — called out the inversion being made by the mainstream between itself and the conservative thinkers cited by Breivik: “What is Fascism? The Left’s (Deliberate?) Confusion”:

The totalitarian left (now very much part of the British political class) are trying to associate the lunatic Norwegian mass murderer with “the right” — which they term “fascist”. The history of Nazism and fascism tells a rather different story, where it is quite clear that it is the left which needs to hang its head in shame.

Nazism (the National Socialist German Workers Party) and Fascism are not right wing nationalist movements, although fascists and some extreme nationalists have some attitudes in common. But the right wing nationalist in France, Jean Marie Le Pen joined the resistance to French fascism and fought against the Nazis in the Second World War. The socialist Francois Mitterand on the other hand was a member of the Nazi-collaborating Vichy Government — and received an award “La Francisque” for his loyalty to the cause. Jacques Delors, that other founder of the present European Union and on the left of French politics was in the French equivalent of the Hitler Youth!

In Britain Oswald Mosley, who was at one time in the Conservative Party and became a Labour Minister was later to become the leader of the British Union of Fascists (invited by the young embryo euro-federalist Kenneth Clarke to speak at the Cambridge University Conservative Association!) The Fascist leader of Italy from 1925 to 1945, Benito Mussolini, had previously edited the newsletter of the Italian Socialist Party. “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism as it is a merging of state and corporate power,” wrote Mussolini, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” He doesn’t exactly sound like Margaret Thatcher or Norman Tebbit, does he? But he does rather sound like the Advocate General of the left’s favourite empire, the European Union: “Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and could be restrained without affecting freedom of speech”. [Opinion No. C6274/99 P issued by the Advocate-General at the European Court of Justice (The Telegraph, 18 October 2000)]

Fascism, whose principal enemies are communism and liberal democracy, is in fact of the left, the right and the centre, just as its opponents are also to be found on the left, right and centre. It is this very apolitical confusion and its ruthless desire for power and action, which makes Fascism so dangerous. Indeed, fascism appeals particularly to the so-called centre, the “third way” politicians, those who seek a half-baked mixture of left and right, of capitalism and socialism and who seek nothing more than to wield power through the State. No wonder that Tony Blair fits so well into the European fascist tradition — third way, supranationalist, eurofederalist and corporatist — sustained by the donations of big business and big unions. Having sacrificed so much British democracy on the altar of European corporatism Blair has, on retirement, obtained lucrative jobs in large supranational corporate institutions. It was of course the Liberal Lloyd George who said in 1936 that “Hitler is the greatest living German. It is a pity there are not more like him in England”.

[ “Supranationalism” is anti nation-state, Atkinson explains, “and because the large corporations which push such supranational aims to further their interests at the expense of democratic nationhood, supranationalism is the international version of corporatism and collectivism.”]

The opponents of Fascism include communism and democratic socialism and liberal conservatism — the latter promoting free trade and enterprise capitalism. Left-wing socialists (a minority in the Labour Party) share the liberal conservative support for popular sovereignty, the authority of Parliament, common law, democratic nationhood and, nearly always, Protestantism. Orthodox Christianity, with no Pope-like figure, is also based on pluralism and nation states — i.e. Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Serb Orthodox etc…

Serbs getting tagged as the Nazis becomes even richer when actual Nazi revivalists are entering the EU (Croatia), WWII Nazis are dying free men there, or being acquitted of war crimes in certified EU members such as Hungary:

Hungary Nazi war crimes suspect Sandor Kepiro acquitted (July 18)

Ex-police captain Sandor Kepiro, 97, was found not guilty of ordering the rounding up and execution of more than 30 Jews and Serbs in Serbia in 1942…Many of the dozens of people attending the court session cheered and clapped after Judge Bela Varga read out the verdict of the three-judge tribunal…More than 1,200 Jewish, Serb and Roma civilians were murdered over three days by Hungarian forces in a notorious massacre in the city of Novi Sad in 1942…[Kepiro] was convicted of involvement in the killings in Hungary in 1944 but his conviction was quashed by the fascist government…[Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Efraim Zuroff] said… “This is a joke.” Serbian chief prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said… “I was shocked at the behaviour in the court and the fact that the verdict was greeted with applause,” he said. “It was a nauseating scene.”

Serbia’s Jews undeterred by Kepiro acquittal (July 18)

“It is not unexpected from a Hungarian society which is not yet mature enough to face its past,” said Ana Frenkel of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and a leader of the Novi Sad Jewish community…The defence had insisted there was no tangible evidence that Kepiro had carried out war crimes….

The evidence went down the Danube to the Black Sea…The Hungarian army had to use dynamite to blow holes in the ice in order to drown the Jews and Serbs.” — John Peter Maher, Professor Emeritus

Acquittal of Kepiro in Novi Sad killings roils Jewish leaders (July 19)

…Applause and cheers broke out in the courtroom Monday as Judge Bela Varga announced the verdict…Kepiro also was suspected of being involved in and responsible for the death of about 30 other civilians who were executed on the banks of the Danube River in Novi Sad, shot through holes cut into the frozen river.

Kepiro had been found guilty of involvement in the massacre twice: once by the pre-Nazi Hungarian courts in 1944, and again after the war, in 1946. By then he allegedly had fled via Austria to Argentina. He returned to Budapest in 1996, where he was located by Efraim Zuroff, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office.

[Zuroff said,] “This verdict contradicts what we know about the events in Novi Sad on Jan. 23, 1942. It is an insult to the victims, an insult to the Jewish community, to the Serbian community, and it’s a very sad day for Hungary.”

Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, said in a statement that “Holocaust survivors view this verdict as a betrayal by Hungarian judicial authorities of the demands of justice and memory. Hungary has turned its back on history in failing to come to grips with its collaborationist policies with the Nazi regime during World War II.

“At a time when extremist elements compromise present day Hungarian politics, this verdict is particularly unsettling.”

Closing with a note on Hungary, member in good standing of the Nazi-founded EU. First, an email I received from a reader earlier this year, who is a senior analyst at Hicks & Associates (parent company SAIC).

I was actually going to mention the ugly things going on in Hungary. Even though Hungary sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its citizens to German racist policies, because they were Jews, theHungarian government claims to be very concerned about ethnic Hungarian populations in Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia. They have gone so far as to issue them Hungarian passports and documents.

Hungary is going to attempt to use these ethnic pretenses to reverse their territorial losses. With the Hungarian Prime Minister having successfully defended the press restrictions and other nationalistic, almost neo-fascist policies of his government, my guess is that Hungary is going to be making territorial claims at least against Serbia and Slovakia, and they are going to do it with the support of the German right-wing press — along with a lot of conservatives within the German government and military. In that case, Serbia will be facing a prospect of losing about another third — and a very valuable third at that [Vojvodina]. Serbia was granted certain territories after World War One, as reparations from the Central Powers. We have to make sure that this does not get reversed through more German, Hungarian and US propaganda. The Germans are strongly behind the Hungarian and Ukrainian demands for territorial restitution because they still have a gleam in their eye for Sudetenland, Pomerania and even East Prussia. The East Germans have slowly been building power in Germany and they want it all back. Even the aristocratic von und zu German Minister of Defence talks longingly about the extensive lands which his family once owned in Bohemia, Poland and German East Africa…

Why is it that the international media isn’t making any fuss at all about the fact that Hungary has effectively eliminated all of the short-lived freedoms of their press? … [T]here are a lot of Israelis buying up land in Hungary — in some cases it’s the same land that was taken from their grandparents. I guess a little insurance never hurts, but they are definitely getting their policies from the wrong insurer.

Another email this year in which Hungary came up, this time from a Russian-Jewish reader who moved to Hungary after 15 years in America (because his family roots are there): “I can’t say anything good about Hungary. It’s a complete mini-USSR. Though today they are all ‘businessmen’.”

As the world bows its collective head this week in shame to mark the 16th anniversary of not rescuing Muslim soldiers from the Serbs they were slaughtering, the Netherlands’ largest internet news portal, NRC, was audacious enough to challenge the official version of the sacred, unquestionable, meticulously constructed lie known as the “Srebrenica Genocide,” heralding a significant change in attitude toward the nature of the incident. As Stefan Karganovic of the Srebrenica Historical Project put it, “The expression of such heretical views would have been unthinkable in Holland [or anywhere else] a short time ago.” Herewith, the translated version:

Srebrenica: new insights By Rene Gremaux

…Hans Blom (June 1, continued [from] his interview with De Volkskrant of May 28) correctly argues that the Bosnian Serb entry was not planned well in advance, and even less so the mass executions. According to [Blom,] the former head of the NIOD [Netherlands Institute for War Documentation] investigation into the July 1995 Srebrenica events, Mladić was enraged about the surreptitious departure of the majority of Muslim men from the enclave. His objective was to take prisoners of war. The shooting of the captured Muslims of fighting age was an unintended consequence, according to Blom. What started spontaneously in unexpected circumstances, was then systematically continued and completed. That is the core of the professor’s argument.

Thе fact that this historian dared to offer an analytical framework to explain the cruelties of the Bosnian war, which was contrary to the moralistic Dutch image on Srebrenica, reflects some progress on that issue. Yet his comments on the [role] of Mladić’s anger are not convincing. This requires a review of the context in which Srebrenica occurred, which I will now try to sketch on the basis of results of my own investigations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

In the hot summer of 1995 the untenability of Srebrenica and other enclaves painfully came to light. Earlier, the Muslim government in Sarajevo refused to alleviate the plight of tens of thousands of refugees in Srebrenica by [dis]allowing their evacuation to Central Bosnia. As evidenced by his contribution to the NRC last June 7, Joris Voorhoeve, Minister of Defence at the time, was originally in favor of this solution. In Sarajevo, however, his initiative was flatly refused, [ostensibly] because this would imply cooperation with ethnic cleansing. What the outside world preferred to misperceive as a humanitarian issue, for the Republika Srpska was a very serious military and strategic question. Repeatedly, the Srebrenica enclave, which was demilitarized in name only, was used by the Islamists inside it, sometimes reinforced by civilian men and women, as a base for provocative and murderous military assaults on the surrounding Serb villages. To combat and prevent the joining of Srebrenica and the neighbouring southern enclave of Žepa with the rest of the Muslim-dominated areas, many Bosnian Serb forces were tied down, while their army along the main front lines was facing the full burden of conducting the war hampered by a great shortage of military personnel.

Given the situation as outlined above, the Bosnian Serb leadership were keen to find a solution. Great was the surprise when in the second week of July 1995 Srebrenica was captured by a relatively small, not very heavily armed force, which was actually operating only on the south side of the enclave. What actually happened? The leadership of the 28th Division in Srebrenica-based Muslim army was ordered back to Sarajevo.

Thus the protection of tens of thousands of Muslims in the enclave in fact was largely left to the small and weak Dutch battalion. Apparently the political and military leadership of Bosnian Muslims were not really afraid of Serbian revenge and arbitrariness, let alone of the implementation of any genocidal plan.

Or could it be that they were left behind deliberately to be sacrificed for a “higher” purpose? [It turned out to be the latter, with the disappearance of the battalion helping create the impression that the Serbs were attacking an unarmed “safe zone.”]

Shortly before July 11th the vast majority of the male Muslim population of fighting age, led by active military, took to flight, refusing to assemble in the Dutch base in Potočari. Firstly, there was fear of being called to account for atrocities committed against Serb prisoners of war and civilians. At the same time, the main Muslim army did not want to lose men unnecessarily as prisoners of war. Everyone was desperately needed for the combat that was going on elsewhere. After a long, terrible trek barely half of perhaps 15,000 in Srebrenica men and older boys who left managed to reach Muslim-controlled territory, mostly around Tuzla.

But what happened to the rest, who did not reach safety, one could ask? The Dutch media invariably point to mass executions as their only cause of death. According to Mr. Blom[,] the alleged Serbian murderousness following the fall of Srebrenica is explained by Mladić’s intense anger about the military age men’s escape. Yet there is much that is inconsistent in the image of Mladić as a man of great wrath who wanted to put all Muslim men to the sword. The head of the hospital located in Milići [extended] medical care to wounded Muslims from Srebrenica. I spoke with him and found out that after recovering many patients later expressed their gratitude. In Tuzla I was told by young Muslim men from Srebrenica who actually had fallen into the Serbs’ hands as prisoners of war, that they were treated correctly. When Mladić shortly after the capture of Srebrenica went on to Žepa, he refused to take with him men who had reason for revenge. The Serbian takeover of the nearby small Muslim enclave went with little or no bloodshed. For an explanation of the terrible crimes committed in the aftermath of the takeover of the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica, we should consider something else besides the possible criminal intent of Mladić and his men. For instance, not infrequently, small numbers of Serb guards were put in charge of hundreds of Muslim men who had surrendered. In at least in one such case a Muslim from the crowd of prisoners managed to kill a guard, after which all hell broke loose.

It is obvious that Srebrenica fell when the Western powers were looking for a pretext to enter the conflict on the side of the Bosnian Muslims, as well as the Croats, which would enable them to give their protégés massive and open military assistance. It is unlikely that Mladić would in such circumstances knowingly hand his opponents a casus belli on a silver platter. There was simply no chance that crimes of the scope as alleged could be effectively concealed. It soon turned out that for Mladić Srebrenica was a Pyrrhic victory and actually became the long-sought stick with which to beat the Serbs. Soon, with NATO air support elsewhere in Bosnia-Herzegovina Muslims and Croats were on the march. All the more reason to investigate in greater detail evidence of the involvement of intelligence services in the Srebrenica massacre. Several witnesses refer to the fact that the shadowy figures involved in death squad killings were rewarded with gold or money. If that is true, then neither the bloodlust and the desire for revenge attributed to the Serbs, nor the alleged fury of their commander, can serve as a sufficient explanation for these events.

That last part is a reference to the mostly false testimony of the Hague prosecution’s “crown witness” Drazen Erdemovic, a Croatian mercenary who confessed to committing executions of Srebrenica Muslims and named half a dozen other individuals who had been members of his multi-ethnic mercenary group called “Pauk,” all paid to execute Muslims — though Erdemovic “forgets” by whom. In 2000, the Milosevic government arrested several Pauk members and charged them with war crimes for killing Muslim POWs, but when the Western-backed opposition took over, they were released. Leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, testified in 2005 that the mercenary executioners were acting on orders from French intelligence. The fact that today Pauk members’ whereabouts are known to Western governments, that they obtain passports without hindrance and travel freely, serving in other conflict theaters including as part of the French Foreign Legion — and that the Hague has never sought to prosecute any of them despite the testimony of its star witness — makes the assertion hard to dismiss. While such a Western frame-up of the Serbs for “genocide” in Srebrenica could account for the bulk of executions (though nowhere near 8,000), it is not to the exclusion of individual acts of revenge, which despite the Serb military issuing strict orders to soldiers to behave in line with international law in their treatment of civilians and POWs — as even Erdemovic testified. One example is given on a news site in the context of a 1997 interview that Radovan Karadzic gave to the newspaper Vecernje Novosti:

No one is denying that there were individual crimes on the Serb side. Nonetheless, no one can credibly claim that these crimes were a result of the Serb leadership’s policy.

Here is an example. While investigating what really took place in Srebrenica, surrounded by the media fog in which lies, mythomania, and truths met each other, I interviewed a number of direct participants in the events [in Srebrenica]. The testimony by M.R., member of the Republic of Srpska Army who participated in the capture of Srebrenica is typical for most of them.

“They woke us up around midnight. They said, get up, get in truck, straight to Srebrenica. ‘What are we going to do there?’, I asked. The commander responded ‘you’ll see when we get there’.

“When we arrived, Srebrenica had already fallen, and thousands of [M]uslim prisoners were there. I was ordered to escort a bus full of [M]uslim prisoners. There was a full bus of them and I was alone…Then, I spotted two guys from my village (gives the name of the village). They were in the group which burned down my house, raped my sister, and killed my mother. I took them out of the bus and killed them right there, those Turkish motherfuckers…”

Most of the prisoners in Srebrenica, soldiers from the Eight Operative Group, took part in the [M]uslim devastation and slaughter in east Bosnia in 1992 and later. The commander of the Operative Group was the war criminal Naser Oric who had been promoted to a brigadier and decorated by Izetbegovic with the highest decoration in the muslim Army “Golden Lilly”.

“Our soldiers were never decorated for crimes. We do not decorate our criminals. We try them,” said Karadzic.

The preceding lays the foundation for much of what is in the 2010 film “Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed,” which follows interviews and revelations by Bosnian-Muslim investigative journalist Mirsad Fazlic, who doesn’t appreciate the fictitious, black-and-white version of the Bosnian war that is perpetuated by the international community and by Bosnian officialdom, which still honors wartime president Alija Izetbegovic as a national hero when Fazlic and others know he was the opposite. The film really begins only at the four-minute mark, and its main shortcoming is the ubiquitous, stubborn marriage to the notion that the number “7-8,000 killed” is anything other than a concoction that the world has been working backwards for 16 years to make seem real.

Among numerous of the film’s jaw-dropping revelations — including the fact that the humanitarian convoys which the Serbs were allowing to pass to Srebrenica were being intercepted by Bosnian “hero” Naser Oric and sold on the black market (and including Srebrenica police chief Hakija Mehovic describing the meeting at which the Bosnian leadership floated a proposal by Bill Clinton that 5,000 Srebrenica residents be sacrificed) — are the following:

1. “Mladic had four tanks and 400 men. In reserve he also had 1600 armed locals. But Mladic didn’t trust them since they lacked discipline and would use every opportunity to revenge [Srebrenica warlord] Oric’s attacks on the villages. The Serbs were outgunned by NATO’s fighter aircraft, 450 Dutch peacekeepers and Oric’s 5,500 soldiers.” (The first fact is important as a contradistinction to the Mladic that has been presented to the public, and there is more in the film in that regard. The latter factoids are important to illustrate that Srebrenica was set up for the Serbs to overpower, with the Muslim side “winning by losing,” as Nebojsa Malic calls it.)

2. In reference to the 50 Serbian villages that were being attacked by the Muslims of Srebrenica: “Especially disturbing was a religious dimension to the killings. Men were castrated in an anti-Christian gesture of circumcision. Pregnant women were disemboweled with cuts in the form of a cross. Some people were crucified, nails driven through their hands.”

3. “In April 1993 military chiefs from both sides — General Sefer Halilovic and General Ratko Mladic — signed a UN plan for Srebrenica and the other cities to become demilitarized zones. The Muslims promised on their side to stop the aggression against the Serbs around the enclaves and against the 15,000 Serbs still living in the capital Sarajevo.” (The Muslim side naturally didn’t hold to their end of the bargain, but what makes the excerpt exceptional is the word “aggression” for once attributed to the correct side of the Bosnian war.)

4. “Islam will win, since Bosnia is an Islamic country.” (Graffiti on the walls of a destroyed building in Kravica, where on January 7, 1993 — Orthodox Christmas — Muslims destroyed the town, killing 49 men, women, and children.)

On the point of crosses being cut into Serb women’s skin, a reader recently brought my attention to the following Bosnian incidents:

I found interesting your choice of words – “Roasting Mladic” – because Dr. Zoran Stankovic had examined the charred bodies of Bosnian Serbs roasted on spits with their limbs cut off, which Bosnian Muslim soldiers jokingly termed “Bosansko Jagnje” (Bosnian Lamb).

That July 7, 2005 article [linked above, in Serbian] also mentions a boy Dr. Stankovic also examined, whom he just names Stojanovic, who left his fleeing family and returned to his home in Zvornik to look for his dog. He was later discovered with his chest ripped open in the shape of a cross.

In newer articles we see that he was an 11 year old Slobodan Stojanovic. The murderer was also revealed not to be a Bosnian Muslim soldier, but in fact Elfeta Veseli (AKA Hosovka), a 45 year old ethnic Albanian woman from the neighboring town of Vlasenica. Born in Urosevac, Kosovo & Metohija, she is the daughter of Rahman, a forester. Elfeta was recently tracked down living freely in Switzerland with her brother Muhamed Veseli. Bosnian authorities have made no request for her arrest and extradition.

Back to Srebrenica. If one can’t spare an hour to watch “A Town Betrayed,” below is a seven-minute primer on the subject matter:

In the clip above, look for the sentence by the apparently confused narrator: “Oddly enough, the Serbs cooperated.” One encounters these sorts of surprised musings about Serb reasonableness quite often, since the starting premise of the journalistic and political classes are wrong. Consistently throughout the Balkan wars, the Bosnian Serbs, like Serbian Serbs, were the side that wanted solutions and peace, including supporting every initiative to terminate hostilities in Bosnia (e.g. the “Town Betrayed” film mentions the Owen-Stoltenberg plan of 1993 which was rejected by Clinton, making the Muslims believe they could get more land in a better deal — as was the case when they rejected the 1992 Lisbon plan that would have stopped the war almost before it started.) Indeed, the book To End a War by the late professional Serb-loather Richard Holbrooke demonstrates this fact vividly as he spits venom, accusations, and condemnations at Milosevic even as he describes rather contradictory behavior, with Milosevic jumping through hoops for us and the Muslims. An example from the clip:

The Bosnian Parliament met in a hotel in Sarajevo to discuss the division of Bosnia. The session was used as a chance to invite a delegation from Srebrenica and tell them about the proposal to give up the Muslim enclaves in exchange for a free Sarajevo. Nine prominent Muslims from Srebrenica were invited to Sarajevo including Chief of Police [Hakija] Mehovic, Suljo Hasanovic and commander Naser Oric. They must fly over hostile territory. Mehovic is scared. “Initially the plan was to land in Han-Pijesak or Romanija for inspection. We refused, and then the Serbs let us straight through.”

[Oric didn’t come. No one knows why. Perhaps he thought it was a Serbian trick, because “that year, his Srebrenica fighters had killed many Serbian civilians.”] Others say it was because he already knew about the proposal.

[Chief of Police Mehovic:] “Alija told us about Clinton’s proposal. Chetniks [Serbs] would occupy Srebrenica and kill off 5,000 Muslims. A military intervention would follow. What did we think of that? We rejected this proposal. We thought it was outrageous to murder 5,000 people.”

The idea of an American president proposing that Serbian troops attack Srebrenica and carry out a massacre to justify a military intervention seemed utterly ludicrous. But the UN investigation shows Hakija’s words are not unfounded. UN report: “Some surviving members of the Srebrenica delegation have stated that President Izetbegovic also told them that he had learned that a NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible, but could only occur if the Serbs were to break into Srebrenica, killing at least 5,000 of its people.”

President Izetbegovic denied having made any such remark. He did admit he asked for an opinion on the land exchange.

Next is a short and shocking video clip titled “Hiding Genocide; Before the Srebrenica Massacre: Jihad In the Balkans

And in the video below, part of the documentary film “The Avoidable War,” the speakers aren’t named in the segment. In order of appearance, they are:

1. Nik Gowing, an anchor and foreign affairs expert at Britain’s Independent Television News (ironically the network responsible for the skinny-Bosniak-man picture that fooled the world)
2. James Jatras, at the time an analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee
3. George Kenney, former desk officer at the State Dept.
4. Colonel David Hackworth, Army veteran and at the time Newsweek’s military correspondent (later becoming a Fox News military analyst who in 1999 told Albanian propagandist Joe DioGuardi that his war wasn’t worth a single American life and that he would drive his son to Canada if he were to be called up for it.)
5. Susan Woodward, at the time working for the Brookings Institution in Washington (and making few friends in D.C. thanks to her dissenting view on the Balkan wars)
6. Ted Galen Carpenter, of the Cato Institute
7. Haris Silajdzic (appearing in a news clip), Bosnian wartime foreign minister and serving as President Izetbegovic’s chief propagandist
8. Alexandra Stiglmayer, then a journalist and later hired by the Office of the UN High Representative in Bosnia (After writing an article for Newsweek about rape in Bosnia, here she answers the question, “Do you believe the numbers [30-50,000 women raped] are credible?” with the following: “They seem very high to me, and I don’t believe the sources because as I’ve investigated, they always go back to one government or another.” As the film exposes, “The European Community Commission, which estimated that 20,000 had been raped, dropped this claim from its final reports. After an exhaustive investigation, the UN concluded that 2,400 rapes had been committed by all three sides in the Bosnian conflict.”)
9. John Peter Maher, linguistics professor emeritus, Fulbright lecturer and formerly of the US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps


This part of the film opens with British ambassador Lord David Owen, who recalls asking French UN General Philippe Morillon why he didn’t make public the UN report warning that the Bosnian government was behind staged attacks such as the Markale bombings, which were being blamed on the Serbs and getting the latter bombed by NATO. To which Morillon replied, “We have to live here.” Indeed, there had been three attempts on Morillon’s life by Muslim forces. In his book The Fall of Yugoslavia, BBC reporter Misha Glenny observed that the majority of UN and relief workers who had died in the conflict were victims of Muslim units. “The Bosnian government was quick to understand that most of the world viewed them as innocent victims. Throughout the war, they used this perception to undertake offensive actions and then portray themselves as victims.”

There is also a clip of recently departed former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger on TV saying that “Muslims are being killed in Bosnia-Hercegovina and this government has tried to demonstrate to the Moslem world we care about that, and want to try to do something about it.”

The last speaker introduced is Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie.

Finally, below is a clip from the film “Sarajevo Ricochet,” which came to my attention upon the release by INTELWIRE of declassified State Dept. cables in late November. INTELWIRE is run by J.M. Berger, author of the new book Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam. First came the following alert:

Previously Classified Documents On Srebrenica Massacre And More

If you support government transparency, but don’t support the indiscriminate release of classified information, forget Wikileaks and check out the documents below.

The PDF binder linked [here] contains 2,000 pages of previously classified State Department documents on the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica…The cables also describe…the alleged killing of a U.N. peacekeeper by a Bosnian soldier around the time of the attack. [”When the battles for Srebrenica began, one of our thugs, probably on order, killed a soldier from the Dutch battalion. This helped dissolve the entire system of Dutch responsibility.” — wartime Bosnian MP Ibran Mustafic, “Planned Chaos“] …

Then came the “Sarajevo Ricochet” alert:

Declassified Cable From INTELWIRE Expands Wikileaks Revelation Of Iranian Arms Smuggling

It’s only a 13-minute video (full version here), but to transcribe the most salient parts:

…UN peace negotiator in Bosnia Thorvald Stoltenberg witnessed the arms smuggling and claims the United States directly supplied the Bosnians. “We saw Iranian planes and American planes coming in with arms and military equipment…I saw it myself, the planes.”

Every American official interviewed by Berger denies that the United States directly provided weapons to the Bosnians, but most admitted that all other arms suppliers were welcome.

…By 1995 some 2000 jihadists had traveled to Bosnia according to the research of Esad Hasimovich. Soon, the jihadists also started to kidnap and kill soldiers and civilians serving in the UN peacekeeping mission to Bosnia. They created gruesome propaganda videos executing prisoners of war….

[Ambassador Peter Galbraith: ‘Mujahedeen atrocities weren’t a big issue.’]

But Esad’s investigation shows that mujahedeen war crimes rose to new levels in Bosnia during the last year of the war. Serb prisoners were tortured and executed in public places then buried in mass graves.

For Esad, this is not just a Bosnian story. This is a story about the spread of global jihad. “It was something different from the war, because the Bosnian war was over in December of 95. But it was my mistake. For these groups, war was not over.”

…[Former NSA chief analyst John R. Schindler]: “By 1995 there were already European governments that were very concerned about some of the al Qaida footprints in Bosnia that [were] now spreading out across Europe. It’s not an accident that after 9/11, many of these governments quietly told Washington, ‘We told you, we were warning you about this a half decade ago and you called us crazy, not a team player, being difficult, paranoid.’ But the reality is it was several European governments who in the mid to late 1990s were far more proactive than the U.S. government in fighting al Qaeda and in my mind they’re allowed to say ‘Hey, we’ve been in this fight longer than you have, we got it long before you did. It was your policies that…facilitated a lot of this badness.”

On December 14th, 1995, the same day as the Dayton accord was to be signed, a key leader of the mujahedeen was conveniently killed. The Egyptian Anwar Shaban, commander of the mujahedeen forces and an ally of Osama bin Laden, was ambushed near the Bosnian border. In his bullet-ridden car, a notebook was found. Esad Hasimovic got a copy of the notebook and it reveals the discussions and postwar plans of the mujahedeen. It says they were prepared to attack the NATO forces that were coming into Bosnia to replace the UN peacekeepers. The mujahedeen wanted to use the country as a new European base for the global jihad.

For president Alija Izetbegovic this notebook would have been a devastating political scandal. Shaban had invited the president to several meetings with the mujahedeen shortly before the Dayton accord was signed. Shaban filmed the meetings and made detailed transcripts. In defiance of the terms he agreed to during the Dayton negotiations, Izetbegovic continued to promise the mujahedeen fighters they could stay in Bosnia. The record of these meetings was a nightmare for the Bosnian intelligence service. They knew Shaban planned to use the transcripts and photos to blackmail the Bosnian leadership. They also had another reason to be worried. Propaganda videos that included footage from one of the meetings carefully edited out the face of a man sitting next to the president. But the original picture reveals the man was Abu Mali, one of Osama bin Laden’s top allies in Europe. And Bosnian intelligence documents showed that the leaders of the mujahedeen, Shaban and Mali, were in close telephone contact with al Qaeda operatives and with Osama bin Laden personally.

More details, from the INTELWIRE alert:

…The plane was “fully loaded with arms,” including a number of barrels believed to contain chemical or biological weapons. It was not the first Iranian shipment of arms to Bosnian Muslims either.

The Iranian and Bosnian governments had previously asked permission from Tudjman to ship arms through Zagreb. The last time, Tudjman had said no, so this time all the supplies in the plane was labeled as humanitarian aid from the Red Crescent.

The 20 to 40 mujahideen fighters on the plane were more difficult to conceal. It’s important to note that these were probably not all (or even mostly) Iranians. Iranian nationals in Bosnia functioned more as trainers and intelligence agents, but Iran helped smuggle in fighters from around the Muslim world.

American military veterans were also flying into Bosnia to serve as trainers to the Bosnian mujahideen during the same period. Never-before-reported details of this program will be revealed in my forthcoming book on American jihadists…

As usual, the day after the well-attended ceremony for dead Muslim soldiers this week, Serbs mourned their dead civilians and soldiers alone, to press coverage that continues to vilify them as well as perpetuate all the mythology and inversions. Such as in this AP report by some idiot or Muslim named Radul Radovanovic:

Bosnian Serbs commemorate their dead

BRATUNAC, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) - Some 2,000 people turned out to remember Serbs - many of them soldiers [most not] - killed by Bosnian forces on Tuesday, claiming their suffering has been ignored as the world focuses on the notorious 1995 Serb slaughter [sic] of 8,000 [sic] Muslim Bosnians [soldiers] at Srebrenica.

The ceremony was held just 6 miles (10 kilometers) north of the site of the massacre and came just a day after 40,000 people solemnly [cowardly] paid their respects on the 16th anniversary of the worst crime in Europe since the Nazi era.

Ethnic Serbs [sic: Muslims] kept Muslim Bosnians in Srebrenica besieged throughout the 1992-95 war for Serb dominance [sic: Muslim dominance] of Bosnia, culminating in the murder of thousands [sic: hundreds] of Muslim men and boys [of fighting age]. The International Court of Justice has ruled [sic: parroted] that the Srebrenica massacre was an act of genocide [sic: of war, revenge and frame-up] and that Serbia could have prevented it. [It already did once.]

However, many ethnic Serbs in Bosnia see themselves as the victims of Bosnian aggression, claiming [there’s that word!] that over 3,000 Serb soldiers and civilians were killed in attacks. Neither the Serbian public nor those living in the Serb part of Bosnia have been ready to fully accept their role in the crime.

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik complained at the military ceremony that while several Serbs are jailed for Srebrenica, nobody has stood trial for crimes committed against Serbs. [Correction: Naser Oric did, and was promptly acquitted.]

Dodik did not attend Monday’s ceremony, as has been the case for Bosnian Serb leaders for 16 years….The Serb commemoration has previously been used by some participants to insult Muslims by wearing T-shirts with the image of Ratko Mladic - the Serb general who led [sic] Srebrenica massacre. Though he is now facing a genocide trial, many Serbs still see him as a national hero.

Police said two Serbian Parliament lawmakers came from Belgrade carrying flags with Mladic’s image.

Jonathan Moore, the deputy to the U.S. Ambassador in Bosnia, said embassy representatives attended the commemoration for victims in Srebrenica but not the one in Bratunac a day later because they do not attend commemorations for soldiers on any side [What?], particularly not one that honors “criminals who committed offenses against civilians.” [So then what was the main ceremony if not precisely that?]

But, Serb family members of the dead mourned next to their loved ones’ graves. Slavka Matic said she lost two daughters and her husband in a Muslim attack on her village in 1993.

“I am alone in this world since then, and I don’t know what to do,” she said, and then broke into tears.

Even better was this part of an earlier, also inverted AP report:

…Serbs are bitter because the world honors Muslim victims annually but ignores the commemoration for Serbs a day later.

Serbs kept Bosnians in Srebrenica besieged throughout the 1992-95 war. In return, [sic: As a result of the fact that] Bosnians raided the surrounding Serb villages looking for food and weapons. Serbs say 3,267 of their soldiers and civilians were killed in those attacks, two-thirds of them civilians.

So that’s why one rapes, dismembers and beheads: because one is hungry. Only a Tanjug/B92 report was less shameless:

High time for crimes against Serbs to be prosecuted

BRATUNAC — It is high time for crimes committed against Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina to be prosecuted, Serb Republic (RS) President Milorad Dodik has stated.

He was attending a commemoration in Bratunac, honoring Serbs killed by Muslim forces under command of Naser Orić’s from Srebrenica during the war in Bosnia.

“We nurture no hatred or desire for revenge, but it is high time for monstrous crimes against Serbs to be prosecuted,” Dodik said, and added that selective justice cannot be accepted as was the case up until now, that is for the Serb side to be considered guilty for everything while no one is held responsible for the numerous Serb victims.

During the three years of conflicts, over 1,300 Serbs were killed in the territory of Srebrenica, Zvornik, Milici, Bratunac, Vlasenica and Osmaci, while a total of 3,267 Serbs, most of them civilians, were killed in the region of the Drina River and Birač.

Nobody has yet been held accountable before Bosnian courts for the crimes committed against Serbs in the region of the Drina River and Birač.

Not mentioned in any of the foregoing is of course the consistent inconsistency in treatment by the international community between the Muslims and the Serbs. The Number One Balkans rule is that what’s good for the goose is never good for the gander. Just one small example — though every international serving in Bosnia probably has a list — comes from retired NYC Police Lieutenant Robert Leifels, who served in Bosnia with the International Police Task Force in 1997-98 in the Zvornik region including Srebrenica:

I am very familiar with the Srebrenica Mothers. We had several operations dealing with their “weeping.” We needed interpreters but all their signs were in English with not a misspelled word. [i.e. international puppet masters] I am also familiar with the Serb moms who never complained.

We also had a couple of larger operations escorting Muslims around Zvornik region [today in Bosnia’s Serb Republic] so they could see their homes and get the “treasures” they hid before fleeing. Some Serbs asked me personally if UNHCR could do the same for them in the [Bosnian-Croat] Federation. The UNHCR flatly told me “We don’t do that.” I asked why and she just repeated herself.

Displaced Persons from Federation were given the royal treatment by the International Community; the Republika Srpska Displaced Persons got ignored.

…[In Srebrenica] beheadings of Serbian civilians were commonplace, and in some villages the mujahedeen would dynamite homes with the inhabitants trapped inside.

No attempt was made to hide such atrocities. In fact, Gen. Oric would often address the media at the site of the massacres. On one such occasion, while standing in front of mujahedeen displaying decapitated human heads as trophies, Gen. Oric pointed to a smouldering building in ruins and proudly announced to reporters, “We blew those Serbs to the moon.”

Alija Izetbegovic was also proud to display the fighting prowess of his mujahedeen volunteers. Following a successful attack against Serbian positions around Vozuce on Sept. 10, 1995, the Bosnian president held a televised medal presentation. Mujahedeen warriors had served as the vanguard of the assault force, and were awarded 11 decorations for valour, including the Golden Crescent, Bosnia’s highest honour.

According to Miroslav Lazanski, author of the new book, Osama bin Laden Against America, al-Qaeda members still maintain two bases in Bosnia, one of them reserved for top fighters.

Following the Sept. 11 attacks, FBI and CIA agents uncovered evidence that two of the suicide hijackers had originated from this Bosnian camp…The U.S. military has taken a keen interest in mujahedeen activities in the Balkans since Sept. 11. Late last month, U.S. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers visited NATO troops in Bosnia to warn them against a possible al-Qaeda retaliation attack. And on Dec. 4, the White House added two Albanian terrorist groups operating in Macedonia and Kosovo to its list of outlawed organizations…

– Scott Taylor, of Canada’s Esprit de Corps magazine, writing for Ottawa Citizen in December 2001

We’ll all be able to sleep more soundly, won’t we, now that Ratko Mladic is caught. I feel so much safer now that another Serbian general is behind bars!

As jubilation over the latest Serbian catch proceeds for the next several weeks — by Muslims, media, Washington and Brussels — the merrymakers should understand that others of us are also elated, but for a very different reason. For the reason that the cameras go dark once these trials actually start. (As they’ve done in the inconvenient Karadzic and Milosevic cases.) As Hague observer Andy Wilcoxson warned upon Karadzic’s arrest three years ago: Be careful what you wish for. In fact, in the coming weeks I’ll be checking in on the past year of revelations from the Karadzic trial, and give us a flavor of the beans Mladic will be spilling. (This is of course IF the Tribunal gives him the chance — its judges tend to cut off microphones when an inconvenient truth comes out in court.)

Whatever proof will be shown of executions by Mladic’s forces of Muslim POWs (and there were a few hundred — though not 8000), it’s important to understand the main reason he has been sought with such universal zeal, as was Karadzic and the abducted-by-night Milosevic, not to mention all the lesser-known Serbs currently serving multi-decade terms. The crime they are all morally charged with — above and beyond anything legal or technical — is daring to fight back when Muslims attacked. They are guilty of being Serbian officials during war. Of daring to answer war with war.

Anyone care for a roasted Serb?

photo credit: Yasunari Mizuguchi

Because if we’re on the subject of POWs, let it be known what your Western governments have kept from you. The Serbian POW in the photo above had been roasted, allegedly alive, by mujahedeen forces serving in the Bosnia-Herzegovina Army. An excerpt from a too-little-too-late effort in 1998 by American Serbs to catch up to their enemies (and designated victims) in the image war reads:

The castration and forced circumcision of hundreds of Serb POWs ranks among the most repugnant of war crimes — these physical mutilations of Serb victims were never made public by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, nor any major U.S. newspaper. If the American people had been told the truth from the beginning, American GI’s would not be in Bosnia today…

There’s more — much more — where the image above came from, here. As well, we have documentary video evidence (which I am in the process of downloading and creating a location for).

Graphic details of what Srebrenica Muslims did to Srebrenica Serbs even appear in the book Planned Chaos by a wartime MP named Ibran Mustafic. (Also from the horse’s mouth, let’s not forget about these two raped Bosnian-Muslim girls who escaped from Muslim Srebrenica to Bosnian-Serb authorities for safety.)

In February, Wilcoxson commented:

The Serbs by no means have a monopoly on atrocities. Just like the Muslims, thousands upon thousands of Serbian civilians were driven from their homes in Bosnia. During the war, Serbia hosted more Bosnian war refugees [Serb, Muslim and Croat] than any other country. Just like the Muslims, Serb civilians were rounded up and held in camps under inhumane conditions. Just like the Muslims, Serbian civilians were subjected to gruesome massacres. In fact, in the region around Srebrenica between 1992 and 1995, many Serbian villages were massacred by the Muslims from Srebrenica under the command of Nasir Oric and some of proof is in this horribly gruesome video — [removed by youtube as a “violation” — note: why do Serb victims need to be hidden from public view, but not Muslim victims? A brief but informative alternative video appears at this youtube link.]

Everybody involved in the Bosnian War is guilty of ethnic cleansing. Before the war, Muslims made up almost a third of the population in what is now Republika Srpska — after the war their share of the population was just shy of 2%. Likewise, in what is now the B-H Federation, Serbs had comprised about a third of the population before the war, and after the war they were just over 3%. Those people didn’t just voluntarily decide to walk away from their homes, their property, and all of their possessions in order to be refugees. The Bosnian-Muslims have no right to point fingers at the Serbs, because they themselves did a lot of the same things they’re accusing the Serbs of doing [and started the war in the first place]. There won’t be reconciliation in that part of the world until everybody admits their guilt.

Meanwhile, an update from the other front of the Balkan jihad. Mladic may be captured (whew!), but this guy and his cohorts? Still in office:

This apt picture, starring our good friend the terrorist “prime minister” of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci (flanked by his other Western protectors Bernard Kouchner and Javier Solana), is a reference to the murder-for-organs story that broke a few months ago. Make no mistake about the timing of the Mladic capture. Terror collaborators (a.k.a. bureaucrats) in Washington and Brussels need very much for this other story to recede even deeper into oblivion than it already has. (And who even remembers that it was a Kosovo Albanian that killed two U.S. servicemen in Frankfurt just two months ago?) And so the Mladic arrest is meant to overshadow all the bad news coming from our Great Islamic Hope in Kosovo. As if Mladic did anything approaching the crimes that the ‘legitimate’ rulers of Kosovo committed against non-Albanians and Albanians alike — and by their own hand. As if 1500 Muslim soldiers — not “8000″ — dying from a combination of combat, landmines, infighting and — yes — criminal execution of POWs compares to kidnapping and torturing civilians and selling their organs, to name just one slice of what these apparently more ‘kosher’ butchers are guilty of.

Indeed, given such macabre revelations, the U.S. needs to re-justify a looming NATO operation that will bring Kosovo’s north under Albanian control — by reminding the world of WHAT THE SERBS DID, via a Mladic capture. And so the quisling regime in Serbia — desperate to join the club of “humanity” and that promised-land European future — obliged.

Nor does the West seem to have a problem with those in power in Bosnia. Never mind that some of them helped fund the 9/11 attacks, that another (the son of wartime president Izetbegovic) is a major weapons smuggler, and that a third fosters fundamentalism, issued the mujahedeen passports, and is essentially the top rung of the Bosnian leg of al-Qaeda. Nope, no problems for us there. Not nearly the priority that Mladic was. Flashback to December 2001, again from Canadian military reporter Scott Taylor:

Osama bin Laden — stripped of his Saudi citizenship in 1994 — is alleged to have retained the Bosnian passport he was issued in Vienna in 1993. According to a Sept. 1999 report in Dani, a Bosnian Muslim weekly paper, Alija Izetbegovic, then president of Bosnia, granted Mr. bin Laden a passport in recognition of his followers’ contributions to Mr. Izetbegovic’s quest to create a “fundamentalist Islamic republic” in the Balkans.

Dani also reported that al-Qaeda terrorist Mehrez Aodouni had been arrested in Istanbul while carrying a Bosnian passport. Like Mr. bin Laden, his citizenship had been granted “because he was a member of the Bosnia-Herzegovina army.”

Lest we forget, the people still in power in Bosnia also issued a passport (and citizenship) to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Again, nothing to see here. Keep moving toward the Orthodox Serbs.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any richer, Reuters brings us this:

The Muslim member of Bosnia’s three-person inter-ethnic presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic, welcomed the news of Ratko Mladic’s arrest on Thursday and said it was conducted in cooperation with Bosnian security agencies.

So Bosnia’s security agencies kicked right into gear on this one, while being “unable” to secure certain other aspects of Bosnian society.

On the Russia Today network, historian Srdja Trifkovic yesterday warned that in the coming days and weeks, rather than commendations for Serbia’s turning Mladic in, we can expect to see and hear a renewed orgy of Serbophobia, a recycling of all the old tales of the heinous things the dastardly Serbs supposedly did.

But Serbian president Boris Tadic doesn’t seem to get it: Tadić: Serbia’s reputation “no longer tarnished”

“A difficult period of our history is over and Serbia’s reputation is no longer tarnished,” Tadić underscored. “I believe that this operation has proved that the services of the Republic of Serbia have made this country safe and have secured the rule of law, and that our work on the search for war crime suspects will increase Serbia’s moral credibility in the international arena and raise all security capacities to a higher level…” Tadić said.

“It is good for Serbia that it has closed [i.e. reopened] this chapter of history,” Tadić said, and explained that the extradition process was already underway.

Asked whether he expected unrest in the country, the president said that he did not expect the country to enter a political crisis, and that “anyone who tries anything of the kind will be arrested and prosecuted”. […]

Well, after all this, who’s going to jump to defend Serbia from any aggressors again when needed? No one. And that’s the whole idea. Welcome to the EU of small, castrated, prostrate, states — where only nodding will be tolerated.

Here’s how Robert Leifels, an American cop who served as UN police in Bosnia, put it to me yesterday morning: “I guess you heard about the arrest of General Ratko Mladic. People in trouble always turn to guys like him when they need help, then turn against them when they are no longer needed. He served his country and now he is being used once again, to pay for EU membership. Did you ever watch the old movie HIGH NOON starring Gary Cooper? Tells it all.”

Speaking of Tadic’s anticipated rehabilitation of Serbia, the opposite is already in full swing — just like last time. But he will not be deterred:

Arrest of Bosnian Serb former general expected to unblock Serbia’s bid to join EU.

…Tadić said that the arrest has “opened” all doors to EU membership. “Today we cleared our name and the name of all Serbs,” he said.

Tadić said that Serbia would now do everything in its power to arrest Goran Hadžić, a former leader of Croatia’s Serbs who now is the last remaining indictee wanted by the ICTY.

The arrest came just days after Serge Brammertz, the ICTY’s chief prosecutor, filed a negative report about Serbia’s co-operation with the ICTY with the UN Security Council. Brammertz’ report made it less likely that the EU member states would have given the green light to Serbia’s candidacy this year, threatening Tadić’s chances of re-election next year.

So we’re ALL GO for EU membership, right? But wait a second — this just in:

EU Wants Progress in Kosovo Talks for Serbian 2011 Candidacy

The European Union wants Serbia [to] show evidence it is making progress in regional cooperation, including with the breakaway province of Kosovo, to boost the chance of becoming an entry candidate by year’s end.

[EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Catherine] Ashton…said in the statement that talks between Belgrade and Kosovo are “fundamental for removing obstacles on the road towards the EU.”

Serbia and Kosovo launched a series of talks under the EU auspices in March, trying to resolve non-political issues such as customs procedures, communications and land registries.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso last week told Serbia that time was running out and it had to do more by the end of June to convince the EU it is ready to become a candidate.

So there will be no ‘unblocking’ for Serbia anytime soon, as the bar keeps getting reset higher. Whatever Serbs do — including during the Balkan wars when they repeatedly laid down their weapons at Western behest and got slaughtered — is not enough.

To wit: Is this the first time you’re hearing the name Goran Hadzic? We were always used to seeing the names Mladic and Karadzic as the pair of most-wanted fugitives. But once Karadzic was caught, all of a sudden we needed to also get this guy Hadzic. So it became “Mladic and Hadzic.” Because you simply can’t arrest enough Serbs. (Headlines: “Ratko Mladic arrested: Goran Hadzic last remaining major figure at large“; “Brammertz hails Mladic arrest, expects Hadzic“; U.S. Ambassador Mary Warlick: U.S. Support to Serbia to Arrest Hadzic” ) As Nebojsa Malic put it to me recently:

Goran Hadzic is the last remaining official of the Republic of Serb Krajina, destroyed by Croatia in 1995. All the other Serb officials, whether from Serbia or from Bosnia and “Croatia” are either dead, or have been convicted of BWS (Breathing While Serb). They need him to complete the set, so to speak.

[In February], they convicted the head of Serbia’s police in 1999 for “joint criminal enterprise” to murder and expel poor “Kosovars”. The verdict stated that Milosevic was the mastermind of the conspiracy, and all the coverage noted that he “died while on trial for genocide.” (As in, it was proven and all). Sickening.

Dr. Trifkovic reminds us that the Hague’s tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia “is a highly politicized institution that has been used over the years to provide retroactive quasi-judicial [justification] of the political position of the Western powers that the Serbs are indeed the main culprits for all that came to pass in the former Yugoslavia.” He adds that the Serbian press today is more government-controlled than it ever was under Slobodan Milosevic, and is consistently pushing EU membership as a panacea for all that ails the country — much like Communism had been, he points out. “If Serbia does join the EU,” he says, “it will be the first time in history that a rat has jumped onto a sinking ship.”