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What may be the final follow-up to the Valentine’s week massacre of 2007 got local coverage only — in the Salt Lake Tribune and by Salt Lake City radio station KSL. But at least a couple of the findings in this recently released FBI report on the incident go unmentioned by either news organization. Here are the significant findings in the report about Bosnian-Muslim murderer Sulejman Talovic, who killed five Americans and wounded four:

1) Talovic was described as a religious Muslim, attending mosque on Fridays and praying outside of mosque as well.

2) He wore a necklace with a miniature Koran at the time of the shooting.

3) His body was prepped at a mosque before being sent to Bosnia.

4) He told his “girlfriend” the night before that “tomorrow will be the happiest day of my life…” (a likely reference to martyrdom).

5) He held prejudicial beliefs against Serbs, homosexuals, and blacks.

6) Police were called to his school in 2004 after Talovic was caught looking at guns on the internet and making the statement that his “grandfather was in the jihad.”

That last one indicates that Bosnians secretly know they were engaged in a jihad even as they claim victimhood.

In this redacted FBI form, meanwhile, a co-worker said that Talovic would sometimes do Nazi salutes.

But for some reason, the emphasis in this Salt Lake Tribune article is not on the fact that Talovic had a history with Islam, hatred and violence (all mutually-fueling factors), but on the fact that he had a history with the mall as a hangout:

FBI found Talovic had a history with Trolley Square (May 16)

When 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic walked into Trolley Square and opened fire on shoppers, he was returning to a childhood hangout, according to newly-released FBI documents.

Talovic and his family used to live one block from the mall, and one person told agents Talovic played there with his sisters as a child.

But in 745 pages of reports, the FBI did not conclude why Talovic committed the Feb. 12, 2007, shooting or uncover any evidence of a wider plot behind them…

And of course, if there is no wider plot, then let’s block out the possibility of Sudden Jihad Syndrome as well.

…The FBI wrote that Talovic in 2001 or 2002 “made a statement that he was going to shoot white people, like Serbs.” The nine people Talovic shot at Trolley Square were white.

“…white people, like Serbs.” That would be a reference to us, Folks. How many times do I have to say it? In the Balkans, Serbs were target practice for Muslims — like Jews are in the Middle East. Practice for the rest of us. And so we helped the Muslims take aim.

…One of the people later told the FBI Talovic said he liked white supremacist music.

“I don’t like black people,” Talovic reportedly said. “That’s why I was in the KKK.”

Another witness said he once saw a wound on Talovic’s arm and asked about it.

“Talovic said he had previously gotten a swastika tattoo and had then removed it himself, by cutting it off,” according to notes of the witness interview. Talovic said “he did not know what the swastika meant and stood for when he had gotten the tattoo.” Talovic’s family told agents he did not have a tattoo.

One person…told the FBI Talovic said he hated “faggots” and was smoking opium and crystal meth.

Talovic wore a necklace containing a miniature Quran during the attacks, documents say, and FBI agents asked many people about Talovic’s Islamic faith. Family told agents Talovic once attended a mosque for prayers every Friday but stopped when he left school and began working. Co-workers did not observe Talovic praying during the day. The FBI found no evidence his religion was a factor.

Stacy Hanson, a Talovic victim who is confined to a wheelchair as a result, in an interview Friday said… “It doesn’t change anything, but it’s nice to know something about this guy because our lives have been changed — every single one of us.”

FBI report finds no motive for ‘07 mall shooting (May 17)

A report of an FBI investigation into a Utah mall shooting says agents could find no reason for the Feb. 12, 2007 shootings or uncover evidence of a wider plot.

The investigation was finished in 2007 and details are only coming out now through a Freedom of Information Act request.

FBI agents say he bought shotgun shells on Feb. 8, 2007, then had a phone conversation the day before the attack, saying, “Tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of my life, but it will happen only once.”

“I can’t speculate as to what he may or may not have meant in saying that,” [FBI Special Agent Tim] Fuhrman said.

But Fuhrman says the FBI does know the attack wasn’t a terrorist attack, as some had speculated. “Clearly, he had some religious beliefs, but just because someone has religious beliefs doesn’t mean anything is a terrorist act, he said.

The FBI was unable to confirm many of these statements or prove they were what he truly believed. The agency does know that Talovic acted alone, without telling anyone why, leaving no notes or clues.

“We just were unable to pin down any particular motive as to why this would happen, and unfortunately his motivations went to the grave with him,” Fuhrman said.

No, they went to Paradise with him.

The documents also hint at possible mental issues and drug use leading up to the shooting. […]

There is no assessable “motive”, because Islam is still desperately viewed as a religion rather than a motive.

So, my fellow Americans. NOW do we think that maybe it really was “Allah Akbar” we heard in that much contested audio clip of the shooting?

Finally, it should be pointed out that the date of the shooting, Feb. 12th, is significant. Five years earlier, Feb. 12th was the opening day of the Hague tribunal against Slobodan Milosevic for finally fighting back against the Balkans monsters that were attacking his citizens. We put a reluctant anti-jihadist on trial on Feb. 12, 2002, and on the same day five years later one of the monsters he was fending off opened fire on us.

When I first started analyzing the Trolley Square Massacre, I pointed to an instant defense that media and family alike used on behalf of the shooter: THE SERBS MADE ME DO IT! (I also suggested that perhaps Talovic learned to kill not from seeing Muslims killed, but from seeing Muslims kill.)

Continuing the time-honored tradition of finding the root Serbian cause of crime committed by any Bosnian, Albanian or Croatian anywhere in the world, a Croatian tried it in Ohio late last year:

Parole not possible for man who killed Willoughby dentist

Jasmin Miljkovic was tortured as a 12-year-old boy growing up in war-torn Bosnia…His mother hoped for a better life for her son when they moved to America, but Miljkovic never got over the post-traumatic stress from his early life.

On Wednesday in Lake County Common Pleas Court, Miljkovic — now 29 — seemed resigned to the fact that he will die in prison for murdering popular Willoughby dentist Robert Kalina.

[Public defender Charles] Grieshammer said Miljkovic — the father of an elementary-aged daughter — never meant to harm the 70-year-old dentist when he entered Kalina’s Willo Medical Building on Nov. 4, 2006, to steal a Rolex watch. [Living among Serbs made him covet Rolex watches!]

“This is a typical half-baked robbery plan,” said the defense attorney. “Dr. Kalina did something he did not expect. He gave resistance.”

“We welcomed you and your family into this country and then you turn around and show your appreciation by committing those very same acts (that occurred in Bosnia) on another person,” the judge said. […]

From Serbianna (Dec. 8, emphasis added):

Bosnian Wahabis could hit US, NATO

Wahabis and Bosnian Muslim sympathizers of al-Qaeda are ready to attack US and NATO troops stationed in Bosnia, reports Bosnian Serb paper Press citing a Western intelligence report they quote.

The report says that there are 40,000 Wahabis in Bosnia, many al-Qaeda sympathizers and a significant number of Iranian agents that are part of Teheran’s intelligence service VEVAK.

“VEVAK has completely infiltrated Bosnian intelligence service, and for their moles they recruit Bosnians that do not hide their sympathies for the Iranian nuclear program and show open hatred for America and its administrations,” the report is quoted.

The report also says that [t]here are numerous jihadist groups stationed in Bosnia that use various methods of operation but with the same aim against the allied force.

“Because of the white features, Bosnian and Kosovo Muslims are the most dangerous threat in the warfare. The case of Sulejman Talovic, the young Bosnian Muslim radical, who massacred in Salt Lake City in US is well known example. At this moment, EU and US are full with these ’sleepers’ who are awaiting a signal to sacrifice their lives for Jihad,” the report is quoted.

The report also notes that in all attacks across Europe there always has been at least one terrorist who is from Bosnia.

You’ll recall that in the end there was “no motive found” — a euphemism for jihad — as to why resettled Bosnian-Muslim refugee and mosque goer Sulejman Talovic decided to shoot as many Americans as possible one day during Valentine’s Day shopping week at the Trolley Square mall, before police took him down.

Salt Lake City police chief Chris Burbank even threatened his staff in case anyone asked any relevant jihad-oriented questions in the course of the investigation. That’s the same police chief who announced one hour after the shootings (that means pre-investigation) that it wasn’t terrorism. This was one of my favorite paragraphs:

Mr. Talovic’s motive remains a mystery, investigators say…The gunman’s aunt, Ajka Omerovic, and his father, who was visibly exhausted, spoke to a reporter just hours after Mr. Talovic’s body was cleansed in an Islamic ritual in preparation for its burial in Tuzla, Bosnia…

And here is Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson along with Burbank assuring the Bosnian ambassador that no harm will come to the peaceful Bosnian cell — I mean community — of Salt Lake City, though they were worried about a nasty backlash from nasty Americans.

(Bit of trivia: This Bosnian ambassador, Bisera Turkovic, helped issue passports to mujahedeen and Osama bin Laden himself in 1992.)

Anyway, given that no motive was found in the Trolley Square shooting, and given that Salt Lake City has such a peaceful Bosnian-Muslim community, WHAT THE HECK is police chief Chris Burbank doing in Israel suddenly:

Today’s Overview of Leading News & Views – 7 September 2008

([ISRAEL/INTERNATIONAL] IHC News, 7 September 2008)
Salt Lake City’s Police Chief, Chris Burbank, along with an entire group of police chiefs from across the US just wrapped up a week in Israel learning anti-terrorism strategies, and how the Jewish state responds to mass casualties. One might wonder what Utah and learning about anti-terrorism have to do with each other until last year’s shooting tragedy at a Salt Lake City shopping center is reviewed. The 18-year-old gunman, Sulejmen Talovic, who killed five people in a crowded Utah mall 13 Feb. 2007 was a Bosnian Muslim refugee who was prepared to kill many more, had he not been cornered by an off-duty police officer and later shot dead by a team of police. Talovic reportedly had a backpack full of ammunition, a shotgun and a 38-caliber pistol, all of which he intended to use. Family members later said the attacker often attended Friday prayers at the Al-Noor mosque, about a block from the site of the shooting. Although the FBI later ruled out terrorism being involved in the shooting spree, the tragic incident underscores that no US city, large or small, is immune from the possibility of Jihad-related violence. (Sources: Salt Lake Tribune/WND/IHC)

Gee, I don’t recall Salt Lake City being on the high-risk list of U.S. cities for terror attacks, so what is it that could have brought Burbank to Israel? This is all very puzzling. But here’s what I’ve been able to piece together as to how the logic goes: It wasn’t a terrorist act, but you may want to get your ass to Israel to brush up on how one might conceivably deal wtih terrorism, should it ever decide to happen in your safe, peaceful city of Mormons and Bosnian Muslims.

Indeed, notice how every time a community, city, state or country professes its love for its Muslim population, the next thing you hear about the place is that its authorities are in Israel learning anti-terror tactics.

Here is a clue from former federal agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Dave Gaubatz, offered at the time of the Trolley Square investigation:

Has the FBI told the people of Utah that Arabic websites have continuous chatter from Al-Qaeda supporters living in Salt Lake City, Utah? I know because I monitor these sites. Are there Bosnian Muslims with anti-U.S. views? Do you doubt it?

Unlike in Salt Lake City last year, this week in Philly the media and investigators can’t claim the attacker didn’t say “Allah” and wasn’t speaking Arabic phrases, since the jihadist’s victim is the one reporting that he did and he was:

Man chanting “Allah” and Arabic attacks stranger on subway with hammer

In Philadelphia. Video here. The detail that he was chanting something in Arabic, as well as “Allah,” is in the video — only “Allah” is in the story below.

“Subway attack caught on tape,” by Dann Cuellar for, September 8 (thanks to David):

PHILADELPHIA - September 8, 2008 - (WPVI) — Police are asking the public for help [to capture] a hammer-wielding attacker, who seemed to assault his prey for no apparent reason.

On Monday night, police released the video of the attack, in the hopes that someone can identify the man. The attack happened back on Thursday at 12:15 a.m. onboard the SEPTA northbound Broad Street line. The victim, 20-year-old Dewayne Taylor is seen dozing in his seat, listening to his ipod. In the doorway, the assailant is standing with a young boy, about three to five years old. He tells the child to sit down.

Then, he pulls out a large hammer out of a black and yellow book bag, and proceeds to pummel the victim.

After striking Taylor a number of times, the attacker grabs Taylor by the shoes and pulls him down to the floor, where the attack continues.

Then, the man throws Taylor off the train, where they struggle some more before the attacker disappears out of sight.

“According to the victim, the male continued to assault him and tried to throw him into the track area,” said Det. Kenneth Roach of the Philadelphia Police Dept.

Taylor told Action News last week that all throughout the attack, the man kept chanting something, and he distinctly recalled the word “Allah.”…

Unless the attacker has a female Russian acquaintance he was referring to, this was a case of what Daniel Pipes diagnosed as Sudden Jihad Syndrome. The shocking part? No one stole the victim’s Ipod while he was being attacked.

Yesterday’s post about hacking up Serbs for their organs mentioned the following scene:

There are more than 2,000 names on the list of missing Serbs. Sima Spasich is the leader of an organisation trying to discover their fate. He showed the pictures of body parts he filmed in 2003.

“I cannot explain what I saw there. It was a small mountain of pieces of bodies and the first thing I saw was a baby who’d been taken from his mother’s stomach, lying there. It was impossible to look. It was a massive grave they’d dug before. Today I know in this massive grave were 26 Serb bodies - also there was my brother Milosh,” Spasich added.

One thing that Albanian hearsay and mythology refers to repeatedly goes like this: “The criminal Serbs did unspeakable things, in one case even cutting a baby from its mother’s womb.”

So, as always, we seem to have a case of inverting documented butchery against Serbs into stories of butchery by Serbs against Albanians, Bosnians, Croatians etc… These were some previously cited examples of this phenomenon:

From a 1999 commentary by Stella Jatras in the Washington Times:

Another big CNN story early in the Bosnian conflict was the killing, allegedly by Serb snipers of two “Muslim babies” on a bus. Who could not have been horrified by the tragic sight of the funeral service for those innocent Muslim babies? Where were Ms. Amanpour and CNN to set the record straight? If it had not been for French 2 TV that covered the funeral, this writer would never have known that the babies were Serbian (not Muslim) killed by a Muslim sniper, as was made painfully clear by the presence of a Serbian Orthodox priest conducting the funeral service. . . before it was interrupted by a grenade attack. However, in the CNN coverage the priest had been cropped out, leaving the American audience to believe that Serbs were not only the assassins, but were also responsible for the grendade attack.

Then there’s this illustration of the sleight-of-pen phenomenon reserved for Balkans reporting (from the introduction in Peter Brock’s book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting):

[Reporter Kurt Schork] wrote about a man named “Zarko Spasic” who disapeared near the village of Sipovac in Kosovo….Finally, in the eleventh paragraph of the report, readers could figure out that Zarko Spasic was a Serb who was kidnapped and murdered by Albanian Muslims in the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Maddeningly, journalists used this method of allowing presumption and mistaken inference to occur until deep into the narratives of thousands of such accounts — and long after copy editors had excised the most critical information — throughout the war reporting of the 1990s!

More recently, we heard some fantastical gore from the relatives and friends of the Trolley Square jihadist in Salt Lake City, Sulejman Talovic. From the Salt Lake Tribune at the time (Feb. 2007):

Monika said Talovic described hiding in the woods over a period of three years, lying face down in the dirt to avoid watching as Serbs decapitated countrymen nearby. He told Monika of seeing people shot in the head or stomach. He did witness killings, his aunt said.

As I wrote at the time:

Hmm, Christians decapitating Muslims? It’s possible, but it could be projection: While the public has seen pictures and videos of people shot by Serbs, what has not been circulated to the public is any of the videos of beheadings, eye-gougings, disembowelment and other mutilations of Serbs by Bosniaks. So as usual, there is some projection going on. (On Passover every year, the Palestinian Authority broadcasts a movie in which a Jew slits an Arab boy’s throat to get the Christian blood he needs to make the matzo. Of course, we know who does the throat-slitting in reality.)

On his blog, Salt Lake Tribune photographer Trent Nelson, who accompanied reporter Lisa Rosetta to an intimate interview with Monika, mentions the following tidbit from [Talovic girlfriend] Monika’s mother: “She told how she was alone with her two children, and how men threatened to cut off her daughter’s head. She told how men put out their cigarettes on her 6-month-old baby’s neck. I had heard a lot of similar stories from the wars in Yugoslavia.”

We also heard from Talovic’s aunt Ajka Omerovic, who belatedly got with the program to point the finger at the Serbs when asked by media about her murderous nephew, though she’d previously said no one in the family was suffering any extended trauma as a result of the war:

She and her child Safer were present during the 1995 [Srebrenica] massacre. “Oh, I cannot tell you how that like,” she said. “It’s terrible.”

After the town was overrun, Serbs rounded up the men and killed them, amounting to 8,000, she said. “They occupied us and put us in one building,” she said. People were taken from the building, a battery factory, and killed or raped. The Serbs could “do whatever they want,” she said. Women were killed there, she said…Even though he was a young boy, he knew what was going on, she believes. She thinks his mother said that when they were traveling from Srebrenica to Tuzla, he saw women killed and women raped.

As I’ve written before about the Bosnian rapes, from reader/activist Michael Pravica in an unpublished letter to Deseret News:

Many of the claims…such as the “40,000 raped (Bosnian Muslim) women” were investigated by such respected agencies as the Red Cross and found to be wildly exaggerated. Neither has Mr. Bauman discussed the hundreds of Bosnian Serbian women who were raped.

And from former NY Times reporter David Binder, in his foreword to Peter Brock’s book Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting:

Others pouncing on the allegations of “up to 60,000 rapes” of Muslim women by Serb soldiers included Newsweek’s Charles Lane and colleagues for a cover story and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Judy Bachrach for a magazine piece. Conspicuously ignored then and later, as Brock points out, were the 800 cases of raped Serbian women copiously documented for the United Nations.

Binder further mentions a Bosnian Serb named Boris Herak, who admitted to committing between 35 and 42 murders plus 16 rapes after being tortured by Bosnian-Muslim officials before giving Roy Gutman of New York Newsday an interview. Binder writes that, “as with Borislav Herak, whom The International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague refused to indict after the story fell apart, so the court declined to accept as a witness one of Gutman’s principal rape accusers who turned out to be using five aliases.”

I’ve also quoted a reader named Alex, an attorney in Pennsylvania, whose family is from Yugoslavia. Alex traveled back and forth to Yugoslavia in the ’90s, alternately as a translator and as a fact-finder. In March of 1993, he was part of a “mass rape” fact-finding mission to Bosnia, and he writes:

Serb Net, Inc. sent a young lady from Chicago and myself to the old country to figure out what was going on with the allegations of mass rapes. We toured Bosnia. I remember her interviewing one Serbian victim of rape — she may have spoken to more — we talked to Moslems (who told us that all three sides were lying). I remember coming away from that experience learning that one of the international organizations concerned with the mass rape issue concluded that there were not enough rapes in all of Bosnia during the war committed by all three sides to warrant opening anything more than one rape counseling center. It would take some digging to find that source. The conclusion stuck with me because I wondered how many rape counseling centers there are in each major western city — and that in peacetime — and I wondered how many rapes there were in Bosnia before the war. There are gruesome stories of Serbian women locked in makeshift brothels by the Moslems but when we talked about it back home many people shrugged it off as ridiculous, just like the human trafficking that the Albanians engage in, and the beheadings that the Moslems do.

The aforementioned Deseret News was another paper recycling never-proven and often inverted Balkan tales. Faced with a Bosnian killing Americans, the paper schlepped over to Bosnia to keep the blame on the Serbs. There the Deseret reporter talked to an imam who had been a mujahid, and dutifully took down his words for our consumption:

When investigators dug up one mass grave last year, they found the remains of “an older woman that was approximately 103 years old — she had documents — and her grand-grandchild, that has only three years.”

The child was still in the woman’s arms. “The cause of this and the people that did this are Serbs,” [Halilovic] said.

On July 11, 1995, near Srebrenica, a woman named Jamila noticed a woman in the crowd who wore an expression of pain. Jamila asked her what was wrong. “And she was saying, ‘I’m giving birth.”‘

Jamila told her, “Hold my hand and hold the hand of the woman next to you.” The woman gave birth to a boy. “It had black, long hair, and it looked clean even though it was just born. She took the child on her stomach.”

A Serb ordered her to put the baby on the ground, then stepped on him, killing him, he said.

As I wrote then: I wonder if the Bosnian Muslims got the newborn-atrocity idea from any number of incidents in which Hitler’s willing Croatian (”Ustasha”) and Bosnian executioners slammed babies into brick walls, or perhaps from this similar incident as chronicled by the late Jewish Holocaust survivor Cadik Danon in his book The Smell of Human Flesh, A Witness of the Holocaust Memories of Jasenovac:

Some meters from the gate I saw a column of men, women and children. The Ustashas were pushing them and hitting them with the butts of their rifles. When they came near I saw that they were peasants from some Serbian village in Bosnia. They were frightened, confused, and the Ustashas were beating them mercilessly with curses and threats.

I noticed a group of women with children and among them a handsome young woman with a kerchief on her head. She was not older than twenty three, or four. She was carrying on her chest her baby in diapers; a sweet, fearful boy of about four years was holding on to a corner of her skirt.

The Ustashas were rough in separating the children from their parents. The screams of mothers and cries of children were heard. An Ustasha approached the young woman with her baby in her hands, tore away the boy and pushed him to the side where the separated children were standing. The cries and screams were growing; on the sadists’ faces pleasure was visible. The Ustasha who had torn off the boy from his mother, approached her again intending to take away her suckling baby. The fury, fear and the decidedness not to give up her child, whom she pressed even tighter to her breast, were seen on the mother’s face. The Ustasha grabbed the child with both hands and was trying to take him away, but the woman, strongly holding the baby on her left arm, suddenly grabbed the Ustasha by the throat with her right hand and tightened her grip so hard that he started choking, rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue. Seeing what was happening, another Ustasha approached the woman from the back and with a strong stroke of the butt [of his rifle] he sent her into the mud. She fell in a prone position, over the baby, to the ground. The Ustasha who was almost strangled collected himself. He turned the woman over on the back and started again tearing away the baby from her. His fury was even more intensive, not only because of the woman’s resistance, but because she had shamed him in front of his Ustashas. So he furiously wanted to grab the child again; she was holding him tight on her chest and would not let him go. Mad, he hit the woman with his hilt into the stomach and with a sudden jerk he grabbed her child. Helpless and stunned, the woman was lying on the ground. The Ustasha began cursing: “Cursed be your Serbian mother, we shall kill all of you! How dare you [try] to strangle me!”

The baby in his hands was crying, and cursing he took off its diapers, grabbed it by his small legs and started revolving it in a circle. He turned it faster and faster and suddenly threw it on the ground at the head of his mother. The baby’s head cracked like a ripe melon, its blood and brain spilling over the mother’s maddened face. The desperate cry of the poor woman resounded and she then lost consciousness. I saw that she was taken by the legs and pulled to the side.

1998-99 — History repeats:

Serbian father and son, after the 1999 NATO invasion. NATO-backed KLA “freedom fighters” took the baby by the legs and smashed hin into a brick wall headfirst. Father killed with an iron pipe after being shot.

To finish where we started, here’s just one, recent, comment by an Albanian projecting the cutting-out-of-the-womb story:

I’m not going to deny that there weren’t any mistreatment on the Albanian side but the mistreatment on the Serb side were similar to what Hitler did to the Jews. Pregnant women getting their unborn child cut from their stomachs and the empty cavity being filled with gravel. This all done in front of their families and telling them that you will not bare anymore Albanian kids…. That’s sickening. What about burning their homes, passports, etc to get rid of their identity. What about gathering all the men and boys killing them and burying them in mass graves. What about all the rapes done in front of families that were made to watch because they knew that their culture wouldn’t accept a girl that wasn’t a virgin, especially one that lost it to a Serb. The stories I’ve heard and read about make me sick to my stomach and I know it’s wrong but there were times I wished all Serbs were wiped out. How these people could do what they did, not only in Kosova but in Bosnia, Croatia, etc. is beyond me. Maybe they were drugged by their superiors to not have remorse, I can’t think of anything else that could make people act that way.

As we know, rape was a tool of war used openly by Kosovo Albanians against Serbs, the elders encouraging the younger generation to rape the province’s Serbian girls so that the Serbs would move out.

1983 — Kosovo Serb farmer [Stojan Peric] carries his daughter [nine years old] who was raped by Kosovo Albanian Muslims [in Zitinje near Vitina].

As for a culture that doesn’t accept girls who aren’t virgins, what culture is that? It doesn’t sound Albanian per se, but Islamic. Yet again, weren’t we told that Albanian Muslims have nothing to do with Islam?

Raping in front of families is also something that the KLA engaged in, and this standardly confused Albanian is likely recirculating a KLA crime as a Serb crime. Here is a photo after the fact of such an atrocity by the KLA, which happened before the Yugoslav forces intervened in such goings-on in Kosovo:

Grahovec, Kosovo, summer 1998: “The woman in the picture was five months pregnant; the Islamist Nazi Albanians (KLA-UCK) after raping her, literally cut the baby (fetus) out of her womb with a butcher-knife. The man in the right hand corner (her husband) had his legs chopped off with an axe at his knees, so before he died he was helplessly watching what the Albanian KLA Islamist Nazi savages were doing to his wife.”

“This beautiful young Serbian girl was raped and tortured (her breasts were cut off) - then she was beaten to death with a steel rod by the Albanian Islamist Nazi bandits in Kosovo. Her genitalia were mutilated beyond recognition.This happened after NATO Forces entered Kosovo.”

“After NATO forces entered Kosovo, this entire Serbian family was butchered, men were shot and decapitated. Women and children were raped and tortured. This ten-year-old girl (in the center) was raped by 20 Albanian Islamist Nazi KLA animals, her genitalia were mutilated with a wooden pole, then she was killed with an axe blow to the head.”

Aside from the Albanian penchant for lying, and the advice of Albanian elders and politicians that rape of Serbs should be policy, what diminishes Albanian credibility on rape charges — at least widespread, systematic rape — is what a Yugoslav soldier told one of my sources speaking on behalf of himself and other soldiers he knew — namely that by the time of the Kosovo conflict, the Serbs were so disgusted by Muslims in general that the thought of having intercourse with one was the farthest thing from their minds.

The phenomenon outlined in this post was summed up as early as 1992 by Gregory Copley, editor-in-chief of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy:

Pictures of dead or wounded (or raped) Serbs often fill the screens of the world’s television and print media, only to be re-labelled as dead or wounded or raped Croats or Muslims. Many Serbian victims — and the bulk of the victims of the conflict, contrary to popular reports, have been Serbs either from Bosnia and Herzegovina or from Croatia–not only suffer the indignity of defeat in death; they also are used in death as models in the macabre image, manipulation operation of the Croatians and the Muslim Bosnians. If the Vietnam War was lost to the United States by the negative television images of its own reporters, then the Balkan wars against the Serbs are being won by Ustashi Croatia and the Muslim Bosnians by an active, planned manipulation of international television.

Do you believe in ghosts? Apparently three of them gang-raped a teenage girl in Michigan:

GRAND RAPIDS PRESS: Teens from former Yugoslavia face rape charges (March 24)

Let me just preface the report below by saying that the “rape” status of this is questionable, given that there’s only one reason that a girl would be watching pornographic films with male friends — something that isn’t advisable if the friends aren’t romantic interests. Also, the fact that she seems to have spoken up only after her boyfriend complained further makes the case a bit murky. The reason I’m even mentioning it is that the media are, as usual, presenting it as a case of “ex-Yugoslavia” as culprit, despite the media’s having fought very hard — literally, as co-belligerents — to ensure separate ethnic and national identities for Bosnians, Croatians, Albanians and others. Yet whenever one of their proteges does something unflattering, all of a sudden the carcass and ghost of “Yugoslavia” is dug up and employed. Here are the details:

Imer Gashi, 17, faces first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges for allegedly raping a 17-year-old at her Kentwood home on two occasions in August. His 19-year-old brother, Nesret Gashi, faces one count for aiding in the second alleged attack.

A third youth, Armin Puskar, 17, is charged with first- and second-degree criminal sexual conduct in both cases.

The Gashis came to the U.S. in the late 1990s from Kosovo.

Puskar’s family also settled in Kentwood around the same time as the Gashis, building their home after leaving Bosnia.

Last week, the now-18-year- old alleged victim testified at a hearing to determine whether there was enough evidence for the youths to stand trial. The teen said Puskar and Imer Gashi were at her home watching TV while the rest of her family was on a camping trip when the first attack occurred.

A few days later, she said, her alleged attackers returned to her home and apologized.

She said she had been friends with the teens since middle school and decided not to report the incident.

Within days, the teens were back at her house, watching movies again, joined by Nesret Gashi and a female friend of the alleged victim, the girl testified. After the friend left, another attack occurred, the accuser testified.

Months would pass until word finally got around to the girl’s boyfriend, who attended East Kentwood High School with the girl and the Gashis. She said her boyfriend persuaded her to alert police and her parents.

Lawyers for the defendants pointed out inconsistencies between the police report in November and the girl’s testimony four months later.

She admitted she watched pornographic movies with some of the defendants but steadfastly denied consenting to have sex with any of the accused.

“There was definitely no rape here,” said Kelly Lambert, attorney for Puskar. “There’s far more here than meets the eye.”

The lawyers contend the alleged victim’s allegations only occurred after her 17-year-old boyfriend questioned her about the incident.

In 1999, The Press ran a series of articles tracing the lives of the Gashi family as they made their way in West Michigan — among 150 families who did so that year.

The boys’ mother, Vahide Gashi, talked of her children’s fearful nights remembering the horrors of war and ethnic cleansing they witnessed or heard about in their homeland.

“OR HEARD ABOUT.” Like the rumors that led the Western world to war against itself in Kosovo; and like the horror stories that Sulejman Talovic had ‘heard about’ as a toddler and therefore had to shoot nine Americans in Salt Lake City last year.

An as yet unpublished letter to the editor:

The young men arrested for rape are Albanians from Kosovo, a province of Serbia with a 90% Albanian Muslim majority [now 95%]. Recently the US recognized “independent Kosovo”.

Attorney [for] Mr Puskar should be told that Bosnia is a different place, but it was also recognized as “independent” by the US. Ask Hillary Clinton for the facts. She survived sniper fire in Bosnia, like the family of the accused did in Kosovo.

John Peter Maher Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus
Veteran US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps

This past week, a well-circulated article titled “Kosovo Catastrophe” in Human Events magazine, written by a Martin Sieff, included the following:

It is hardly a conservative policy to support the establishment of an Islamist state on the European continent, turn a blind eye to the well-documented persecution of an ancient Christian community, engage in a Woodrow Wilson-style passion for nation building and follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton. Yet that is what the United States has done by recognizing the independence of Kosovo.

Kosovo is the ancient heartland of the Serbian people going back to the dawn of their history. It certainly had a Muslim ethnic Albanian majority before Clinton and his Secretary of State Madeline Albright bombed Belgrade back in 1999 in order to force the Serbs to cede its autonomy. Since then the Albanian Muslim majority has become overwhelming and had has run rampant over the ancient Christian Serb community.

Clinton and Albright’s policy had other far-reaching consequences. They established a very novel and dangerous principle whereby long-established borders could be redrawn and long-established nations dismembered with U.S. support on the principle that a disaffected national minority in a single province refused to accept the overall rule of the state. These were the same Clinton policymakers…who could not pay any attention to the rise of al-Qaeda as a serious threat to American national security and lives around the world…

Like the rest of the mainstream, alternative and blog media alike, Human Events doesn’t generally pay attention to the Balkans, but when it has done so, it’s been the rare publication to be on the correct side of the Kosovo issue. I first noticed this with a 2006 article titled “Will U.S. Back Islamo-Fascist State in Europe?

In addition to the unequivocal tone which Sieff is to be commended for using in the article, I bring up the piece for two reasons. First, and most important, is a comment picked up by the always sharp Nebojsa Malic, posted by a soldier who had done two tours in Kosovo:

“One comment,” writes Malic, “on the bottom of the first page, caught my eye. I reproduce it here, because there is no direct link to it. It is from PaulAndrewKirk of Redmond, Wa.”:

I have served two tours in Kosovo with the US Military and I can tell you the following as factual:

1. Almost all facets and levels of the provisional government in Kosovo are corrupt. In fact its the worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve had to deal with some pretty corrupt governments during my career.

2. Supervised independence or even full independence will not improve the miserable lives of the ordinary people of Kosovo. Partly because of what I’ve listed as fact “1″., and partly because it will take decades of imense amounts of foreign aid throughout economy in order to bring Kosovo into a functioning state that wouldn’t need foreign assistance for its survival.

3. Ethnic cleansing is still a common occurence in Kosovo but, this time [sic: always been] its the ethnic Albanians ethnically cleansing the Serbs, Roma, Ashkali, Croatians, and Turk minorities through intimidation and at times outright force. I have personally witnessed this on many occasions.

4. No amount of foreign investment will provide enough jobs for the amount of unemployed people in Kosovo. The only way for Kosovo to maintain stability is for the EU to open its borders for an influx of foreign workers from Kosovo.

5. Islamic extremism is on the rise in Kosovo. KFOR soldiers have been attacked in Gjilan [sic: Gnjilane], Ferizaj, [sic: Urosevac] and Prizren when I was there. You just won’t see or hear about it in the news. More Mosques have been built in Kosovo in the last five years than schools, roads, health clinics, and all other santitation project combined. Compliments of Muslim charities from the Middle East.

6. Mass graves of Kosovo Serbs and Roma have been found during my rotation and reported to the UN. Yet nothing has been done. Why? When we posed the question to our UN contacts in Pristina they replied: “During the transitional stage of Kosovo this would be destablizing. We’ll wait until there is a final resolution before we proceed.” All those journalists interested in a real story…start looking in around Novo Brdo.

7. The US Government along with key EU allies never had any intention of allowing Serbia a fair opportunity to negotiate with the Kosovar provisional government on the possibilities of a workable settlement that might have been permanent. I was party to a couple of meetings where US Government officials point blank told the Kosovar representatives that no matter what, the US will support independence and that going to these conferences in Vienna were just to give a favorable impression on the world opinion.

These are the facts. Some people might be outraged and some might be supprised however it really doesn’t matter in the final analysis of all things considered. Superpowers will do what they want.

Kosovo independence will do nothing for stability of the region, in fact, the opposite will occur.

The Kosovar Albanians are now joyous they will have a new nation but, when all the partying ends and the dust clears, all that will exist is another backward, poverty stricken, underdeveloped, internationally protected country in an area of hostile neighbors thats todays news story and tomorrows breeding ground for extremism and resentment.

It’s worth re-reading that comment a few times for anyone who is on the fence about which side of jihad he or she is on in this particular region.

The second reason I bring up the article by UPI “defense editor” Sieff is to say that it’s a refreshing, relieving change from an article that appeared on Sieff’s United Press International in the wake of the Fort Dix plot discovery in May, titled “No Balkan Nexus to Fort Dix Plot” and written by Sieff’s colleague Shaun Waterman, though troublingly carrying Sieff’s byline for a day before suddenly changing to Waterman’s. The piece was one of those standard dismiss-the-Balkan-connection jobs that were dominating the papers at the time, and it singled out for ridicule one “Julie Gorin” writing for a “right-wing Web site” titled “”, for stating that Ft. Dix was blowback for our Balkans policies. (Whoever this Julie Gorin is, and whatever the publication is, I admire them both.) The writer, whether Sieff or Waterman, also faulted those complaining that media were using the term “Yugoslavs” instead of naming the would-be culprits for what they were — Albanians whose cause we’d furthered.

The byline confusion may have been a simple mistake, or the two editors may have collaborated on the piece and there was an issue over who got the byline. Regardless, Sieff may want to have a chat with his colleague, who is supposed to be UPI’s “Homeland and National Security Editor” but who laughably tried to attribute significance to the fact that the three Albanian Duka brothers came from Macedonia rather than Kosovo. Which means that the “security editor” isn’t aware of the Kosovo-Macedonia connection, nor of the fact that our Kosovo action radicalized not only the Albanians of Kosovo, but of neighboring Sandzak, Montenegro and particularly Macedonia. (Albanians moved on like clockwork to destabilize Macedonia once they’d gotten Kosovo going, so that a country that had sheltered 400,000 Albanian refugees from Kosovo erupted into full-fledged civil war by 2001.) Quite simply, this “national security editor” isn’t aware of the pan-Albanian nature of the Balkan threat. Then again, that makes him eligible for a Cabinet position.

Whichever of the two men was the actual author of the piece, he also played up the secular nature of Albanian Muslims, and pointed the finger where many American friends of Albanians did: they were homegrown jihadists like any others, radicalized like anyone else via internet and other materials; after all, the piece pointed out, the three brothers had lived in the U.S. since childhood.

Sulejman Talovic, the Bosnian in Utah who shot nine Americans for Valentine’s Day 2007, also lived here since childhood. The point is: we were sold that Bosnians and Albanians aren’t nearly as susceptible to what their Arabic Muslim brothers are susceptible to, and that there isn’t a tradition or history of “that” kind of Islam in the Balkans (though check out the pre-Communist garb in Bosnia and Albania).

Even more bizarrely, the piece had the following sentence: “As Jane’s [Terrorism and Insurgency Monitor] points out, the affidavit does not mention any religious figure or other outside inspiration, and the men — according to a report in the International Herald Tribune — met in high school, not in a mosque.”

For some reason, the men meeting at school rather than a mosque appears significant to the UPI writer(s). Though the only thing this would emphasize to a logical person is that these people don’t even need the benefit of a mosque to be radicalized. But the writer persisted along these lines, going on to quote author and Naval College professor John Schindler to “[recall] an aphorism of Albania’s now-deceased communist dictator Enver Hoxha, to the effect that ‘the true religion of Albanians is Albanianism.’”

A bit of trivia about the anti-religious, Stalinist former dictator Hoxha: In Albanian, his last name means “imam”.

It’s probably time that Americans started to familiarize themselves with the nature of “Albanianism”, and I plan to have a blog post on “Albanianism vs. Islam” sometime. But one important point that the confused imposters to this issue miss is what Chris Deliso has written: radicals are radicals, and their radicalism is easily manipulated:

In Kosovo, the Wahhabis have cleverly concentrated on those areas historically most susceptible to radicalization and rugged individualism, areas such as Drenica, Skenderaj, Djakovica, and Decani, all strongholds of the former KLA. By concentrating on these centers of Albanian nationalism, the foreign Islamists are banking on the idea that any sort of extremism is just extremism and can simpy be redirected, like a stream, as and when needed. Indeed, as one active global charity, the Birmingham, UK-based Islamic Relief makes a point of noting, Skenderaj is “a place with a long history of Albanian defiance of Serbian authority.” Eventually, hopes the foreign Islamic movement, that defiance can be redirected toward the West.

Media and policymakers in the West, however, have always blindly assumed that since the KLA and its supporters were once “pro-American” any Albanian extremists remaining among them will always remain eminently controllable nationalists. However, as has been noted, the end of the national question in Kosovo is the beginning of the religious one…

So former KLA strongholds are emerging as, and morphing into, fundamentalist havens (which means ultimately al Qaeda havens). This is what happens when radicalism of any kind, even if benignly rooted in Serb-hatred, is supported and encouraged by the West. The following development, reported this past fall, was an apt illustration of such a phenomenon:

Fatmire Jashari, 18, was suspended [for wearing a headscarf] from her high school in the central Kosovar town of Srbica — a former stronghold of the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, the guerrilla group that fought Serb forces in the 1998-1999 war… “I hope I won’t be pushed to choose between the two,” she said. “But if I am, I will choose the headscarf.”… “It was easy to proclaim adherence to the democratic principles of the West in during the repression of the Serb regime,” said Dukagjin Gorani, an ethnic Albanian commentator. “But when the West actually came to Kosovo, people started going to mosques. This will not necessarily make Kosovo a religious state, but it will certainly start a heated debate on what it should be.”

I’ll close with another illustration of the symbiotic relationship between the greater Islamic threat and that harmless “secular” “Albanianism”, again from Deliso’s The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The terrified Macedonian and Serbian residents of these [Macedonian] villages, mostly elderly people, were forced to flee south to the city of Kumanovo. Some stated afterwards that long-bearded, non-Albanian foreign fighters had tortured them…Throughout the fighting, jihadis were also penetrating Macedonia from the other, western front in Tetovo and reportedly had connections with Kosovo Albanian officials such as Daut Haradinaj, chief of general staff of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) and brother of ex-KLA leader Ramush Haradinaj, according to other Macedonian military sources. On April 28, 2001, a Macedonian Army patrol of nine soldiers was ambushed and massacred near the Tetovo-area village of Vejce. The only survivor attested that mjuahedin “with long beards and knives…conducted the massacre to its gruesome end, killing only one person by shooting, and cut to pieces or burned alive the rest.” An NLA [the Albanian National Liberation Army] commander confirmed this to Canadian war reporter Scott Taylor….This commander and other NLA fighters had fought in Chechnya and Bosnia, and attested the presence of mujahedin in Macedonia.

Tasked with raising war funds from Muslims in Europe was a well-traveled, 50-year-old Albanian imam, Jakup Asipi, who hailed from the capital of the so-called “free zone,” muddy Slupcane. Beloved by Albanians as a fatherly moral authority, and feared by Macedonians who considered him a radical Islamist, Asipi had received clerical training in Egypt and developed strong contacts with Albanian Islamic communities in Europe, especially in Switzerland and in German cities such as Leverkusen. While the Macedonian media soon linked Asipi with the mujahedin, his friends and family would later deny that he had anything to do with Islamic fundamentalism, but was rather a nationalist who also happened to be a very devout Muslim. On January 7, 2006, Asipi, then head of the Kumanovo Islamic Community and candidte for the national leadership, died in a tragic car accident. Some 15,000 Albanians from around Europe, among them both NLA/KLA leaders and Islamic clerics, attended the funeral, held at a new NLA war memorial center above Slupcane.

Yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of the Trolley Square massacre in Salt Lake City by a Bosnian jihadist, the Talovic family announced it would be moving back to the cesspool that spawned it. Herewith an interview with the remorseful aunt of the jihadist murderer, as told to Deseret Morning News Joe Bauman, who spent the aftermath of the killing spree doing what Western journalists are programmed to: dutifully shilling for the Bosnian side of a Balkan war from 15 years ago, and laying the blame for a Bosnian killer at the feet of Serbs:

“Oh, it’s hard, it’s very hard. I used to love the Valentine’s Day, and the hearts in the windows and everything. And now, this year it’s just like I hate it like never before because it reminds me (of Sulejman Talovic’s attacks) and all that and broken hearts in the family and the other families.

“We’re feeling more pain for the families of the other victims. It’s harder than we ever thought it would be.”

Speaking in broken English, Ajka Omerovic told the Deseret Morning News their family has been heartbroken and deeply feels the pain of the others.

“I just want to tell the other people, the victims’ families, we are truly sorry for everything, for the pain and everything.”

They too know pain, she said.

“I know how that is, and I can imagine how it is for them.”

Omerovic said she thinks about Kirsten Hinckley, who was killed when she was 15 and who should have been 16 this year. That is a terrible feeling, she said. Then she started mentioning victim after victim, her words tumbling over each other.

“And I feel sorry for that boy who has the surgery…and I feel sorry for the mother of the girl that Sulejman killed. I want to talk to her, and I want to tell her how much I feel the pain and everything, and my brother too, and all of us feel pain because of that.”

Omerovic said her brother, Suljo Talovic, has not been the same since the shootings. He and the rest of the family are going back to Bosnia to stay because of the sadness and pain they feel here. They plan to leave “the end of this month.”

With some of the family not able to speak English, it is so hard to tell people their story, “and to prove that we are innocent, you know.”

When she took the girls to a clinic, people knew who they were, she said.

“They were laughing and talking behind their back.”

An 8-year-old sister of Sulejman Talovic had to wait two hours for the work, she said. The girl cried at the clinic and when she got home. At home, “her mother cried, because she saw what’s going on and everything,” she said.

Asked about the girls’ experiences at school, Omerovic said, “I think they say they were treated good at school.”

The past year also has been “hard for me, too,” she said.

She had applied for U.S. citizenship, but the federal government held it up for a year for a criminal background check, she said. She feels that the delay was not warranted. She received the clearance about 10 days ago but believes she was treated like a criminal because of the shooting.

“Even some of the Bosnia families, they were talking some bad things about us. I hear the lady that says, ‘She’s the aunt of the killer, she’s a b—-.”‘

Most Americans, however, “are fair to us, to me and my brother and all our family. They understand how we feel, and they know we have nothing to do with that,” referring to the shootings. Suljo Talovic is too upset to speak with the media, she said. The family, she said, “don’t go anywhere. They stay home. It’s so hard to us.”

Bosnian Imam Accuses Jews of Genocide

Nezim Halilovic Muderris, Chief Imam of the Bosnian King Fahd Mosque in Sarajevo says that Jews are genociders and is calling on Bosnian Muslims not to buy Jewish products.

“Brothers and sisters in Islam, today. in a day in which as in all other days in the last 59 years a monstrous genocide is committed against Palestinians by the Jews,” says Muderris in his Hutba or wisdom for the

“While Muslims in Palestine are dying, Muslims buy and smoke expensive Jewish cigarettes, drink Jewish coffee and consume Jewish food, and in each Jewish product there is a percent that finances killing of Palestinians,” says Muderris.

The last time this sub-primate’s name came up in English-language media was last month, when Serbian terrorism expert Darko Trifunovic’s life was threatened via a website that promotes the imam:

Trifunovic, a professor at Belgrade University, said he has cancelled plans to attend the 11th European police congress in Berlin, after reporting death threats from alleged extremists in Bosnia.

He said he had decided to avoid the Berlin congress on the urging of his friends and associates, after a threatening message was posted on a Bosnian extremist website,

“Help us God to erase Trifunovic and his entire family from the earth,” the message said.

“If Darko Trifunovic goes to the 11th Police Congress in Berlin, God help us that all Muslims finish him,” it added.

Individuals like Trifunovic should be harassed and discredited by all means “and to the very end, until others dare not show up to talk about terrorism” the message continued.

The website is based in New York and its editor Esad Krcic had written to the Berlin congress organisers urging them to ban Trifunovic, saying he was spreading ideology of hate and lies against Muslims.

Trifunovic said was glorifying Muslim extremists, such as Sakib Mahmuljin, whom he accused of being a “high ranking Bosnian Al-Qaeda member, and imam of a Sarajevo King Fahd mosque, Nezim Halilovic Muderis.

The King Fahd mosque was built in 2000 on the outskirts of Sarajevo with Saudi money and named after the Saudi monarch.

“I have been following Muderis’ activities since 1999 and his Friday sermons, available on Bosnian websites, are replete with incitement to violence in Israel, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and the Philippines,” Trifunovic told AKI.

Trifunovic said Muderis is preaching a radical, Wahabi form of Islam, and is indoctrinating local youths, while local Muslim authorities are looking the other way.

“His ideas are well accepted by the young, who should be the most protected by the state, which opens the question on the role of the state and some Bosnian politicians at the highest level,” Trifunovic added.

I mentioned Halilovic-Muderis in three blog posts following the Valentine’s week shooting of nine Americans by another Bosnian a year ago, because Utah’s Deseret News couldn’t get enough of this jihadist.

Here’s how Halilovic-Muderis looked for his interviews with the gullible American journalists of Deseret News:

But here’s the real Muderis, and the future of Mormon Utah, thanks to Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune:

Meanwhile, the one-year anniversary of the Trolley Square Massacre by the Bosnian Muslim Sulejman Talovic is coming up on Tuesday. Here’s the recently reported, conclusive end of that investigation:

Trolley Square Massacre report: No motive uncovered; actions couldn’t have been predicted

Jan. 29 — There is no evidence that Muslim Sulejman Talovic’s murder spree at Trolley Square Mall was motivated by his religion, according to the Salt Lake City Police Department’s final report on its investigation into the Trolley Square massacre.

The report, obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune prior to its official release later today, concludes that the Feb. 12, 2007, slayings were not motivated by terrorism and that investigators and people closest to him were unable to decipher his motives.

Police report: No motive in Trolley Square shootings

The Salt Lake City Police Department issued its final report Tuesday on the Feb. 12 shootings. Investigators were not able to determine a specific motive that led 18-year-old Bosnian immigrant Sulejman Talovic to kill five people and wound four others. Several of them had been shopping for [V]alentines at the mall.

The report says Talovic had no relationship to any of those shot, nor was there any evidence to suggest that he was motivated by religion, terrorism or video games. The report says no alcohol or drugs were found in his system.

And if you can imagine, St. Louis has an even bigger crush on its Bosnian community, as demonstrated here and here. It seems like almost every month, another article appears in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch or the AP, reinforcing the Bosnians’ victim status at the hands of the Serbs, which the Bosnians eat up like children being handed chocolate.

As a reward for St. Louis’s embrace, Bosnians are putting up a prayer tower in the formerly Dutch and currently Bosniak neighborhood of Bevo Mill, according to a St. Louis source who heard it on local talk station 97.1. (and is seeking further confirmation). From there, the call to prayer is to be broadcast several times a day, he said.

By the time St. Louis and Salt Lake City finish mapping out every way in which Serbs caused the Balkan fighting and subsequently the deaths of Americans by Bosnians, building 10 more museums for them along the way, Valentine’s Day will be outlawed, there won’t be a single Church of Latter Day Saints left in Utah, and everyone will need a megaphone to communicate over the prayer calls.

As I mentioned, and readers have noticed, I’ve been behind in blogging. One thing I wanted to get back to was the little-spoken-of October bombing attempt on the U.S. embassy in Austria. A follow-up story to that incident (from a Netherlands TV program) was titled “Bosnian in failed attack on US embassy, war trauma victim” and reported:

Vienna (dpa) - The Bosnian detained in connection with an apparent attack on the US embassy in Vienna, had been injured and traumatized during the war in his country, press reports said Wednesday… he had sustained a heavy back injury in a grenade attack during the bloody conflict in Bosnia- Herzegovina and has since been on numerous medicines.

Although investigators had found half a kilo of plastic explosives in his apartment, they doubt that Asim C. had really intended to carry out a terrorist attack on US embassy along with another Bosnian Mehmed D., who was also arrested…[Both] were in psychiatric care…

Just a few days before the attempted attack on the embassy, there was a story about an upcoming retrial of a Canadian prison guard who raped a 13 year-old girl — and got off with a few months in a mental ward. How did he get off for such a crime? He claimed post-traumatic stress from 10 years earlier, when he was a soldier in Bosnia and supposedly witnessed a Serbian soldier raping an eight year-old girl. From the Winnipeg Free Press:

The first Canadian soldier to ever successfully use post-traumatic stress disorder as a defence for his crimes has been ordered back to court for a new trial.

Roger Borsch, 35, didn’t dispute the fact he broke into a northern Manitoba home and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl at knifepoint but was found not guilty of the 2004 attack for reasons of a mental disorder.

Queen’s Bench Justice Nathan Nurgtiz agreed last year with Borsch’s claims that his mind had been affected by horrific killings he said he witnessed a decade earlier in Bosnia.

But the Appeal Court has now overturned Nurgitz’s decision on the grounds he failed to make specific findings of fact regarding Borsch’s alleged war horrors [which] were being challenged by the Crown.

Without those findings, Nurgitz shouldn’t have accepted expert psychiatric and psychological evidence which supported Borsch’s claim of PTSD.

“The truth is finally going to come out now,” the victim’s mother told the Free Press outside court Thursday. She believes Borsch’s crime was motivated by marital problems, drug and alcohol abuse — not what he claims to have seen.

[Additional witnesses] may include the former commander of Canadian peacekeepers in Bosnia, Ray Wlasichuk, who told the Free Press following the trial last year that Borsch’s version of events “don’t add up” and couldn’t have happened under his watch.

Borsch told court last year he was haunted by the horrors of what he witnessed during a 1994 peacekeeping mission when he attacked the girl a decade later.

He claims to have personally killed five people, including a Serbian soldier he caught raping an eight-year-old girl. Doctors who testified in his defence claimed Borsch may have been “acting out” what he’d witnessed.

Nurgitz’s decision to clear him of criminal wrongdoing sparked debate and reaction across the country, including several former soldiers who questioned Borsch’s war stories.

Borsch was spared jail in exchange for a trip to a mental health facility, where he spent a few months getting treatment until his release last December when a provincial review board determined he didn’t pose a risk to the public. He has been free in the community ever since.

So those dastardly Serbs in the Balkans are responsible for the sex crime of a nut case in Canada. Brilliant. This case brings us back to the incident earlier this year of the Bosnian jihadi in Salt Lake City, Sulejman Talovic. As soon as the Bosnian Muslim shot nine Americans, killing five, the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret Morning News took us back to the Balkans as well, coaxing the last, recalcitrant Talovic relative to say that yes, it was because of war traumas perpetrated by Serbs and possibly witnessed by baby Talovic that the teenage Talovic went on a killing spree in Utah.

One wonders if there’s any chance that Talovic, Borsch or the embassy-bombing wannabes might have gotten their violent tendencies, and post-traumatic stresses, from any of the following, unpunished goings-on in the Balkans, as related by Chris Deliso:

A rarely seen video taken in 1994 by the mujahedin themselves clearly shows blue-helmeted British soldiers relieving Bosnian Serb soldiers of foreign Islamists they had captured and releasing the delighted jihadis unscathed in the central Bosnian town of Travnik to cheers of “Allah Akbar!”

The intervention of the Western powers against the Serbs often helped the mujahedin to live and fight another day. This seems particularly perverse in light of the fact that the mujahedin indulged in some of the most horrific atrocities ever witnessed in war, as they rampaged unchecked across Christian Serb and Croat villages. Decapitations, amputations, and “non-surgical circumcisions” were standard procedure, as were electrical shock, sexual abuse, and other forms of torture. Serbian prisoners were starved to death or thrown into pits and ordered to attack one another with knives; if they did not die, the jihadis would move in with chain saws. Their cruelty knew no limits and sometimes shocked the native Bosnian fighters. Most incredibly, the holy warriors on at least one occasion even impaled and roasted people alive on spits. Today, the markets and mosques of Bosnia and other Balkan countries do a brisk business in commemorative videos and DVDs that capture the mujahedin in action.

We also have the testimony of former mujahed Ali Hamad:

Speaking about the murder of Serbs and other non-Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Hamad said that the mujahidin had used to kill using bullets, knives, strangling wires, chainsaws, axes, small knives, etc.

He cited an example of the murder of a Croat boy in Guca village near Travnik whose head had been cut of in front of his father. The father had to watch all this, and then he was himself killed along with 20 other civilians from the village.

“This man cried, sought help, begged, and when he saw them cutting his son’s neck he turned his head away, but he was forced to watch. They held him, opened his eyes and held him,” Hamad said.

In a stunning 2005 letter to the Serbian paper Glas Srpske (Serbian Voice), in which Hamad relates the disinterest and active coverup by Western powers of mujahedin crimes and the Bosnian complicity in them, the former al Qaeda officer gives some additional details about this incident:

The other atrocity, a barbarous murder, took place in 1993 in the Croat village of Guca Gora near Travnik. The mujahideen attacked the above-named village, and there was a brief firefight which involved even the members of international forces (UNPROFOR), who tried to protect the village and its inhabitants from the attack. But when UNPROFOR members saw the long beards of their attackers and realized they were being attacked by mujahideen, they boarded their troop carriers and ran, saving themselves and leaving the civilians in the village to the mercy of the mujahideen.

Some 20 Croat civilians were captured; after psychological and physical mistreatment, they were taken somewhere just outside the village and brutally murdered with bullets, knives, and even a chainsaw. Before that bloody event, in the same village, a mujahid named E.M. used a big knife to slit the throat of a 16- or 14-year old Croat boy before his father’s eyes. The father was forced to watch; then his life was taken in the same fashion.

The third atrocity happened the same year, and I witnessed it, in the mujahedeen camp in the village of Orasac near Travnik. The mujahedeen slit the throat and decapitated a Serb citizen of B-H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] with a rusty kitchen knife. This was witnessed by four Croat captives, who fortunately survived. The murderer was S.B., assisted by R.A., while E.M. severed the head from the body.

(Aside: Hamad’s letter also mentions the killing by mujahedin in Bosnia of four European journalists, most likely British, he says — in a phenomenon similar to what happens in the Palestinian territories, where Western journalists are hampered by being kidnapped or killed by those whose propaganda they’re trying to help with.)

Here are more incidents, from a video aired in 2006, that could have given Talovic, Borsch and the would-be embassy bombers the killing and/or raping bug:

“Kill, rape, destroy”

Hamdija Delalić, commander of the V corps’ 502 brigades of the Muslim military, can be clearly seen and heard in the video calling for an attack on Fikret Abdić [a Serb-aligned Muslim moderate] and the Republic of Srpska Military.

“A breach must be made. Kill all that stands in front of you. I am permitting and ordering that the enemies be killed using all necessary means, knives, bombs, hunting knives, teeth.” Delalić said to his soldiers in the video.

“Can we rape?”…When asking whether the soldiers were allowed to rape people, Delalić said that they have the right to do anything they want.

President of the Association of Western Bosnian Prisoners of War, Esad Čović, told ATV that the direct consequences of Delalić’s orders were the burning of several villages and many rapes.

Čović said that one woman that was raped several times and suffered more than 200 knife cuts on her body, adding that members of the 505 brigade carved their emblem into her body.

“That brigade was led by the commander of the V corps of the Bosnia-Herzegovina army, General Atif Dudaković. The Association of Western Bosnian Prisoners of War sent documents to the Hague Tribunal in 1999 regarding the crimes of the V corps, but an answer never came back, so we decided to forward the documentation to the Bosnia-Herzegovina state prosecution.” Čović said.

Or perhaps our hapless Bosnian killer and would-be killers got their ideas from watching mujahedin playing soccer with a Serbian head:

(via BBC Monitoring, September 18; from Belgrade-based Radio B92 website)

A Bosnian TV station has broadcast parts of a new tape showing the activities of a Mujahidin unit during the Bosnian war. The tape shows some of the crimes committed by the unit against Bosnian Serbs during the 1992-1995 war in central Bosnia.

The footage shows Mujahidin “sharpening axes” which they later allegedly used to behead a Serb soldier; a speech is also recorded of a Mujahidin saying: “They call us terrorists. We are terrorists and we will destroy all the enemies of Allah.” In addition to the hair-raising scenes of corpses and mutilation, there are also pictures of living prisoners of war that the Mujahidin had tied up and abused — the scenes were broadcast on Bijeljina’s BN TV. There is also footage of the Mujahidin playing football using, instead of a ball, “a decapitated head.”

The Al-Mujahidin was a unit consisting of fighters from Islamic countries, who, as they say on the tape, came to Bosnia to “fight for Allah”, with the alleged approval of the then Bosnian war council, under whose command they fell, as part of the Muslim Bosnian Army. The unit was formed in 1993, and according to the clips, that same year, an order was read out saying that they formed part of the Bosnian Army, and had the approval of the then Muslim leadership.

The tape was found by the Council of Concentration Camp Victims of the [Bosnian] Serb Republic, whose president, Branislav Dukic, has said that the footage came from the Bosniak side. Dukic said that even among the Bosniaks, there were “those who wish to prove the presence of Mujahidin in Bosnia, and the war crimes they committed on the territory of central Bosnia.” Women were among those seen living in the Mujahidin camp, dressed strictly according to Islamic dictates, as well as children, dressed in military wear, while one little girl is shown holding a pistol.

The unit, as is claimed at the end of the video, numbered some 1,000 fighters by the end of the war, including some 700 Bosniaks, who were recruited during the course of the war, and 300 foreign warriors from Islamic countries.

In a 1993 article in the journal Foreign Policy, Peter Brock mentions a thing or two about rape during the Balkan wars:

* late March 1992 - Serb females imprisoned at Breza were raped and then murdered by Muslims; their bodies were later incinerated.

* May 27, 1992 - female prisoners from Bradina were taken to the camp in Celebici where they were repeatedly raped.

* July 26, 1992 - an escapee from Gorazde reported Muslims forced Serb fathers to rape their own daughters before both were murdered.

* August 27, 1992 - an affidavit by Dr. Olga Drasko, a former inmate of an Ustashi camp at Dretelj, described rapes and mutilations of women, including herself, during her three month confinement.

* November 1992 - a group of Serb women released from Tuzla requested late-term abortions after having been repeatedly raped by Muslims during lengthy captivities.

* December 10, 1992 - in Belgrade, Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle told official of the Swiss Federal Parliament and representatives from European Ecumenical Movements that 800 Serb women were documented as repeated rape victims in 20 camps operated by Muslims and Croats…

Also unnoticed by the media was the submission on December 18, 1992, of the lengthy report (s/24991) by the U.N. Security Council to the General Assembly. The report includes some of the depositions by Serb rape victims from the incidents above. U.N. officials have never explained why it was not made publicly available until January 5, 1993, even though it was the only report produced by an international agency that contained documented testimonies from any rape victims up until that time. Yet, while that report was receiving minimal circulation at the U.N., the news media were focusing on undocumented claims [that Serbian] soldiers had committed as many as 60,000 rapes of Muslims women.

From the start of the Bosnian war in April 1992 until November of that year, thousands of refugees fled into Croatia and other countries. There, extensive interviews failed to disclose allegation of “systematic rape.” Then suddenly, in late November and early December, the world received a deluge of reports about rapes of Muslim women. The accounts originated in the Information Ministries of the governments of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The January 4, 1993, “Newsweek,” for one, quoted unsubstantiated Bosnian government claims of up to 50,000 rapes of Muslims by Serb soldiers.

The resulting handful of rape-produced births also clearly contradicts claims of waves of systematic rape-induced pregnancies supposedly treated in Bosnia hospitals and reported by Bosnian government authorities and Western journalists.

The general lack of follow-up on the rape allegations is in stark contrast to the lone account of French journalist Jerome Bony, who described in a February 4, 1993, broadcast on the French television program “Envoye Special” his trek to Tuzla, notorious for its concentration of Muslim rape victims:

“When I was at 50 kilometers from Tuzla I was told, ‘go to Tuzla high school ground (where) there are 4,000 raped women’. At 20 kilometers this figure dropped to 400. At 10 kilometers only 40 were left. Once at the site, I found only four women willing to testify.”

In closing, then, it’s apparent that our Canadian rapist is no dummy. Imagine trying to get an acquittal by pointing to atrocities you witnessed by Bosnian Muslims against Serbs or Croats. Imagine trying to introduce Western publics to the concept of a non-Serb Balkan villain, much less to a Serbian victim. Obviously, Borsch and his lawyer knew which Balkan player to blame and it worked, as usual, like a charm.

It’s also entirely possible that what he witnessed in Bosnia, namely seeing how much you can get away with if you do it to a Serb, gave him a false sense of impunity — and that’s what he was acting out.

Svetlana has the details, but here is the shorthand:


Croatian Nazi rocker and fans


Albanian jihadists


Bosnian killer


Serbian folk singer