Reading typical news items like the one excerpted below, every so often one is reminded that this is how it started in Yugoslavia too:

… It’s frightening at the moment she said France is the worst place in Europe to be a Muslim because the government is so against us. And if Nicolas Sarkozy is re-elected it can only get worse.

Supporters of Sarkozy who is battling for re-election claim that he is being tough on dangerous radicals and protecting France. His opponents point out that stirring up fear of Islamic fundamentalists is a very convenient way of appearing as a strong dynamic president.

A businessman, who also did not want to give his name, said: “The arrests of the Islamic radicals surely proves that there is something bad going on there. We do need our politicians to protect us and protect our values.”

So it is perhaps not surprising that many in France seem to welcome the tough measures Mr Sarkozy has been taking. Over the past fortnight, almost 30 suspected Islamic radicals have been arrested in a series of raids across the country. The arrests on Wednesday were carried out with an accompanying television crew, to the professed astonishment of opposition politician, Francois Bayrou.

Substitute the word “France” with the word “Yugoslavia” and you’re in the 1990s Balkans. I guess the West is going to have to bomb itself. Meanwhile, as Liz, who circulated this item put it: “Sarkozy supports Islamic fundamentalists in Kosovo and Bosnia but not in France?”

Indeed, in Kosovo the Yugoslav government had international film and TV crews accompany police on their raids too. It didn’t help that country, did it, Mr. Sarkozy? Just a word of warning.